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"Researchers examine the growing phenomenon of “self-Indigenization” — University Affairs":…
Ah of course this would come to the wacky professor - Leroux !! But I have questions, big ones !! What is it called when a certain group of Academics colludes together to pick on one small segment of society? One who has traditionally been marginalized, mostly uneducated, lacks
sophisticated methods to have their voices, identities &histories heard, while watching those who dare to do so, get eviscerated in ugly heated twitter battles with so-called professional academics who seem to have a very, very fucking narrow lens they are looking through. Lies!
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bahahaha when you have to keep going back to old work to try and push these narratives, must be slow week @DarrylLeroux? No one wanting to engage with that, other than your fanboys/gals?
Can you pretty pretty please explain to me, how Qalipu who use the EXACT same genealogies of those of us you call #RACESHIFTERS , from Acadian Metis or Acadian Mi'kmaw families, gain status and come out of the "PRETENDIAN" box and gain First Nation Status? I don't see
anything on that from you? I am thinking it is pretty disingenuous of you to hide those facts !! You wouldn't play sides now would you and try and distort shit and make people believe things that were not true?
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Why is Nova Scotia NonStatus/Metis genealogy being used in Newfoundland for status, while we are not recognized and a white self identified professor from @smuhalifax @DarrylLeroux is allowed to harass, ridicule and cause so much division in Indigenous issues. Is that your idea
of #reconciliation .. I have several of the same root ancestors as chiefs of that nation in Newfoundland, I have 4 signatories in my family in the Peace and Friendship treaties. I have tried to get my disabled son services through Jordan's Principle when he couldn't get them
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Mal i Mic News Nov 1976 - Little Metis and NonStatus Children's Group. - help teach the children their culture and heritage. @DarrylLeroux OMG they even had the kids in on it! Little #raceshifters they are! Or wait, it was the gov who changed their ethnic labels wasn't it?
Feb 1974 - Mi'kmaq women and men that the gov labelled as -Metis, NonStatus, Off-Reserve, Enfranchised, Non-registered Indians and many other stereotype labels. - NCNS.
Mal i Mic news oct 1976 - What Is a NonStatus Indian- when a Status women married nonIndian or NonStatus she loses her Indian Status, her descendants lose their Status, Most of their descendants are known as Metis.
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Oh suddenly it all makes sense why he needs to discredit the MNO.. Sick !! Gross !! Can be paid to take any position !!
So let me get this straight, he is getting grants from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, so he can go around and say the people he is researching doesn't exist?? When he doesn't actually talk to the communities? Wow, wth !! @SSHRC_CRSH
He makes inflammatory posts like this and is to stupid to even know they are wayside crosses, not totem poles? Maybe he should research that !! - Dear Jesus !!…
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Couldn't say it any better myself and fully agree. That man's BS is violent bigotry and it is going to come back and hurt all Indigenous people. If you think the gov is going to stop at using his tactics at just Eastern Metis you are very naive.
There has been so much posted about how the Metis/SangMele people of South West NS were treated differently and not by him because he has an agenda to sell a book and be paid by MNC. They are determined to white wash #EasternMetis people , even though Clem himself has already Le père Sigogne et les Acadiens du sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse - By Gérald C. Boudreau - sang mele - whites did not want to see their unmarried children mixing with the mixed blood race.
done that to Mi'kmaw people years ago in the RCAP 432 report. RCAP 432 - Clement Chartier - Where are all the Indian People - the people looked different in the East- There were blonds, red heads and I guess i was naive at the time.
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Don't you find it kind of hypocritical Jesse, that MNC folks were allowed to self identify as "Metis" when they were NonStatus Indians, but you and @DarrylLeroux ascribe the term #raceshifters to #EasternMetis ?
June 1983 - New Breed - Policy Development Workshop for MNC Successful - Chartier said the -MNC- was not a closed society and that there is room for other Metis , not of the prairies to join the Metis Nation.
June 1983 - New Breed - Policy Development Workshop for MNC Successful, they were encouraged to self identify and they were supported by MNC .. How sweet, but when others self-identify they are called #raceshifters, how convenient.
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Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217) : C-9121
Seems we always here that the Metis in Nova Scotia were never a separate people that they were always assimiliated into either the Mi'kmaw community or the "Sang Pur" Acadian communities. The people who insist on this scenario obviously have not dug too deep into the records on An ethnographic report on the Acadian Metis 2018 - denigration of Sang Mele people of Southwest Nova Scotia.
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The Other natives-the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History - Until 60's most Metis did not identify as Metis when graduating, they identified as French Canadians if they spoke French. #raceshifting ?? It fits Darryl's definition #MMF
The Other natives- the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History- 1870's Metis was defined if you had European blood./MMF identity in 1978./Constitutional meeting not a complete failure-mnc defin..not approved by NCC March 1984 - New Breed. MMF definition 2017 Constitution.
The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - an individual could identify as an Indian, A Scot, A Frenchmen or a #Metis. (gasp) Darryl those people are raceshifters !!, better get on that !!/MMF definition 2017
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