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#Germany #AnimalAbuse
"LPT is a family-owned lab carrying out #AnimalTesting for #BigPharma, industrial & agro-chemical companies frm all over the world"

▶Laboratory Of Pharmacology & Toxicology aka #LPT

cont. #Germany #AnimalAbuse#AnimalTesting
🔥TAKE ACTION contact↙

#LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology
and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG
Redderweg 8
21147 Hamburg

Phone:+49 40 70 20 20
Fax:+49 40 70 20 22 60

info via bing
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@NoContextHearn V @GretaThunberg The Noble Lie, The Noble Art and the Nobel Prize #TheExergist #GrubStreetJournal Emergence is the thing! #HermeneuticsFluxCapacitor @EddieHearn #GFC1 v #GFCii the rematch mismatch…… Signs Symbols Stories Language. Winston/Chomsky. ( MIT) Understanding in our minds and what we express through communication in language
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#Breaking: Republican Rep Chris Collins resigned and it’s rumored that he will plead guilty to insider trading charges.
Rep Christopher Collins pleaded guilty to insider trading & lying to the FBI.

Collins sat on the board of #BigPharma company Innate Immunotherapeutics, who developed a multiple sclerosis drug that failed, and was also one of its biggest shareholders.

The day after Innate sent an email to their board, which included Collins, that their MS drug trial MIS416 failed, Collins son Cameron started selling off his own shares of Innate. Cameron Collins also told 6 other people, who also sold their shares.
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09/24/2019 30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier #Qanon
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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#BigPharma pharmaceutical manufacturer Avanir Pharmaceuticals will pay $108 Million for violating the False Claims Act, paging kickbacks, and targeting the elderly.

4 people who either paid or received kickbacks were also criminally charged.

#HealthcareFraud #ElderlyFraud
Avanir Pharmaceuticals itself was charged for paying kickbacks, but entered into a deferrred prosecution agreement in exchange for ongoing cooperation/turning over receipts, and boy, did they turn them over.

They captured and turned over texts from employee phones and fired multiple employees.
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1/ Quelques réflexions @RecheckHealth sur la critique de l’#EBM que j’avais présentées à @MartinFierro769 @BoussageonR @cucherat @FranoisGueyffi2 @boylandry et qui montrent que si ses ennemis font ce genre de propositions #BigPharma n’aura bientôt plus besoin d’amis
2/ Le constat de récupération des instruments #EBM par #BigPharma et de leur détournement à des fins commerciales est partagé par de nombreux observateurs p.ex. Jack E James en 2017
3/ Les critiques portent notamment sur les #RCT
#BigPharma ayant (encore) besoin de #RCT avec des résultats favorables pour obtenir l'#AMM de nouveaux produits ou des extensions d’indication
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Production has doubled since the '09' figures in this piece. It gets the basics right, that #Heroin lit the US opiate epidemic. #BigPharma Rx was kindling. #Fentanyl the accelerant. But it was bulk heroin that was the cause.…
The true story has been so successfully suppressed, it must be via some degree of quasi-official connivance? By seizing & reporting only on Mexican-border trafficking, they're able to propagate the official lie, that Afghan #heroin doesn't make it to USA! Lol.
CDC figures show the #epidemiology of the #heroin epidemic, began in Midwest, NorthEast, 2007-10 & spread out. #Afghan 'white' powder from the 'Great White North', -not- the desultory flow of Mexican 'brown' from South America.
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You cannot read the Spanish case against Gardasil without being compelled to ask:

How can the vaccine industry present such a clear and present danger to human race and still be in business?

How can the case against #vaccines be so unequivocally in the right and not prevail?
Is #BigPharma money so powerful that it trumps human decency? Human reason? Common sense? The social contract? The safety of our children? Science itself?

Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain - SaneVax, Inc.:…
Just as #vaccines are a pandora’s box of ills, the attack on them must be an attack on our diseased institutions. We cannot win against vaccines without reconstituting state/national legislatures. Firing heads of CDC/FDA. Retooling the role of money. Fixing our model of medicine
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1. #News ~ Brad Parscale: Trump family dynasty 'will last for decades,' transform GOP. DO IT!…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020
2. #News ~ What President Trump Understands That Democrats Don't… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #Trump4EVA
3. #News ~ Hong Kong protesters beg Trump: ‘Liberate’ our city…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
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#VaccineScience & #BigPharma

A screenshot thread.

Thanks to Melanie Mia! #Brilliant
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No recording of any kind allowed at @StevenHorsford's Congressional townhall. We were told that if we do so we will be removed.

Questions written on notecards & collected in advance. This measure is a way to control the room by selecting the questions ahead of time.
@StevenHorsford's opening presentation consists of achievements by @HouseDemocrats. Emphasis on closing the gender pay gap, protecting ACA, and a public option. He states his supports MedicareX rather than #MedicareForAll etc
@StevenHorsford's opening presentation at his Congressional Town Hall reads more like self adulation and grandstanding. Peak narcissism.
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I have spent half my morning fighting for a heart medication I have been on since I was 22 because chronically ill people are expected to do battle with insurance companies and #BigPharma every day so CEOs can spend their summers in the Hamptons.
Fix this, America.
Pharmacuetical companies should not be allowed to jack up prices on drugs that have been around for decades and/or create fake scarcity just to pad their top executives' incomes.

Do not delude yourselves that this money is going to R & D-- it's not.
We aren't getting new and better drugs, we are getting renaming of old established drugs. This bait and switch is killing sick people.

No one wants a chronic illness. It can derail your life. The additional stress of fighting for care is a crime against humanity, pure & simple.
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1/ #SB2 Part 2 - “@realDonaldTrump Trump now Controls The #ChemTrails?” 🥳
⚡️What Does this Really Mean? 🤔
Lets go down the Rabbit Hole Together... 🐇 🕳 ⚡️#GeoEngineering #Witchcraft #Alchemy #Necromancy #Occult #QAnon
2/ For those of you that didn’t read or watch the #SB2 Decode Part 1,
I would highly Recommend taking a look at this first.... #Witchcraft #ChemTrails #Alchemy #Occult @realDonaldTrump #QAnon
3/ Were #ChemTails, #BigPharma, #Vaccines, #Chemicals & #GeoEngineering used as Weapons against us? #Alchemy & #Witchcraft used for #MindControl & #DemonicPossession?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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All part of #China’s/CCP’s world domination plan.

Notice Wu Jinzi himself studied in the US, then worked for western #BigPharma as a senior scientist & a VP, then worked in clinical studies. Now he’s gone back to China to develop drugs for CCP and recruit BiigPharma scientists.
China has certain goals and objectives that they set for certain dates in their quest for world domination by 2050.

Here’s just one report about their 2025 biotech goals.…
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The indictment alleges that Indivior touted its “Here to Help” internet & telephone program as a resource for opioid-addicted patients. Instead, Indivior used the program to connect patients to doctors it knew were prescribing opioids at high doses & clinically unwarranted manner
The indictment alleges that Indivior announced a “discontinuance” of its tablet form of Suboxone based on supposed “concerns regarding pediatric exposure” to tablets, despite Indivior knowledge that the primary reason for the discontinuance was to delay the FDAapproval of generic
The indictment alleges Indivior’s scheme was highly successful, fraudulently converting thousands of opioid-addicted patients over to Suboxone and causing state Medicaid programs to expand and maintain coverage of Suboxone Film at substantial cost to the government.
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Health industry CEOs took home a whopping $2.6 BILLION in compensation last year. That's $2.6B that could have, and should have, been spent on patient care. Private health insurers are especially egregious since their profits come from *denying* health care.
Pharmaceutical price gouging bankrupts patients and makes lifesaving medications unaffordable for many. But CEOs and investors sure are happy about those relentless price hikes.
The opportunities for #BigPharma profiteering are so vast that contractors, distributors, and pharmacies are making money hand over fist...all to the detriment of patients.
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💉Medical Thread

Full documentary on pg 4
Dr. Burzynski who has been curing cancer for decades without deadly radiation Or harmful meds
The FDA do NOT dispute he has a cure.
1000's of lives have been saved by Dr. Burzynski

100's Doctors have used his medicine and have testified under oath.
YES his medicine is the real deal.

the FDA have been taking Dr Burzynski to court for 30 plus years.
Not for Fraud or false claims but simply because he refuses to sell and his medicine to big phama
And refuses big pharma to surpress / control his medicine.

They have been ruining his life because because he ships the Medicine to patients and other doctors.
At least 4 grand jurories have found him innocent of anything criminal or wrong.
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#DeathbyPrescription - Doctors murder an estimated 150,000 Americans each year, simply by lacking the most basic understanding of drug interactions. It’s our 4th leading cause of death. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
These are not ODs caused by mistaken instructions, nor pharmacy errors, but people taking meds as intentionally prescribed. As a cause of death, #DeathbyPrescription ranks far above Alzheimer's, diabetes, the flu, intentional murders and suicide.
When MSM talks “Overdose Tragedy in the US”, I wait to hear to the main story. It’s not narcotics, legally prescribed or not, nor other illegal drugs. Because more than twice as many suffer #DeathbyPrescription. There are ‘burying the lead’, In fact, it’s never mentioned.
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1. #DARPA > #LifeLog=Facebook, You Tube, Twatter,#23 and Me, #Alphabet, #Google, Internet, M-I6, Robotics, #FVEY GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI and much more all have in common??
Let us take a look at DARPA it creation, its ‘inventions’, and it’s history…
Thread 1/45 >#WeAreTheNewsNow #Q
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957 #Alphabet #BigTech 🤡
What Is #DARPA?…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI #Qanon
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video via @YouTube
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#Meningitis is no doubt a serious disease, but as they push mass #vaccination for this uncommon disease (although already 10% of US teens 16-18 #vaxxed so far), I sense there may be an underlying agenda here too. A victim here: eyes on pillow. Coincidental 1-eye selfportrait.
Take all 70 vaccine shot, Americans! You're most the vaccinated in the world, but none of the supposed "health" to show for it. Highest neonate and infant #vaccination rate, but one of the highest childhood mortality, which under 2 years old, is mainly #SIDS. Aka #VaccineDeath.
Been looking at #Poland, with a very high #childhoodmortality vs rest of Europe, and one of the most aggressive and wide MANDATORY #vaccination programs. You can get FINES for not complying €2500 per "missed shot" up to €12.500. Insanity. #Polska #forcedvaccination #szczepienia
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