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for that first iteration of the code, simple don't mean shortcut:

simple != easy
simple != hacky
simple != rushed
simple != poorly written

even the first cut, MVP, needs to be changeable, testable, clear, expressive, etc

#TDD #technicalDebt #refactoring
the "make it work" part (K.Beck) always gets mistaken to mean, hack at the code, squeeze, force-fit, finagle, the easiest and quickest thing that'll get the managers, customers, users off our back.

but we just end up on the wrong side of karma

it just adds high interest technical debt, and need to refactor out:

- initial understanding, with deeper insight into the feature
- tightly coupled, low cohesion, incoherent, viscous, rigid, fragile, immobile code


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sometimes the kind of refactoring that clears the way for easier extension, is not a refactoring toward this or that design pattern, but a refactoring to support a deeper conceptual understanding of a functional use case/ user scenario

#conceptualContours #ddDesign
oh you refactor refactor 😅
study and understand a user scenario or business process; then model and design their concepts

think of principles like high cohesion and low coupling, but in terms of concepts first, then classes and code mechanisms

#ddDesign #softwareDesign
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I'm only halfway through Bertrand Meyer's 2014 book, "Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly", but it's already proven its worth as a lucid, unrestrained appraisal of #Agile principles and methodologies. Here are a few passages that resonated with me...
"#XP's insistence that [pair programming] should be the absolute rule [...] makes little sense conceptually, as it neglects the role of programmer personality (some excellent developers like to concentrate alone and will resent having to be paired) [...]"
"Starting any significant software project (anything beyond a couple of months and a couple of developers) without taking the time to write some basic document defining core requirements is professional malpractice."
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