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#Libia 2 (la vendetta)

Gomez: ‘Salvini non è fascista, semmai è come Berlusconi. La Libia può fargli perdere elezioni’. Botta e risposta con Giannini…
#Libia, acqua sporca e civili in fuga dalla guerra: #Oms teme epidemie…
#Libia, quasi 10mila sfollati da inizio scontri. Calma a #Tripoli…
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that the only airport in #Libya at the #Tripoli international Airport, has been bombed by airstrikes.
#Update: Also reports that fighting in the south of #Libya's capital got 25 people killed, and wounds another 80 people. #Tripoli health ministry announced.
#Update: Just in - The United Nations #UN, has released a statement about the concerns of the recent escalations in the region and fears of civilian casualties, in #Tripoli in #Libya.
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Voici un thread sur la situation en #Libye ou le criminel de guerre #Haftar a décidé de lancer d'attaquer la capitale #Tripoli, sous contrôle du gouvernement centrale.

Qui est Haftar? Qui le soutient ? Qu'il est l'implication de la France ? Des dictatures arabes?
1. Après la chute du dictateur #Kaddafi lors du printemps arabe en 2011 et avec le soutien de la France, et après la victoire sur les derniers pro Kaddafi, la #Libye 2s'est engagé dans un processus démocratique avec une nouvelle constitution et des élections!
2. Les choses allaient dans le bon sens avec un assemblé constituante avec toutes les composantes politiques de la #Libye et le gouvernement à commencé le long chantier de reconstruction!

Il y a notamment la récupération des milliards du pays planqués en France et Dubai
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#Breaking: The #US reportedly evacuated all diplomatic personnel from #Tripoli in #Libya, heading towards #Italy crossing from the mediterranean sea. After tensions is rising and would become a war in the country.
#Update: Just in - Statement of U.S. Africa command press release over the situation in #Tripoli and in #Libya.
#Breaking: Just in - At least 21 dead since #Libya's Haftar launched offensive in #Tripoli
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Russia-France-UAE backed warlord Hafter has declared war on Libya; currently attempting to invade Tripoli by force to self-declare himself dictator. Oversees the majority of the human and drug trafficking hubs in the country. The UN and Europe appear to have backed down.
#UN chief @antonioguterres is scheduled to meet eastern #Libya commander #Hafter as his forces illegaly surround #Tripoli. The UN chief declares the UN won't take military action to stop him.
War is peace. Excerpt from Haftar broadcast message announcing declaration of war in Libya.
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#Libye Le gouvernement basé à #Tripoli condamne les menaces des forces de #Haftar et mobilise des troupes pour les affronter. Les forces de #Misrata ont été envoyées à Tripoli
Affaire à suivre...
#Libye Le chef de l'#ONU appelle à la retenue alors que les forces de #Haftar se rapprochent de #Tripoli
#Libya #Misrata…
Le chef de l'#ONU, Antonio #Guterres, a exprimé sa profonde préoccupation devant le risque de confrontation en #Libye après que des forces fidèles #Haftar, homme fort controversé aient annoncé qu'elles se préparaient à avancer sur #Tripoli.
#Libya #UN…
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THREAD #Libia. Negli scontri a sud di #Tripoli ci è scappato il primo morto. Si tratta di un 20enne, coinvolto negli scontri tra l'Esercito nazionale libico, di Khalifa Haftar, e le milizie a a protezione della capitale, sostenuto dal presidente Serraj.
THREAD #Libia. Gli scontri stanno avendo luogo mentre al-Serraj ha ricevuto a Tripoli il segretario generale delle ONU, Antonio Guterres per rilanciare il piano onusiano di rappacificazione. Un piano che le ultime mosse di Haftar a #Tripoli rischiano di sventrare completamente
THREAD #Libia. C'è una sorta di ironia nel fatto che questa "resa dei conti" arrivi nel 70esimo anniversario dalla nascita della #NATO, spesso additata (anche erroneamente) come responsabile dell'instabilità libica.
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I'm glad you enjoyed my past thread on the ancient star & crescent. In the coming days, I hope to cover the star and crescent symbolism in the post-classical era. This thread will focus on the #Ottomans, but you might be surprised about its other users.

To recapitulate a bit, we might conclude that the star and crescent were extensively present in both #Byzantine and #Sassanid symbolism. The Sassanids saw it as the astral representation of Mithra and Anahita. Together with their dynasty, however, this symbolism declined.
The #Ummayads copied the Sassanid coins for a while to use as silver dirhams, like the two 7th century coins below. However, the symbolism of star and crescent were in no way meaningful, and were a mere reflection of the fading Sassanid existence in the new conquerors' coinage.
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After almost 5 years of fight, #ISIS "caliphate" has been eliminated from de map. Many actors have contributed in the liberation of an 300000 Km^2 zone between Syria & Irak : (1)
- #ISF / #PMU : 150214 km^2 (52 %) [#Coalition & #IAF]
- #SAA : 81950 Km^2 (28 %) [#RuAF, #IRGC & #PMU]
- #SDF : 44054 Km^2 (15 %) [#Coalition]
- #FSA /#TFSA : 8866 Km^2 (3,2 %) [#Coalition & #TSK]
- #KF : 4687 Km^2 (1,6 %) [#Coalition]
- #LAF : 350 Km^2 (0,2 %) [#RuAF & #LAF]
With the end of #ISIS "caliphate" the terrorist fight enter in a new phase in #Syria.
After loose control of the villages & towns militants will increase their presence as sleeper cells around the country as we see in #Irak. Nowadays many areas still have #ISIS presence: (3)
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Reviewing Changes and Currents Involved in #Libya
We will review four main currents:
1. Current which follows the Army(Marshal Haftar,#LNA)
2. Current which follows Government of National Accord,GNA
3. Tuareg & other tribes
4. ISIS & other terrorist groups…
The secret hand of western intelligence services in scheming chaos and reinforcing terrorism in North #Africa; and also Libyans themselves stirring up ethnic and political disputes cause the #Libya crisis still remain unsolved even in post-Gaddafi conditions.
Tribes like #Tuareg, #Tabu, #Amazighs, and … which have a significant role in the North #Africa’s developments; are weak at maintaining stability with other tribes or governments and become suppressed by the armies of other countries of this region.
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#Libya : Since 20 of January 2019 #LNA have slowly reentered in Southern parts of #Sabha after an agreement with Tabu tribal forces & with the start of new operation to expell #GNA groups from the city (current map situation)
#Libya : #LNA expanded their presence in #Sabha city after entered in Nasiriyah & Hajarah (where an anti-terrorist op is ongoing) neighbourhoods
#LNA restored control over #Sabha city as 1st stage of operations in southern #Libya
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(⛔🚢BREAKING) NO WAY OUT. As fighting in #Tripoli rages on, this August just 1,300 #migrants left #Libya in an attempt to reach Europe by sea.

This is the LOWEST Summer figure since 2012.

Migrants are trapped in #Libya, often in appalling conditions. Made even worse by the recent fighting in #Tripoli.
FOLLOW this crucial reporting by @sallyhayd. 👇

(⛔🚢BREAKING) Of the 742 that made it to Europe from #Libya this August, less than a third (234) disembarked in Italy. Of these, 190 were onboard an Italian Coast Guard ship during the "#Diciotti standoff".

Another 56% (416) disembarked in Malta.
12% (87) disembarked in Spain.
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For the last 24 hours I've been texting & calling with refugees in Libya. 500 are apparently stuck in a Tripoli prison w/o food & water after heavy fighting broke out two days ago. They say their guards ran away, leaving them alone.
These refugees are men, women & children. They tried to cross the Mediterranean earlier this year, but were found by Italian boats, who turned them over to the EU-backed Libyan coastguard, who put them in prison. The conditions were already terrible before the fighting started.
Oh the phone earlier I could hear children crying & what sounded like bombing in the distance. The refugees say everyone's incredibly frightened. "We hear machine guns, tanks, big bombs, last night from the roof it was all fire."
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Wow! I am watching @almanarnews discussing the parliamentary elections and they have shown videos in some voting locations of #Hariri men distributing money to voters waiting to vote. #lebanonelections2018
However, preliminary indications are that the candidate challenging #Hariri in his home turf #Saida, Ousama Saad, will be elected.
Polls will close in 4' in #Lebanon, the access to vote has been slow, news anchors are calling on voters to enter voting locations, even if it means they will be packed to earn the right to vote after 7 p.m. local because there will be no extension. #lebanonelections2018
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