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I'm still can't believe how much @joshuajames and I covered in this interview.
This is a treasure-trove of wisdom for folks involved in #proddev, #prodmgmt, #orgdesign, #agile etc. We covered so much, here's a summary:

0:00 Access to data. Features factories. Executing “to plan”
1:55 Different types of silos: run vs. change, opex vs. capex, service vs. sales. Optimizing the top of the funnel. Juicing TOFU. Quarter to quarter thinking vs. LTV. @joshuajames
4:54 Conway’s Law, portfolios, and placing bets. Increasing revenue vs. protecting revenue (until there's a financial crisis, which turns your focus to reducing costs). @joshuajames
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Typically when someone asks "What should we measure?", my response is (something like) What decisions do you need to inform? Where do you need to reduce uncertainty? What do you need to learn?

This helps with *some* ppl, but not with others..(1/6) #proddev @Amplitude_HQ
...I've been mulling this over. 1) for many ppl, metrics are like "grades". They are like students asking "how do you get an A?", "are you grading on the curve?" So...not about learning, and more about judgement and pass/fail. Problematic ..(2/6) #proddev @Amplitude_HQ
There is an intense worry that the team will pick the "wrong" metrics, and bad things will happen. Which in some environments is a distinct possibility. What this misses is that measurement itself is often an iterative process. (3/6) #proddev @Amplitude_HQ
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"(0/8) Q: "My team needs help. Where do we start?"

Make sure you are doing regular retrospectives, and make sure you are committing to run a limited number of time-bound experiments to make things better. Reflect. Strengthen that muscle. #lean #proddev"
(1/8) Realize you may have blindspots. So occasionally invite outsiders (from inside and outside the org) to your retros and invite them to pattern match with you. Invite them to offer potential experiments. #lean #proddev
(2/8) Related...start a learning-focused series of book clubs, outside speakers, paper clubs, and company visits. Basically...stay as exposed as possible to outside ideas. #lean #proddev
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Wondering ... do you have an example of something product development related where you actually “changed” your mindset and/or perspective? What was the catalyst? #proddev #ux #design #agile
Reading @DReinertsen certainly gave form/fuel to hunches, and helped me think more in terms of first principles ... but I’m not sure I “changed”. I could be wrong.
I could intellectualize how mobbing might work. But probably didn’t believe it / feel it until I saw it happen.
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Not “rules” by any means...but tendencies

1/10. We underestimate the amount of work we actually have in progress and the impact on flow, quality, value delivered...and overestimate the value of parallelizing work #proddev #kanban #flow
2/10. We underestimate the drag created by dependencies, constraints, hand-offs, reviews, etc. etc. ... and overestimate our ability to navigate them, play Tetris, and thread the needle #proddev #kanban #flow
3/10 We underestimate the impact of “lights on” and “business as usual” type work...and overestimate our ability to tackle these issues without a big hit on flow #proddev #kanban #flow
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Some quick tips for guiding your team to be more outcome focused.

1. Use the language of missions, bets, outcomes, etc. *alongside* whatever ppl are currently used to (output, dates, features, etc.). A trojan horse! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
2. Periodically review outcomes...even for more prescriptive bits of work. Once a month is good. Invite everyone + tell good stories. Admit failures! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
3. Very subtle...but use the statement order "Trying to [Outcome or bet] by [some intervention]". Keep hammering home the expected outcome. It'll start to stick. And ppl will realize the intervention is secondary. #proddev #ux #design
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