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On this #podcast episode, @onejasonknight speaks to @tessak22 & @wesley83 about the wonderful world of DevRel and whether PMs and DevRels are friends or foes. What is #DevRel? What types of companies need it? How does it intersect with #prodmgmt?
🥑 What DevRel is, what they love about it and how there's not one boring DevRel person in the world

🥑 Their journeys into DevRel and whether there's a standard career path for people trying to get into the trade
🥑 The types of companies that need DevRel teams and how the concept of "developer-first" and "developer plus" products informs when you need to spin up a DevRel team
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Ah airport layovers, time for a thread that keeps coming up.

How do I convince my executives to change/ do things I’d like them to do as good #prodmgmt. Here’s my tips. 🧵 /1
The thing I see people do most often that doesn’t work is not taking the time to understand how other people are being judged for success and what matters to them.

You have to learn to put your proposal in terms that will help the other person. /2
For example, say you have a problem with the Head of Sales. How are they judged for success?

Bookings, new sales, new logos, revenue growth.

Their comp is tied to it. How do you think they feel when you say you need to deprioritize something that they *think* will make $$? /3
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Probably the MOST abused and thus harmful principle of the #Agile Manifesto is:

"Responding to change over following a plan"

Here's a thread 🧵on how to think about it in logical and rational way, that hopeful removes whatever confusion people have.

#product #prodmgmt

Each of the 4 main statements of Manifesto are structured as

<a> over <b>


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Meaning that while both may be necessary, focus MORE on the left i.e. <a>, and LESS on the right i.e. <b>

But as is often the case, people misunderstand, misconstrue or corrupt simple statements and often these are interpreted as:

<a> NOT <b>


Responding to change and NOT following a plan

It's strange, but not unexpected that this happens, albeit rather selectively.

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Our #product discovery process wasn't working. We had some wins with problems we understood well, but as we increased how fast we were moving it stopped working.

Here's what I think we were doing wrong and what we are trying now:

#prodmgmt #productmanagement
We plan quarterly and were starting discovery about six weeks out from the start of the next quarter. This meant that we had to pick a problem to solve for next quarter, research it, ideate and validate solutions with users, and slice up the work all within six weeks.
This was obviously nowhere near enough time. The first time we did it with a designer involved I knew the problem very well and the solution was simple. We tested it with customers and the feedback was positive.
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Ah professional services. The typical #prodmgmt rejoinder whenever anyone mentions a specific client request. How dare anyone request things! None of us really want to go down this route, but what about when we have to?

🧵 What about that shadowy place way out there?  That's profess
It's no secret why we don't want this. Specific client requests are rarely validated, over-specific, create tech and product debt, and can make products into a messy pile of features. And above all else there's the opportunity cost
However, sometimes you're going to get bullied by a client several orders of magnitude bigger than you, or get pressure from the top to accommodate such a request. There can be good & bad reasons for this, but let's just assume you need to do it. How? Some thoughts...
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My Product Manager Operating System (PMOS) - Part 3

7 templates and frameworks that have helped me lead #prodmgmt discovery and execution over the last 10+ years.

PRDs, Project Briefs, and more from Asana, Square, Figma, and more.

A thread 🧵

There's debate in the Product community whether or not PRDs are still relevant.

As @johncutlefish points out, there is A LOT of other stuff that needs to happen before a PRD makes sense.

But they do matter.

@johncutlefish Simple PRD

The key is to keep it short and simple.

This template by @lennysan via @GergelyOrosz is a good start.

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What do I actually want out of the Product Manager Operating System (PMOS)

Thinking out loud about #prodmgmt, #buildinpublic, solopreneurship, and more. ⬇️
I started the year doing two things:

1. Snowboarding 🏂
2. Exploring what's next professionally 👨🏼‍💻

I did a lot of #1, now I'm refocusing on #2.
While exploring new roles, I've had a growing desire to have a toolkit that I can take with me from job to job.

Every role is unique. There's no copy and paste option.

But that doesn't mean experience and tools can't be transferred.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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Product managers should explicitly track all the ‘specials’ they’ve done for the Sales org, and then remind them at sales training or sales kickoff of how much revenue this generated.

Also remind Sales of what WASN’T done or what was delayed because of that work.
BTW, this is the process I used in a couple of companies to handle these requests.

To reduce adhoc requests from sales for these "specials" we had an escalation process - first up through sales management and sales engineering, then discussed with Product Management. /1
i.e. The sales team took responsibility for filtering out random requests from less "effective" reps. So we knew the quality of requests from Sales to #ProdMgmt was relatively good. /2
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The business I work for has been transitioning from project-led, to product-led for the last few years.

Here are some of the things I've learnt during that time 🧵:

#product #prodmgmt #productmanagement
Our customers used to specify what they wanted and pay for the project team to deliver it. This led to an unsustainable product with numerous features just for a single customer and high maintenance costs. These specs came from the 'buyers' and not the 'users' (we are B2B).
We are making good progress but still going through the change. Doing user research has helped build confidence that we understand our customers, and some have started to relax control.
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How the UK government could’ve learned a thing or two from product management models and techniques to better communicate the roadmap out of Covid-19 restrictions 🦠🇬🇧

A longish thread 🧵

Disclaimer 🚨

This thread is not an attempt to make a political point, simply to explore where PM practices may have helped…
In February 2021, a number of months in advance, Boris Johnson proclaimed the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown, culminating in the now infamous ‘Freedom Day’ some time around July 2021.
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Probably a single important question you can ask during a job interview for a role in tech is:

“What are your feedback loops for discovery and delivery and how long are they?”

You will understand if a company:

A thread:

#prodmgmt #agile #jobinterview
* do actual customer discovery and validate their hypothesis
* pay attention to engineering excellency - CI/CD
* have built-in quality
* have a loose architecture enabling deployability
* actively manage work in progress
* align their teams - “business” and “tech”
Based on the answer, you will get a better understanding of whether a company is truly product-led and tech-at-core, the agility level and if there are any early-culture-smells.

Independently on a role - most of the above either will contribute to your success or frustration.
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Theoretical Product Management is NOT enough!

A thread 🧵

#product #diaries #prodmgt Image
Recently, I went through the experience of obtaining a European driving license.

A little background:

I come from a country where obtaining a driving license is relatively easy. Street signs are meaningless most of the time.
Driving happens through intuition and an unspoken language between drivers that involves gestures, sounds, and gut feel.

One can say I had driving experience, but really only on how to maneuver a car, context changes everything.
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First product hire at a startup?

I've been there.

Here's 9 tips for your first 30 days.

1/ Know what you signed up for.

@Jenyangwong has 5 things to expect.

@Jenyangwong 2/ Understand WHY you were hired.

You might think you know already. Time to confirm.

@shreyas's product leader categories can help structure the conversation, even if you aren't in a people leader role.

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Product Twitter is very vocal about the downsides of #prodmgmt.

Every job has its frustrations. But it's not all bad.

Here's 9 reasons why product is a great career path.
1/ Challenging

You don't get into product to coast.

The challenges make it rewarding. This makes it fun.
2/ Collaborative

You get to work with every business function.

A lot of the time, that's rolling up your sleeves to get hands-on.
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Imposter syndrome is common in #prodmgmt

Here's 5 ways to fight it ✊

A thread 🧵
There is no one thing that triggers impost syndrome.

I've been in #prodmgmt for 5+ years.

In my experience, it usually comes from a lack of confidence related to a fear of

• The unknown
• Being wrong
• Failing
For me, this can be triggered by our lack of concrete deliverables

@idamezhim hits the nail on the head.

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I agree with @alsterfalter. It's Nice to see the mental health talk in #prodmgmt

Here's a few of my favorites.

@alsterfalter Like @ProductChapter says, product is hard.

You're not alone in thinking or feeling that.

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Why Product Discovery?

It's been a popular discussion topic on Product Twitter recently.

But most of the focus is on the what, not the why.

A thread
First, let's start at the top.

You've just been hired as a Product Manager. Congrats!

Follow @jackiebo's advice on your first 90 days.

@jackiebo In my experience, there are 3 things you need to quickly learn:

- Product Strategy
- Product Goals
- Product Roadmap
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Let's talk about mental health in #prodmgmt because, whatever some naysayers might say, this is an incredibly tricky job. Even when it's going well it's hard! And it's very often not going well 🧵
Part of me wonders if this is down to many of the big books, you all know the ones, painting an aspirational vision of what product management is & what a product company should be. And, don't get me wrong, I *want* to work for one of those places. But they are few & far between
And, let's face it, even working for companies like that is hard. None of them say product management is easy! So, let's be clear, even in idealistically run, by the book companies, your average product manager's life is going to be incredibly difficult
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After some time off, I'm kicking off my #prodmgmt job hunt.

It's a great job market. There's 256,000+ Product Manager roles on LinkedIn alone.

It's fun to start fresh and explore, but easy to get trapped in analysis paralysis.

So I thought I'd share my approach in a thread 🧵
First, let's lay some foundations.

I enjoy sharing and teaching.

But as @epatt6 said recently, context matters.

@epatt6 Everyone's own situation is unique.

Hunter S. Thompson's essay on finding purpose and meaning drives this home very well.

I think about this anytime I'm providing personal guidance.…
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How to use retrospectives to build psychological safety.

A thread 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
But first, what do we mean when we say psychological safety?

Psychological safety occurs when individuals in a team feel capable of speaking openly, taking risks and trying new things without fear of judgement or persecution.
1. Start with the ‘Prime Directive’ 🗣

“Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.”
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Learning resources for aspiring Product Managers 📝

- free courses on product school:
- Follow product school, productHQ, Product Africa on YouTube
- Entry level:…
- Scrum:
- Technical PM:…
- Udemy:…
- Product dive -
- follow agile practitioners association of Nigeria on LinkedIn
- Free scrum certification:
- Roles in PM:…
- Free MSI PM Certifications -…
- Using PM Tools: Miro
- Google Project Management Course:…
- LinkedIn courses:…
- Twitter communities to follow: @womenpmnetwork @
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Product Twitter continues to deliver the hits 🔥

Whether you're new to product or a seasoned pro, there's so much great conversation.

Here's the 10 most insightful #prodmgmt threads I've read this week.

Product sense is a powerful thing. But as @jackiebo points out, it's much more than just a gut decision.

@jackiebo A simple approach to evaluating a Product Manager's performance from @shreyas.

Insight. Execution. Impact.

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After talking about the topics that classic #prodmgmt books might not cover…

Here are 10 non-product management books that you recommended for PMs, including my personal favorites.

🧵📚 (1/11)
The Advantage by Patrick M. Lencioni

Recommended by @TomBergman…

7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results by Esther Derby

Recommended by @Velocity1003…

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This is why I gave up reading product management books years ago. They all define a role that doesn’t exist, only in theories, our daily job is far away from that.

I felt that all these books put pressure on us - “you can change the culture", "you should show them how to do this right”.

But being good in product and being able to drive organisational changes are 2 very different things.
I realized this difference when I was a freelance PM for a while. I was involved in projects which had nothing to do with thinking about the product - we focused on how to transform the product organisation in order to be able to build the right product.
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