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1st: Civil Rights
See the actions of those who actively tried to deny the Freedom Riders from registering Black Americans from voting

Deacons for Defense and Justice took to arms to protect the young adults and children

2nd: See the Sullivan Act of 1911 in NYC was enacted

Specifically to deny newly immigrated Italian, Irish, & Eastern European Americans from exercising their ability of self defense

selected enforcement still occurs today, that law still on the books

3rd: Family history

Inlaws were in Czechoslovakia when Soviet tanks rolled through Prague to shut down the Democracy movement in 1968

The citizens had 0 means to defend themselves at all


As refugees, came to the US specifically for the #2A & Freedom

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Nadler Clown Show - Gun Control With a Side Order of Impeachment

2pm FULL Committee Bill Markup
6 bills in total - 3 of which are for Gun Control*
*Gun Control Bills detailed below

Gun Control Bills:
HR1236 Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (Red Flag Law)
HR1186 Keep Americans Safe Act (limit mags & ban feeders/drums)
HR2708 Disarm Hate Act (misdemeanor hate/bias crime = No 2A)
(links below)
HR 1236 Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 (Red Flag Law)…
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The progressive Left is licking its chops, hoping that Republicans in the Senate will “pass something” on gun control, as McConnell has said they’ll do. The Left will repeat several lies when that debate starts. Here’s the truth: #ksleg #2A #kssen
Lie 1: Unlike other countries, America is plagued by mass shootings. This is a false premise that assumes that because gun ownership is higher in the USA than other countries, the incidence of mass shootings is too. #ksleg #2A
The truth: America ranks 67th of 97 countries in mass shootings per capita--a long way behind countries where the possession of firearms is uncommon. #ksleg #2A #ussenate
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Mass shootings: Politicization and selective coverage by the media and the left
#OdessaShooting #2A #2ndAmendment #ShallNotBeInfringed
Whenever there is a mass shooting the tactics of the media and the left are ALWAYS the same. Always. So is the end game.
1) Generate FEAR (the more the better)
The media and the left want people to be in a constant state of fear and panic. In this state we think less rationally and are much more susceptible to suggestion. It's a psychological operation.
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Love your freedom. Cherish it. Don't let people try and take away your rights! #2A #HappyBirthdayAmerica
Freedom rings
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