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@LaurenceNiosi Wow that article you wrote about Sebastien, what a load of absolute crap!! That account @nomoreredface threatened to send a gang of strage men to my house to get me a boyfriend when I posted back against the garbage he was saying.
If that is what you call journalism, I am gonna say you are right up there with JF Keeler.…
This is how exploitative Darryl Leroux is !!
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So on wikitree, I finally figured out how to do the relationship finder thing, good god, it shows how truly stupid that judge and Leroux has to be, and it also shows they totally went out of their way to make it 14 generations, LOL .. My unknown Mi'kmaq grandmother who was
married to Philippe Mius d'Entremont was my 8th GG, my mom's 7th, my nans 6th, and my great nan's Evangeline Mius' 5th. Her dad was born in 1862, Tranquille Mius, that was his 4th Grandmother. Who was there to tell her she was a #raceshifter when telling my nan about our Mi'kmaw
heritage/descendency @DarrylLeroux .. When you have me on your race shifting page as being 14 generations, I have all my papers proving this lineage too asshat. lol .. Wanna keep saying I only have 1 native ancestor, 300 yrs ago, lol .. My 7th great grandfather who is the son
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@TorontoStar Ah Mr Sinclair .. @Niigaanwewidam .. How does that work when the nations your family belonged to for generations refuses to claim you back and says you never existed? When you are a descendent of the Peace and Friendship Treaties ? When you can prove your indigenous
but nations who used to claim ie #EasternMetis, now say such relations never existed? When they are literally in the RCAP reports?…
Read 16 tweets… -- I always wonder how Darryl Leroux can get research grants and not have to follow Indigenous Research ethics ? I guess the establishments give him a pass, he gets to identity police and decide who is Aboriginal and who isn't now? @CrownIndigenous
@MarcMillerVM , @JustinTrudeau getting really tired of asking this question over and over, and not getting an answer !! Do Canadian Human Rights only belong to those who can afford to enforce them in a court of law? @UN_HRC @hrw @UNHumanRights @CdnHumanRights I get complete
silence. I am a poor Aboriginal women, against Political Institutions with the weight of Canada behind them and no one can even answer a simple question about ethics? That just about tells it all doesn't it !!
Read 29 tweets… - Lawrence Barkwell has wrote a significant portion of the Manitoba Metis History ..
Wow, I don't even know where to start here .. Forgive me Mr Barkwell, this is not about you, it is about the huge issue of Identity Politics and how ugly it gets and people who get drug into it and shamed publicly over it.
U of M Native Studies Dept - Lawrence Barkwell made honorary Metis, I think that is lovely he has contributed years of research to Metis history, however it was Metis history he wrote and made into history as a non-Metis person.
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Responding to Darryl Leroux on Twitter…
No, He doesn't respect research ethics on Indigenous people at all .. This is what he has done to #EasternMetis as well, are there some problematic people here who identify as Metis .. yes .. but notice he has not identified any who he doesn't consider to be fraudulent! Meme's
abound, he attacks anyone he wants to .. it is "Colonialism" 101 .. Does this look like the work of a professional with no motive?
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Anything I post, is not an attack. It is for education, to the show the absolute hypocrisy against the #EasternMetis and how we have similar history. A-Social-History-of-the-Manitoba-Métis.- Published by 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗮 𝗠𝗲𝘁𝗶𝘀 𝗙𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝟏𝟗𝟕𝟒
A-Social-History-of-the-Manitoba-Métis.1974. - published by @MBMetis_MMF
pg125 -𝗘𝗺𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗣𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗲𝗿 "Indeed, the Metis, the only true Natives, since both the Indians and Europeans were immigrants to this continent.."😲Me-"Wow, those are some bold fighting words!!" Published by 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗮 𝗠𝗲𝘁𝗶𝘀 𝗙𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 1974
Read 54 tweets New breed Magazine Winter 2006- Harry Daniels - order of Gabriel Dumont Gold- in the early 1980's as the president of NCC - He was the person responsible for putting Metis into the repatriated constitution. @Occamsfork @simon_gabe @ArnallLabrador @CrownIndigenous
Letter from Harry Daniels to Kirby Lethbridge of the Labrador Metis Nation. - explaining who he considered Metis constituents of the Native Council of Canada when Metis were inserted into the 1982 Constitution.
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Darryl saying:" French Descent equals white - white doesn't equal Indigenous." -- Hmm, me thinks he hasn't really thought that through or else once again, he is being a hypocrite and judging #EasternMetis with a different set of criteria than the west used.
"Return-in part- to an address of the House of Commons, dated 4th March, 1886 - For copies of all papers found in the Council Room of the Insurgents, or elsewhere at Batoche- Louis Riel - 1886
Return-in part- to an address of the House of Commons, dated 4th March, 1886 - For copies of all papers found in the Council Room of the Insurgents, or elsewhere at Batoche- Louis Riel - 1886 - council of the French Canadian half-breeds./ Now call me not university educated but I
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"Nova Scotia Archives - Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide":…
The Metis in SouthWestern Nova Scotia-William Wicken- Oct 2004-Philippe married into the Mi'kmaq community and was living with his wife at La Heve. Vige@Ouikamakagan- Eel Brook -Vigers my relations, Guedry's my relations, Mueses my relations. Who am I? No one .. All my relations
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What Jarvis really means, is that the signatory descendants of those treaties, who are Mi'kmaw Metis must never be acknowledged or talked about, Never ever ever !!. No one must know, otherwise it clouds the issues !! 🤔😉
Katherine Sorbey - Mi'kmaq elder, historian, founding member of the NonStatus and Metis asssociation of Nova Scotia.
UNSI nominates executive slate for 77 - Kathy Brown Paul - former president of Non Status Indian and Metis Association of Nova Scotia - MicmacNews-1977-04.
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Senate report 23rd Issue - Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. #Metis #EasternMetis Image
Senate report 23rd Issue - P Chartrand and Senator Dyck -legal test of Powley for who a Metis person is, versus Metis National Council. - They are different. #MetisNations Image
RCAP 8 - Metis in Nova Scotia. Image
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Although she opened a can of worms, she didn't really want to explore #EasternMetis, apparently the only ones who get to have their say are Darryl, and also where is MNC's support for the Mi'kmaw? What about that MOU ?? Image
Apparently I started a fight, when she is the one who popped up saying there are no eastern Metis? Image
I thought it was wonderful when families, kinships and communities re-connect but she doesn't think so ? Image
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Remembering Peggy Rydzewski -… Image
Peggy Rydzewski - Metis Flag - Gigmanag August 1978. Image
PEI AMNSI - First board of directors - Gigmanag December 1978. Image
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Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than this, when her own father identified as Metis .. Frank Palmater 😕 -- The lying .. OMG I can't even ... 😬
"Windspeaker-8-may-1994 Frank Palmater - Metis Circle wraps up hearings - Eastern Metis."
RCAP 432 - Frank Palmater - I am a member of the Micmac Nation, I am a Metis member of the Micmac Nation. - Self-Identification ? #EasternMetis
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"Sask. regional director recorded calling eastern Métis 'monkeys,' 'mongrels' in speech | CBC News":…
Umm I don't think .. I can show just as much history of those in the West who are recently finding out their heritage and re-connecting as those in the East !! Image
That 2002 Metis defintion he is referring to, ONLY applies to members of MNC , there are more National Metis org's than just MNC, even though the gov has chosen to only deal with them due to their having rights to oil and gas. Chartrand uses his organization to run over
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DECLARATION OF ABORIGINAL RIGHTS- AMNSIS, Metis Society, Aboriginal Rights- This document by the Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan is a declaration of Aboriginal rights 1980 @MNC_tweets
DECLARATION OF ABORIGINAL RIGHTS- AMNSIS, Metis Society, This document by the Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan is a declaration of Aboriginal rights 1980. "Whereas, The Metis and Non-Status Indians of Rupertsland and the Northwest are the
legitimate descendants of the original people of the area; and"
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Volume 16 Issue 7 December 1973. - Indian News - Rheal Plourde. #EasternMetis Image
Micmac News June 1979- Zone 7 - Since Rheal Plourde of St Peters pulled out to form his own association there was need to elect a new board member. #EasternMetis Image
Zone 3 - Mr Plourde was given permission to talk about the new Metis charter. 1979 06. Micmac News #EasternMetis Image
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The Inuit-Metis of Sandwich Bay- oral histories and archaeology - Kelvin, Laura Elena- 2011 - Memorial University of Newfoundland. Image
Bottom shows an Inuit-Metis family in front of their house in Fox Cove, Labrador (photo taken by Eliot Curwen in 1893 Courtesv of the Rooms Archives #EasternMetis Image
Read 5 tweets… @CBCNews @CBCIndigenous I can go and pick out something you have done to #EasternMetis people from every category in the journalistic standards you are supposed to follow.
One day I wouldn't be surprised to see a class action lawsuit coming your way for everything you have done politically to sway public perception of Metis people only being MNC Metis. Not one word about the Daniels decision, especially when you calling out people online.
CBC and journalists have a duty of care to be fair, impartial, investigate fairly etc .. I don't think Colleen Gray received that. I don't think many people see that. The liberals have turned CBC into quite the propaganda machine that works with their politics. #EasternMetis may
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@OttawaMorning @CBCIndigenous On the issue of if there are #EasternMetis… MNC is a nationalist movement who are trying to use their money and voice to politically influence others into believing they are the only Metis.
MicmacNews-1973-03.- Constitution and By-Laws Union of Nova Scotia Indians - sec 3.12 Metis. When @willgoodon suggests you ask the Mi'kmaw if there are Metis they will say no because they have an MOU with MNC
However, the Eastern Metis have been in their bylaws and constitutions of the Union of Nova Scotia Indians almost since their incorporation date, in 1975 they got their own core funding and were the Metis and NonStatus Indian Association of Nova scotia. Feb 1974 - Mi'kmaq women and men that the gov labelled as -M
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Tableaux synoptiques de l'histoire du Canada- édition rédigée pour l'enseignement classique et académique - by Le Jeune, L. (Louis) 1916. #Metis #EasternMetis Image
Tableaux synoptiques de l'histoire du Canada- édition rédigée pour l'enseignement classique et académique - by Le Jeune, L. (Louis) 1916.- La Heve - district alors peuple de metis. Image
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@kaypoth @DarrylLeroux I don't think you are well educated on the #EasternMetis The Marshal case was in 1999, apparently you are not aware of the Metis and NonStatus Indian Association of Nova Scotia. It started out with UNSI. Union of Nova Scotia Indians Incorp in the 70's.
This organization was before MNC and way before the Marshal case.
While you are busy involving yourself in historical revision that you, apparently, are not well informed on, take note of who the publisher is here - Metis social- political movement-by Lusty,Terry,1973 publisher Calgary - Metis Historical Society Provincial Map of Metis.
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