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BREAKING: A federal judge has denied a preliminary injunction to police unions who were challenging the repeal of #CRL50a, a dangerous law that kept the misconduct of police officers in NY shrouded in secrecy.
LDF joined a coalition in filing an amicus brief in the case defending the repeal of #CRL50a. 50a shields police officers who engage in misconduct from public exposure and only emboldens officers to act with impunity. #repeal50a…
"Having failed before the state legislature, the motion for a preliminary injunction was another attempt by police unions to ignore New Yorkers’ rightful demand for greater police transparency by trying to roll back the historic repeal of 50a." --@JLee_LDF…
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CRL 50-a is an affront to the memories of Eric Garner, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor & other victims of police violence.

NOW is the time to call for police transparency. The families who've lost loved ones are leading the charge for a full repeal:
Our communities have struggled long enough for police transparency. NY legislators must act boldly by repealing 50-a to ensure officers who engage in misconduct, including police violence, are held accountable.

NY residents, join the effort to #Repeal50a: Image
For more information about why a full repeal of Police Secrecy Law 50-a is necessary, watch or read LDF Policy Counsel @KaturahTopps' testimony before the New York State Senate.…
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Last night, I joined 1000s of LGBTQ+ comrades & allies at Stonewall to march for #BlackLivesMatter.

That march ended for me at Union Square with cops using violent force to arrest us. I filmed this just b4 this cop & his buddy threw me to the ground & dragged me. #NYCPROTESTS
I was released by 8 am today, and I'm sore but fine. That's due to my privilege as a white-passing POC (which also carries the responsibility to put my body b/w my Black comrades & the cops). I don't usually do this, but I want to share some things I saw- a thread. #nycprotests
1/ By 8:15 the cops were using batons & violent force on LGBTQ+ & POC protesters by the West Side Hwy. @MartiGCummings was arrested here & I was later in a cell w/ a woman that came from the hospital b/c a cop tackled her from behind & slammed her head into the curb. #NYCPROTESTS
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(hella long) THREAD on #bailreform & #PoliceViolence
Here’s the deal: last year NY passed bail reform legislation that mandated pretrial freedom for 90% of folks going through the system. It was a huge win for black people, poor people & the movement to end pretrial jailing.
It also SIGNIFICANTLY checked the power of law enforcement to use pretrial jailing as a tool to terrorize black NYers. The reforms meant that tens of thousands of people now couldn’t be jailed and held hostage just based on an arrest.
Pretrial jailing is a direct extension of police power. The #ExoneratedFive, #KaliefBrowder, #LayleenPolanco are all examples of black people who suffered horrible violence and tremendous consequences from being locked up pretrial as a result of racist cops & racist arrests.
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Today the NYPD Police Commissioner praised his employees for their abuse and violence against protestors without reservation. He’s not even pretending to “serve and protect.” To him it’s “us versus them.” This is one of the most dangerous people in America:
Some things to do. Aaron has detailed how much in contributions NY *Democtratic* politicians have taken from cops. Thread includes a detailed spreadsheet & Twitter handles of them all. Call on them to donate the contributions to bail funds. #NoCopMoney
NY has most restrictive police transparency law in country. “Civil Rights Law 50-a.” Call on Democrats— @NYGovCuomo + @NYSenDems + @nydems — in control of both state houses and the Governor’s office to #repeal50a today. They could if they wanted to.
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It looks like @NYGovCuomo is trying to move from the nation’s COVID-19 savior to a national voice for “police reforms.” Before he starts going on national TV to promote his bullshit platform, I’d like to remind folks who the Governor really is. THREAD. 1/
In 2016, The NY Times found a “scourge of racial bias” in NYS Prisons. Black People were placed in solitary confinement and denied parole release more than their white counterparts. Cuomo ordered an investigation that no one has heard about since.… 2/
In 2017, @NYGovCuomo vetoed, for the 2nd time, a bill to reform NY’s gravity knife law. Cops arrested almost exclusively people of color for what often amounted to knives used in construction jobs. Under pressure, Cuomo finally signed the bill in 2019.… 3/
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This is the most anxious time for our city & country I can remember. Some thoughts on what we must do together & what I am committing to incl:

-Start from listening to Black ppl
-Deescalate the police
-NYPD hiring freeze #NYCBudgetJustice…
The starting place for this moment, in general, but especially for white people, is to listen as honestly as we can to Black people about the anger and pain they are feeling, and the system of white supremacy and systemic racism it reflects.
The police have to deescalate. In NYC & elsewhere, we've seen officers violently shoving people, indiscriminately spraying pepper-spray, in one case removing a man’s mask before spraying him, and even police violently driving their cars into a crowd
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I represented the man who this ex-NYPD detective lied into a violent felony indictment. Michael Bergman completely fabricated a fake crime out of spite. If convicted, would’ve faced minimum 3.5 years in prison. Max 15. Today, the liar only got…
I remember first meeting Mr. Barbosa. In interview cells attached to the cage behind the arraignment courtroom in Brooklyn criminal court. Like everyone I represent I don’t get to choose. I just happened to be working that day, & a file with his name & charges was handed to me.
The charges were serious. Detective Bergman claimed that after stopping Mr. Barbosa’s car, he accelerated backwards at a high rate of speed, then turned the car toward the Detective. Was right in between headlines. And slammed on gas. Bergman dove out of the way to save his life.
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A cop said Pedro Barbosa tried to run him over w/ a car. Faced 15 years. But it was a lie. Investigators from @BklynDefender got video proving the cop fabricated the charge. They saved his life. Mr. Barbosa now free. Officer pled guilty to perjury & fired.…
Watch & compare w/ Michael Bergman’s perjured testimony: "Barbosa turned the car into reverse, floored it, then put it in drive, turned vehicle towards me to the point where I was in between his headlights, & if I didn’t jump out of the way, I wouldve been under his vehicle."
I represented Mr. Barbosa. I remember well when I first met him in court within a day of his arrest. Adamant that he was innocent, but terrified. Who would believe him over the officers? Praying there was video surveillance. “I really thought it was going to be over for me."
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READ THIS: So-called “progressive” NY is 1 of 2 states w/ a law that entirely blocks the public, defense attorneys, defendants, press, & prosecutors from seeing disciplinary histories of police officers. The law is called “Civil Rights Law 50-a.” Join us in calling to #Repeal50a.
In practice: Only way to get cop records is “Gissendanner” motion (named after a case). Step 1: Defendant must show likelihood that records will yield “material & relevant” info. If so, judge reviews records in private. Step 2: Judge determines what’s actually material/relevant.
Major issues: Defense flying in dark. We have to put forward as much misconduct as we know to carry our burden just to get judge to review. And even then, can take months bc judge has to review all records, which can be tens of thousands pages and disciplinary hearing recordings.
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Cops slammed Chris Parhams head onto a sidewalk. Gave him a concussion. Tased him. Dragged him back by his cuffed arms into police car. Witnesses, cell phones, security cameras. Still: NYPD cleared the cops of wrongdoing. A new era of accountability…
Here’s a video of what the officers—with histories of civil rights violations—did to Chris Parham after he parked his delivery bike & walked into the store to purchase items.
As Executive Director of @BklynDefender & NY Council member @CMReynoso34 make clear: “Parham’s experience with law enforcement is not unique, and residents of New York City are not strangers to officers with problematic histories patrolling their streets.”
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This cop threw 11 y/o to the sidewalk. Put her in a banned chokehold. Lied about it under oath. NYPD shut down investigation. No consequences. He’s now patrolling Yankee stadium. Making $163k/yr while posting racist & Islamaphobic content online. Your…
NYPD’s ludicrous defense of extreme violence on a child: “The department found the officer’s use of force was appropriate given the girl’s attempts to evade custody and determined his statement under oath describing the incident did not constitute a ‘false official statement.’”
Other outrage: NY law protects discipline records (least transparent in country). Took 3 yrs to unearth this. “NY residents have almost no way of finding out which officers patrolling streets have been accused of serious wrongdoing & whether they received punishment as a result.”
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