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Getting excited about #ClimateStrikes or wondering if it's worth interrupting your day to join one? In either case I have a thread for you. Climate strikes through a #systemsthinking lens....
In systems change, people often focus at the event level. The headlines. We can expect to see a lot of that in the coming week. How many people protested in your city? How many collectively around the world? Who spoke? How many cute toddlers were photographed with their placards?
All of that is great and it will definitely have impact. The numbers will tell political leaders how strong our fear and anger and determination is. The photos of ordinary people showing up will convey how widespread our concern is and how many voters are mobilized.
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"You don't see radio changing gradually and suddenly become radar. #Darwin's theory doesn't work for #technology, and we have to make a new observation."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention
"Novel technologies are constructed from existing technologies. These offer themselves as components for the construction of further technologies."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention #technology #engineering #design
Unlike the two-parent #inheritance typical to (but not ubiquitous among) #complex organisms, #technology inherits features from n parents - a "vast ancestral #network" more like horizontal gene transfer networks in #bacteria.

W Brian Arthur on sumulating #invention on a chip:
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Building painted #Utility #Green, has 2 #diesel #generators in it. You can see 2 #vertical #exhaust #stacks & the left #Rain #Cap is raised showing that it is running. #Engines need to #breathe so below the exhaust #Pipes are two green elbow #ducts
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QNN #Epstein
But, there is one more #air #Intake #duct to the left, and two to the right. They are shaped like this to block #wind #driven #Rain on this #Tropical Isle. On the right, I believe is an #RO #desalination plant. These need regular #maintenance.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QNN #Epstein
The #RO pre-filter packs need to be changed regularly. The #Osmosis #membranes have to be #cleaned, and the whole system needs #flushing from time to time. Not to mention, #monitoring. That explains all the #side #doors.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QNN #Epstein
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We’ve been updating how people can get in touch with us if they’re interested in partnering on our work on #urbanhealth. Hopefully it all feels easy to use — behind it is a lot of user-testing with different types and sizes of partners from across sectors A close and collaborative partnership – we take a long-term view to make sure every idea gets the space and resource to create impact. We co-produce projects and provide financial, strategic and practical support to make real change
(as a #systems focused actor, that’s a pretty wide range of partners! We fund ideas ranging from tens of thousands pounds, all the way to multi-million pound initiatives; and back quick projects as well as multi-year initiatives)
Key points are that we don’t have a standard application form. Instead, we ask that partners start by sharing basic details about themselves and their idea online. If it sounds like something we could support, we take it from there We don’t have a standard application form and we don’t want to create extra work for you, so in the first instance please send us a brief description of your project in your preferred format. It could be a short note, a video of you describing your idea, or anything else you think will help us understand what you’re aiming to do
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For those who want to learn about #infosec 🔐 here is a #thread that includes all my #infographics.
An easy way to learn new things 📖Feel free to share with your community🌐

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #CyberSecurity #startup #ITsecurity #security #technologies
Some good tools useful in Infosec

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
Some good tools useful for OSINT

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
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I’ve had an incredible week, working with incredibly talented people around #Oxford, stimulating new ideas for #research, practice and #engagement. This thanks to a #KnowledgeExchange Fellowship funded by @TORCH @UniofOxford. This week… (thread)
I met Bevan:does brilliant work engaging hard to reach teens in special school in the county. Told me his mum (also works there) is a unrecognised legend. We must value people at the coalface of work with young people,even when not qualified social workers/teachers @PopulateCoop
Spoke @LancasterUni about importance of stability for #education of YP in #care @ReesCentre. Really interesting presentations by @MElliott57, @MattJayResearch & @stefdoebler please look up their important work #ECRFriday. Thanks @DrLCusworth and @ChildFamJustice for the invite.
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A fantastic thread on specific examples of breeding applicable interdisciplinarity.

In fact, I think we can go further, and designers can help.
There's a trend here.

In a lot of different environments, designers are realizing there's useful and powerful theories, insights, and communities from disciplines they never considered; and there happens to be a reactionary clash from the communities who live in that space.
We have an opportunity here.

Sometimes that clash is valuable, because it offers space for people to acknowledge, voice, and catalyze a community to make their knowledge known.

But sometimes, we can connect without friction, and towards a collective goal.
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If we are going to get out of the messes we are in, I believe we have to start with a more accurate image of ourselves and the world of which we are a part. A thread about #system boundaries, abortion bans, climate change, gun safety, and more.
We each are flows, more like flames or whirlpools than rocks or billiard balls, in constant exchange with the 'environment. Your 'boundaries' are so much more fluid than everyday perception (in this western industrial growth society at least) suggests.
I mean this literally - not metaphorically. What was 'not you' moments before you drank a glass of water now is 'you.'
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“for more than two centuries, in several European countries, hundreds of thousands of women were tried, tortured, burned alive or hanged, accused of having sold body and soul to the devil ..
.. and, by magical means, murdered scores of children, sucked their blood, made potions with their flesh, caused the death of their neighbours, destroyed cattle and crops, raised storms, and performed many other abominations”
'Caliban and the Witch' by Silvia Federici

'Caliban underscores that the persecution of witches was not just some error of ignorant peasants, but in fact the deliberate policy of Church and State'

#Demonisation is nothing new
#Demonisation always has method in its madness
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