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#Defundthepolice. Its a phrase that is controversial. Lets examine it's merits. 1st lets look at a scenario that I'm going to pull out of thin air:
A young man from the lower socioeconomic class graduates from high school.
He doesn't have money for college or trade school, so he gets a low skilled job paying minimum wage. That minimum wage isn't enough to live on, so he gets another low wage job (#fightfor15). Living on the bottom rung of the "hard knock life" like this is hard on a person.
How many people can make it working 80 plus hours a week for peanuts? So, eventually he hits some more tough times, as is life, he gets fired from one of his jobs (right to work), or he is arrested for Marijuana use (#legalize_it),
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(hella long) THREAD on #bailreform & #PoliceViolence
Here’s the deal: last year NY passed bail reform legislation that mandated pretrial freedom for 90% of folks going through the system. It was a huge win for black people, poor people & the movement to end pretrial jailing.
It also SIGNIFICANTLY checked the power of law enforcement to use pretrial jailing as a tool to terrorize black NYers. The reforms meant that tens of thousands of people now couldn’t be jailed and held hostage just based on an arrest.
Pretrial jailing is a direct extension of police power. The #ExoneratedFive, #KaliefBrowder, #LayleenPolanco are all examples of black people who suffered horrible violence and tremendous consequences from being locked up pretrial as a result of racist cops & racist arrests.
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#America u are the #virus: A Brief History

all #biden will do is put a band aid on it. u love illusions more than real work. u elected a broke-ass reality star for own ur destruction. u ran #howarddean off bcuz of an emotion. u cheated #algore out of a presidency. u let #bush
lie to u into a fake war. u doubled down and elected him again. u so racist u stalled till #obama left to appoint judges. u are so sexist and hateful that u didn't care #hillary was telling the truth. u are so hateful and fearful u let children die in cages. u are so stupid.
u are so sexist u refused to nominate a woman #warren AGAIN. u are so racist u forced the ONE person #harris that scared him into dropping out. u rather protect businesses instead of people. u are now betting on a walking, talking, forgetful disaster #biden against a REAL monster
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The real agenda of the @NYPost, prosecutors, and law enforcement has finally been revealed (they have been acting in lockstep)....and like I expected it is INCREDIBLY regressive #BailReform…
@nypost The real agenda is to ROLL BACK not just bail reform, but also the prohibition against pretrial incarceration based on dangerousness.

This prohibition has been in effect in #NewYork since 1971 (when I still lived there)…
@nypost This was never about their problems with bail reform, they saw this as an opportunity to throw away protections against the presumption of innocence using scare tactics and misleading anecdotes
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TX Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht is now giving his state of the judiciary in the #txlege house.

He begins by talking about Harvey's effect on the courts.
He raises the high turnover of judges during the November election.

He said about 1/3 of appellate and county judges are new. 1/4 of trial judges are. #txlege
And of course, Hecht is now talking about #bailreform.

He mentions, like in 2017, the surge of people sitting in jail who have not been convicted (75%), and nearly the $1B a year it takes to keep them in there. #txlege
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CALL TO ACTION - Help us hold the San Diego County District Attorney, Summer Stephan, accountable on her promise to support bail reform. During the campaign, Ms. Stephan pledged to support #bailreform. Now, it appears she is already walking back her promise to voters.
Currently a bill on bail reform (SB-10) is being voted on in Sacramento. Recently, The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, led by DA Summer Stephan, switched their official opinion on this bill from “supporter” to “opposition”. (See attached photo).
We are calling on you all to help us hold her accountable by tweeting, e-mailing, and/or calling her office today and asking her to reverse her decision. We are asking her to keep her promise to the voters and residents of San Diego County, and support bail reform today.
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Some have expressed outrage this week on how Democrats handled the sexual harassment charges against two of its leaders:
“Dems didn’t call for ousting quick enough!”
“Called for ousting too quickly!”
“It was a GOP hit job!”
“Oust the women, that ousted the man!” (Really?) /1
Some of you have gone as far as saying:
‘We’re going to join a 3rd party!” or “We need a 3rd Party to unite the Nation.” /2
So here is a thread about our Country’s history with 3rd Parties and why forming a 3rd Party to unite us wont help as much as demanding policy that dismantles inequality, institutionalized racism and misogyny /3
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