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1⃣ Heroes of #Libya 🇱🇾

The straggle against #Italian 🇮🇹 Fascism,

the use of religion as tool,

the Heroes that defy human pain to give their fellow humans


a thread
2⃣ ʿOmar al-Mukhṭār Muḥammad bin Farḥāṭ al-Manifī

(Arabic: عُمَر الْمُخْتَار مُحَمَّد بِن فَرْحَات الْمَنِفِي;

20 August 1858– 16 September 1931),

called The Lion of the Desert,

known among the colonial Italians as Matari of the Mnifa,
3⃣ was the leader of native resistance in Cyrenaica,

currently Eastern #Libya Libya under the Senussids,

against the #Italian🇮🇹 colonization of #Libya 🇱🇾.

Color: Cynical, first ever.
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Protests against #Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) erupt in the cities of #Tripoli and #Misrata over living conditions and corruption, according to videos being shared by activists.…
Watch: Hundreds of Libyan demonstrators in #Tripoli are marching toward the Government of National Accord (#GNA) prime minister's headquarters, chanting that they “want the fall of the regime.”

Armed mercenaries open fire on Libyan protesters gathering in #Tripoli, according to Al Arabiya sources, amid demonstrations in Tripoli and #Misrata against #Libya's Government of National Accord.…
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A joint aeronautical exercise between #Greece & #UAE will take place from Monday in the south, west & east of #Crete island, even in areas of the illegal #Turkey-#Libya (#Tripoli) memorandum (between the red lines).

#Egypt-Greece EEZ agreement (between the green lines).
The #UAE will participate with 4 F-16s Block 60 & their pilots along with Greek frigates & F-16s Block 52+, will carry out joint scenarios that will last several days, while a joint exercise between #Greece and #Egypt is also planned.
The aim of both General Staffs is to promote the level of joint operational readiness, the common perception of a fighting spirit and cooperation between the two countries.
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#THREAD #RANT on #Turkey foreign policy

Another article (not surprisingly on Al Jazeera) trying to convince us that #Ankara is the victim and Turkish foreign policy is on the defence. The approach is superficial at best and ignores a number of facts >>…
That Turkey unofficially abandoned regime change in #Syria is not the point: same author, in 2013 Hinnebusch & Tur book wrote "Turkey saw an opportunity to bring abt regime change in Damascus at Iran's was a matter of geopolitical competition between Ankara & Tehran"
Regime change was an unprecedented policy for Ankara to adopt & a revisionist one; by the author's admission, for the purpose of regional power. 4 interventions later it's inaccurate to say that "Turkey's ability to influence the course of the conflict was reduced to a minimum"
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#Libya #Italy. Aug 5th, 2020, #GNA's OFF ST: training of Libyan military students in Italy's military colleges established as Italy's DM #Guerini visits #Tripoli. File of mines in the Capital and return of the Italian Companies to Libya also discussed.…
#Libya #Italy. Aug 5, 2020: Italian medical facilities in #Misrata to be "moved to a more serviceable area"; Ly military cadets to train in Italy; joint committee for military cooperation might be established, It DM's OFF ST about visit to #Tripoli reads.…
#Libya #Italy. Aug 18th, 2020: Italian press still holding Italian medical facilities in #Misrata moving as a yielding to #Turkey. Particularly, suspects have rised as DM didn't explained in which sense facilities will move to a "more serviceable area".…
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⬇️Thread. Ref @ClaudiaGazzini quote. In reality, HOR/LNA has no issue with revenue sharing but w/ plundering of CBL by #Turkey-backed militias. LNA twice freed the oil crescent from militias and handed its control to #Libya's NOC @mck_beth @patrickwintour…
1) 2016: Jadhran who for years controlled the terminals and blocked exports was forced out by the LNA.
2018: Jadhran (terror org Benghazi Defense Brigades loyal to S. Ghariani who is banned from UK+Istanbul based) attack Ras Lanuf, LNA recaptures.#Libya…
2)▶️Background on BDP (Jamestown Foundation):
▶️On Ghariani UK ban (Guardian):
▶️On militia capture of #Tripoli+its institutions (SWP):
▶️On militias plundering #Libya's banks (MEE):
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San Marino Executive Aviation (SR Air Leasing Ltd) A300 T7-ASK 7/26/20 Ostend, Belgium-Misrata, Libya (2h 30m)-Antalya, Turkey
Probably a medical/coronavirus aid flight, there has been a few of them from Ostend to Libya ImageImage
C2D LLC's (Phoenix Air Group) N197PA 7/25/20 Malta-Tunis-Benghazi-Malta
N197PA made two flights to Misrata, Libya 7/27. Benghazi is controlled by Haftar/LNA and Misrata by UN backed LNA.
Phoenix is a US govt contractor & provides 'Ad Hoc airlift services'… ImageImageImageImage
Len Blavatnik's N761LE 7/29/20 London-Moscow
Blavatnik was in Hamptons 7/3-7/25. Roman Abramovich's LX-LUX in Hamptons 7/25-7/26. Abramovich socialized w/ Javanka. Trump Jr bought a house in Bridgehampton 2019. Trump Jr 'a lot of assets from Russia' 2008👇
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A new thread focusing on far-right subcultures and their ostentatious imagery among foreign armed actors involved in #Muslim-majority areas. One of the most notable examples is the so-called #Crusader subculture noted among U.S. Marines deployed in #Iraq and #Afghanistan.
A worrisome trend popular among a growing amount of U.S. armed troops is the intentional and ostentatious wear of anti-Muslim iconography and symbols with references to the Crusades and the Knights Templar. This has been noted by Foreign Policy (excerpt below) and others.
The "Pork Eating Crusader" patch mentioned above is one of the more popular patches used, referring to the prohibition of consuming pork in #Islam. The patch features both English as #Arabic, so there will be no confusion among the intended audience.
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It's architecture thread time! This time on Libyan seats of power and governance through the ages. Let's get into it:
The Parliament Hall in #Baida, seat of the first parliament in the MENA region, was constructed in 1964. Unlike other colonial buildings, its design is simple but powerful, reflecting a new political era. It was renovated in 2014 for use by the Constitution Drafting Assembly.
Before the unification of Libya, the Cyrenaica Parliament governed the Eastern province and operated out of this building in #Benghazi, also known as Palazzo Littorio and designed by Carlo Rossini in 1923. It was partially destroyed in WWII and eventually brought down.
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1. So according to this; diplomatic missions are operating from #Tunisia outside of #Tripoli because of #LNA operations!

Not because of the kidnapping of the #Jordanian ambassador?

neither the kidnapping of #Zeidan?

nor enabling militias extremists to take control of Tripoli?
2. Not even because Salah Badi destroyed #Tripoli International Airport?

Or, for example; because #Misurata's militia turned the capital into hell?

Not because of the lack of basic services in the capital of all Libyans?

Not because of the continuing violence inside Tripoli?
3. Not because you allowed the terrorists to pray for - the terrorist who give Bay'ah to #ISIS Wissam Bin Hamid - in the largest #Tripoli squares?
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Mother of all battles in #Libya is close.

Commenting on the visit of Turkish Defense Minister #HulusiAkar and his chief of staff to the #Tripoli Libya, the #Egypt military expert Major General Samir Ragheb said that the matter suggests that the battle in #Sirte is approaching.
Τhe mobility of Turkish C130 aircraft at airports controlled by the Tripoli regime, the installation of missile systems and radar, the transport of thousands of mercenaries, building military bases, foretell that it is expected a huge regional conflict.
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#Benghazi neurosurgery today: young man referred from al Marj after being in a motor vehicle accident and injured his neck and spine. Removal of vertebral bone (laminectomy) for pressure relief on the spinal cord. Of course motor vehicle accident 👇

#libya #بنغازي #ليبيا ImageImageImage
Traffic deaths and injuries are a major public health problem in #Libya. Bad cars & roads, recklessness, long dark roads and high ratio of cars have put Libya 🇱🇾 on top of the world when it comes to traffic injuries and deaths.


2/7 ImageImage
Motor vehicle accidents are #1 killer in Libya.

In 2018 in average 17 people died in Misurata each month due to traffic (175 deaths/10months, pop300k)


#ليبيا Image
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@MouradTeyeb A pertinent 2017 NYT piece on a #France-in-#Africa discussion:

“The Rwanda intervention is the most symbolic of the more than 50 FRENCH MILITARY INTERVENTIONS IN AFRICA”…#French forces are still involved in Africa…"

#Libya #Haftar #Libyaoil #oilandgas…
@MouradTeyeb Rwanda case: French history of “complicity” in Africa from Mitterrand>Macron: “#France was part of the planning, part of the conception & part of the execution of the genocide”

Another case of #French complicity is #Haftar in #Tripoli?

#Libya #Libyaoil…
@MouradTeyeb #Macron in #Libya: #Derna.
#KhalifaHaftar has received decisive assistance from #France in the form of a recon aircraft operated by CAE Aviation, a company which also works for the #French external Intel service”-#DGSE

#Haftar #Libyaoil #OilAndGas #ليبيا…
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#BREAKING Libya's UN-recognised unity government says it is back in full control of the capital Tripoli and its suburbs, after more than a year of fighting off an offensive by eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar
#UPDATE Libya's UN-recognised unity government said Thursday it was back in full control of the capital #Tripoli and its suburbs after more than a year of fighting off an offensive by strongman Khalifa #Haftar
#BREAKING Head of Libya unity govt says 'determined' to take over entire country from rival #Haftar
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Will we now notice an alleged “withdrawal” from all the #Libya “experts” who were biasedly supporting Hafter’s offensive on #Tripoli with poor analysis.
I say biased because they deny Russian, UAE, French, Egyptian, & Janjaweed presence but throw tantrums around Turkish presence.
Even with all the hard facts and proof of airborne, ground, military and personal support in documents, photos, videos, announcements...etc to them it’s all “fake”. Yet if they see a bottle of Turkish mineral water at one of the frontlines that to them is enough proof.
Their claim is that Hafter and his #LAAF are backed by the “democratically” elected HoR and his move is legitimate. That to me sounds like actually admitting you back all the war crimes he has committed for over a year in #Tripoli #Libya by shelling and displacing civilians.
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1) #Turkey and the USA seem to be getting closer over #Libya. Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has been on local channel NTV tonight, says 'We can't accept the support Russia gives to Haftar, we don’t believe this will support the political process in Libya..... Image
2) '...the US side on the other hand sees that Turkey's involvement in the Libya crisis brought a balance in the situation.' The US ambassador to Libya has also been on the phone to the leader of the UN-backed govt in Libya's capital, Tripoli.…
3) Amb pointedly mentions Russia but no one else by name when he talks of '..the urgent need to end the destabilizing flow of Russian and other foreign military equipment and mercenaries into Libya..' Trump and Erdoğan also talked Libya on phone today.…
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#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
1/The GNA has managed to break through defences and capture the Al-Watiya airbase...a major victory for them & probably means the LNA will no longer be able to seriously threaten Tripoli
#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
2/ few more pics from Al-Watiya airbase
#Libya #AlWatiya #Pantsir #GNA #LNA #Turkey
The GNA has reportedly captured a Pantsir AD system as well...although the below pic is pretty blurry...will update as more info becomes available
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#Thread loss of Watiya airbase. What it means for the LNA's presence in western #Libya & repercussions for its support base elsewhere. Also, what does this mean for the LNA's external backers? #Libya
1- Loss of al-Watiya airbase is the most strategic loss for the LNA since the start of its offensive back in April 2019. The base represented an important asset for the LNA operations in western #Libya for combat/supplies. LNA advisers/officers admit to that.
2- No doubt the loss of al-Watiya will hit the morale of LNA forces elsewhere. GNA taking al-Watiya means freeing up resources/forces for the southern #Tripoli suburbs. This will bring unprecedented pressure on LNA forces stationed there. Tarhuna becomes the next target. #Libya
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Why is a NATO ally harboring a terrorist identified among these 7 as involved in Benghazi attack + why is he sending terrorists into Libya to attack the #LNA? As you can see below the #LNA took out the other 6... @BenKTallmadge @2xwide_dreaming @CarrollQuigley1 @RevisitedRick
Also worth noting featured in a #FailingNewYorkTimes article discussing a HRW (S o r o s funded) just days before the attack.…
Look into it...

2012-09 Benghazi Attack ✅
2015-01 LNA☠️➡️Mohamed al-Zahawi✅
2015-01 LNA☠️➡️Abu Khalid al Madani✅
2015-11 LNA☠️➡️Abdul Qader al Najdi✅
2016-12 LNA☠️➡️Wissam Ben Hamid✅
2017-02 LNA☠️➡️Jalal Makhzum✅
2020-05 LNA☠️➡️Ziad Balam✅
2020 🧐🇹🇷🏠➡️Khalid Al-Sharif✅
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Deciphering the #Serraj vs #Kabir squabble.

1 must go back to May-Oct 2018, when both #UN & #US began exerting a pressure on the #CBL in #Tripoli.

At the time, an #LNA attack on the capital wasn't seen as imminent, nor was a #Hibri-#Kabir reunification considered a hot priority
Following #Haftar's Jun '18 #OilCresc blockade, #US (thru the #UN) helped #CBL devise a measure, which was implemented after the Aug-Sep '18 LoC battle in Tripoli.

An LoC #tax now made the de-facto conversion rate 3.9 dinars to 1 $.

$10k packages were introduced for households.
The #US-designed measure—rolled out by #Kabir in Oct ’18—was effectively a devaluation of the dinar w/ the added benefit of attracting banknotes back into the system.

The measure turned out to be a success.

It also reduced the amount of political controversy surrounding #Kabir
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Millions of #Lebanon’s residents are at risk of going hungry due to #COVID_19 lockdown measures unless the government urgently puts in place a robust, coordinated plan to provide assistance. Latest from @hrw:…
On April 1, govt announced it would distribute 400,000 LBP ($150) to the poorest families, but offered few details. A week earlier, it had pledged 75 billion LBP ($50,000) for nutrition + sanitary assistance, w/out any details - unclear whether both refer to the same assistance.
But almost a month after the #Lebanon government announced the lockdown, and despite repeated pledges to provide aid, activists providing aid to needy families in #Beirut, #Saida, #Tripoli, and #Zgharta told @hrw that no aid has materialized.
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Thread - #Turkey stepping up its drone operations in #Libya inflicting some heavy losses on the LNA. Yesterday, a cargo plane was destroyed with a Turkish UAV strike after it landed in #Tarhuna. Eastern authorities claimed the cargo was carrying medical/food supplies to #Tarhuna.
1- In coordination with GNA, #Turkey is launching a 3-stage operation in #Tripoli. 1- cut-off LNA supply lines. 2- degrade LNA capabilities & in west #Libya & force its forces to retreat. 3- Increase Turkish military footprint in western #Libya including bases in Tripoli/Misrata.
2- LNA & external backers are intent on foiling #Turkey's plan i.e. will escalate. They see GNA/Turkey's recent escalation as a ground for a major escalation & use of excessive force on their part - this is tragic for civilians in #Tripoli. #Libya
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[ Thread: Internationalized #manpower in the war for #Tripoli ]
Long before #Ankara began sending #Syrian Turkmen fighters in Dec to help the #GNA, the number of gung-ho fighters willing to go risk their lives on behalf of the #LNA in W #Libya was insufficient.

That is an important reality even if pro-#LNA voices are loathe to acknowledge it
That’s why the #LNA has used #Sudanese mercs throughout 2019. On LNA side, Sudanese mercs have been basically part of the furniture, eliciting little comment.

Above issue is also the reason why the arrival of a few hundred #Russian fighters near #Tripoli in Sep had a big effect.
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Sultan crying LNA not honoring ceasefire after dropping off 2,400+ 🦮🐕‍🦺🐩 from IDLIB during Ovenmit's "peace summit" + 💪 #LNA forces have shot down a #GNA UAV #Tripoli @BenKTallmadge @Knowita47918362 @MadAddictSport @2xwide_dreaming @FineWineDrinker
@BenKTallmadge @Knowita47918362 @MadAddictSport @2xwide_dreaming @FineWineDrinker Sultan crying UAE + Egypt are helping #LNA General Haftar after being a nanny to freaking ISIS and dropping pets off in Tripoli to protect the UN selected MB #CuckDeluxe "govt" #KhashoggiKoolAid @BenKTallmadge @MissiWhite4 @ScottC20012 @stacykarma1…
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