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@AltitudeDeFi is a composable native blue-chip asset bridge, and one of the first dApp’s built on LayerZero

✈️ Airdrop : Confirmed
⏳Estimated time : 20min
💲Cost : Free

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image
Why choose Altitude ?

Altitude allow DeFi users to transfer native assets cross-chain thanks to LayerZero technology, based on 5 strengths :

▫️Lightning Fast Transactions
▫️Cheap Bridging Fees
▫️Zero Impermanent Loss Image
$ALTD, the native token of Altitude is confirmed

It's a governance token which can be farmed by proving liquidity for supported tokens

Official Altitude tokenomics announce that 5% of the supply is reserved for strategic airdrop 🪂 Image
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Ahoy, me hearties! Gather 'round and set your sights on the horizon🫣, for there be great news from the #Metis crew. Aye, it be true, #Metis be preparing to unleash the full force of their Aave incentives, and it be just a matter of months. And mark me words,
🧵 (1/13) #Airdrops Image
this be no ordinary event—it be a blast that'll make heads spin and leave no face un-melted!
Now, some landlubbers may have cast doubt upon the lack of incentives during the initial deployment, but let me tell ye, that be a positive sign. (2/13) #Cryptotwitter
It means all the firepower be stashed away, ready to be unleashed when the time be ripe. The Metis season be upon us, and it be a force to be reckoned with.
Just take a gander at the precedents set by other platforms like Avalanche, Polygon, and Optimism. (3/13)
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With the arrival of @HeraAggregator to @arbitrum it's time to share a thread explaining why $HERA is one of the best DEX aggregators out there

I've also been playing around with some swaps to confirm I was always getting the best swap possible through HERA

0/🧵 Image
1/ In this thread we will be covering the following angles

✅ What is @HeraAggregator
✅ How does it work. Key features
✅ Swapping Analysis
✅ Tokenomics
✅ Roadmap
2/ @HeraAggregator is an AI-powered multi-chain DEX Aggregator providing the best swap return by scanning multiple AMM, splitting the swap in multiple paths if required, and returning the best result with the lowest fees and slippage.

Ok, cool, but how does it work?
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The #Metis files | Part 1: Follow the money | 3: Ooo its totally separate entities

Today we will show you that
1) $METIS is (one of) the founder(s) of Netswap
2) Netswap received $1.1m of the $2m in stolen BinaryDAO funds
3) Netswap's "main dev" = BinaryDAO's "main dev"

1/x Image
Make sure to first check the previous two "Follow the money" threads as well as @lilbagscientist threads in case you missed it.

We ended the previous thread explaining that $615k (of which $500k is still in the wallet) of the $2m stolen funds is fully controlled by a signer (0x8660579347374CB592A227fAe9f31a0782C91157) from the Netswap multisig.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

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1/🧵 Zapraszam do poradnika, w którym poruszę temat rozmieszczania Smart Contractów w ramach dodatkowych akcji na różnych sieciach.

Jest to element, który z powodzeniem może dać nam szanse na wyróżnienie się z tłumu i zakwalifikowanie na ewentualne #airdrop(y).

Do pracy! Image
2/📑 Wątek źródłowy
Sposób rozmieszczania SC za pomocą aplikacji #Remix został pierwotnie zaczerpnięty od użytkownika @0xFastLife i podany jako przykład działania w poradniku o @BuildOnBase 👇
3/🧵 Przykładowe wykorzystanie
Tę metodę możemy z powodzeniem wykorzystywać także dla innych sieci! Nie dla wszystkich było to od początku oczywiste, więc warto to podkreślić.

Na potrzeby tego poradnika będę działał na głośnej ostatnio sieci jaką jest #Polygon #zkEVM! Image
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1) I've asked thousands of people for their most recommended crypto project.

Here's what they said 🧵 👇

(Some of these you've never heard before)
2) $SPIN

@spin_fi is a decentralized trading platform built on $NEAR.

The hype has been building and people have been going crazy over their ongoing #airdrop.

Their platform looks promising and is launching soon.

⏩ Soon to be released.

@MetisDAO has been trending a lot lately and its TVL continues to rise.

With layer 2 season ongoing and its recent partnerships #Metis might have its own ecosystem bullrun soon.

⏩ Sitting at a 136m market cap.
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🌿Metis news, metisians!

Not a word more, let's get to the news
#Metis #Bitcoin #BTC #ETH #DeFi #news #web3 #crypto #Layer2 #tech #bulletin
#BTC Maxis here?

@MetisDAO has introduced the new runner in the Metis Marathon, @GranaryFinance

Stake wBTC to earn some $METIS tokens lika a boss😤
#Metis #ETH #Bitcoin #DeFi #lending #borrowing
@nuvosphere 🤝 BLS Wallet

Gamers will love it!🥹
BLS enables projects to pay for users' gas and charge them in more user-friendly methods (subscription)

Gas payments are getting easier😏
👇More details…
#Metis #gasless #ETH #gas #DeFi #BTC #web3 #crypto
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Hey, wait! 😳

Noticed the doubled increase in TVL on Andromeda just in January alone⁉️

Tells you #DeFi szn on #Metis is building up w/ @GranaryFinance joining the Metis Marathon & opening the doors for wBTC money markets! 🔥

Check this ⬇️🧵

#Web3 #crosschain Image
💎 @GranaryFinance is a multi-chain, decentralized, user-driven borrowing and lending protocol that was deployed on the Andromeda network.

The Granary prides itself in not being predatory or profiting themselves before it's community

You can visit
💎 Joining the #metis marathon

Granary Finance will facilitate borrowing and lending on Andromeda, on-chain arbitrage opportunities between chains and encourage a #DeFi flywheel for Metisans to maximize the optimization of their assets 😎.
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1) The $Metis ecosystem TVL is rising and one of its leading dex is rebounding strongly.

Can this dex pave the way forward to a bigger and better ecosystem?

Let's find out 🧵👇

@hummusdefi $hum
2) $HUM is a proven single-side and decentralized AMM designed for exchanging stablecoins on $METIS.

Users can swap stablecoins on Hummus with extremely low slippage and fees.

They can also stake stablecoins to generate yield, and stake HUM tokens to boost that yield.
3) $HUM is the first and only dedicated stableswap on Metis.

There are several advantages over traditional swap protocols:

• No impermanent loss.
• Single-side liquidity provision.
• Ultra low slippage.
• Minimal fees.
• High capital efficiency.
• Easy scalability.
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Tell me a better combination


#Arbitrum #crosschain #RELAY
This thread will cover

1️⃣What is Relay?
2️⃣Why Relay
3️⃣Relay and Staking
4️⃣Relay and security
6️⃣HoW to bridge
7️⃣Recent happening
8️⃣Useful links
1️⃣what is Relay

Relay is a Cross chain bridge aggregator that seamlessly connect different blockchain
networks. It enables the easy transfer of assets between one blockchain to another enabling "interoperability"
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2023 is a MASSIVE year for

• Rollups
• Modular

Knowing these narratives early can easily result in financial freedom if one does the work.

🧵👇Here is a breakdown of the narrative and 20+ projects

👂Too busy to read?
👂⬇️ Listen to AI Chloe while browsing.
The upcoming years are shaping up to be a battle of ZK, Rollups and highly modular projects.

But what the hell are zero snark(y) and optimistic roll ups? And why does it matter?
In this thread I‘ll explain:

W h a t?
W h y?

8 interesting zk, rollup and modular projects (Released)

8 upcoming zk, rollup and modular projects
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Are you hearing a lot of buzz about L2 #METIS due to @AaveAave V3 on @MetisDAO?

Here is a quick thread explaining the basics of $METIS blockchain 🧵👇🏻 Image
What is #METIS?
Metis is a blockchain protocol that utilizes a unique consensus mechanism called "Proof of Intelligence" (PoI).
What's POI?
PoI is a consensus mechanism that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to validate transactions on the Metis network. Image
Metis also utilizes sharding to increase the scalability of the network. Sharding is the process of dividing the blockchain into smaller, more manageable pieces called "shards." Each shard can process transactions independently, increasing the overall throughput of the network.
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@MetisDAO gaining attention very quickly.
👉In past few days TVL of $Metis chain increased by 26%
👉I consider #Metis as a undervalued #Layer2
👉Let's see some key metrics of @MetisDAO and TOP #100xGems building on it.
✨ Why Metis Undervalued?

👉 Let me tell you that Metis has great tech in term of #Layer2
👉 It has the lowest gas fee among all the #Layer2
👉 More decentralised and the Tokenomics is build for future.
✨ Already most of the supply is in circulation whereas other #Layer2 has some crazy FDV.
👉 Also the rest tokens are vested for 5 to 6 year , giving them a huge run-up and long term focused project.
👉 Majority of VC has been paid, so less selling pressure.
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Hệ #Metis có khả năng tăng trưởng bùng nổ lớn sắp tới 🚀

Thread research nhanh và các dự án trong hệ cần chú ý 👇👇
Metis là gì?

Đối với ae nào chưa biết thì Metis là một giải pháp Layer 2 cho Ethereum, với tốc độ nhanh và chi phí thấp

Optimistic Rollup tương tự như Optimism và Arbitrum
Mặc dù trước đây Metis đã từng có thời hoàng kim với sự bùng nổ TVL lên tới $500M

Nhưng dần rơi vào dĩ vãng vì chưa có đủ sự phát triển
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How to provide the first liquidity for your token on @netswapofficial
Hey guys this the 3rd & last thread for my no-code series on how create a token with no code on #Metis . see below for previous parts:
This series covered from begining to end how to create your own #Metis Meme/utility token without knowing any code.
In the process of this tutorial i created a meme token "AAVE INU" with the ticker "avv"
& smart contract address: 0x977FE870321ae0bdB1c387f0Ca5A1eDc3b2474E1
Alright let's dive in.
Providing the first liquidity of a token on @netswapofficial can be done without the need for coding knowledge. Here is a tutorial on how to do it:
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How to verify a token smart contract on #Metis Andromeda Mainnet- A continuation of my "How to create a meme/utility token on #Metis Andromeda Mainnet using @cookbook_dev's no code tool
🧵1/10 let's dive in
There are several ways to verify a smart contract on #Metis andromeda Mainnet. However for today's tutorial. I am going to use the most simple method. The goal is to interact with fewer to no code, to reduce complications.
To verify a smart contract on @MetisDAO Andromeda mainnet, you will need to have a few things ready:

👉1. The contract's verification data file
👉2. The contract's ABI (Application Binary Interface) file.
👉3. The contract's address.
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🧵 1/10
Metis Bullish Narrative - THE FINALE 🏦

A speculatory overview of the @MetisDAO token.
#METIS, is an interesting case for those looking for undervalued opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Image
The MetisDAO token, or #METIS, is a governance token for the @MetisDAO LAYER 2 project.
#METIS is designed to provide holders with a number of advantages, including the ability to vote on proposals for the development and growth of the @MetisDAO ecosystem.
#METIS has a total supply of 5.4m & a current market cap of 97m as of January 21, 2023. It has a relatively low market cap and limited maximum supply of 10 million tokens, with 50% locked and only to be in circulation systematically in the next 9yrs.
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How to create your own Token On #METIS with absolutely no knowledge of coding.
In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own MEME/UTILITY token on #METIS using a nocode platform called @cookbook_dev . I am going to show you how to deploy this token on mainnet Image
1. First, navigate to the website and sign up for an account.
2. Once you are logged in, click on the "Find tokens" button.
3. On the next page, you will be prompted to select a token smart contract. Select your preferred smart contract. Image
4. Next, Click on the "Simple Deploy" button.
5. In the "Simple Deploy" section, you can customize the name, symbol, total supply of your meme coin and also pick your preferred chain
6. Click on "Pick A Chain" button and navigate to Mainnets, then choose METIS. ImageImageImage
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"The Scaling War"

MetisDAO bullish Narrative part 2
Long read, but totally worth it! you don't want to miss the 6th point
🧵1/23 Image
The Ethereum scaling war is a highly contested battle between the top layer 2 solutions for the Ethereum blockchain.
These solutions, known as "layer 2" solutions, are designed to help the Ethereum blockchain scale to meet the growing demands of the decentralized applications (dApps) built on top of it.
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Introducing @slavi_io :All-Inclusive Gateway to Decentralized Apps
Days ago @MetisGovernance onboarded its first project of 2023 into #MetisDAO Ecosystem . In this thread you will learn everything you need to know about @slavi_io & how it will benefit #Metis Users.
👇🏽 Image
Are you tired of navigating the overwhelming and confusing world of decentralized applications? Look no further than #Slavi, the open source project that aims to revolutionize the way we access and utilize blockchain technology.
#Slavi's goal is to develop a simple and user-friendly application that offers a high degree of user experience.
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Have you ever searched for the best dex or pool to swap your tokens, hopping from one pool scanner to another and from one dex to another?.
I admit it can be very stressful just to swap your token at the right price. EVERYBODY HATES SLIPPAGES except the bots of course .
🧵1/5👇🏽 Image
What if I told you that there is an AI engine that searches for the best route to swap your tokens and present a swap interface right on one website, completely eliminating slippage & other manipulative factors.
This process takes less than a nanosecond (scary I know, AI is that fast).

Introducing @HeraAggregator. An #AI powered multichain dex aggregator currently launched on #Metis Andromeda network (more networks coming). Image
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1/🪂 Zapraszam Was dzisiaj do poradnika, gdzie będziemy działać na #TestNet korzystając z rozwiązań od @LayerZero_Labs.

1⃣ Działamy spekulacyjnie, aby wystawić się na potencjalny #airdrop.
2⃣ v2 będzie oczywiście już dotyczyć #MainNet! Image
2/🧵 Faucet #ETH #Goerli
Będziemy potrzebować tokenów na opłaty transakcyjne. Jeśli chodzi o ETH to postępujemy zgodnie z 👇
3/🧵 Faucet #AVAX #Fuji
- dodajemy sieć testową #Fuji do portfela klikając w "Add Subnet to MetaMask"
- podajemy adres naszego portfela
- klikamy w "Request 2 AVAX" celem otrzymania tokenów testowych Image
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"Mi’kmaq chiefs reject Acadian-Métis as distinct group, oppose Vautour N.B. land claim | The Star":…
"Mi’kmaq chiefs reject Acadian-Métis as distinct group, oppose Vautour N.B. land claim" Hahaha I just bet they do !!
Union of Nova Scotia Indians - Micmac News 1973 -03 - Membership in Union of Nova Scotia Indians.
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Pourquoi l'équipe d'#Argentine n'alligne jamais un noir en son sein ?
La raison, c'est d'abord le génocide de la population noire de l'Argentine !
La composition exclusivement blanche, toujours blanche, de l'équipe de football d'Argentine a-t-elle déjà suscité votre curiosité ? Image
Pour faire court, cette équipe est la seule en #Amérique du Sud qui n'a jamais, mais alors JAMAIS eu de joueur noir ! En effet, derrière ce pâle portrait de l'équipe de football, se cache une réalité autrement choquante du pays.
En 2022, l'Argentine est le seul pays du continent #Américain où il n'y a presque pas de noirs! Alors que les noirs formaient près de la moitié de la population d'Argentine en 1778, un génocide prémédité systématiquement implémenté les réduira à 30%
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