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Bear in mind also that it was @MicrobiomDigest who persecuted Didier Raoult over his 2020 #Hydroxychloroquine paper which was a rapid review for obvious reasons.

Yet she completely ignored the @NEJM's impossibly rapid acceptance of the Pfizer vaccine paper
🧵 Image
Remember that this study was published on the 10th December 2020 - the same day as the FDA VRBPAC submission, so it was IMPOSSIBLE to have been adequately peer reviewed.

It was a 44,000 patient study. Proper peer review should take weeks. Image
Worse still, the data cut off (the last patient data collection) for the study was 14th November.

The COI declarations - which are usually sent in when the paper is *accepted* (rather than submitted for peer review) were dated 1st December.… Image
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Unhealthy Cheese 🧀🧀
#EMRgate 🧵

This is how it works.
Your hospital signs you up to an overseas EMR (health record) corporation.
They get your health data.
You get zip.

That data is used to generate artificial study data that promotes a drug, and Pharma makes $billions.

Here's an example. @addenbrookes hospital - one of the biggest hospitals in the country and a massive #BigPharma advocate...

Gives your health data to @epic.
What, you didn't know?
It's written in the T&C. Right at the bottom of a 4,400 word disclaimer.
Can't you see it?
Now comes the smart part.
Usually @NEJM or @thelancet are involved.
A noob medic comes along with a first author paper from a massive collaboration of people who don't know each other.

The noob puts together an analysis of a 900,000+ patient cohort.
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Er.... @FeeRedfern @carl_jurassic why does the Epstein-linked @nyphospital turn up everywhere we look?…
And every where we look... under every stone... we find @IQVIA_global

The "data collaborator" for every COVID study you will never see the data for.

@MartinNeil9 Image
@IQVIA_global @MartinNeil9 BINGO. Holy crap.
This study was published in 2020 and was basically the third in the #Lancetgate series.
Completely unverifiable and no possibility of being real data.

Where did the data come from?
IQVIA. Jennifer Lane (an unknown). Oxford. OHDSI...
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WHOA!!!!! Stinky Cheese 🧀🧀

This paper from .@OpenSAFELY is an absolute shocker, claiming normal antibiotic usage during 2020 in the UK.

We know it wasn't because we looked at it already.

Was this paper published to cover up the #3tablets scandal?

🧵 ImageImage
Here is the claim from @BillyZhong229 the lead author, who seems to be a student (his twitter is less than a year old).

It's propaganda reinforcing the "Antimicrobial stewardship" dictat:


What were "COVID-19 national restrictions"? ImageImage
Well I did this analysis back in Feb showing the HUGE GAP between normal cyclical antibiotic prescriptions and the actual prescriptions during COVID - when GPs were told to stop prescribing antibiotics to the elderly and give them #midazolam instead.
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Please understand how conflicts of interests work with doctors and academics.

They are not direct payments.

Grants to the institution allow the academic to claim kudos and get on committees.

It's power that drives them. Not money.…
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The "journalist" who changed the face of medicine.

There were really only two people who provided evidence against Andrew Wakefield to the GMC.

Richard Horton, who published fraudulent data in the #surgisphere scandal.

And Brian Deer, a self-declared journalist...
Who failed to declared his conflicts of interest to the world even to this day.

Yet has been obsessed with Andrew Wakefield for the sole "crime" of not declaring his involvement as an expert witness for lawyers, which is a well recognised role of doctors.
And now Brian Deer turns up on my timeline with his arrogance.

No problem. Just like the #muttoncrew you can get a clue as to where interest lie by looking at follows for Pharma accounts.

Very predictable.

So let's see what happens. I have a few questions.
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Reminder. @thelancet sold the world out on #lancetgate allowing the genocide of 50000 elderly in nursing homes in the UK.

Richard Horton is the editor in chief. The same person who colluded with the GMC to remove Andrew Wakefield and then lie to the world as to what he did.
To clarify, Horton's "testimony" set up a false claim against Wakefield who was then portrayed publicly as having committed fraud in publishing his paper on the destroyed lives of a case series of children after the MMR vaccine.

Wakefield simply asked for a pause on MMR...
And to give the vaccines separately as previously.

This was terrible for the pharma industry so @TheLancet made sure that the world thought the paper was fraudulent, even though it never was.

The only claim against Wakefield was...
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I agree .@lonnibesancon - this is shameless.

You, Bik, Gideon and Sheldrick did nothing to expose #surgisphere.

We did. The people you hate so much and denigrate. Doctors and scientists who are not supported by pharma millions.
@chrismartenson Image
And yet you join the ranks of the "no-expertise experts" recruited in 2020 do fulfil a particular role in #COVID

Just one first author paper before 2020.

How does someone get a PhD with one first author paper? Image
And then suddenly you are given the job of writing papers with @GidMK which go straight into @NEJM, the home of the #surgisphere fraud.

Who fast-tracked your paper?

Who are you - with no research history - to be first author on this letter to NEJM?… Image
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#thalidomideViki quotes the discredited @thelancet again, because it suits her agenda.

This study should be completely disregarded as real because data sharing is declined - again.

Every study Viki posts is not verifiable.

But there's more...
Immediate red flags are differences in the groups, such as the higher prevalence of smoking in the "COVID" group which hasn't been seen in real world studies. And the smoker group had the exact same educational history - you don't usually see that.
Always worth looking at the supplementary to look for inconsistencies in published data.

These figures on a test negative design show that the "effectiveness" was only 9%. Bearing in mind miscategorisation bias, this means there was negative efficacy against infection.
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WHOA... this looks like #surgisphere the sequel

The claim that statins improve the outcome of #COVID was proven fake when the original authors made it.

Now you miraculously found another database?

No way.
@Inspiteofmysel1 @chrismartenson
This is the ASA abstract.

If this data is published without the data set for analysis it should be immediately stamped with an expression of concern…
There are red flags all over this. This is EXACTLY what #surgisphere claimed.

"The Institutional review boards said this was exempt"

It doesn't work like that.
Where is the IRB reference?

You can't just give up 90,000 patients' personal data without ethics approval.
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436 BILLION copies of spike protein circulating freely in plasma, a month after the Gene therapy vaccine.
In kids.
Their hearts will never fully recover.
You knew that, didn't you?

But there is more than that here...
THREAD [repost]
Note: This is a repost of an earlier thread that contained an important typo that I felt required a full thread rather than a correction at the end.

To avoid any claims of "misinformation" given how important this is, and how much the thread took off.

Let's resume
This is the damning graphic.
The vertical scale is a log scale.

The line at about 15pg/ml is the limit of detection, which is why the blue dots are there. There are still up to 100 billion molecules of spike in those patients - 20 days later.
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This whistleblower testimony raises serious probity concerns on another of @boulware_dr's trials "designed to fail".... this time the ACTIV-6 IVM trial.

It is not possible that this trial could have shown a benefit.

This is big.
And a reminder that @boulware_dr was involved in another trial that "killed off" #hydroxychloroquine in 2020 for similar reasons.

In that study he "forgot" to declare his relationship with Gilead and then went overboard on the next paper. Methinks thou dost protest too much?
In that same trial Boulware claimed that they used folic acid as a placebo "because it was similar in appearance to hydroxychloroquine"

That was not true. See for yourself.

The problem is that folic acid is an active treatment candidate.
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Medical fascism in the @TheLancet, indeed!…
I remember the day I read the #Surgisphere study. I tools like @EricTopol are always available to give the legacy media the quotes they need, but I couldn't fathom the chutzpah it took the publish such nonsense.…
Thankfully, I wasn't the only one to a hundred issues in the illusion, though it should be said that EVERYONE who might be called a "qualified expert" should have recognized nonsense. @raoult_didier…
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The editor of the disgraced @TheLancet - who published the fake #surgisphere paper - is Richard Horton.

Richard Horton was a primary witness for the @gmcuk against Andrew Wakefield. The trial was a sham.

The Lancet are the main drivers for the whole #covid19 crisis. They published the complete lie that was the "zoonosis" paper of Peter Daszak and his chums.

It is provably false.
@CharlesRixey @Charles04144986 @jjcouey…
The @TheLancetRheum also published this paper to discredit #hydroxychloroquine by @bengoldacre who refused to make the data public despite making his whole reputation on "scientific data transparency".

Until it is verifiable, assume it is fake.… ImageImage
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Please don't let Fauci near us. Image
I would prefer not to be adopted by @CDCDirector Image
I wouldn't even sniff Ralph Baric. Image
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@olivierveran @RenaudMuselier Faux🤡
Un appel telephonique en *début de soirée* à 18h30 pour une intervention précipitée à...19h🤡
Et ça ⬇️
@olivierveran @RenaudMuselier Mr. Veran vous vous êtes appuyé dans le passé sur le fruit du faussaire #surgisphere pour émettre un arrêt sur les études hcq;
Le contribuable veut votre appui contre le financement de docs militants présentés comme etudes sur des chaînes subventionnées ⬇️
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Stop aux mensonges et à la désinformation sur ce médicament !

Signez la pétition ! via
#lancetgate #surgisphere #recoverygate #fioletgate #CMIJournal
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Subsequent to #Surgisphere, all @TheLancet journals will now introduce additional peer-review requirements for papers based on large, real-world #datasets.…
@TheLancet journals now require all #research papers, irrespective of method, to include a data-sharing statement that details what #data will be shared, whether additional documents will be shared, when data will become available & by what access criteria data will be shared.
All @TheLancet journals will now introduce additional peer-review requirements for papers based on large, real-world datasets.
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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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La propagation de l'épidémie en France.

🔹On constate deux importations d'Italie.
🔹La seconde plus tardive en Alsace a bénéficié d'un événement de super-spreading lors de la réunion évangélique.

#phylogenetic #SARSCoV2 #covid19 @nextstrain… Image
Pourquoi j'affirme que le sous-arbre vert est celui de Mulhouse : les dates, les lieux, l'homme de 86 ans à Thise……
Le fait qu'il y a deux gros foyers épidémiques bien identifiés en France : IDF et Alsace.
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