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Are you ready for an early #Halloween story? Turn on your pumpkin lanterns, because the ghosts of our spacecraft past have a story to tell… 💀🛰👻🎃🤖☄️🕯 #RosettaLegacy #TrickOrTreat #MysteryStory
After years of detective work by #Rosetta & #Philae teams, the lander’s “missing” second touchdown site has been identified on #comet #67P, in a location that resembles the shape of a skull! 🔎💀😮 #RosettaLegacy
Full story👉…
Philae left its imprint in billions-of-years-old ice, revealing that the comet’s icy interior is softer than #cappuccino froth or the foam in a bubble bath or on top of waves at the seashore ☕️🛁🌊#RosettaLegacy (photo courtesy @AstroEmz) Image
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[L’étude à découvrir] 17/09/2019 > De la #cytosine formée dans la glace des poussières occupant les régions froides de la nébuleuse protosolaire via #TheAstrophysicalJournalLetters #LaMethSci
.@gregoiredanger > En 1953, Miller a simulé ce qui aurait pu se passer dans l'atmosphère primitive. On est là à l'origine de la chimie prébiotique #LaMethSci
P Poinot > il ne suffit pas d'avoir les éléments de la vie, pris indépendamment les uns des autres, pour former la vie. Il faut des conditions favorables réunies aussi et surtout #LaMethSci
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A lot has been happening in #space recently: @SpaceXStarlink project, the @SpaceForceDoD, people afraid about Kessler effect etc I decided to document myself and it does play a lot in my usual theme of #datasphere and its #decentralization. Thread to read !
the following article, In French, prompted my research. There are actually spying activities in space between nations/companies. Satellites get close to one another and listen in.…
Interesting ! A lot is happening up there we don't really think about.
There are about 2000 active satellites around earth, most in #lowearthorbit (below 2000km) and a fair share in #geostationary (36000 km). But space is much more crowded than that (lot of debris). This map shows you many objects and their orbit…
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C'est parti pour #IDI sur @RTenfrancais.

Suivez le direct :

Suivez le live-tweet ⬇️ Image
@RTenfrancais On ne sait pas de quelle manière va se traduire l'état d'esprit public après l'éclatement du champ politique en 2017, le mouvement des #GiletsJaunes et, désormais, l'irruption de la lutte contre la réforme des retraites. #IDI
@RTenfrancais Rarement une présidence avait manifesté autant de mépris contre le peuple. Monsieur #Macron est celui qui a dit qu'il y avait dans les gares des gens qui n'étaient rien. Même la droite ne parlait pas comme ça. #IDI
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#OTD in 2005, @esa's Huygens probe descended to the surface of Titan as part of the @CassiniSaturn mission.

I wasn't working for ESA at the time, but happily took part in an inadvertent experiment in public engagement that took place that day.

@esa @CassiniSaturn IIRC, as imaging data arrived back from Saturn, they were transferred from @esaoperations to the DISR camera team at @uarizona via ftp.

The ftp account was public & unpassworded, & details of its existence leaked on to the internet.

@esa @CassiniSaturn @esaoperations @uarizona Like many, I went on to the ftp account & downloaded images as they arrived. They were raw & uncalibrated as below, & Huygens was spinning, so it wasn't clear (at least to my untrained eye) that they were showing valleys, channels, & flood plains.

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Hi everyone! :) I'm Ute (pronounced like “Oohter” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Equivalents are Audrey in English, Aude/Odette in French), and first of all I would like to thank @Taraustralis for the privilege of letting me host “People of Space” this week!
@Taraustralis Another special thank you goes to my direct predecessors, @marmatheghost and @martinesrymd, for their great contributions! Both have inspired some of the things I intend to talk about over the next 7 days.
@Taraustralis @MarmaTheGhost @martinesrymd Tara created @people_of_space so people from all walks of life could talk about their passion to a larger audience. Her intention will in fact also be this week’s motto: “Space is for Everyone”.
Welcome aboard; enjoy the ride! :)
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By this time in two weeks I will be a guest on the Weekly Space Hangout as a guest thanks to the @wshcrew who invited me…
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I am really honoured and I want to tell my story as it relates to space journalism. It all started in 2012 with my obsession with bi-lobed comets and how I thought they came about. Especially in regards to comet 103P Hartley 2 pictured right.
My obsession shifted to the Flagship class mission #Rosetta going to #67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. I was led to the Rosetta Blog,
where many theories came up in the blog comment threads - Especially comments from @scute1133 regarding "stretch theory"
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