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#Kanban doesn’t work for us because we don’t have items of the same size”
“If we don’t slice our items into even pieces, how do we keep our commitments?”

The 5-step guideline for managing items of different sizes in Kanban, by @SonyaSiderova
There’s no model that provides 100% certainty that something will happen in the future.
#Kanban is a probabilistic forecasting model –you spend time *doing* the work instead of estimating task duration. #flowcon
Try this experiment at home to be more precise ;-)
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#GitHub is a code hosting platform (like GitLab or Bitbucket) that allows you to share your code with others and as a version control. But it becomes more and more social — you can for instance generate a personalized README where you have a mini website 👩🏼‍💻 Screenshot showing an examp...
The README is a great landing page to collect information about yourself and your work 👩‍💻 And it's extremely easy to set it up: Create a new public (!) repository with your GitHub handle and a README file. Now you can start editing it and making it beautiful 💅 Screenshot showing an examp...
📑 Here’s a short tutorial on how to change (and also set-up) your README:…
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Ohayo Mina San!
Astuce Agile n°2
Avant d'entamer nos travaux de la journée, nous nous devons de définir la priorité de nos différentes tâches.
Comment faire cela de manière simple, rapide et agile pour améliorer notre productivité.
#agile #kanban #MoSCoW #scrummaster Image
Alors pour prioriser les activités en agilité, plusieurs méthodes existent:
- Le modèle de Kano
- Opportunity Scoring
- Le test de 100 dollar
- La matrice d'Eseinhower
- La méthode MoSCoW
Et c'est cette dernière qui nous intéressent aujourd'hui. Image
1La Méthode Moscow.
Et non il ne s'agit pas de la Capitale Russe.
Il s'agit plutôt d'une méthode de priorisation qui consiste à ranger vos tâches en 4 catégories :
Must have, Should have, Could have et Won't have.
Ça veut dire quoi? Continuons 😉 Image
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Ohayo Mina San.
Je suis de retour avec une astuce simple pour préparer sa semaine de manière agile en 12 étapes.

Je vous fais découvrir cela avec l'élève plus cool et le plus studieux du mangaverse: Sakamoto de: Sakamoto desu ga?
#agile #ScrumMaster
@AgnideOket @Uncle3john Image
Si tu utilises @NotionHQ ou @clickup tu peux aussi appliquer l'astuce #notion #clickup #trello @trello Image
On part d'où on est et de ce qu'ont fait déjà puis on s'améliore 😉 Image
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What are recent topics for PhD in management or other affiliated subjects?

The latest topics of interest are =>
1.#Behavioural models of #Marketing using experimental economics

2.Role of #Data #Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3.#Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value-Added Industries
(Industrial/#engineering management).
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توی یه #رشتو میخوام براتون از متودولوژي #Kanban و تاریخچه ی جذابش بگم :)

#ریتوییت هم کردید که چه بهتر، بقیه هم استفاده کنن :)

ریشه ی Kanban به بیش از۵۰ سال پیش برمیگرده که در زبان ژاپنی یعن "تابلوی راهنما"
signboard / billboard / Visual Signal

ادامه👇 Image
در اواخر دهه ۴۰ میلادی، شرکت Toyota فرایند های مهندسی خودشو بر اساس مدل فرایند های سوپرمارکت ها بهینه سازی کرد. این فرایند به صورتی بود که میزان ذخیره سازی محصولات در سوپرمارکت

به ازای مقدار و سرعت تقاضای مصرف کننده ها تنظیم
میشد. و با این روند هزینه ی ذخیره سازی و انبار داری محصولات کاهش داده میشد.
هدف شرکت Toyota از اجرای این مدل در فرایند های خود همگام سازی سرعت مصرف مواد و مصالح با سطح موجودی در انبار ها بود.

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To share what you wish you would have known years ago is to handover the chain of tokens, to the people, willing to unlock a better tomorrow. #giveback #NerdZen #TokensToZen #TheNerdsJourney
TokenToZen  #1:
Be Homo Ludens. Play is research. Innovation never stops playing. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. Our world needs true game changers. Be part of the action! #PlayYourDay #Gamification #SimonSinek #InfiniteGames #NerdZen #TokensToZen
TokenToZen #2:
If you ever got to choose what you will loose: Your Eyes or your Ears: How will you decide? A life without sight or a silent one? Choose wisely. Want a hint? Silence is consent? #DecisionMaking #MeaningfulConnections #NerdZen #TokensToZen
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Follow along an #OTperspective with GERAS Post-Doc Dr. Hewston (@p_hewston) on how to maintain #SelfCare during #COVID19

Strategy1of5: Try to maintain #routine and #structure in your day— eg. starting your day with #coffee in your fav mug ☕️ & eating breakfast at the table 🍳
Strategy2of5: To help maintain structure while at home - set daily #goals - try using a #kanban board to visualize your progress and #celebrate your accomplishments🌟
Stragety3of5: Try the 5 #moments of #mindfulness [5M&Ms] grounding technique to focus on the here-and-now & relax🧘🏼‍♀️

Describe 5️⃣ things you see 👁
Describe 4️⃣ things you feel 🖐
Describe 3️⃣ things you hear 👂
Describe 2️⃣ things you smell 👃
Describe 1️⃣ thing your thankful for Image
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1/n I try to keep twitter for professional interest. Now, I need to help my country. Data has been showing Doubling Day factor of 3-4 from the beginning. Infections double every 4 days. 20% need respiratory help and half of those need ICU. Please #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19ireland
2/n Most of my professional network here in the #Agile #Kanban community understand data. Model the number of ICU facilities in Ireland against the infection rate of #COVID19 and look at the data. The worldwide Doubling Day factor is currently 5. We all have a part to play in it
3/n This is exponential growth, not linear growth we are dealing with. Death rate increases when you run out of ventilators and respiratory care. Please take this seriously and help our health service. Take social distance and hand hygiene seriously.…
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visualizing "the work" at the program/portfolio level is one the single most powerful things a team can do to collectively improve how they work

the fascinating thing is the resistance (1/9)
#kanban #agile #programmanagement #visualization

Board Credit: @keithadam @Optimizely
2/9 Power and ambiguity. For some...power is maintained through opacity and ambiguity. Making work visible and/or making ambiguity visible is a direct threat to that way of trying to control a situation.
3/9 With visibility, there is the constant threat of micro-management. Flying under the radar is sometimes the only way to "get stuff done without people meddling. If everyone saw our roadmap, they'd keep poking holes in it!"
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I have stopped providing Wireframes to my clients. This has a shift in the focus and expectations of clients from a #UX Principal Consultant. Now they take a keen interest in Ecosystem Diagrams, Lumascapes, Unmoderated Observational Study, User Journey, improving Operations
before suggesting products to achieve an objective, Macro Economy Behaviour, Individual's Personality, Socio-Political and Demographic Constraints. I learned this by following mature ecosystems like the transaction between Doctor Consultants and Testing Labs.
Similarly, the transaction between Lawyer Consultants and Para Legal Team. So, now I pass all the documentation to the UI designer and achieve the design iteratively, progressing over Kanban or Scrum Agile Framework. Anyway, these days Design Systems have made it easy to follow
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(thread related to #kanban #orgdesign #changeagency)

1. most work systems are for more interconnected than we realize

2. trad mgmt approaches implicitly restrict visibility/sensing the whole system

3. ...and are designed to "break up the problem" into local problems ...
4. we crave independence/autonomy. Our tendency is to manufacture local independence/autonomy even if it negatively impacts the functioning of the whole ...
5. related...we are also pragmatists. If the problem is local and within our control, we solve it. Global... we work around it. We are local pragmatists/opportunities. ...
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In 2011 I was faced with the situation that I had to introduce #Kanban to a customer with about 300 teams. I started to count the billable days and before falling asleep I already thought about which color my new Porsche should have.
From the POV of a consultant, it is of course very lucrative to agilize 300 teams. From a company's POV, however, it is complete madness. You invest a lot of money, frustrate people, and the bottom line is that it's a big #suboptimization that won't lead to success.
That's when the keyboard metaphor was born: Let's say our org is a keyboard, each team operates a key, and we have to write a letter. High-performance teams don't finish the letter faster! We have to make sure that the right team is working on the right job at the right time
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[Thread] This is a super basic hybrid #kanban board. The basic idea is that we prioritize opportunities to tackle, pull the topmost opportunity, and then run experiments to "intervene" and generate an outcome. (1/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
This can scale to multiple teams. Here we have two "opportunities" in progress. (2/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
So why not just give teams their own backlogs? Why do we even need to view this on one board? Well..chances are the teams don't have 100% dedicated team members. To do their job, roles like Ops, Marketing, UX will need an overview (3/11) #prodmgmt #kanban
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Not “rules” by any means...but tendencies

1/10. We underestimate the amount of work we actually have in progress and the impact on flow, quality, value delivered...and overestimate the value of parallelizing work #proddev #kanban #flow
2/10. We underestimate the drag created by dependencies, constraints, hand-offs, reviews, etc. etc. ... and overestimate our ability to navigate them, play Tetris, and thread the needle #proddev #kanban #flow
3/10 We underestimate the impact of “lights on” and “business as usual” type work...and overestimate our ability to tackle these issues without a big hit on flow #proddev #kanban #flow
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Here is a little thread on words. Words matter. By using slightly different words, you can nudge your organization in a new direction (assuming they take hold).

Take something subtle like replacing "project" with "mission". A mission feels more outcome oriented...(1/n
Or using the word "bet". Bet is nice, because you can attach it to something highly prescriptive. For example:

"Oh, so your bet is if we build this feature we'll see this positive outcome, right?"

Bet conveys uncertainty, value, investment, information...(2/n
Lots of teams get stuck on problem vs. solution dichotomies. I prefer... "opportunity vs. intervention". Lots going on there. Problem conveys a binary "solving". Intervention feels experimental. Opportunity feels valuable (3/n
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I’ve worked with lots of agile #teams, and some of the symptoms of a well functioning high-perfoming teams that I see are:

They start their daily standups on time.
They tend to laugh a lot and have fun.
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Here’s something you see often w/ teams and #kanban

Team: “Can we move cards backwards?” (1/11)
When this happens, we’re in a pickle. In true pull-system fashion, the developer has pulled another card. Test finds an issue that demands developer’s attention. What to do? (2/11)
One solution is to say “hey dev, you can only be on two things at of which is developing”. Seems reasonable...and keeps their bandwidth open to fix issues. (3/11)
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[thread]...Some two column tables. Apparently I enjoy this :)

(1/7) Our intuition says ... instead try
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(2/7) What you say ... what they hear/think
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(3/7) Evolving product manager role .... moving towards
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
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#kanban tips (1/3)

Model the work, not the “workers”. With team member magnets, checklists, and markers...the bottom design can more than adequately model the work

If work ever “moves left” (e.g. QA/demo passes an item “back to dev”), then the top dsgn breaks. It is all doing.
Another classic anti-pattern is team/individual lanes and “splitting” the work. The bottom option will probably catalyze the right conversations....though the top option with string can also do the trick. (2/4) #kanban
A compromise if teams want their own card for some reason... is a hybrid board with “epics” (larger chunks of work), and all of their related cards.(3/4) #Kanban
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Almost every discussion I have that starts with “we need to go faster” ends with me asking the team to “define value”, and then do less once and work in smaller batches.

It is at this point that the reality sets in ...1/3
#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
... the reality is that the current system is optimized for:
-saying “yes we’re on it”
-keeping people busy
-brokering resource capacity
-keeping track of all the work in progress
-providing plausible reasons why nothing is shipping

#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
This should be easy to unwind, right? It’s math. Do less smaller stuff = go faster. Limit WIP ... discover/remove bottlenecks.

Well no. Because those optimizations run so, so deep. Reputations. Ego. Agendas. Promises to investors ... 3/4

#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
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My product-nerd-friend @atheus...hey you should post a thread of some drawings. Here goes:

1. The classic “here’s why you do incremental delivery” drawing ... aka “how not to dig a deep hole”. Yet legacy budgeting practices encourage one/not other

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus
2. Here’s is the “perpetual cone of uncertainty” ... namely, unless you are a project shop, you’re likely to ALWAYS have uncertainty, even if you are also reducing it constantly

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus @ProductPlan
3. I’m seeing this crazy symmetry in terms of systems / technology & org design. They are all feeding into each other. Exhibit 1: the shift from batch processing to stream processing (cc @gwenshap ) and networked orgs @NielsPflaeging

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus @productplan
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The main excuse I've heard for tolerating abuse of women has been "We ignore him and are there for each other and the community." 1/n
I'm glad now that great competing events have arisen which not only create a safe environment for women but which repudiate harassment 2/n
Events such as @LeanAgileUS & @LeanAgileScot not only actively steward the respect & safety of those in attendance but are creating 3/n
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