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So this happened today: I found out that I may be on the Bullibai list. Forget that it is traumatizing to receive this information, but the way that I found out was even worse. (Thread)
This reporter apparently had the list or found out somehow that I was on it. He contacted me today asking me for my email address. No questions about whether I knew, whether I would be okay with speaking to him about it, nothing.
Instead, he said that there had been a case filed against the perpetrators and that the police was asking for email statements from more women. And so to provide my email address.
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Justice Madan B Lokur, former Supreme Court Judge, will shortly make an address on the subject “Hate Speech in India”.

The presentation will dwell on hate speech in general and how courts have reacted or failed to react to complaints.

Live updates below.

Vikram MR introduces the event: the slew of judgments Justice Lokur gave on Kashmiri Pandits, abandoned widows, death row convicts, fake encounters, clean air- even Taj Mahal owes some share of its glory to him!

Justice Lokur begins his address.

Let me begin by trying to understand what is hate speech. Presently we have no legal definition. But I think we need one.

Quite some time back, in 1969 the IPC was amended and S 153 A introduced the concept of hate speech.

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⚠️⚠️Warning Derogatory content⚠️⚠️

In Wake of #SulliDeals #BulliBai,This thread attempts to document the Rape subculture prevalent in Muslim spaces. There exist a deeply misogynistic fetish to rape Sikh&Hindu women in porn subculture curated,hosted & run by radical Muslims.
Their first victim were Sikh women. Muslims created a webdomain in 2008,where they would invite muslim men to share photographs of their Sikh female classmates,for purpose of discussing ways to seduce them.
This is much like Bois locker room case.
The targeting was so disgustingly novel that it agnoized Sikhs to such an extent that fist fights broke between them & some Muslims. These two Reports from 2008👇 document the fiasco that happened in wake of that scandalous website.
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Good Morning @girlpilot_

You have once again made it #WomenOfTheDay

It is extra special

As now bhai has decided to threaten you

Bhai ne #Sullideals and #Bullibai se inspiration le hi liya 💪

Publically intimidate karna chahte hain so that women don't speak

Koi na


The women in his follower list are silent
Koi na

But do notice that all likes are from men


Men se yaad aaya

@Insaafkadost - Do include this in your islamic viewpoint space about how women are to be treated

@deccandodger : Abe Galibaaz really 😑
In that space badh chadh ke bura bhala kaha gya

Brumby ko

Which is Australian Feral Horse

And baki log bhi the

@midhatkidwai bhai, @underdated bhai etc

But inn bhaisahab ka shauk khali #Women par rehta hai

Mardon ko ye privilege dete hain

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These are screenshots of a few ‘utterly disturbing’ subreddits that I found on Reddit.

There’s this subreddit called “muslimahs for hindu men”
As vile as the name sounds, the subreddit contains extremely disgusting content targeting Muslim women. #BulliBai #SulliDeals ImageImageImageImage
In these kind of subreddits, they openly post vulgar stuff about muslim women and children, talk about their mass rape and how they should be pushed into sex slavery in their ‘new hindurashtra’ #BulliDeals #BulliBaiApp #trads #tekfog #mumbaipolice ImageImage
The saddest part is that this sub reddit has a following of about 15 thousand people and this one is the one that wasn’t de-activated #BulliDeals #SulliDeals #mumbaipolice
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Thread on how #trads targeted Hindu right wing women before the #SulliDeals case. Many right wing women alleged harrasment by trads, they also talked about auctioning RW women by sharing their pics.. But no influencial right wing handle covered it.
This is very serious. They are talking about aucti Hope @MumbaiPolice will investigate this and teach the culprits a lesson. Tagging @askanshul @NijiSachiv and @OpIndia_com to amplify this chilling thread. No woman should be harassed for her beliefs.
Here are few more abusive tweets of trads targetting Hindu women.
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Announcing the arrest of 25-year-old Anumkareshwar Thakur in the #Sullideals case on Sunday, Delhi Police said he was part of “trad” groups online.

This is the first time a law enforcement agency has used the term, which has come to denote a group of individuals who are part of groups on Telegram, Reddit, 4chan and Discord devoted to targeting Dalits, Muslims and women.
According to a senior officer, #AumkareshwarThakur told them that he was a member of ‘trad’ groups on Twitter and Telegram, following which they researched what it meant.
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Now that 25 year old Aumkareshwar Thakur from Indore is arrested by Delhi Police fo creating the #SulliDeals app. Wanted to share how Right wing Influencial trolls and websites tried to shift the blame to a Muslim. Image
Here an article to RW propaganda website trying to blame a Muslim for #SulliDeals. In the latest article on #BulliBaiApp, They blamed "Khalistanis". 🤡🤡 ImageImageImage
One more Alt Right Propaganda website writes an article run by an ex opindia editor Ajeet. His article was shared on several social media platforms blaming a Muslim guy for creating the app. Interesting, Ajeet was one of the guy who promoted the website link. 🤢 ImageImageImage
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No grandstanding here but I believe that most commentators don't really know about the core of the #SulliDeals problem. There are thousands of quite educated (mostly UC H) accounts who think that Modi is not anti-Muslim enough.

The other side is Raita (not so brazenly vicious but more cunning and opportunistic). At this point in our history, there are thousands of well read and articulate young TRADS who glorify Godse, Dara Singh and Babu Bajrangi as heroes. They're extremely radicalized. Introspect?
So, a TRAD may agree with say a Togadia or Narsinghanand on violence but they would never agree on Dalits being treated same as Brahmins. This is how many young and educated Upper caste kids in the TRAD ecosystem think. There are even many RW accounts (Raitas) who oppose them.
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I have been trying to gather some strength to write something about #BulliDeals. Just when I thought I had left the trauma of #SulliDeals behind me, it came to haunt us(me along with more than 112 Muslims Women) again with an updated version, as a new year present. 1/6
This is how we are greeted and treated in India on the first day of the new year, while other people in my country have fun, joke and party. Yes everyone's got the right to have fun and party, but nobody deserves to be attacked, humiliated, bought and sold. 2/6
We deserve some attention too, and some action that is solid. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but I believe otherwise. What couldn't kill us gave us lifelong trauma. 3/6
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#Sullideals, An app which auctioned Muslim women online was created on June 13th. Twitter user @sullideals was created around that time, Shared several pics of Muslim girls generated by Sullideals app on GitHub. His bio reads 'Community driven, Open source project by Hindu Trads'
Last year in August, A twitter handle @MCMughal created ‘Maharaja Gulab Singh Alpsankhyak Kalyan Yojana’ last year allowin men to make ‘bids’ for Muslim women from Pakistan.
In May 13, 2021, two Right Wing accounts @LiberalDogeReal & @Keshu__10 started a Livestream on YouTube where they ‘rated’ and ‘auctioned’ Muslim women to their audience. The duo used photographs of Pakistani women without their consent and used sexist and Islamophobic language.
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Remember this guy? He's out on bail and amplifying abuse against actor Urfi Javed on Facebook after she questioned his bail.

He and his followers are doing the same thing to her as what was done to M women with #SulliDeals

#ShameOnRambhaktGopal Image
Who is Ram Bhakt Gopal?…
Why was he let go on bail?…
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Wonder y @ShekharGupta used @shubhangi_misra to write on #SulliDeals when his own employee @khanthefatima was appearing on Al Jazeera & rightfully so.Thats besides the point -will Misra jee update her… story with new revelations here
Hey @shubhangi_misra show some integrity and please update your prints story… or perhaps @MainaBismee can do this as she reported on police FIR…
And lastly as FIR in this case was registered by @DelhiPolice - they should look at this thread as well- if true, all details are there in the thread to arrest the culprit - come on boys of Delhi police, show some power of ur lathi
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Twitter is the 'porn hub' of social media.

Shockingly, despite Indian laws & Twitter’s own policies, even child p0rn & r@pe videos are freely available.

Worse, Twitter’s lax policy has allowed a massive psy-war targeting communal harmony.

a thread:
Twitter, US based for-profit company, seems obliged to follow only US’ laws, while showing complete dis-regard to India’s IT Rules, which prohibits adult content on social media. Twitter doesn't even make any attempt to implement the laws, doable with basic location filter.
Contrast it with other social media platforms which do far better content management, & continue to strive to keep social media space clean.

Shockingly, Twitter seems blind to even most obscene contents including child p*rn despite a ‘child sexual exploitation policy’ (sic)
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