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a #saida few-tweets au || eng
semi 🔞

Wherein Dahyun, a well-known singer and songwriter, was interviewed about her new song "please me". Image
an. I am fully aware that the song please me is not by Dahyun and that I was only using it as inspiration.
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somewhere only we know
— a #saida au!

solace montero, also known as the university's playgirl, tends to hit up on danielle kendro.

everything's going well, not until solace found out that tara cabello likes danielle. ImageImageImageImage
this story is inspired by this song :D…
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only look at me
— a #saida au!

being in the last year of college, dahyun seems to worry about nothing.

not until she found out that sana cabrera, the person who ghosted her, would be her professor for the whole school year.
please read.
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📍AU (One Shot)

Where Dahyun gave Sana her varsity jacket and they weren’t able to introduce themselves to each other properly, so Sana took the liberty to search for her.
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#SAIDA AU: To Catch a Dream ImageImage
Chapter One: I had a pretty good dream.…
Chapter Two: Yes, you are weird.…
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Where Skye Mendoza will be attending their high school reunion, but she didn’t know that her ex, Dash Gabrielle Dizon went back to the Philippines to attend the same event. Perhaps, went back for her? ImageImageImageImage
Skye Mendoza

- Photographer
- Known as ‘Skye high’ because of her photography skills
- Helpful super ImageImage
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قطع عدد من المحتجّين #الطرقات صباح اليوم الإثنين، في #بيروت و #صيدا و #طرابلس، بعد دعواتٍ انتشرت أمس الأحد على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي تندّد بالوضع المعيشي الراهن، لا سيّما الشقّ الطبّي واستمرار تدهور #سعر_صرف الليرة.
#الطرقات_المقطوعة #لبنان
وقد رمى المتظاهرون الزيت في الطريق عند تقاطع المدينة الرياضية في #بيروت لمنع مرور السيارات.
Protesters blocked roads on Monday morning in #Beirut, #Saida and #Tripoli, after calls went out on social media Sunday, denouncing current living conditions, particularly the medical aspect and the continuous deterioration of the currency #exchangerate.
#Roadblock #Lebanon
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#SAIDA AU: Your Kids ‘Plus One’ Love Me [Book 2]

"Dahyun! Wake up!"
"Where is he?"
"Do I look like someone who kidnaps her own child?"
"I'm serious."
"Maybe he went to the bathroom. Let me slee—"
"Well, then explain it to me. How will a three-month-old baby do that?" ImageImageImageImage
It’s not over until it’s over 😗 ImageImageImageImage
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Patchwork - a #saida oneshot

"So, this is how it ends, huh?" Sana asked, eyes shut, unable to look at Dahyun.

"We gave it our best, didn't we?"

Sana nodded. ImageImageImage
"...You left a mark. I wear it proudly on my chest, above my heart, to remind me that I feel the best when I'm with you..."

-Droplets by Colbie Caillat ft. Jason Reeves.

Give the song a listen. It may or may not have anything to do with plot. 🙂 Image
Quick note: will be posting this little thing tomorrow. It'll still be #AprilFoolsDay in California and #saida day so technically I'm not late hehe ☺ Anyhoo, I got work in the morning and it's almost 12:30AM. See ya! 😉 I'll keep it short this time.

Place your bets:
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A #Michaeng #Saida #Sachaeng English R18 AU

Where would Mina's feelings for her boss bring them to?

A flirty business. ImageImageImageImage
I'll start when this reaches 50 likes so I can have some time for preparations. Thank you in advance☺️
LOL so I wasn't aware that this had already reached more than 50 likes. I apologize for those who were waiting or anticipating for this au to start. So after the long wait — here it is!
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Millions of #Lebanon’s residents are at risk of going hungry due to #COVID_19 lockdown measures unless the government urgently puts in place a robust, coordinated plan to provide assistance. Latest from @hrw:…
On April 1, govt announced it would distribute 400,000 LBP ($150) to the poorest families, but offered few details. A week earlier, it had pledged 75 billion LBP ($50,000) for nutrition + sanitary assistance, w/out any details - unclear whether both refer to the same assistance.
But almost a month after the #Lebanon government announced the lockdown, and despite repeated pledges to provide aid, activists providing aid to needy families in #Beirut, #Saida, #Tripoli, and #Zgharta told @hrw that no aid has materialized.
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『 THERE’S THIS GIRL ; #saida au 』

sana is a student council officer.
dahyun is a reckless student.
sana likes dahyun.
are you seeing
the problem?
[[ this au consists/mentions of other idols from other groups (twice, blackpink, loona, red velvet, gfriend, mamamoo, izone, and iu) so some of the other twice members might not get as much spotlight than expected ]]
[ side ships: 2yeon, jensoo, chuuves, seulrene ]
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+Office+ #SaiDa

Frustration coated the entire meeting room as she fled the scene in hopes for the headache to begone at this instant.

As the CEO, she couldn't control the mixed emotions bottled in her chest, which made everyone in the room to keep themselves mummed as possible.
The scenario begins with an argument between two co-workers leading up to the CEO herself to add on the feud. Of course, it was her right to stand up and discipline those who do not abide the requirements of their biggest project.

It's been a long workday and Dahyun dislikes the
project being wasted every millisecond all because of a ridiculous argument to impress her.

Everyone seems to bombarded the whiteboard with unoriginal ideas. She wasn't impressed at their overall performance. No one has yet executed their work to a proficient level.

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#saida oneshot

"I don't think she's coming..."

"We should wait. You don't know that for sure."
"Momo, I don't want to spend tonight waiting for her-- for another one your 'friends' who's supposedly 'the one' for me," Sana groaned, rolling her eyes at the friend that sat across from her.

"Come on, name one other time this has happened."

"Okay, don't answer that," Momo quickly cut her off. "This one will be here. She'll be here. I promise. Scout's honor!"

Sana furrowed her brows. "You were never a girl scout!"
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Dahyun has already figured out her senior year — do well in academics, spend time with her friends, and do things that she has never done before. But things won't go exactly as planned when she wakes up half naked next to the school's star quarterback, Sana. #SaiDa #SaiDaAU
Seeing this as an opportunity to get revenge on her ex, Sana drags Dahyun into her world, surprising everyone when she claimed they are dating. With Sana suddenly crashing into her life, Dahyun has to play this year well and survive!

Will a 'pretend' turn into something else?
What's up, my peoples! #GuideToTheInfiniteYear

1. This is not a social media AU hahaha! But we'll use this thread for the updates!
2. We'll include (xxx) or "song cues" where you can play the music for that entire scene. Interactive AF!
3. Updates both on AFF and AO3! Woot!
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21 Q's 👾
[SaiDa AU]

Twice disbanding wasn't the only big news as Sana and Dahyun admitted to have been dating all along. As a welcome treat to the fans, they share their story through 21 Questions. #SaiDa

(SSs taken from Vlive x Onsen. I do not own them)
1. Don't reply.
2. I'm not sure if someone made something like this already but the content is just soooo tempting.
3. Retweet. Share the love.
4. This is going to be short. @lizuh98 Look, ma! My first AU!
1. It's a long time coming.
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Wow! I am watching @almanarnews discussing the parliamentary elections and they have shown videos in some voting locations of #Hariri men distributing money to voters waiting to vote. #lebanonelections2018
However, preliminary indications are that the candidate challenging #Hariri in his home turf #Saida, Ousama Saad, will be elected.
Polls will close in 4' in #Lebanon, the access to vote has been slow, news anchors are calling on voters to enter voting locations, even if it means they will be packed to earn the right to vote after 7 p.m. local because there will be no extension. #lebanonelections2018
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