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Carleton University just released this report by its Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee in which #raceshifting among faculty members is identified as a barrier to Indigenous student, staff, & faculty retention.…
"Participants felt it was common to see tenure track positions reserved for Indigenous applicants awarded to persons with questionable claims to an Indigenous identity" (p.22). #raceshifting
“We will lose amazing students, staff and faculty if we cannot find ways to deal with the issue of race-shifting or white settler self-Indigenization” (p.23). #raceshifting
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1- Hi everyone, I’m coming to you from Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia), which is in Mi’kmaw territory about 700 kilometres (as the birds fly) up the Atlantic coast from Boston or 4,000 kilometres from Dublin. #DecolonizeDNA #DNADay
2- For the past 5 years, I’ve been studying self-indigenization or #raceshifting movement in eastern Canada and parts of New England. This movement involves white settler peoples transforming themselves into “Indigenous” people. #DecolonizeDNA #DNADay
3- Since the early 2000s, dozens of organizations have emerged in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, falsely claiming to represent “Indigenous” peoples. #DecolonizeDNA #DNADay…
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Dr Howard Adams PHD - #Metis
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Umm ok , I will proof it .. 🥰
Metis Social-Political Movement-by Lusty, Terry,-1973- publisher - Calgary - Metis Historical Society -inside cover.
Metis social- political movement-by Lusty, Terry,-1973- publisher - Calgary - Metis Historical Society - Provincial map of Metis.
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Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217) : C-9121
Seems we always here that the Metis in Nova Scotia were never a separate people that they were always assimiliated into either the Mi'kmaw community or the "Sang Pur" Acadian communities. The people who insist on this scenario obviously have not dug too deep into the records on An ethnographic report on the Acadian Metis 2018 - denigration of Sang Mele people of Southwest Nova Scotia.
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The Indian News, Volume 13, Issue 5 August 1970-Indian News-George Manuel Elected President of National Indian Brotherhood - NonStatus Indians being represented by the brotherhood- Dr Howard Adams had nothing to say, which sounds like he was good with it.
"Fred Plain, president of the Union of Ontario Indians, brought up the question of non-status Indians being represented by the Brotherhood since in Ontario, with
no existing Metis organizations, the Union had opened its doors to active non-status membership in it's organization.
"This provoked a lively discussion of the N.I.B.'s terms of
reference and the possibility of increasing the organization's representation two-fold. In attendance during this session was Metis Leader Dr. Howard Adams, who made no comment. #Metis
Read 19 tweets… Amazingly this RCAP report 432, which used to be freely available online, doesn't appear to be online anymore. Apparently INAC doesn't want anyone to be able to access it. Luckily I have it saved in several different locations. It would seem that
the more information that becomes available to back up Eastern Metis position, the more information is locked away from the general public. You might want to think deeply about why that is !!
Let's look at this little section from Clem Chartier for the first example, this was written before the Daniels decision and before we were included into section 91 (24) . We have Pam Palmater, also going around giving talks with Darryl Leroux on the subject of #raceshifting.
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I wrote in-depth commentary on 2 books published in French in 2019 by 4 white French-descendant men promoting the "Eastern Métis" phenomenon (see below).

One of them is being published in English by @UBCPress in April 2020 ...…
@UBCPress I can't wait until Bouchard, Malette & Marcotte's book is available in English for a wider readership ... the new book announcement are out earlier today:
@UBCPress If it's anything like the scholarly reaction to Bouchard & Malette's previous book in English, we can expect a lot of critique that centers around the book's lack of historical rigour and/or engagement with Indigenous Studies, among other shortcomings.…
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This latest piece, an analysis of 2 books published by 4 fellow white French-descendant men in 2019, explains in some detail how the "Eastern métis" movement relies on creative interpretive practices that attack contemporary Indigenous sovereignty. #raceshifting
Denis Gagnon's book ("Le statut de Métis au Canada") and Michel Bouchard, Sébastien Malette, & Guillaume Marcotte's book ("Les Bois-Brûlés de l"Outaouais") each suffer from fatal analytical shortcomings. #raceshifting
Whether it's Gagnon's complete lack of engagement with Indigenous thinkers (though he critiques Indigenous Studies!), Bouchard et al. interpret each use of "Métis", "Bois-Brûlés" or "Halfbreed" in 1830s onwards as evidence of distinct, right-bearing Indigenous people.
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Getting a lot of questions about the “Abenaki tribes” in VT & NH since publication of my book. To be clear, all of them are involved in #raceshifting. All of them. The actual Abenaki people took a strong stand against the “Abenaki” charade in New England last April.
I explain in Chapter 1 of #DistortedDescent that virtually everybody enrolled in these “tribes” are white French-descendants relying on Indigenous OR French women ancestors born prior to 1650. I discovered this in doing research on online genealogy forums. #raceshifting
Rich Holschuh is member of Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs and public liaison for “Elnu Abenaki Tribe” in VT. He has 1 (potential) Mi’kmaw ancestor born in 1641 (Germain Doucet), though there’s some controversy about whether Doucet was Indigenous at all.
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The Métis of the South Saskatchewan-draft manuscript- N. Anick- 1976.400 p.- Claims and Historical Research Centre- S.41 #Metis #SaskatchewanMetis
The Métis of the South Saskatchewan-draft manuscript- N. Anick- 1976.400 p.- Claims and Historical Research Centre- S.41-Introduction - the mixed population - The Metis.
The Métis of the South Saskatchewan-draft manuscript-N. Anick-1976.400 p Claims and Historical Research Centre-S.41 The Metis were nomadic vs the Country Born were more interested in financial gain/ vs How Jim Brady described them as Progressives ( Red River Metis - agricultural)
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Yesterday, Liberal MP Marc Serré responded to CBC story about his "Algonquin" identity with the following statement, which missed the point entirely. Nobody denied that he's a registered member of the AOO. 1/3

"celebrate your ancestry" ≠ claim to be "Indigenous"
Serré bases his "Algonquin" identity on an ancestor born in 1631, according to the AOO's own records. About 50 of my immediate family members could've joined the AOO, as could've Justin Trudeau, but the large majority of French-descendants don't self-indigenize themselves. 2/3
The Algonquin people have repeatedly opposed the addition of white French-descendants on the AOO's membership list, to no avail. The report below outlines these concerns, and specifically, position against #raceshifting 3/3…
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The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - an individual could identify as an Indian, A Scot, A frenchmen or a #Metis / #Raceshifting?
MMF identity in 1978./ The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - A Non Native can be a member of MMF if married to a Metis. #Raceshifting #Metis
D. Bruce Sealey / Antoine S. Lussier
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The Other natives-the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History - Until 60's most Metis did not identify as Metis when graduating, they identified as French Canadians if they spoke French. #raceshifting ?? It fits Darryl's definition #MMF
The Other natives- the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History- 1870's Metis was defined if you had European blood./MMF identity in 1978./Constitutional meeting not a complete failure-mnc defin..not approved by NCC March 1984 - New Breed. MMF definition 2017 Constitution.
The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - an individual could identify as an Indian, A Scot, A Frenchmen or a #Metis. (gasp) Darryl those people are raceshifters !!, better get on that !!/MMF definition 2017
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A great article by @rebeccanagle, exposing the power of family stories to mislead #elizabethwarren into believing her anti-Cherokee ancestors were actually "Cherokee".…
@rebeccanagle I've been diving deep into the available "Eastern métis" archives to see how family stories/lore is mobilized to support fellow white people's efforts to become "Indigenous".

The thread below explores some specific court testimony ...…
@rebeccanagle 1-White man claiming bbq where family members wore "red face" was traditional "powwow"
2-White man claiming that being called "savage" by his grandmother was "proof" he was "Indigenous" today.
3-White man confused about whether Swiss brothers-in-law are "Indigenous" or not ...
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1- Was talking about Maniwaki Métis Organization’s [sic] efforts to violate Algonquin sovereignty in region north of Ottawa at #NAISA2019

Feel free to follow this thread (or mute me!) on most recent academic efforts to create distinct “Métis” people in Algonquin territory.
2- You may remember Sébastien Malette, a professor at Carleton, who’s the biggest academic promoter of the entire “Eastern métis” myth, which invents new “Indigenous” people, opposed by Indigenous peoples.…
3- Malette, G. Marcotte, and Michel Bouchard have just published a book in French entitled “The Outaouais Métis”, which they claim “proves” existence of rights-bearing “Métis” people north of Ottawa, a position actively opposed by Algonquin Nation.
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1- Last summer, an alliance of "Acadian-métis/Eastern métis" organizations, led by lawyer and member Daphne Williamson, filed a formal complaint against my research to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Read on to find out more ... #raceshifting
2- Seven orgs, incl. Association des Acadiens-Métis Souriquois, Kespu'kwitik Métis Association, Nova Scotia Wampanoag, Bras d'Or Lake Métis Association, Highland Métis Assocation, Eastern Shore Métis Association and Métis Federation of Canada ... #raceshifting
3- [Sorry for delay, took a short flight!]

They claimed that I had violated several of SSHRC's ethical conduct for research protocols, esp. as they pertain to research involving Indigenous peoples. #raceshifting
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For those following ins and outs of #raceshifting in QC, yesterday we drove through a region known as Lanaudière (NE of MTL). The Métis Federation of Canada [sic] recognizes this region as birthplace of "Québec Métis" due to some creative revisionism.
One person in particular has been busily re-creating the region as "Métis" on social media... funny enough, I have dozens of same ancestors as this person, born in Berthierville, St-Damien-de-Brandon, Lanoraie, Lavaltrie, St-Cuthbert, L'Assomption. #raceshifting
You might otherwise recognize the region as #Chicot in their writing. Our ancestors are French-Canadian, as much as the MFC & this person may want it to be otherwise. The "evidence" that they mobilize is mostly based on lateral relations, not direct ancestral relations.
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Here's the second part of @ihachey investigative report on #raceshifting in federal prisons in QC, "Aboriginal Elders From Out of Nowhere".

Follow the thread for a brief summary in English.…
Article outlines that of 18 Elders currently employed by federal prisons in QC, 7 are white French-descendants. The 4 featured in article are all members of Alliance autochone du Québec and have Indigenous ancestry between 9 and 12 generations away (1620s to 1710). #raceshifting
Two of them are a couple who say they're "métis" and regularly go on tour in France to give workshops on herbalism and to tell "Indigenous legends". A third is an avid New Age follower and says that she was trained by the descendants of Incas in Peru. #raceshifting
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Another important series of articles by @ihachey, this time uncovering extent of #raceshifting in federal prisons, where Hells Angels leaders self-identify as "Indigenous" and crowd out actual Indigenous people from programming. See excerpts below:…
Prison authorities confirm that self-identification - with no verification whatsoever - is all it takes to enter healing programs reserved for Indigenous prisoners. Hundreds of white French-descendant prisoners in QC have become "Indigenous" in prison.
One Innu prisoner, critical of the number of non-Indigenous men in the wing reserved for Indigenous prisoners, explained that "All you have to say is that grandmother was Aboriginal and they accept your claim." #raceshifting
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The Odanak Abenaki First Nation recently adopted a resolution opposing the presence of "Abenaki" (and "Métis") organizations in Québec, Vermont & New Hampshire. This is a strong statement against #raceshifting in Abenaki territory. See translation below ...
The W8banakiak are an Indigenous people who affirm their ancestral rights in their ancestral territory called Ndakinna. This has allowed them to define themselves as a Nation and maintain a traditional relationship with the territory;
Ndakinna is the territory between the western part of the Richelieu River watershed, the St-Lawrence River, the St John River, and its southern boundary, which is the Boston (MA) metro region.
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Sharing the video of my presentation on #raceshifting at the University of Manitoba on March 7. I've included some of the slides in the thread below, since they're tough to see in the video.
Here, the 3 genealogists who falsely turn Catherine Pillard into an "Algonquin-Siberian" woman through mtDNA ancestry testing explain that prior to their research there was no reason to question her French origins.
At top of slide, authors explain how recent "evidence" suggests that Pillard's origins are in Americas. Note that 3 authors identify themselves as "Algonquian-Wendat" or "Abenaki" on strength of ancestry in 1600s. Also note use of random Indigenous woman and child from Siberia.
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The Metis Nation of the Rising Sun [sic], the 20,000+-strong "Indigenous" organization that started out as a 9-person hunting rights association opposing Mi'kmaw territorial agreement in 2006, just lost another court decision.…
This decision is just latest defeat in its efforts to receive public funds for the eventual trial in Parent case. The Quebec Court of Appeal agreed with lower court decision that defendants hadn't proved existence of a "Metis" community in region. #raceshifting
The organization is now saying that it will likely apply to the Supreme Court of Canada to have its argument for public funds heard, even though according to its own records it brings in excess of $400,000 in membership fees per year. #raceshfiting
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"Tribe" that granted #ElizabethWarren membership signed "treaties" w self-identified "Metis nations" in eastern Canada and "Cherokee tribe" in GA. As @KimTallBear, @Debbie, @Daanis, @justicedanielh + others have pointed out, #raceshifting operates across national borders.
The "Metis Nation of Canada" (not to be confused with Metis National Council and its affiliates) merged with the Council of First Metis People of Canada [sic] last year, the latter being founded in 2016. Together, they're at forefront of #raceshifting movement in region.
Eastern Woodlands Metis Nation [sic] circa 2003. Membership policies are so loose that majority of members have no Indigenous ancestry. Their opposition to Mi'kmaq is so extreme that 6 other #raceshifting orgs in province turn their backs on EWMN.

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