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Hmmm.....NY-based biotech company Stemline Therapeutics, which focuses on cancer medications, is being acquired by Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini Group.
Not that this is unusual b/c I'll be almost every #BigPharma company has business in #China, but Menarini launched a headquarters in China in 2013 at the WUHAN National Bioindustry Base.…
And we all know if a business is allowed to do business in China, the CCP then gets access to a company's IP.
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Anyone else find it odd how this couple was MURDERED a little over 2 years prior to the plandemic?
The #DeepState seems to like “hangings” as their “suicide” of choice! #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @Thomas1774Paine @GOP
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#RickBright: whistleblower complaint.

He was relegated to a lower position because he would not permit the widespread use of

▲▼ #hydroxychloroquine ▲▼

a malaria drug that President Donald Trump touted as being effective in treating patients with COVID-19.
▼▲ VACCINOLOGIST ▼▲ #BigPharma #DrPoison

Bright's doctoral advisor: Jacqueline Katz
(Dir flu division at National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases)

In 2010 Bright completed Advanced Course in Vaccinology from U of Geneva 🇨🇭😬#Vaccines #depopulationagenda
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🔴 #Hilo 503 - #ObamaGate

1. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que, votaron por él, #Obama quería lo mejor para todos los estadounidenses mientras estaba en el cargo.
2. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que @HillaryClinton ganó la nominación demócrata de manera justa y directa y nunca trató de socavar a #Trump Trump. #LockHerUp
3. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al no mirar a #Trump como un serio contendiente cuando anunció por primera vez su candidatura. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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Dear @Twitter, your warning on the #plandemicmovie will just make people want to click the link even MORE. We don't like being told by gatekeepers & control freaks that we can't or shouldn't seek the truth.
Here is what happeed when #PlagueofCorruption co-author Kent Heckenlively @1anti_s asked CNN producer about #BigPharma advertising revenue...CLICK!
@DrJudyAMikovits @HighWireTalk
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1/ Little Thread about all The Misleading Medical Information still floating around about #Hydroxychloroquine & #Chloroquine & #Azithromycin & #ZelenkoProtocol - by 1 doctor - @zev_dr & #Remdesivir & more

Despite #TrumpIsNotADoctor has stopped saying "What do you have to lose?".
2/ #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

First, why it has been political all the way, suspected from day one:

"Trump had been touting HCQ for weeks, sparking worldwide shortages of HCQ & prompting negotiations with Indian PM Modi to lift export restrictions"…
3/ #Trump2020

Indian PM Modi and Trump held a rally together.

"Mr Trump wanted to show people in the US that he was hugely popular abroad and that he was capable of negotiating good deals out of a country he once described as the king of tariffs"…
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Et allez ça commence par Gilles Lartigot qui vient de se griller définitivement pour ceux qui doutaient encore

Salut de Sirius 🖖
Trotta sait donc mieux que l'OMS et les équipes d'infectiologues ou d'immunologues du monde entier

Il a fait ses propres recherches probablemement

#champion #LiveCasasnovas
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/Short Thread/

How predators hide in plain sight.

This article outlines @BillGates "Gates Foundation" is not so much about "charity" but "public relations" and "killer profit"

#TheMoreYouKnow #Philanthropy #GatesFoundation #TheGivingPledge…
"The Gateses used their charitable foundation to enrich the private school their children attend, which charges students $35,000 a year."

#BillGates #GatesFoundation #TheMoreYouKnow
"A foundation giving a charitable grant to a company that it partly owns—and stands to benefit from financially—would seem like an obvious conflict of interest..."

#BillGates #BigPharma #GatesFoundation
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Mega Dump

Manufacturing a crisis

#UseDiscernment #ThinkForYourself
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up: How a Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific and Political Mystery of Our Time…
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up Volume Two: The Origins of Totalitarianism in Science and Medicine…
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#COVID__19 #SARSCoV2 #BigPharma Crime Sprees continue and they STILL demand money thru mouthpieces like Fauci (on commission) and Birx (# her too)
#MemoryLane let's start with today h/t kun autists #WeAreTheNewsNow #QAnon
April 30, 2020 Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute LLC (FCS), an oncology group headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, was charged with conspiring to allocate medical and radiation oncology treatments for cancer patients in Southwest Florida…
July 24, 2017 Celgene Corp., a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals headquartered in Summit, New Jersey, has agreed to pay $280 million to settle fraud allegations related to the promotion of two cancer treatment drugs Thalomid and Revlimid. Went to school with a "Thalomid baby"
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4th month in 2020.

The devious and evil #NWO plan to create an One World Government is unfolding before our eyes.

The conspiracy is real
It’s against us
Humanity is targeted

[They] go all-in to control, silence and enslave everything and everyone.

April’s wrap up 👇🏼
#Gates says gatherings will not come back "at all" till people are vaccinated, his buddy #Fauci is pushing #vaccines as “Ultimate Game Changer”

#Fauci: Don't Assume #Chloroquine is a 'Knockout Drug'; #Vaccine is 'Ultimate Game Changer'
Dr. Evil #Gates programming the people with his hand movements and mantra; “Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines.”

Typical #FalseFlag Problem, Reaction, Solution strategy


Fear, “help protect us”

#Vaccines #Vaccines #Vaccines
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Listening 2 paid Fake Fauci/Bacteria Birx both with ties 2 Gates, who admitted 2 wanting 2 de-populate!
•Hydroxychloroquine + Plaquenil + zinc (I’ll listen to the real doctors @va_shiva)
•UV/light therapy (funny how Birx-no eye contact when Trump mentioned
2. Clarifying what Trump said
“Trump at the press conference today: 🧐
“this stuff is fascinating, so if UV rays kill the virus can we look into something like that systemically, to use inside the body?
•Follow @va_shiva
•Don’t forget Dr. Ben Carson works with Trump!
3. And if bleach and alcohol kill the virus can we maybe look into something similar, that we can inject or inhale? I don’t know I’m just asking the questions. “ Audience comments: 🤬😈🤡😡
“what an idiot! He knows nothing! Are you gonna tell people to drink bleach now?
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Big thread here regarding BLOOD DISINFECTION

yeah, that TRUMP.....what an IDIOT!! 🙄

(stupid liberals and stupid MSM-when will you learn?)

Once again, this was found in a quick search on
This one is on methylene blue. A cheap drug that's been around for around 120 years. It does have some side effects in high doses. (What drug doesn't?)
Prepare to be MAD as HELL once again at what is out there that NO ONE KNOWS about! Here is my list of HUGE potential that this drug is known for.
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1) Het spijt me u te moeten informeren dat er nooit een pandemic was. Om te begrijpen wat er wel is gebeurd moet je weten dat de WHO in 2004 een administratieve wijziging heeft ingevoerd bij de gewone griep cijfers.
2) Zo zijn gerelateeerde griep doden mee gaan tellen als mensen die door griep zijn gestorven. Daarom zie je vanaf 2004 een explosieve groei in het aantal griep doden.
3) Deze oplichterij is in het leven geroepen om meer griep vaccins te verkopen. De makers van deze vaccins ook wel bekend als #BigPharma hebben sindsdien de macht omdat de WHO toen medeplichtig aan fraude is geworden.
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6 months ago how many of you had heard of #Hydroxychloroquine?
Well I knew about it
Here's my story as I support @realDonaldTrump and his push for the use of this drug to treat #COVID19
I was DX with Chronic Late Stage #LymeDisease around 2014. I've probably had it my entire life. It lies dormant in your body for many years waiting to rear its ugly head.…
9 yrs ago it activated in me.
Like many Lymies I struggled getting my Dr to believe me and this complicated disease. He refused to listen, denied the existence of it and eventually kicked me out of his practice of which I had been a patient 14ish yrs
The mockery of patients is real.
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Here I am going to document that #Erasmus University Medical Center in #Rotterdam is the world wide center coordinating the #corona #plandemic #xaoh. #JohnsHopkins may invent the #coronavirus death toll, all the #covid19 profits worldwide will flow through the Dutch #ErasmusMC.
First things first: the #corona #patent. The patent on betacoronaviruses, incl. #COVID19, covering ALL DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT (over 35 claims!!) lies with #ErasmusMC in #Rotterdam. Filed in 2013, after the #MERS scaredemic, granted in 2015.…
What this means is that ALL #corona testing, all future treatment (i.e. antibodies), and all future prevention, i.e. the dozens of #vaccines in development by dozens of companies, will have to pass #EramusMC #patent, which means $$$$. Royalties. #covid19 #bigbusiness #coronavirus
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The cures have always existed but @HSELive #BigPharma don’t want you to access them. I discovered this when I started investigating water fluoridation which is very harmful to health. I won National Campaigning Journalist for my work but the medical industry tried to destroy me
They harassed my then editor Vincent Doyle for publishing my work, particularly the dental lobby. Why? Because the #BigPharma money would dry up. He stood his ground and defended my work. When Denis O’Brien took over INM, investigative journalism ended👇🏻…
I’m sure @eilishor remembers attacking me for writing about the dangers of vaccines when parents said their perfect children had changed before their eyes after receiving them. Who was she defending? Not the public interest. #Covid19
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👉#SwineFlu #Fraud of 1976 ~ 60 Minutes

👉Are you #awake yet? Notice the #propaganda pattern?

👉100 yrs of #Plandemics designed to harm and #control!

👉4 words to learn & teach your #children: "I DO NOT CONSENT"

#DoNotConsent #Plandemic #Vaccine #FakeNews #Covid19

Jan '76, A virus was detected in a single military base at Fort Dix, New Jersey which led to 1 death and 13 to be hospitalized. The 1 death was a soldier who experienced influenza symptoms & had just participated in a forced five-mile march. He collapsed & died during the march.
Feb '76, Samples were tested by the NJ Dept of Health. A few isolates of the samples were atypical & sent to the CDC which found evidence of Swine Influenza A. After WHO was informed, CDC Dir. David Sencer drafted a memo calling for mass immunization for the swine flu. Image
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Why #BigPharma, #Fauci, & #BillGates Want to Ban #Hydroxychloroquine


I personally stand for natural methods of treatment & while this med comes w/ caveats, consider why #fireFauci & Friends don't like it.

e.g. low cost & generic


"Certainly .... the world global medical complex ...will try to stop the use of a generic low-cost drug for fast treatment of #COVID19."

Their solutions are quarantine, vaccines, & new drugs.

Check out #hydroxychloriquine map:…
3/4 #Qumanity

For the #vaccinedeepstate, "Immunization is claimed as being the only way to achieve the 17 sustainability, freedom suppressing goals of the U.N."

Did you hear of these #17 goals before?

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#Birx December 15, 2014 NYC

Data2X conference w/ Deborah Birx re: How data can close gender gap. They never miss an angle.

Nice crew!…
I'm puzzled people care what Deborah Birx's daughter is doing. Dr. Birx was Global HIV/AIDS coordinator. Could there be anything more atrocious?!!

2015 Ambassador Birx at CROI
#Q777 Big pharma tied to smart phones.

Now tie in #Lieber thread (nanoelectronics, injectible nanoelectronics and Qdrops on mind control).

scroll up to top
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As Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence would publicize his flu vaccinations each year to promote Big Pharma.

Now Pence leads hand-picked team w/ Fauci and Birx.
@ QBlueSkyQ has extensive threads on them.

#FollowTheMoney #BigPharma #China #BillGates #NWO
#BigPharma Karma
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