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The 4 biggest discoveries about high performing teams (thread) #productmanagement #agile #management #teams #coachingsystems
1: Team performance has almost nothing to do with its leader. 60% of team success can be attributed to the design and constraints, none of which the team typically has access to. Based on Richard Hackman's work.
2: Behaviors are a function of the personality and the environment b=f(p+e). How much the personality actually matters differs who you talk to ranging from 5% to about 30%. Based on Kurt Lewin's work. And still, companies try to maximize the value they get from that 5-30 %.
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Well I’m stuck on the runway and you know what that means!


Time for a #prodmgmt twitter rant.

Today’s rant is about enterprise companies and how they value digital product management. /1
I’ve spent the last 5 years helping very very large organizations go through “product transformations”. You know, that thing after the “agile” transformation.

When they realize “oh crap we have 450 people who don’t know what they’re doing.” /2
And I’m glad that these #agile transformations happened because it helped to show these companies they need real #prodmgmt, not just backlog groomers.

But there’s a problem... /3
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visualizing "the work" at the program/portfolio level is one the single most powerful things a team can do to collectively improve how they work

the fascinating thing is the resistance (1/9)
#kanban #agile #programmanagement #visualization

Board Credit: @keithadam @Optimizely
2/9 Power and ambiguity. For some...power is maintained through opacity and ambiguity. Making work visible and/or making ambiguity visible is a direct threat to that way of trying to control a situation.
3/9 With visibility, there is the constant threat of micro-management. Flying under the radar is sometimes the only way to "get stuff done without people meddling. If everyone saw our roadmap, they'd keep poking holes in it!"
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here is a thread with some exploratory thoughts about #patternlanguage...

I believe the best org structure is a local bespoke design

global abstractions are intoxicating and sense-killing

e.g. see how badly people implement #agile princples and miss the point by miles
I can say "I visited 1000 groups and the best ones all did X"

that might help a few groups. also it will give a lotta groups the wrong idea, send them on a goosechase while thinking they've found a great solution
I wanna offer people lessons, shared language, grow collective memory, accelerate learning...

.. but I know how quickly people take a guide and turn it into a rule to hit each other with. you learn the abstraction, but miss the essence

e.g. weaponised #NVC
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In 5 tweets, The gist of Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile
@Right2LeftGuide #agendashift #lean #agile #digital #leadership
@Right2LeftGuide 1/5. Success in digital means integrating delivery, development, and strategy – continuously identifying and addressing impediments to flow, alignment, and anticipation. This is clearly a learning process; a successful digital organisation is a learning organisation
@Right2LeftGuide 2/5. In Lean-Agile we celebrate #Lean & #Agile both separately and together. To Lean's "strategic pursuit of flow" (after Modig & Åhlström), we bring from Agile a safe default assumption, that in knowledge work, most failures of flow are rooted in failures of collaboration
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I am not into this #noproject movement, just like I’m not into #noestimates. While I agree with the sentiment (let’s change) using polarizing language like this doesn’t help anyone. /1
Here’s the thing about projects - every company needs them. Projects fail in an #agile environment not because they are projects, but because they are projects not scoped to improve, create, or retire products.

They just float around on their own, not tied to a portfolio. /2
But even if we’re in a thriving product and #agile company, we still do projects.

Launching a new feature is a project.
Retiring an old product is a project (or series of them).

The key here is the project is done when you hit the goals, not when you ship. /3
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I’ve been a part of many #agile or #prodmgmt transformations in large and small companies and there is one thing I keep coming back to.

Leadership owning the change is the biggest barrier to actually changing /1
Company after company, I see leaders say they are changing, then delegate the actual “doing” down to their directs who direct it down to project managers.

This never works. /2
I actually challenged a leader the other day who was complaining that their team wasn’t trying discovery processes or pushing back to assert themselves.

I said “okay you want them to change, but how have you changed to enable them?” /3
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I was speaking with an executive with 20+ years of experience recently. And I asked them if they had ever seen a feature/effort “flop”. And they said No. And I found this very curious. So I dug... (1/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops many cases, they claimed “poor execution” had left the “on their back foot”. Meanwhile, new silver bullets had emerged. So they didn’t really know — or weren’t focused on — whether the original idea worked or not (2/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops other cases, they described competitive pressures or “market shifts” that again left them “late to the party”. Notice the trend: it is all about speed and time in their mind. Perfect ideas that couldn’t be executed on quickly enough. (3/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops
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8 yrs ago today, 4 of my friends built a software product in a department store. A video of it is still today's quintessential example of #LeanStartup, #LeanUX, #DesignThinking, and #Agile in action. @lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt (1/2)
@lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt Universities, thought leaders, consultants, and other change makers continue to use that story around the world to improve teams, their products and business results by including customers and reducing decision waste. (2/2)
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@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero I'd love for you to hear @appsecjosh 's experiences working with dev teams reviewing, merging, and deploying code...
@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero @appsecjosh If you're interested in #automation around pull requests, I know some devs like @github 's #security vulnerability remediation #opensource…
@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero @appsecjosh @github For a non-dev-centric perspective, you might try
@mheusser 's How a tester can contribute to the code review process… #testing #whitebox
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I'm still can't believe how much @joshuajames and I covered in this interview.
This is a treasure-trove of wisdom for folks involved in #proddev, #prodmgmt, #orgdesign, #agile etc. We covered so much, here's a summary:

0:00 Access to data. Features factories. Executing “to plan”
1:55 Different types of silos: run vs. change, opex vs. capex, service vs. sales. Optimizing the top of the funnel. Juicing TOFU. Quarter to quarter thinking vs. LTV. @joshuajames
4:54 Conway’s Law, portfolios, and placing bets. Increasing revenue vs. protecting revenue (until there's a financial crisis, which turns your focus to reducing costs). @joshuajames
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Some lists and tables from over the last couple years. Yes, there’s a level of obsession (or something) here. But I enjoy it. #prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #orgdesign #lean @Amplitude_HQ

1/13 Our intuition says...instead try
2/13 Evolving product manager role...
3/13 From .... Towards
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The @School_GC Building Resiliency in the Modern World webcast with Jennifer Gervès-Keen was one of the most engaging and applicable sessions I have seen. Looking forward to full day Power to Bounce Back: Being Resilient course. These are my key takeaways: #BCFedLeaders 1/7
Multitasking actually shrinks our brain over time, even though many workplace cultures continue to reward the behavior. The more we multitask, the more we lose our ability to focus, be creative, innovate, and actually do things that matter.#BCFedLeaders #monotasking (2/7)
Be conscious of the language you use to describe yourself: every time you say "I am [adjective]", that is the story you are telling, and the energy you are inviting into your life. Do you really always want to say you're busy? What is the value? #BCFedLeaders @School_GC 3/7
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1. I’m so grateful to @tristanharris @aza being vulnerable enough to suggest a new field to study human + tech. It just goes to show there’s tons of confusion around the role of research & insights in industry - which is the topic of my upcoming talk at @MindtheProduct.
2. @zeynep is right about the willful blindness of industry tech & @BostonJoan have pointed to entire field of STS - BUT i have sympathy for @tristanharris @aza cuz i see tons of confusion on several fronts between industry & academia that can possibly make even well meaning...
3. ... tech folks feel like a new area of study is needed. One of the big problems is how research is manifested in industry under confusing fields of UX, CX, design research -as @lifewinning noted there is def a trend with throwing an X in industry to make a field sound TOUGH
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After reading this, your thinking on the brain will not be the same. The thoughts are mine. The words from @nickwarren #tweetstorm cc @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower
#1 - They diagnosed me with #dyslexia when I was 43, but by then it didn’t matter.
#2 - I already knew my brain was different.
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Remember how the Software Industry mis-read one paper and got stuck with an "implementation described above [that] is risky and invites failure."
Yup, that was #Waterfall. We might have seen some sense with #agile and now we risk to undermine this again with #scaling nonsense
Turns out plenty has already been written on the pitfalls of scaling (yup, already in the 70's, 80's, 90's....) and there are some great books and papers that lay it out explicitly and bluntly. Some of these papers supposedly know by the industry.
If there is one paper you should read, it is "How Do Committees Invent?" by @conways_law.
It's not just the origin of "Conways Law", it's also packed with compelling observations about scaling and legacy systems we're doomed to write.
Read it today.…
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Most of the time, innovation looks like failure.

Until it doesn’t.

I have an itch to scratch here. We’ve been so consumed with improving the flow of planned/routine work (via #Agile). There’s more. There’s the unplannable, the happy accidents, the real game changers.
Innovation laughs at your project plans. It doesn’t care about the timelines of your corporate overlords, and doesn’t give a flip about what the big boss is impatiently waiting for. Cognitively, the biggest leaps forward may be happening off the clock, or during idle time.
Innovation can be stimulated, but not at all in the way that looks like productive toil. Most people who are effective at managing *work* are really ill-equipped for encouraging *innovation*. And these failures in understanding go all the way to the top.
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So I'm stuck in an airport and am a few glasses of wine in. You know that that means...

Time for a #prodmgmt rant! 1/1
Today's rant is brought to you by transformations.

When companies are doing "digital" transformations, they don't seem to understand that #prodmgmt is a business function, not just tech. /2
Which always slightly takes me aback, even though I've had this convo about 50 times now.

Because, you see dear reader, way back when I learned waterfall #prodmgmt I was told *even then* that my job was to help translate between business and tech, both ways. /3
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What if #agile has nothing to do w/product, design, projects, & value?

Rather it is a a set of muscles, a set of enabling constraints...a philosophy

it was meant to be both 1) in service to those with an understanding of value and 2) safe/healthy for makers (1/n)
this is not to diminish that set of muscles/capabilities. Instead, I think it elevates it/lifts it from the murkiness. It perhaps clarifies...when ppl say "Agile sucks!" they are either saying 1) we don't have the muscle, and/or 2) we suck at understanding value. (2/n)
this gets tough for designers...because they are both 1) makers, and 2) understanders/explorers of value. Which probably explains the tenuous relationship #agile has with design over the years (3/n)
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Is there any new paper on #agile software development with surpirsing results?
Maybe this one:
"Experienced teams favoured agile-based, team-oriented practices suited to their particular needs over technical practices and plan-driven defined methodologies."
I tought experienced teams favoured technical practices...
Most other research papers from #XP2019 seem boring or don't have a preprint
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Had a prod incident today. CPU riding at 100% in a typically sleepy webapp. Eventually tracked down the recent changes and the "offending" code that we think is causing the issue. Had the programmer done something stupid? Unlikely, she was one of our very best. But...
This code we found. It was iterating through two lists using a nested for, and that has a cartesian product computational cost: O(MN). This week, M and N had each jumped 4-6x, so the function suddenly had ~30x the cost of last week. Do I think this was bad code? No, I don't. Why?
The code was written in 2012... 7 years ago. At the time it was written, the two lists would have been about 20 items each, and the plan - the business plan - was that they would grow slowly, maybe a handful of new items being added each year.
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So Point Velocity.

1. Why would we ever incentivize building “more”? We want to achieve more with less, not more with more. #storypoints #velocity
2. Why would we ever incentivize a rush to call something done, and not seek feedback? It happens. Ever hear teams talking about “getting credit” ... yeah, it is a thing. #storypoints #velocity
3. Why use something that has the tendency to encourage individual backlogs (hey, we have to balance the stories out, right!)? #storypoints #velocity
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Wondering ... do you have an example of something product development related where you actually “changed” your mindset and/or perspective? What was the catalyst? #proddev #ux #design #agile
Reading @DReinertsen certainly gave form/fuel to hunches, and helped me think more in terms of first principles ... but I’m not sure I “changed”. I could be wrong.
I could intellectualize how mobbing might work. But probably didn’t believe it / feel it until I saw it happen.
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Hey all #testing folk. I have someone in my team who loves working in #agile teams. But they're a senior tester, and they're not sure where they go next in terms of career ladder, esp as they're near the ceiling of what the role pays.
Part of me wonders if the answer to this is moving away from treating salary as hierarchical silos, and looking more at the person and what they contribute.
Hey @threadreaderapp can you unroll please?
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