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🧵 What if we never needed an #ETH killer, just a faster and cheaper #Ethereum network? Enter #Layer2 solutions.

A brief thread on what they are in simple terms, why I'm bullish, and how they'll drive the next wave of #DeFi adoption. 1/12
A traditional business has sales to generate revenue (transactions) and accounting to keep the books (settlement).

Putting the accountant in charge of everything would be slow and costly and inhibit growth!

#Layer2 = sales and #Layer1 = accounting. 2/12
So, business needs multiple skillsets to scale, #blockchain needs decentralization, security and speed to scale.

Similarly #ETH excels in decentralization and security but increased costs and reduced speed inhibit growth. 3/12 Image
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Is this a mega thread? Or a crazy rant? I'll let you decide. But I love the #fantom network and I want to go in-depth on why I think it is so undervalued, and what I believe can be done about it.

So here's a thread/rant/whatever about #FTM

Before I go into why I believe Fantom is so undervalued, I want to talk about what I think Fantom, it's representatives, and the @FantomFDN do right.

First, Fantom has one of the best communities....

Fantom has some of the smartest, eager to help, well-spoken people who outwardly represent the chain well.

It's one of their biggest assets.

Fantom also has fantastic representatives and influencers...

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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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There's been so many DAOs Coming Up lately.
In light of this, I decided to give a brief explanation on what DAOs really are.

A thread 🧵on DAOs

-Walk with me-
DAO has become a popular trend. In fact, in the past year, we have had many DAOs come
up. But what exactly are DAOs and how do they impact other narratives?
DAOs are simply Decentralized Autonomous Organizations run by a group of people with
collective interest.
On the other hand, decentralization is taken to mean that there is no central body that runs
the show in terms of funding, decision making and implementation, etc.
Well, that is the essence of a DAO or DAOs, which is why it is commonly associated with
Decentralized Finance.
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Metis! Metis!! Metis!!!
Many say it's the next big thing🤔

Well what exactly is @MetisDAO $METIS, and can it really become the #1 L2 scaling solution on Ethereum? I wonder

Let’s ride🧵👇🏾
Flashback when Ethereum introduced smart contracts for decentralized apps, it opened a whole new world to its users.
The King of DeFi, it is.

Though as it grew in popularity, some major flaws were realized in the design.
Ethereum simply couldn’t keep up with the demand (only 14 TPS), resulting in the crazyyy gas fees.

Why? In order to have first priority on a txn, users outbid each other.

The user paying the standard gas fee would be "frontrunned" by the user paying more!
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@hummusdefi is the Next Gen decentralized AMM for stableswaps. An amazing innovation built on the @MetisDAO ecosystem. What is @hummusdefi all about?
Let's take a dive.
@hummusdefi is a Single-sided and decentralized AMM designed for exchanging stable cryptocurrencies on the @MetisDAO Blockchain. Image
Now you're wondering what it means by being Single-sided.
Single-sided simply means you can provide liquidity or stake a single token instead of staking a pair of tokens in a liquidity pool. Cool right?
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Investors want the yield, but not the commitment

The recent "dip" made crystal clear what type of stablecoin yield alternatives will take over during this cycle

A 🧵
2/ When the market starts getting rowdy, whales tend to exit high-risk positions and look for safer alternatives in order to protect their funds

What do you think becomes the most attractive alternative?



Stablecoin farming, staking, and lending.
3/ Stablecoin farming tends to be the most attractive alternative, since it usually yields higher APYs

Nevertheless, it carries more risk than the latter alternatives. Users might have to swap to get a 50-50 allocation (exposure to fees, maybe slippage, & impermanent loss risk)
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BIG day for DeFi & NFTs

🧵Thread on why @MetisDAO could change the DeFi and NFT layout forever while also alleviating @ethereum's congestion

2/ @MetisDAO just launched their Decentralized Storage Today, nuking gas fees to $0.02/tx and $0.17/swap

I'm sure you know this is good for the network, since it might incentivize a larger tx volume, but have you taken in consideration the potential upsides for NFTs and DeFi?
3/ DeFi Excellence

As you may know, Farming has evolved into what is now known as "Vaults".

Vaults are farms that do the Harvesting & Reinvesting themselves, in order to save you time & work, while also maximizing ROI

This involves A LOT of tx fees
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Alright Here's An Alpha Thread On Research Methodology Strategy. @SamuelXeus
Pt. 1

What I Put Into Consideration As An AA-RATED Fundamental Analyst 📚🖊

Remember It's a 99% Research, 1% Aping Strategy.
♻️Seed Sale/Private Sale Price

♻️Token Unlocks and Token Unlock Size

♻️Tokenomics (Token Distribution, Supply and Demand)

♻️Liquidity & TVL of Project

♻️Significance In Roadmap



♻️Incoming Catalysts

♻️Greed Factor
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Option contracts trading vol. broke records consecutively each of the last 4yrs

According to @USOCC , US Options Market alone had a notional value of $36T in Q1'21. Therefore...

🧵Thread introducing the new Option Contracts Sheriff in @MetisDAO town:

@dopex_io 💎💎 ImageImage
2/ In this thread we'll see:

3. What is @dopex_io
7. Option Contracts (Calls vs Puts): What are they?
13. 2-Token Model & Synths
18. @dopex_io Native Products
22. Integration w/ @dopex_io
23. Upcoming producs (Holy sh*t)
28. Mutualism: @dopex_io & @MetisDAO

Let's dive in👇
3/ What is @dopex_io ?

@dopex_io is a decentralized options protocol based on Arbitrum & laying roots in #Avalanche, #BSC & soon: @MetisDAO

Besides stealing the show by bringing Option Contracts to crypto, @dopex_io also utilizes some blue-chip protocols in its architecture🛠️ Image
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🧵 Setting yourself up for success in #crypto. CT would have you believe everyone is a millionaire all in on up only low caps. This is far from the truth - most are #ngmi due to poor portfolio management. Here's some tips.

#DeFi #Ethereum #Avalanche #Cronos #Metis #Cosmos 1/13
🖊️ Plan your strategy, and stick to it. This will depend on your starting bankroll, e.g. smaller size may need to take more risk, larger size can be more conservative. Learn risk management and your risk appetite. Broadly stick to your plan and stay in the game. 2/13
📓 Record and track everything (examples below). When executing your plan record data and notes. Of course you can flex the plan when you see certain things are working and other aren't. You do need to be adaptable in #cryptomarkets but don't mindlessly jump around. 3/13
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🧵 Thread on @aerariumfi, another innovative upcoming launch on #Metis based around fractional ownership or the protocol or Treasury-as-a-Service (TaaS). It takes the #node concept (which I strongly dislike) and innovates to make it sustainable (which I like). 1/17
Their #node alternatives are called fractals. Like #nodes you buy fractals using the native $AERA token. 1 fractal costs 10 $AERA. The base reward rate is 0.1 $AERA per 100k blocks on the #Metis network (roughly one day). Fractals will be tradable as #NFTs in due course. 2/17
However, unlike typical #node projects the total supply of both $AERA and fractals are finite. The objective is that by buying a fractal you are buying a fair representative fraction of the protocol, and sharing fairly in rewards/dividends from the protocol. 3/17
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🧵 @bulmafi $BULMA is an extremely interesting project on #Metis. A decentralized marketplace for creating, trading and managing vouchers: Semi-Fungible Tokens that represent financial rights. This project deserves some attention and a thread of it's own! 1/16
The vouchers are a novel asset class that can be used for a number of things:

* Fundraising
* Community-building
* Liquidity bootstrapping
* Treasury diversification
* Risk mitigation

But what are these vouchers and how do they work? 2/16
They are financial #NFTs based on the EIP 3525 Semi-Fungible Token Standard. $BULMA is based on @SolvProtocol which is building a similar voucher marketplace on #Ethereum #BSC and #Polygon. The $BULMA dev is in discussions with the $SOLV team! 3/16
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🧵 I have a sneaky feeling #TitanoForks are going to kickstart a micro cap frenzy on #METIS.

They’re ultra degen and I doubt they are sustainable. So I look at ones that are building with a longer term strategy/utility to optimize my odds.

Here are three to look at. 1/6
There’s @ares_finance $ARES that are building out a launchpad and #NFT and #Node layers on top of their base level #TITANOfork. The dev is very hard working and ships fast. Sub 500k market cap. 2/6
Then @gaia_fianance $GAIA. Hard working team also with interesting concepts around #NFT and $GNODES ideas. Docs state that they want to build a sustainable #DeFi product beyond their #TITANOfork. Let’s see. Also sub 500k market cap.… 3/6
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🧵 Snapshot of the @MetisDAO ecosystem. Digging deep into #METIS and like what I see. It's in it's formative stages but very promising. Here's some projects I'm exploring, broken down by category. Will be covering some of these in more detail in the coming weeks. $METIS 1/9
If you want to learn more about $METIS itself there's plenty of great threads out there breaking it down. I recommend this thread by @Plebonacci which gives some excellent detail. Now read on for the ecosystem plays!

♻️ DEX options:

Tethys @tethysfinance $TETHYS
Netswap @netswapofficial $NETT
Hermes @MaiaDAOMetis $HERMES

I've been using Tethys and Hermes which have both been a great experience to date. Pretty typical experience, just fast and with low fees. 3/9
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #11 ✨🚀

(1/15) Hello! Another busy week for #L222 #Layer2 #Ethereum. Let's dive in! 🧵👇
(2/15) Growth of the #Layer2 #Ethereum ecosystem will drive ETH to new heights! Check out this thread by @RyanBerckmans for more on L2s and ETH economics:
(3/15) We were treated to a 🔥 educational thread this week by @pythontony on how he technology behind zk proofs works:
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$METIS #METIS 🔥 Thread

✅Metis is fully functional Layer 2 Rollup platform
easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost Image
✅Metis🔥 is solving the biggest $ETH’s issues
Below 👇 is an illustration ETH L1 alone+ $Metis L2 Image
✅Metis Roadmap Image
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$METIS 101: The L2 that solves #ETH's problems

ETH is slow af, expensive af and cant scale

A layer 2 is a framework that helps the base layer (known as L1) scale. This is done by taking the transactions off the L1

🧵👇 ( A thread | 1/22)
2. The Scalability trilemma that all blockchains face is that they can only choose 2 out of 3: scalability, decentralization and security.

L2s are a solution that aims at making non scalable chains like #ETH scalable.
3. #METIS is building an easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost, and fully functional Layer 2 framework (Metis Rollup) to fully support the application and business migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
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@MetisDAO: who are they, what is it, and why should you care? Read on for my first 🧵 on the $metis ecosystem

As a reminder, this series is meant to be a concise, practical primer for new investors to the metis space.

#metis is an Ethereum L2 using optimistic rollups. That means that some L1 computations happens in the L2 layer instead. Once L2 finishes, the results are rolled back up and sent back to the L1 layer for verification.

The result? Metis inherits the security benefits of ETH (better than some L1s like FTM and ONE) at a fraction of the cost and speed.

Seriously, $metis transactions are confirmed in ~1.6 seconds on average!

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(1/14) Your weekly thread on #l222 is here! The #Ethereum #Layer2 space is growing at a breakneck speed, so you'll find that my threads will focus on educational materials and protocol updates primarily, to provide the best signal to noise ratio. Here we go! 🧵👇
(2/14) @BanklessHQ killing it with the #Layer2 content! Want to read more about the coming Layer 2 token landscape, from token economics to how L2 tokens could affect the price of #Ethereum? Check out the writeup here:
(3/14) Huge news for @ImmutableX and #GameStop this week! @GameStop will be launching an #NFT marketplace using ImmutableX. This has some amazing potential for pioneering in-game NFTs. Can't wait to see how it shakes out. Read more here:…
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Thread on MetisDAO

Imagine Ethereum, with their biggest challeges solved. Let's talk about @MetisDAO.

This 🧵, will cover the fundamentals, technology and more importantly the roadmap of #MetisDAO into 2022.
Resource Guide:

If you don't already have a brief understanding of #Metis DAO, I recommend reading this thread:…

1. A Brief Recap Of 2021.

#Metis Testnet was launched in September followed by November #Andromeda Mainnet.

Andromeda grew to over $500 million TVL in the first 8 weeks. They have attracted 75 ecosystem partners already.
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身為你們的小農,最近行情不好,個人持有高比例的穩定幣倉位,放在錢包感覺太可惜,整理出一些平台可以利用穩定幣白嫖 ( APR 15 ~ 40% ),不過不能忽視協議存在漏洞風險,這邊僅作分享,不構成投資建議,建議只去鎖倉量前幾名的平台,DYOR,有疏漏的歡迎補充。
PS : 涉及 $MIM 超額抵押穩定幣、由 QiDAO 推出的美元穩定幣 $MAI ,目前來說收益相對高,不過個人對於背後的機制沒有研究太多,個人只選主流穩定幣。
USDC-TUSD ( 17% )
USDT、DAI、USDC ( 穩定幣借穩定幣,槓桿可至 4-5 倍 ,20-30 % )
USDC ( 3, 3 賺 WEVE )
fUSDT-USDC ( 28% )
DAI-USDC ( 20% )
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@MetisDAO: A Diamond in the Rough of #ethereum L2s

🧵 #Metis / $Metis
1/ @MetisDAO is an extremely ambitious project that seeks to build a $ETH L2 with EVM Equivalence and higher decentralization than other L2s
2/ @MetisDAO started as a hard fork of @optimismPBC

Andromeda, the L2 mainnet, was implemented in Mid November, and is very impressive relative to other L2s by using parallel sequencers that allow for infinite scalability (theortically) unlike other optimistic roll ups
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So on wikitree, I finally figured out how to do the relationship finder thing, good god, it shows how truly stupid that judge and Leroux has to be, and it also shows they totally went out of their way to make it 14 generations, LOL .. My unknown Mi'kmaq grandmother who was
married to Philippe Mius d'Entremont was my 8th GG, my mom's 7th, my nans 6th, and my great nan's Evangeline Mius' 5th. Her dad was born in 1862, Tranquille Mius, that was his 4th Grandmother. Who was there to tell her she was a #raceshifter when telling my nan about our Mi'kmaw
heritage/descendency @DarrylLeroux .. When you have me on your race shifting page as being 14 generations, I have all my papers proving this lineage too asshat. lol .. Wanna keep saying I only have 1 native ancestor, 300 yrs ago, lol .. My 7th great grandfather who is the son
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