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0/12- So... you feel devalued at work. That your work (craft, perspective) isn't appreciated. You feel diminished and pushed to the side. I've been there. It can be paralyzing.

What can help? #design #ux #prodmgmt #testing
1/12- Empathy... all of your coworkers probably feel, to some degree, that their work is not fully valued and understood. Only one of your coworkers actually has *lots* of power...the CEO, and even she reports to a board.
2/12- Realize that often efforts to "get a seat at the table" without closer collaboration actually makes the problem worse. We all imagine we will be *more responsible* once we get "power". And then realize we were solving the wrong problem.
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I am not into this #noproject movement, just like I’m not into #noestimates. While I agree with the sentiment (let’s change) using polarizing language like this doesn’t help anyone. /1
Here’s the thing about projects - every company needs them. Projects fail in an #agile environment not because they are projects, but because they are projects not scoped to improve, create, or retire products.

They just float around on their own, not tied to a portfolio. /2
But even if we’re in a thriving product and #agile company, we still do projects.

Launching a new feature is a project.
Retiring an old product is a project (or series of them).

The key here is the project is done when you hit the goals, not when you ship. /3
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I’ve been a part of many #agile or #prodmgmt transformations in large and small companies and there is one thing I keep coming back to.

Leadership owning the change is the biggest barrier to actually changing /1
Company after company, I see leaders say they are changing, then delegate the actual “doing” down to their directs who direct it down to project managers.

This never works. /2
I actually challenged a leader the other day who was complaining that their team wasn’t trying discovery processes or pushing back to assert themselves.

I said “okay you want them to change, but how have you changed to enable them?” /3
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I was speaking with an executive with 20+ years of experience recently. And I asked them if they had ever seen a feature/effort “flop”. And they said No. And I found this very curious. So I dug... (1/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops many cases, they claimed “poor execution” had left the “on their back foot”. Meanwhile, new silver bullets had emerged. So they didn’t really know — or weren’t focused on — whether the original idea worked or not (2/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops other cases, they described competitive pressures or “market shifts” that again left them “late to the party”. Notice the trend: it is all about speed and time in their mind. Perfect ideas that couldn’t be executed on quickly enough. (3/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops
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0/13 Using lots of Netflix examples, I’ve taken what I learned in 25 years of product management & wrote a blog series. Here are 12 exercises on “How to Define Your Product Strategy.” Each link takes you to a different exercise. Here’s the intro: #prodmgmt
1/13 “The DHM Model.” Frame potential product strategies by answering the question, “How will you Delight customers in Hard to copy, Margin-enhancing ways?” I outline 8 ways that companies can build hard to copy advantage. #prodmgmt
2/13 “From DHM to Strategy.” You have ideas about how to delight customers, to build hard to copy advantage and many experiments to deliver revenue/profit. Combine these ideas to form potential product strategies. #prodmgmt
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Three factors are having a big impact on #prodmgmt

1- engineers and #ux working together as teammates
2- #ux doing much more than pixel pushing
3- teams having direct access to customers and users (and data about how users use the product)

Here’s why...(1/6)
Many engineers never interact directly with customers/users. Never. Not for lack of interesting, but for lack of opportunities.

And they never see firsthand how #ux does qualitative research. Doing so creates newfound professional respect between eng and #ux (2/6)
Many eng have never worked with #ux who is embedded on their team. Why is this important?

A lot of “tossing stuff to build over the fence” is just a byproduct of being spread too thin. Getting upstream is your only option.

When embedded, you can work in different ways (3/6)
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I'm still can't believe how much @joshuajames and I covered in this interview.
This is a treasure-trove of wisdom for folks involved in #proddev, #prodmgmt, #orgdesign, #agile etc. We covered so much, here's a summary:

0:00 Access to data. Features factories. Executing “to plan”
1:55 Different types of silos: run vs. change, opex vs. capex, service vs. sales. Optimizing the top of the funnel. Juicing TOFU. Quarter to quarter thinking vs. LTV. @joshuajames
4:54 Conway’s Law, portfolios, and placing bets. Increasing revenue vs. protecting revenue (until there's a financial crisis, which turns your focus to reducing costs). @joshuajames
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Some lists and tables from over the last couple years. Yes, there’s a level of obsession (or something) here. But I enjoy it. #prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #orgdesign #lean @Amplitude_HQ

1/13 Our intuition says...instead try
2/13 Evolving product manager role...
3/13 From .... Towards
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I’ve been meeting a ton of younger / newer PMs, and when I ask them why they’re interested in the field, they give these canned responses about enjoying working in teams, influencing without authority, enjoying legos when they were kids... 😌
Growing up in Nigeria, the common joke was that you could either be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or disgrace to the family. Naturally, we all had canned responses for one of the non-disgrace options. But hadn’t really thought about what we wanted for ourselves.
The MBAs / CS graduates I meet these days make #prodmgmt sound like one of the non-disgrace career options I heard when I was a child.

It’s a solid choice, and if you know enough about it, choosing it is in of itself a humble brag (ie I love teams, leading w/o influence etc).
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So I'm stuck in an airport and am a few glasses of wine in. You know that that means...

Time for a #prodmgmt rant! 1/1
Today's rant is brought to you by transformations.

When companies are doing "digital" transformations, they don't seem to understand that #prodmgmt is a business function, not just tech. /2
Which always slightly takes me aback, even though I've had this convo about 50 times now.

Because, you see dear reader, way back when I learned waterfall #prodmgmt I was told *even then* that my job was to help translate between business and tech, both ways. /3
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“As a product do you earn the respect and trust of your team?”

A couple things
1/10 - Don’t hide things from your team in an effort to protect/shield them. That’s weird. It’ll come back to bite you.
#prodmgmt #ux #design
2/10 - Do actual work. Meaningful work. Context-building work. Analysis. Research. Design smart experiments. A good test is whether the team would pay you if they controlled the budget.
3/10 - Act like a member of the team, not as a manager of the team. The second you create a wall...the team will create a wall as well. Consider inviting a facilitator in so you can express your own needs (instead of juggling facilitation and team membership)
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Cracking PM interviews: Just collating a couple of points from some conversations over the last few days

1. Don’t spray paint your applications and wait for luck by chance. Play to your strengths and see what value you can add to the company you’re applying to (a deck with what could be done better or how x can solve y if you have some time on hand)
2. Figure out the T shaped skills you need to get there. UI/UX/Data/Tech/Metrics/Comm/Growth/Business Acumen - it’s okay if it takes some time but it’s worth it.
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Fascinating q on an @Amplitude_HQ office-hours call today:

"At what stage is it important to worry about measurement?"

Specifically, they were asking about making information accessible & usable to/for front-line product development teams. So...(1/5) #prodmgmt #ux #design
My answer was that anytime you're making decisions under conditions of uncertainty ... it will probably help to have trustworthy/usable data. Imagine a team making 10-15 major decisions each year, each driving 10-15 medium decisions, each driving 10-15 small decisions..(2/5)
That is 3375 decisions driving 16,640hrs of team hours. I saw @gibsonbiddle give a talk recently about a string of decisions at @netflix ... and the punchline is that it took a couple tries. No one is perfect. So...(3/5)
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One of the biggest lessons I've learned about designing product organizations is how much structure impacts strategy.

/1 #prodmgmt #agile #growth
I worked with an organization that once had 6 levels of reporting.

There was a CPO, with GMs reporting in, VP of Products reporting into GMs, Directors, PMs, APMs. They tried to give everyone their own product goal.

It did not scale well. /2 #prodmgmt
By the time the goals got to the Directors, they were so granular a solution dictation that there was no room for the rest of the team to experiment, learn, or talk about value.

/3 #prodmgmt
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[Thread] This is a super basic hybrid #kanban board. The basic idea is that we prioritize opportunities to tackle, pull the topmost opportunity, and then run experiments to "intervene" and generate an outcome. (1/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
This can scale to multiple teams. Here we have two "opportunities" in progress. (2/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
So why not just give teams their own backlogs? Why do we even need to view this on one board? Well..chances are the teams don't have 100% dedicated team members. To do their job, roles like Ops, Marketing, UX will need an overview (3/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
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Here are my top 5 books for Product Managers to read and why.

I’m assuming PMs already know how to PM and are trained in the art/science of product creation, so my recos are around behavioral/cognitive.

(not in order) 👇
1/ Checklist Manifesto by @Atul_Gawande

Building s/w products is an inexact science comparable to medicine.

Though this practice can be taught, each product has its own mix of market, people, timing. Similar to doctors, Product Managers use expertise & a series of checklists.
1.1/ I chanced upon the imp of checklist while interviewing a PM candidate, in 2013. Then, I was a temp frontline PM supporting my VPP. When asked about a launch plan for @bitzermobile, he shared his checklists built over time and narrated a discovery, cure, and release.
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Seeing a trend in large (and not originally software based) companies making a move to more outcome oriented models and feature teams not understand that you need #prodmgmt leadership.

You can’t have a product organization of a bunch of entry level folks and expect magic. /1
What these companies typically want to do is move people from other parts of the business into PO roles on Scrum teams.

Totally fine. You can do that and train those people.

But who is pulling all those scrum teams together into a holistic product vision for the group? /2
Who is going to keep mentoring those people once the trainers and coaches you hired leave?

Who is going to align the business strategy back to the software strategies?

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Must be something in the (thread)

If an org has a coherent model for value creation, a way to address uncertainty & assumptions, an actual strategy, and all of that has been communicated/processed...then OKRs are easy/an afterthought (1/4)
#prodmgmt #ux #design
The problem is when OKRs become “the thing”....overloaded to try to do all of the jobs above and more (performance management, even). They are not fit-for-purpose for these jobs, and pretending that they are can be damaging to the team. (2/4)
A big problem is uncertainty. I can give you an OKR for carrying bricks across my parking lot. Or increasing avg shopping cart $ size.

Many prod dev efforts aren’t that neat and tidy. OKRs are context-less. There’s not a one-pager attached to an OKR (most of the time) (3/4)
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here's a little thread on roadmaps and roadmapping

1/8 Roadmaps are almost *never* enough as standalone artifacts. There is no possible way one "thing" can communicate so much nuance: assumptions, risk, vision, "the bet", nesting, etc. #prodmgmt #UX #design #Lean
2/8 The need for a "solid roadmap that everyone understands" (without additional conversation/context) is a race to the bottom on some level. You'll succeed, but almost by definition everyone will be missing *something*.
3/8 PMs know this...go low level, people will ask you to go high. Go high, they say get more specific. Get solution based, people will ask for "the problem". The problem... "we need specificity". It is a never ending cycle.
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Here’s a little thread about “feature factories” and what I’ve learned since writing about FFs a couple years ago.

At the end of the day it is about a *genuine sense of impact*. Problem solvers need that. It’s in our blood... (1/9) #design #ux #prodmgmt #agile
When you start out, getting something/anything into prod feels like a win. And it is! But with time that novelty begins to fade. You realize that anything in prod that doesn’t add some high multiple of value is just dead-weight (psychically, and operationally) (2/9)
You also become more tuned into success theater, which is like kryptonite to puzzle solvers. It feels dirty and wrong. It feels insincere (3/9)
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There were some clear themes coming out of the presentations at #productized in Lisbon yesterday about #prodmgmt and #design and #culture. Here is a brief summary of what I heard:
1/ Very little mention of #agile as a problem or a choice. It was just assumed by all speakers that this is the way everyone works.
2/ Solving problems, not implementing solutions.
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Some #prodmgmt Qs for interviewer... (1/4)
- technical debt
- recent prod issues / reactive work
- direct access to customers
- attrition rate for PMs
- typical calendar / mix of activities
- last 5-10 prod decisions and outcomes
- details of decision making process
- metric you must drive to be successful
- psych safety on teams
- dedicated #ux ?
- how team missions are crafted
- autonomy over roadmap ?
- deployment pipeline, ease of collaboration
- access to product usage data (tools?)
- current “big bet” and key unknowns

#prodmgmt 3/4
- career development (conferences, training)
- incentive structure for team members
- amount of pre-committed work
- examples of PMs being reward for specific behavior
- details of approvals, sign-offs, roadmap reviews
- overall product “culture” (role of product)

#prodmgmt 3/4
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[thread]...Some two column tables. Apparently I enjoy this :)

(1/7) Our intuition says ... instead try
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(2/7) What you say ... what they hear/think
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(3/7) Evolving product manager role .... moving towards
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
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There are many ways to inspire a “sense of urgency” that have nothing to do with estimates/deadlines.

#agile #lean #softwaredevelopment
1. First ... giving enough context so people give a fuck. That’s a start. Otherwise, you can’t expect people to “go the extra mile”...

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #devops
2. Let them STOP doing things that are less valuable. Nothing says “you’re free to focus and care” more than freeing people from context switching and multi-tasking.

“What would you like to stop doing, to leave time for this?”

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #DevOps
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