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Pre-Mortems are one of the most underused tools in your #ProdMgmt toolkit.

Unlike Post-Mortems which most are familiar with, rather than waiting until the end when everything has already gone wrong. A Pre-Mortem is done at the start of a project or item of work.

During a Pre-Mortem the team and relevant parties will seek to predict what might go wrong and then work backwards to identify ways in which they could mitigate those things from happening.

A framework I like to use to facilitate Pre-Mortems is the matrix above.

It’s a risk matrix which looks to prioritise according the risk's likelihood of occurring and the impact.

High Likelihood + High Impact = Avoid
Low Likelihood + High Impact = Reduce/Exploit
High Likelihood + Low Impact = Share/Transfer
Low Likelihood + Low Impact = Accept

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Product onboarding experience is often overlooked while comparing products.

However, it's an important factor to consider.


Several steps are involved before a product gets in your hand.

This is known famously as the buyer's journey

It can be funneled into
(1) Desire
(2) Discover (product)
(3) Decide (to purchase)
(4) Adopt (product)
(5) Realize (benefit, value)
Let me walk you through the funnel and help you understand it by giving an example of how I ended up using @GoPro cameras...

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10 Top Product Management Books That You Must Read 📚
#prodmgmt #productmanagementbooks
📖 The Product Book by @villaumbrosia & @joshanon.

A Product Manager must-read. Get a holistic understanding of a PM’s job. Learn how to build products from the same instructors who created Product School’s successful Product Management curriculum.
📖 Hired by @productschool.

In this book, you’ll discover how to land your first Product Management job! No matter your background, there has never been a better time to break into Product Management.
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When building a product, remember not all of your users are experts in the domain, but that opens up a golden opportunity for you /1🧵
It’s important to gauge the level of competence in the domain with the users, especially if you’re an expert in the area /2
People buy products because it fulfills a job-to-be-done, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows *how* to do that job. /3
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There are more than 100K PM videos on YouTube.

Most of them are noise.

Top 20 that will teach you more than any $4,976 course: 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt Image
1. The Root Causes of Product Failure by @cagan

2. Product Strategy: The Missing Link by @cagan

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This is so good, I can't stop myself from sharing this!

In @lennysan podcast, @manikgupta (ex-CPO @Uber, @googlemaps) revealed 5 Secrets (capabilities) of Building Successful Customer Apps: 🧵

#prodmgmt #productmanagement
Secret 1: Design-led thinking

Poorly designed products have no chance in consumer products. Your design must be A+ to delight users.

It's not only about having the best designers. It's also attention to detail. Pixel-to-pixel precision when moving between screens.
Secret 2: Strong focus and prioritization

You don't need 20 features to solve a problem. You typically need one or maybe two features.

Focus on and prioritize the critical user journey. Downprioritize everything else. You need to set a very high bar not to distract the users.
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12-Month MBA for PMs (books).

A new plan for 2023:

(You will thank me later) 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
Month 1:

- Introduction: Inspired by @cagan:
- Entrepreneurship: The Lean Startup by @ericries:
Month 2:

- Business models: Business Model Generation by @AlexOsterwalder & Yves Pigneur:
- Value Proposition: Value Proposition Design by @AlexOsterwalder & others:
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Reading 5 books 5x can give you more than reading 25 books 1x

Lock yourself in a room and study those 5 books on PM

(you will thank me later): 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Inspired by @cagan


- Most of your ideas are simply not going to work
- Product Discovery results in a validated product backlog
- PM, Designer and at least one Engineer must work together
2. Empowered by @cagan


- Give teams problems to solve, not features to build
- Coaching is what turns ordinary people into extraordinary product teams
- Great teams are made up of ordinary people who are inspired and empowered
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21 products for super easy Product Management:

1. Collaboration > Miro
2. Communication > Slack
3. Tasks > Trello
4. Product analytics > @pendoio
5. New tech products > @ProductHunt
6. Integrations > @zapier
7. Industry insights > @Stratechery🧵

#prodmgmt #productmanagement
8. Graphics > @canva
9. Prototyping > @balsamiq
10. Design > @figma
11. Mind mapping > @xmind
12. Free, responsive website >
13. Video recording > @loom
14. Meeting scheduling > @Calendly
15. Payments integration > @Stripe
16. Flowcharts & diagrams > @LucidSoftware
17. User Story Maps > @CreateWithCraft
18. Roadmaps > @productboard
19. Build SaaS products without code > @bubble
20. Sell digital products online > @Gumtree
21. Sell courses online > @Kajabi
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Strategic frameworks can 10x your business.

It's almost like thinking on steroids!

Top 6 strategic frameworks every entrepreneur needs to know to be successful: 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. SWOT Analysis

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company's competitive position.

That's an essential tool for thinking about the business.

Learn in 6:27:
2. PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL analysis is commonly used to evaluate the business environment in which a company operates.

The acronym stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors.

Learn in 9:49:
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Listening to podcasts can transform your PM career.

Problem: There are more than 850,000 of them.

Solution: Top 11 PM podcasts you'd be crazy to miss: 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Lenny's Podcast @lennysan

Probably the best product podcast on this planet.
The true king of podcasts.


You can't miss an episode with @cagan:…
2. This Is Product Management by @feedbackloopcom

This is a must-listen for anyone involved in creating, designing, selling, and managing products or services.


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Lock yourself in a room and read those 12 books on PM

(you'll thank me later; Nov 2022): 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Inspired by @cagan


• Most of your ideas are not going to work
• Principles of product discovery, which results in a validated product backlog
2. Empowered by @cagan


• Set goals and hold teams accountable for the outcomes
• Your role as a leader is to help everyone on the team achieve competence
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I've read 6 books on product leadership and setting goals.

Top 6 secrets every product leader needs to know about: 🧵

#productmgmt #prodmgmt
1. Give teams problems to solve, not tasks to do

Set goals and let the team discover how to best achieve them. Hold them accountable only for the outcomes.

In the case of OKRs, ask your teams to propose KRs. This will build a stronger commitment and a sense of ownership.
2. Show trust instead of exercising control

This may seem difficult at first. As a rule of thumb, you should delegate and trust more than you feel comfortable with.

Make sure you provide people with context to enable better, informed decisions.
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A few controversial things I believe about PM and growth:

1) Customer outcomes over business metrics

Pursuing only business results is a silly goal.

Because users are too often forgotten.

Customer outcomes are a better pursuit in the long term: 🧵
• Delighted customers impact your business > $$$
• Happy customers stay with you longer > lower churn
• They can't stop talking about the product they love > growth

Start with your customers and "work backwards."

2) Select only one OKR

Contrary to popular belief, OKRs are not "the most important" tasks.

Their goal is to create focus on what's not urgent yet critical for the long-term growth of the business (strategy). You should select only one OKR. You can sequence them if needed.
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Are you using Lean Startup, Agile, or Product Discovery?

Be careful. If you cherry-pick, you can spectacularly fail.

Why is this the case? And how to avoid it?🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt #agile #scrum
1. Lean Startup

Take the MVP test results as proof and execute your plan in a waterfall style. Without regular inspection and adaptation, your plan will fall apart like a house of cards.

Shot to the moon.
2. Agile

Pick an Agile framework like Scrum. Start without validating your business model. Came up with ideas and deliver them in iterations.

Most ideas are not going to work. And your product probably never had a chance to achieve the Product-Market fit.

Gambling and waste.
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PM is not the CEO of the Product. But it doesn't stop there.

She should not even dictate WHAT needs to be built.

Let me explain. In most companies, it goes like this: 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Stakeholders decide on the high-level roadmap
2. PM refines the details and creates User Stories ("WHAT")
3. Work is waterfalled to the DEVs, who only decide "HOW"
4. Designer tries to make it prettier. It's like lipsticking a pig
You know what I think? Waterfall and stage gates. Even if you use an Agile framework, don't lie to yourself. That's a project mindset.

How to clean up this mess?
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General knowledge about PM is not enough.

To succeed in this role, you need to master 5 areas:

1. Know your customers
2. Know your market and industry
3. Know your competitors
4. Know your business
5. Know your product

Now in detail (TLTR) 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Know your customers

Ask yourself: What are their problems, needs, and desires? What's truly important to them? What jobs do they want to perform? By which outcomes will they evaluate your product's value?
A common mistake is to focus too much on a particular solution. Theodore Levitt famously said, "Customers don't want a drill, they want a hole in the wall."
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I'm doing some research on how the senior IC part of the dual track career ladder in #productmanagement works.

Looking to speak to Staff PMs, Principal PMs, Distinguished PMs and other very senior individual contributors.

Intros and RT appreciated🙏

DMs are open
As a thank you to interviewees I'll provide a donation to your chosen charity and/or do some pro-bono coaching for you or another product person of your choosing.

I'll also write up my findings to share with the wider #prodmgmt community.

Who should I speak to?
Some interesting reading so far:…
Courtesy of @lennysan and friends
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In B2B #prodmgmt, you're going to come across industry/subject-matter experts. These are people with deep industry knowledge and sometimes get a bad rap from PMs but they can be super helpful, especially in complex industries. Let's dive in

1/6 Industry Expert vs Product/Services quadrant - quadrants map
1. The Potential Disruptor

They have product chops and maybe built a product in this industry before, so they know where the pitfalls are, broadly what can & can't be done, and are the most likely to help the product team build something disruptive and new. 2/6
2. The Essential Informer

They know the industry inside and out, but they've never built a product to speak of. They are the closest equivalent of your customers, but they aren't your customers. They can be super-insightful partners but beware of status quo bias. 3/6
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I recommend that people trying to get into product management and early career PdMs invest time into making a portfolio.

It's a great way to stand out from the crowd and emphasizes your existing skills on your own terms.

Some tips on #prodmgmt portfolios:
Product manager portfolios are a mix of words (narrative of what you did + any written components of your portfolio) and images (wireframes and/or screengrabs)

Keep that in mind when choosing how to build your portfolio. Some good tools: @NotionHQ, @Medium, @carrd are easy/fast
Add an "about me" section! This is a great way to introduce yourself on your terms and make you more "real" - not just a resume in a pile.

Many portfolios present work well, but person to person connections get the interviews ✨
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This Friday's #prodmgmt story is about the extremely fraught process of "doing a rebuild" 💀 and then moving customers over to your new app.

If you work in tech long enough, you'll find a CTO or VP of Eng who really would like to rebuild the app. New backend, new UI, whatever...
This is usually because the existing app is full of issues and hardcoded logic and built on an outdated stack. For this story, we had all of those things. The app wasn't resilient and it needed a facelift asap.

The engineering team carved out 18 months to rewrite the app.
Carving out 18 months to rewrite it was by itself a problem - customer success teams and other stakeholders were told to "just wait" many times with no real idea of when "later" would be 😓

(as an aside, this itself caused the CTO to get fired about 12 months into the project)
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🧵0/10 There is no right way of building a great product, but there is a “right attitude” - Here is a thread of why that is….👇👇👇 #prodmgmt #productmanagement #productmanager
1/10 You will make mistakes as a product manager. Keeping your attitude positive and understanding that it is part of the process is important to the health of your attitude. It’s also very important that you are transparent with your mistakes to team members.
2/10 Product leadership is not unique… It’s build on frameworks, mental-models, exercises as any other general leadership discipline. This is important to understand and also to “say out load” because it will automatically remove your arrogance
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Five things I wish I could go back and tell myself when I was starting in #prodmgmt 🧵/1
You don't have to come up with all the ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere. It's your job to make sure they are the right ideas for the business and the customer /2
Check your ego. While being confident when communicating is important as a Product Manager, you do not want to be perceived as an asshole. #prodmgmt is about influence, not authority. /3
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First time Product Leader? Congrats! It's hard to make the leap, but once you're there, now you got to keep the position.

Here's the most common mistakes I see first time product leaders make so you can avoid them. /1 🧵

1. Focusing too much on processes and ignoring the roadmap.

While you have to implement the process and structure for the organization, remember you're also the person responsible for vision and direction. You need to balance working on both of these things.
2. Blaming others

"I can't do this because the CXO won't let me." You're now a leader, it's up to you to usher things through. You shouldn't be asking permission of the other leaders, you should be working with them.

No one is coming to save you. You got to take initiative.
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