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Et la deuxième journée d’#AgiLille démarre avec notre signataire polyglotte préféré, j’ai nommé @TotherAlistair 🙌

Et sur un beau sujet ❤️
En 2022 les salarié•es attendent de leur leaderships qu’iels soutiennent leurs initiatives.

Retour sur une anecdote avec sa professeuse de tango –en français, inclusif qui plus est 🥰

Rappel de cette boussole qu’est Heart of #Agile
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🏴‍☠️ Une fois n’est pas coutume, je démarre par un atelier de 2h – Mandat de changement ou pas, comment pirater la culture d’une boîte avec Alison Jorre et Mélanie Cordero et la "méthode DPA" pour


-Casting & People
-Product & #Tech Tools

En arrivant dans une organisation, on rencontre et interroge les gens, on observe les outils, process, interactions.
🐙 Mélanie & Alison proposent de visualiser ce rapport d’étonnement autour de ces 7 axes, avant d’établir des liens entre eux et de prioriser les points d’entrée.
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Saat 3 batasan, yaitu waktu, biaya, dan tenaga kerja, tidak bisa diganggu gugat, maka yang harus bisa "digoyang" adalah ruang lingkup. Kalau ruang lingkup juga tidak boleh diubah, risikonya adalah penurunan kualitas produk. Produk terlihat bagus, tapi isinya jauh dari bagus.
Yang jarang dilihat adalah penurunan kualitas hidup tenaga kerja karena dari 3 batasan di atas, hanya tenaga kerja yang bisa diperas sampai kering. Lembur dimaksimalkan dan akhir pekan tetap kerja. Risikonya adalah demoralisasi yang sering berujung pada menurunnya kinerja.
Turunnya kinerja tidak mungkin tidak berdampak pada kualitas produk. Apalagi saat waktu dan biaya sudah mentok, turunnya kinerja itu juga sering mengambil wujud potong kompas. Kualitas tidak lagi penting. Yang penting kelar, walaupun ujungnya FUBAR.
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The product lifecycle constantly evolves. Keeping everyone informed w/ a product roadmap is critical to getting the 360-degree buy-in you need to position your product for long-term success.

#productmanagement #agile #agilecoach #productdevelopment…

A product roadmap is a shared, living document that outlines the vision & direction of your product throughout its lifecycle. It articulates what you are building & why. It also lays out a strategy for delivering value & serves as a plan for executing this product strategy.

It’s the product manager’s responsibility to build & manage a live roadmap that is fluid & resilient. They must convince stakeholders why the investment makes sense, obtain buy-in from inside & outside the org, set expectations, & generate excitement about what’s to come.

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In #Agile, the daily scrum (aka daily standup), is a #scrum ceremony that occurs once each day of the sprint.

The daily scrum is a time-boxed event (15 mins) in which the team syncs & plans its activities for the day. #agilecoach #productmanagement…

The purpose of the daily standup is to inspect the progress being made toward the sprint goal and to adapt the work where necessary.

This ensures that the team’s work and progress is visible to all team members and provides a regular feedback loop for the team.

Effective daily scrums promote collaboration and self-organization.

For PMs, this is a game changer: rather than having to liaise, track, and manage work across the team, the daily standup encourages team members to self-organize and hold each other accountable.

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If you’re part of a cross-functional product team, you may have taken part in a sprint retrospective. If you’re new to #productmanagement, this guide will get you up to speed on what a sprint retro is and why it’s important

#agile #agilecoach #scrum…

A sprint retrospective is a scrum ceremony that is held once a sprint has ended to reflect on the work that has just taken place.

The team reviews processes, ways of working, and key learnings with the aim of improving the team’s performance during subsequent sprints.

A sprint retrospective is held at the end of a sprint, before the next sprint begins. If your sprint is 2 weeks long, the sprint retro meeting might be as short as 1 hour. If you’re working on a longer sprint cycle or on a larger team, the retro might last up to 3 hours.

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The Agile Manifesto has sparked innovation in ways the authors didn’t expect and has reached far beyond the world of software.

Let's break down the Agile Manifesto with a focus on its four values. A thread (1/10)...

#productmanagement #agilecoach #agile…
The four values of the Agile Manifesto are:

1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
4. Responding to change over following a plan

People often reference the four values without considering the introduction, but it’s important to establish a philosophy of constant change and improvement as well as generosity:

"We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it."

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Waktunya cuap-cuap soal #Agile. Begitu lamanya tidak bicara soal Agile, kadang malu sendiri pasang "Praktisi Agile" di bio. Bukan saya tidak mau, tapi karena saya sempat terjebak rutinitas sehingga tidak banyak yang bisa diceritakan. Kali ini, kita bicara soal komunikasi.
Kita mulai dari akarnya: Manifesto Agile. Di situ, 2 dari 4 pernyataannya terkait erat dengan komunikasi, yaitu "interaction" dan "collaboration". Sayangnya banyak orang lebih fokus pada "working software" dan "responding to change". Itu salah satu alasan Agile menjadi fragile.
Kadang fokus terhadap software dan responsiveness bukan hanya "lebih", tapi HANYA. Ada orang-orang yang melihat Agile sebagai cara kerja yang mengutamakan value dan merespons perubahan demi memaksimalkan value itu. Itu salah satu alasan Agile berubah menjadi chaotic.
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Here is my unpopular perspective on story points. Story points are just a number. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a good information to know for the team so that they can predict their velocity and commit to deliverables. #agile #scrum #developer #storypoints
The use of story points has always been a huge topic for debate. Some say it is useful for agile software development teams, others say it is of no use for business. Both of them are correct.
But here is where I have a strong opinion, as someone who has worked in many software development teams, both as a software developer and an engineering manager in the last two decades of my career. Story points are a bad measure for a software developer’s performance.
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1) Last night I released a #Moonbirds at 19e (in at 31.9e); then took 6 #goblins without hesitation. I am still fully optimistic about Moonbird's long-term value, but today I want to share how this historical-level ghost project #goblintownnft makes me feel.
by @Wilsonchen1101 Image
2) The first time I saw #Goblin (5/22) at 11th place in the OS trading volume, after 5 seconds, I said "Fuck what? What a shit", I closed it because it was ugly! Ugly enough not to take a look at its #Twitter and official website.
3) Later, I heard from various channels, nothing more than unbelievable #ugliness and unbelievable #floor #growth... Yesterday I saw many ppl tweeting "Goblin language", I realized, I almost missed a #bluechip with most potential. I started to seriously study the gob project
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Ohayo Mina San!
Astuce Agile n°2
Avant d'entamer nos travaux de la journée, nous nous devons de définir la priorité de nos différentes tâches.
Comment faire cela de manière simple, rapide et agile pour améliorer notre productivité.
#agile #kanban #MoSCoW #scrummaster Image
Alors pour prioriser les activités en agilité, plusieurs méthodes existent:
- Le modèle de Kano
- Opportunity Scoring
- Le test de 100 dollar
- La matrice d'Eseinhower
- La méthode MoSCoW
Et c'est cette dernière qui nous intéressent aujourd'hui. Image
1La Méthode Moscow.
Et non il ne s'agit pas de la Capitale Russe.
Il s'agit plutôt d'une méthode de priorisation qui consiste à ranger vos tâches en 4 catégories :
Must have, Should have, Could have et Won't have.
Ça veut dire quoi? Continuons 😉 Image
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𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐄𝐍 & 𝐅𝐑
Today is Star Wars day and let's discover what à Scrum Master is!

Aujourd'hui, c'est la journée Star Wars, découvrons ensemble qui est le Scrum Master
@Uncle3john @AgnideOket
#Scrum #ScrumMaster #StarWarsDay #agile Image
SCRUM Master this, Scrum Master that.
Wtf is this!!!

SCRUM Master ci, Scrum Master ça. C'est quoi encore 🤣🤣🤣 Image
Yes I am, à Scrum Master Image
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Ohayo Mina San.
Je suis de retour avec une astuce simple pour préparer sa semaine de manière agile en 12 étapes.

Je vous fais découvrir cela avec l'élève plus cool et le plus studieux du mangaverse: Sakamoto de: Sakamoto desu ga?
#agile #ScrumMaster
@AgnideOket @Uncle3john Image
Si tu utilises @NotionHQ ou @clickup tu peux aussi appliquer l'astuce #notion #clickup #trello @trello Image
On part d'où on est et de ce qu'ont fait déjà puis on s'améliore 😉 Image
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Probably the MOST abused and thus harmful principle of the #Agile Manifesto is:

"Responding to change over following a plan"

Here's a thread 🧵on how to think about it in logical and rational way, that hopeful removes whatever confusion people have.

#product #prodmgmt

Each of the 4 main statements of Manifesto are structured as

<a> over <b>


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Meaning that while both may be necessary, focus MORE on the left i.e. <a>, and LESS on the right i.e. <b>

But as is often the case, people misunderstand, misconstrue or corrupt simple statements and often these are interpreted as:

<a> NOT <b>


Responding to change and NOT following a plan

It's strange, but not unexpected that this happens, albeit rather selectively.

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What is CI/CD?

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are two approaches to software development that are designed to improve code quality and enable rapid delivery and deployment of code.

#DevOps #CICD #Cloud #Agile #Testing #Cloud #Linux #Security #ITjobs
A modern CI/CD pipeline in DevOps has build, test, and deploy stages-and aims to automate as many of the processes within these stages as possible.

1. Source Code: Changes to source code can trigger CI/CD tools to initiate the pipeline, or the CI/CD pipeline may be triggered
by automated scheduled work sessions or user-initiated workflows.
2. Build: The new code changes to applications are created and compiled to be prepared for the testing phase.

3. Testing: Testing automation via CI can save developers tremendous time and effort.

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Thread 1/10
Hello Twitter.
Aujourd'hui nous allons parlez du manifeste Agile.
Dans cette première partie nous allons découvrir les valeurs qui servent de pilier au mindset agile.
#mindset #agile #agilite #valeurs #goodlife #agilecoach #scrummaster Image
Thread 2/10
Et puisqu'on parle de règles, je suis accompagné aujourd'hui de Seto Kaiba du manga Yu-Gi-Oh! Avec lui vous aurez vos premières carte du deck de l'Agilité.

It's time to be Agile, Draw!!!
Bonne lecture. Image
Thread 3/10
Une fois ces valeurs comprises, on peut les appliquer à tous les secteurs d'activités Image
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Comment allez-vous ?
Aujourd'hui, je partage avec vous un petit pan d'agilité avec un invité très agile

Alors qu'en pensez-vous ?
J'ai hâte d'avoir vos avis.
#agile #scrum #hinatashoyo #agilecoach
Thread 1/4 ImageImageImageImage
2/4 ImageImage
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How does a 1940's French Literary Critic help us roll out agile "better"? 🧵1/ #agile #leadership #Philosophy
Jean-Paul Sartre was a French Philosopher, literary critic, and fighter in the french resistance. He also spoke a lot on bad Agile roll-outs, although he didn't realize he was doing so at the time.… 2/
One of Sartre's points is about "bad faith" and it's opposition to living "authentically." Bad faith, to Sartre, was basically executing life in a hollow, pro-forma way. We use the term today to talk about when people are making arguments they don't truly believe. 3/
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When navigating toxic culture, it's key to find tactics that work whether you're in a toxic culture or not. Why? 🧵1/

#agile #toxic #Manager #Leaders Image
There's two scenarios to consider. One, the "happy" path, is that there's been some miscommunication. Everyone actually wants whats best, its just that someone is overwhelmed. This scenario can be fixed! 2/
The second, the "bad" path, is that someone is attempting to emotionally manipulate the situation. However, you don't actually know "who" the impostor is yet. Using divide and conquer tactics, you may be fighting with a potential ally! 3/
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Probably a single important question you can ask during a job interview for a role in tech is:

“What are your feedback loops for discovery and delivery and how long are they?”

You will understand if a company:

A thread:

#prodmgmt #agile #jobinterview
* do actual customer discovery and validate their hypothesis
* pay attention to engineering excellency - CI/CD
* have built-in quality
* have a loose architecture enabling deployability
* actively manage work in progress
* align their teams - “business” and “tech”
Based on the answer, you will get a better understanding of whether a company is truly product-led and tech-at-core, the agility level and if there are any early-culture-smells.

Independently on a role - most of the above either will contribute to your success or frustration.
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Can we always be connected?

A thread #4 🧵 inspired by a book 📚 “The Culture Code” by @DanielCoyle

“Culture is a set of living relationships working toward a shared goal. It’s not something you are. It’s something you do.”

#BookRecommendations #agile
"The Culture Code" provides great insights into how successful teams are created, shares ideas distilled from scientific research and close examination of many successful groups: sport, navy, comedians, jewellery thieves or modern software companies, eg. Google, Pixar,IDEO.
This book explains that there is no mystery behind great teams, but it’s rather a process that can be understood and controlled. It shows also that building a cohesive team requires a constant and conscious effort; a team is not built at once and once only.
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Some people believe, #leadership is something that comes later on an #agile #journey. They start with teams first. But this is fundamentally wrong. Leadership should always come first. And, more important, this is not at all limited to you line management!
Because: #leadership is a capability of your organization. Yes, you can measure leadership on and around every single team. You will see or miss it across your teams of line managers.
When your organization is capable of thriving in #uncertainty, there will be leadership at play. And when your organization consciously approaches its culture, it will only work through leadership of the system.
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I know, it is kind of "dangerous" to tap the SAFe framework :) Not, that many people would care anymore. Or a lot of customers would care. But SAFe is primarily a training business - and usually criticizing SAFe results in being bashed by SAFe trainers.
To be honest, I also don't care about SAFe anymore. 7 years ago, after looking in any of its details, it was clear to me, this is not a skillful way. Having looked into it in 2021, my point of view was strongly confirmed.
A major problem with SAFe though is, how critique is assumed to be "bashing". Why? Not at all because SAFe is so great. But because it triggers emotions of trainers and consultants, who make a great living of something, that I interpret as uneducated intervention.
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Tomato, Pomodoro!I've been using the Pomodoro technique recently to increase productivity.When I mention this to people the response is "Pomo-whatnow?!"I thought I would provide a summary in a thread. Read on for a primer of Pomodoro & how it may help you level up productivity 1/
In the late 80s Italian-German uni student & programmer Francesco Cirillo began timeboxing work & study into small 25min blocks. He tracked these using a tomato shaped timer, called a Pomodoro, Italian for tomato. Shared widely in the 90s he published a book on it in 2006.
Enough history, what does it actually involve and why does it work so well?
The process is pretty simple:
1. Get yourself a timer
2. Write down a to-do list of items you need to complete
#pomodoro #productivity #agile #efficiency #improve #levelup
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