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States and individuals can stop the #pistolbrace rule – without waiting for the feds to magically do something they almost never do – limit their own power.

It'll take hard work and good strategy. The latter, we’ve got from James Madison. @michaelboldin

@michaelboldin Writing in Federalist 46, James Madison gave us a 4-step blueprint to stop federal programs - without waiting on the federal government to stop itself.

Implementing this plan, he wrote, "would oppose, in any State, difficulties not to be despised; would form, in a large State,……
Step 1: "The Disquietude of the people" – Madison expected the people to throw a fit when the feds usurped power or tried to implement unpopular policies.

That's happening now in response to the #PistolBrace rule - and it needs to ramp up - online and off.

That leads to the……
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Onderstaand #draadje gaat over #framing van #FvD, maar ik ben geen FvD’er.
Ik kom op voor de waarden die ons #establishment zegt te huldigen.

#Factcheck van FvD-uitspraken die volgens sommigen een #partijverbod zouden rechtvaardigen.
Deze week interviewde @ricknieman minister @HankeBruinsSlot over een mogelijk #partijverbod voor partijen ‘die de #democratie ondermijnen.’
In dat interview citeerde hij onderstaande uitspraken👇 van @thierrybaudet en @GideonvMeijeren…
Vraag van Nieman aan de minister: Zijn deze uitspraken ondermijnend voor de #democratie?🤔
Maar de EERSTE vraag zou moeten zijn:
Hebben deze FvD’ers dit werkelijk zo gezegd?🧐
@HarryJager7 heeft de fragmenten in een filmpje gezet.
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This a Thread for reference for #2ndAmendment, proof that first, the bill of rights are restrictions on the government, and second that every person has the right to arm themselves with the most effective weapons.
First, the lie that the NRA propagates the “false” belief that the Second Amendment gives an unfettered individual the right to a gun and that, before District of Columbia v. Heller, the court never ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to own a gun.
The ant-gunner crowd is partially correct, the second amendment, like the entire bill of rights, does not grant a right it recognizes that right and is meant to tell the government that it is not allowed to make laws that infringe on the right of the people to bear arms.
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Now 🇨🇳#CCP owns your SAVINGS/401k
because #DoddFrank #BailIn


🫣US owes China approx $980.8 billion as of 5/2022………
@JiaQiBao's insight to buy #LNG reserves
in US to sell to China
+access to Biden family’s financial info
+liaised w/#CCP on Bidens’ behalf
+urged Hunter's encouraging his father's run 4 president w/campaign advice on #China….
🆘Hunter Brokered COBALT Mine for #CCP
+US pd $200m to CCP
+DOJ ends NAT'L SECURITY #ChinaInitiative
Watches #China's
❌Economic espionage
❌Steal #intellectualpropertyrights
❌Purchase US FARMS near MilitaryBases…
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Yes, but if we had 100% background checks, gun permits, red flag laws, and made our background checks meaningful, gun makers would lose business. Neither they, Congress nor the NRA want that. What's 40,000 lives a year when there's money involved? #GunSense #2A #2ndAmendment 1/
2/ #massshooting - Flooding the market with #guns doesn't make us safer but the opposite. Note sales/deaths spikes in 2013, 2016, 2020. Sources: ↖️…. ↗️↙️….↘️ ImageImageImageImage
3/ Here are some ideas. Require 3-day waiting period and licenses. Tax ammo 200%. Require 100% background checks for ALL gun transactions including gifts, private sales, etc. And the background checks must be... ImageImageImageImage (Link to latest story)
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Mit @buehel vom @hk_net Politik #twitterspace zur Kapitalismus Diskussion. Danke! #zeitfuerneues sagt, wie haben kein (Kapitalismus) System-, sondern ein Regulierung Problem. Es braucht mehr Märkte & Preise, nicht weniger, aber besser reguliert & weniger Macht verzerrt. 🧵 1/8
Analog #2ndAmendment sind heute #Kapitalismus Prinzipien zeitgemäß zu erneuern, wie damals gegen Monopole. Macht Missbrauch & Verwerfungen zu Lasten Gemeinwesen bekämpfen. Freie Märkte sind in einer modernen Gesellschaft reguliert und stehen möglichst vielen offen. 2/8
Nachhaltige Kapitalismus Kritik ist daher Gemeinwesen Kritik, an Vertreter-Strukturen und Entscheidungs-Prozessen, wie Macht erteilt & ausübt wird. Nachhaltiger Kapitalismus braucht moderne Gesetze, die Markt Verwerfungen minimieren. Begünstige verteidigen eigene Interessen. 3/8
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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#Muskogee #Oklahoma #MassShooting #GunSense #BanAR15s - Sunday night Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma (1 hr. SE of Tulsa) w/ 1,000 to 1,500 people; mass shooter fires 40 rounds; kills 1; wounds 7 ages 9 to 56. Skyler Buckner, 26, jailed. THREAD 1/…
2/ #2A #GunsOverPeople #GunSense Sin tax guns and ammo. End ALL private sales/transfers without background checks. Background checks are very weak. People who are bipolar, heavily medicated, etc., can still purchase guns legally. Require gun insurance.…
3/ I'm sick of crap. But #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th C rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Taft #Oklahoma…
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#Chattanooga #Massshooting #2A #2ndAmendment - Another one? Flood the market with guns and idiots promoting how everyone should carry them around, #massshootings will happen. Shame on the NRA, Ted Cruz, etc. They can all go to Hell.…
2/ #2ndAmendment #2A #AR15 The right to carry AR-15 high-capacity semi-automatics was never "original intent". The Constitution was never amended to permit them from being carried around concealed or in the open or in any other way. Activist judges slipped them through. So there. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Chattanooga with 6+ wounded.…
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Kid from North Dakota buys two AR-15 assault rifles on 18th birthday. In #Uvalde #Texas he kills 18 children, 3 adults. Let's include 10 Kevlar vests and 10 bulletproof backpacks in the price of each gun. #CostofBusiness #NRA 1/…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment not for high-capacity guns but militia-men w/ muzzle-loaded muskets, etc. Ban high-capacity magazines. All gun sales or transfer, public or private, must require a background check and registration. Gun thefts/gifts must be reported.
3/ The Supreme Court MUST ask, "Would we allow concealed weapons here inside the Supreme Court? If not, why allow them in public?" #hypocrisy #2a #2ndAmendment #SCOTUS…
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#WhiteSupremacy Ted Nugent Rittenhouse trend with Buffalo Tops Shooting: The real issue is the easy access and carrying of guns and cheap ammo, high-capacity magazines and high-power guns that fit in backpacks, etc. #GunSense #2ndAmendment #2A
2/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Buffalo w/ 10 dead, 3 wounded.…
3/ A #massshooting is defined as four+ victims. #Benghazi had four dead. #2ndAmendment people think Benghazi was bad but think anyone should have guns. ALL gun transactions MUST require a background check including gifts. FBI background checks are weak. #GunSense
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Buffalo Tops shooting; eight killed. AR-15 #2A Truth Social – You can't carry loaded #guns at #ShotShow (America's biggest gun show), #Glock, Mars-a-Lago, US Army bases, etc. (all places w/ lots of security) as they fear gun nuts!…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment - #NRA #SCOTUS / Supreme Court, legislators, executives, etc., for open carry, concealed carry, etc., must ensure THE EXACT SAME LAWS APPLY IN THEIR OFFICES, HOMES and at all times around them, and THEY MUST HAVE NO SECURITY. That’s how the rest of us feel.
3/ Texas, Georgia, etc., have enacted or will permit carry handguns without a license or training Why stop there? How about allowing anyone to drive, do brain surgery, teach school, fly an airliner or be a cop or governor? #GunSense #2A #Idiots #Trump…
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On Gun Legislation ( a thread):

Our Children Should Not Have to Suffer and Die to Pander to the Machismo Fantasies and Cowardly Fears of a Minority.


What I always think of is the analogy with cars.

People don't generally go around committing mass murder with autos. Sure, people get killed in auto accidents, but it is not intentional. And we all *need* autos for daily tasks, errands, and work (unlike guns) ... so if it is an "evil" it is a necessary one ... daily!

2/ #FBR
Yet, what of cars? We require registration of them, of the driver, licensing, and training. Why are guns exempt from safety concerns? Why? I'll tell you why ... bc of rednecks who need them to feel "manly" (i.e., machismo)...

3/ #FBR #resist #SandyHook #2ndAmendment #resistance
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Dear #Republicans, #2ndAmendment proponents, #MAGAts & #Constitutionalist, please help me understand, where are you? A UK judge has issued extradition orders so that Julian Assange can be charged with the 1917 Espionage Act in direct violation of the
Constitutional Right
to a free press. Where’s the uproar? Was it really about your constitutional rights or was it just so you can carry a gun around to compensate for a lack of intellect or physical attributes? Ten Democrat Senators worked to undermine your rights & you are remaining silent. WTF
Or maybe it’s because those senators worked with your boy Trump. Is this why you’re not demanding that your constitutional rights be protected or is the 1st amendment not as important as your right to bear arms?
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Term limits, a balanced budget: Ohio Republicans want to amend the U.S. Consitution… House Joint Resolution 1, would submit Ohio's official application for a Convention of States #NoConCon #Ohio
Resolution calling for convention of states advances to final-round debate… via @yorknewstimes Similar to resolutions adopted in 15 other states, LR14 proposes a convention of states outlined in Article V of the U.S. Constitution #Nebraska #NoConCon
Wisconsin Senate approves calling constitutional convention… #NoConCon the 16th state to call for a convention of the states, 34 are required
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Dear @GregAbbott_TX As NBCs of the United States for the preservation of the Union we petition you to call up the Texas Constitutional Militia, resubmit your case to SCOTUS, occupy all assets of Chinese nationalists suspected of high treason!
With the Constitutional Militia Mustered, SCOTUS will hear you case! and the other Patriot States will take similar actions to preserve these United States of America as a government of the people, by the people and for the people with the right to 1 legal vote per 1 voter.
Never has #TEXAS had a cause so just and righteous, so patriotic, so universal. For as Christ teaches, when we see America beaten up on the side of the road, we cannot pass by like the hypocrite and pretend his wounds do not need caring for. (cf. Luke 10:25-37)
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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"Without tools for law enforcement to detect planning & coordination of cyber swarming events, police will be operating blind." Study indicates "stochastic terrorist attacks", "attacks on vital infrastructure" & "mass-casualty events" are imminent.…
Many of these extremist movements, like radical Jihadi, use memes & other propaganda to recruit for militias with apocalyptic & revolutionary ideology (such as global Jihad or apocalyptic confrontations with police)
The targets are symbolic. The police represent the present authority of the government to enforce laws, while public buildings such as courthouses are instrumental in the capacity to fashion & uphold authority. Statues & monuments serve to memorialize that authority.
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This man's name was #DuncanLemp

He was killed in a police raid of his home back in March, and they still haven't released any evidence of why or how it happened. Image
Duncan was a student and a software developer who was working on starting his own business, and was very devoted to his girlfriend and family. He was also an avid and vocal supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. #2ndAmendment Image
Early March 12, police carried out a no-knock raid of Duncan’s home that he shared with his parents and 19 y/o brother.
They claim they were acting on an anonymous tip that he owned illegal weapons, that he "confronted" them with a weapon, and that they shot him in self defense Image
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Herewith #NdebeleTwitter #UmnxebaWodumo
Episode 7

My Plumtree Experience

Umalume as some of you might not know, usebenza izinto ezinengi. He is a defender of the #Zimbabwe Constitution against the #2ndAmendment. So I was deployed ePram ukuyafundisa abadala.
2. Phela to make money ethe xaxa in these missions kumele uhlakaniphe. Instead of ukuyalala eOmadu, I decided ukucela indawo yokulala emzini Wabantu. Challenge, angazimuntu. Needed a solid plan. Ngenzenjani? I decided to wayawaya, oluzulayo ngoludobhayo bo Jo
3. I decided ukuya eskotshweni. OMrs Njiva bonke bathe fatsha bhoyi. ICovid ivalele amadoda ngale, sebengomazakhela. Lenkulumo zakhona uyazizwa ukuthi hayi mani, uyashota umthobanhliziyo. I stood there deciding ukuthi ngingene siphi
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SlowCrow on #tiktok
2nd Amendment right!
Way to promote our right and our President all in one vid.
#Trump2020 #trumpwins
#2ndAmendment #WWG1WGA
#tiktok with SlowCrow
Wake up don't fall #asleep
Knowledge is power...
One month trial run with no police.
#2ndAmendment #tiktok w SlowCrow #redneckswguns
At least I know I will be #asleep with a gun under my pillow if this ever happened. #NoPolice Scary to even think of what the world would come to w no extra security.
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Where do #SecondAmendment supporters stand on police using rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray on protesters? I have covered #NRA events and #2ndAmendment protests here in #Texas where protesters open carried and staged a mock mass shooting.…
I'm a registered Independent here in #Texas and am genuinely curious. And before you make assumptions, read what I've written about guns/gun rights, including this:…
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¿Por qué NO debes subir la foto en negro y unirte al #BlackOutTuesday #blackOutDay ni al #BlackOutDay2020 ?

Están manipulando tu buena intención para apagar el movimiento de #BlackLivesMatter

Han pasado muchas cosas en las últimas horas pero la más importante es:

👉🏽 ¿Empezó o no una guerra psicológica?

Esto tiene que ver con los hashtags que estaban en tendencia antes de que el #blackouttuesday llegara y usara la buena intención de la gente para desviar el tema.
¿Que hashtags estaban en tendencia?
👉🏽 #bible (duró más de 4 horas #1)
👉🏽 #phillyexplosions
👉🏽 #seattleprotest
👉🏽 #TrumpDictatorship
👉🏽 #USMilitary
👉🏽 #2ndAmendment
👉🏽 #InsurrectionAct

Cada uno tiene un origen oculto importante.
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Join us on #ArkMidnight
Topic: Turning the MONSTER against itself

Guests: (info in thread)

•Mike Moore @Thomas1774Paine

•Mark Walters @aarmark

•Ron Edwards

YT Chat:…
Stream:… ImageImageImage
1st up - Mike Moore @Thomas1774Paine serves as True Pundit's chief Muckraker. Moore/Paine worked for the FBI, WH, DEA among many other Intel agencies & private concerns. He is the recipient of the coveted Gerald Loeb Award for journalism & a 2-time Pulitzer Prize.
@true_pundit ImageImageImage
2nd - Mark Walters @aarmark is a national board member of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms & a broadcast media spokesman for the 2nd Amendment Foundation & Recipient of the 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award.
#gunrights #2ndAmendment #SaturdayVibes ImageImageImage
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