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Die neuen, rechten, faschistischen, militaristischen Pläne der inkompetenten Kriegs- und Heimatschutzministerin AKK:
Kriegs-&Rüstungsausgaben auf 10% des gesamten NATO-Budget
Die Bevölkerung soll wieder an das Militär auch im Innern gewöhnt und entsprechend abgestumpft werden
Die Jugend, vor allem die Hartz4-Jugend soll wieder als Kanonenfutter für das imperialistische Großkapital verführt und mobilisiert werden.
AKK und von der Leyen für die EU folgen dem großen Vorbild USA:
In den USA wurden gerade ein Kriegs- und Rüstungsetat von 740 Milliarden US-Dollar beschlossen, das bedeutet auch, dass die Kriegs- und Rüstungsausgaben der NATO die 1000 Milliarden zukünftig weit überschreiten werden!
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Strange state of affairs in our disciplined society!

Why is the law not strictly enforced against those who unlawfully destroy important historical / archeological sites?


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This is just one example of the state of health of our democracy...

The recent months have many such examples:

1. Terrorist who admits to murder of Sri Lanka Army personnel not arrested. *Happens to be close associate of govt.
2. So-called 'curfew' or 'social distancing' 'rules' not enforced for funeral of former Minister.
*deceased Minister was a close associate of govt.
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@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst @Twitter @PortlandPolice @FBI @econbrkfst should be prosecuted 4 harassment, cyberstalking, home stalking, & Racketeering associated with these crimes. He daily seeks to monetize his predatory harassment of individuals & falsely imply affiliation.
Disclaimer: I do not know Nick Lee or support #PortlandRiots
@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst @Twitter @PortlandPolice @FBI follow his channel @econbrkfst to see interesting footage of arson.

I fully denounce his #namedropping my twitter account and family name daily.
I do not associate myself with him or his filming of arson, graffiti, and vandalism or his support of #HateSpeech to minorities & cops
@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst @Twitter @PortlandPolice @FBI Nick lee @econbrkfst refuses to respect my wish 4 privacy.

He falsely uses my identity to conceal his affiliation with militants who espouse violence.

Nick Lee of @econbrkfst & @still_pdx refuses to abide my cease & Desist or heed my email about his stalking to Law Enforcement
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@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst econbrkfst is engaging in a retaliation.
His home stalking was wrong.
Tweets about genitals. wrong.
brandon farley's counterstrike by crude emails wrong.

Nick lee is now harassing me for months on twitter, bc i encouraged decorum on ALL SIDES.
@Twitter @PortlandPolice
@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst @Twitter @PortlandPolice Nick Lee @econbrkfst filmed Farley being assaulted, & did not properly report crime or preserve evidence. Nick Lee filmed himself stalking apartment where Farley resides. Daily, Nick lee of @econbrkfst stalks Farley @Twitter to punish him for providing useful data for LE. @FBI
@Miohmy6 @FarleyMedia @deedeeindetroit @econbrkfst @Twitter @PortlandPolice @FBI @econbrkfst should be prosecuted 4 harassment, cyberstalking, home stalking, & Racketeering associated with these crimes. He daily seeks to monetize his predatory harassment of individuals & falsely imply affiliation.
Disclaimer: I do not know Nick Lee or support #PortlandRiots
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Justice Rajiv Shakdher, Justice GR Swaminathan, and Advocate Sanjay Pinto to hold a dialogue on Freedom of Speech in the 15th anniversary lecture series conducted by HSB Partners, Advocates.

Advocate Srinath Sridevan moderating the talk, opens the dialogue.
Justice Shakdher begins the discussion, he says that Article 19(1)(a) is one of the crown jewels of the Constitution of India.

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L’Italia resta l’unica grande democrazia occidentale che continua a prevedere la discriminazione legale delle persone #lgbt. Questo Paese ha bisogno di una legge contro l’#omofobia. Basta guardarsi intorno. In questo thread spiego perché⬇️
#17maggio #loveislove 🌈
La Legge contro l’#omofobia Zan interviene sulla Legge Mancino che punisce i reati e i discorsi d’odio fondati su caratteristiche personali come origine etnica e confessione religiosa. Zan inserisce l’orientamento sessuale e l’identità di genere tra queste caratteristiche cioè⬇️
Riconosce gay, lesbiche e transessuali come “vittime vulnerabili nell'Italia di oggi”.
Come già raccontato qui #omofobia #lgbt…
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #북한 #평양 #HateSpeech #FakeNews

Northkoreas "ChosunCentral News" realesed anoter hate speech articel against Japan and the USA and is talking about the "Abe-Regiem" and the unhappyness of Japanese.The post is only available in korean. translation follows
"In Japan, voices that condemn the current government continue to ring.

Not long ago, a civil society group in Okinawa prevailed against the authorities' attempt to force the relocation of Henokero's Fudenmami Air Force Base to the end.
The Ministry of Defense announced that a plan to amend the plan to significantly increase the period and cost of relocating the base due to the discovery of a soft ground in the area off the coast of Henoko, ``
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[Thread] 1/ For those interested in #HateSpeech and @Twitter, this thread is for you. There have been numerous campaigns targeting the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. A recent one involves the hashtag "Ahmadis are not Muslims" - in English. This will be mostly an analysis of
2/ the main people involved in propagating this dangerous idea. For information and context on Pakistan's media eco system and politics I encourage you to direct questions to some great journalists @desmukh @ramshajahangir @sarahatiq
3/ I analysed about 18,000 tweets from the "Ahmadis Are Not Muslims" Hashtag. The sample included around 8245 unique Twitter accounts. Some of the most active users of the hashtags who seemed to condone its message are screenshotted below. No. 1 was zahid_tweets #HateSpeech
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It's 2020. It's time to embrace the way liberals do things.

They revise history. They manipulate language and even make up words.

Today our example is:


The fictitious belief that human beings have an irrational fear of gay people.
To date there has been no offered proof that such a thing even exists.

Liberals believe that weaponizing language can be a great tool to batter those they oppose. By calling you homophobic, or accuse you of internalized homophobia if you happen to be gay, they feel superior.
When you control a word and weaponize it for usage against your enemies you sell others on the idea of an emotion being more important than logic and reason.

Most liberal arguments stem from usage of emotional weapons as a tool to override common sense and education.
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The Twitter handles spreading rumours & instigating #DelhiRiots & #DelhiViolence be investigated by @DelhiPolice & booked under criminal law. @Twitter , @TwitterIndia & @verified should identify, remove blue ticks & then suspend these handles immediately. #TwitterBlueTickTerror
@DelhiPolice @Twitter @TwitterIndia @verified @GoI_MeitY @IncomeTaxIndia @dir_ed @IPS_Association @D_Roopa_IPS @dhruman39 @dr_satyapal An interesting article to read,…

Are there any lessons to be learnt?

Social media, a vehicle for freedom of expression or freedom of spreading violence in Society.
Small Act in Cyber Space has disproportionate effect in physical world. @DelhiPolice
@DelhiPolice @Twitter @TwitterIndia @verified @GoI_MeitY @IncomeTaxIndia @dir_ed @IPS_Association @D_Roopa_IPS @dhruman39 @dr_satyapal #HateSpeech & rumour mongering on #socialmedia has disproportionately high damage on ground due to deep penetration of OSM vis a vis real world, thus, having graver criminal liability. Criminals of #delhivoilence in #Cyberspace should not be let off
@DelhiPolice #DelhiPolice
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I find it rather sad. Blacks are great being who they are, but there is always someone comes along who wants, Orwellian-style, to force them into white history & culture, where they don't belong & stick out like a sore thumb.
And with this #SoreThumb things get even more Orwellian, because it serves #BigBrother & his minions as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control, with anyone commenting on or protesting it being accused of #HateSpeech, i.e. #RACISM.
#BigBrother & his minions have such a grip on western "democracies" now that it beggars belief. But when I try pointing this out to most people, they look at me as if it is me who is mad.

Maybe I am, but I don't think so:
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[Thread] Since Trump has officially been #Impeached there are several things that need to happen immediatly:
1. Since he is no longer President The White House & @Twitter should remove @realDonaldTrump access to the @POTUS Twitter account.
2.Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) should be sworn is as President since she rightfully won the 2016 election. She can choose her VP.

3. Trump needs to be charged and arrested for his crimes. #LockHimUp

#Impeached #impeachment
4. President Hillary Clinton(@HillaryClinton) should reverse every Executive order and bill Trump approved while in office

5. 2020 elections should be put on hold and Hillary Clinton gets to serve 2 Terms..

6. The next elections should be held in 2024.

#Impeached #impeachment
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Alcune domande sulla decisione di un tribunale italiano sulle regole di Facebook.
La circostanza che Facebook non possa, sulla base di proprie regole (e non di proprio arbitrio) escludere chi le violi perché "piattaforma 'pubblica' rilevante, rischia di apparire contraddittoria/1
Se è una piattaforma privata con proprie regole ma "rilevante" per il dibattito pubblico (effetti di rete, fear of missini out, etc) allora il tema è, semmai, la discriminazione di trattamento, se fondata, non il trattamento in sé/2
e non si comprenderebbe il rimedio di re-inclusione in assenza della verifica di discriminazione. Significherebbe che nessuna regola privata di esclusione potrebbe essere applicata dalla piattaforma/3
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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Angestachelt vom #AfD-Fanboy #DonAlphonso aus dem Axel-Springer-Verlag ernte ich seit dem Wochenende einen riesigen Shitstorm aus der rechten Szene, werde (vorrangig auf Twitter) verbal angegriffen, beleidigt, mit Hass und Häme überzogen – und auch bedroht.
Meine Beobachtungen dazu, auch reflektierend über mich: Zunächst bin ich beruhigt, dass ich robust genug bin, den Hass nicht an mich heranzulassen und die Attacken nicht persönlich nehme. Im Gegenteil: Ich habe nach drei Tagen einen Muskelkater vom zu vielen Lachen (!), weil...
...die allermeisten Accounts und Tweets so schrecklich dumm und billig sind. Bisher hat es mich etwas Zeit gekostet, mehr nicht. Ich weiß, dass diese Resilienz nicht alle besitzen. Immer mehr verlassen aus diesen Gründen die sozialen Netzwerke, sie müssen sich Therapien...
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The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult have caused the rise of the *Four Roish*#Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill . How? By erecting borders and thinking like racists.
They’ve tried very hard to put a blanket (border) over the whole asylum seeker/Direct Provision issue. They’ve been lobbying Government for hate speech law so what people are allowed say and therefore think about the asylum seeker/Direct Provision issue
will be contained strictly within the bounds (border) of legislation.

They’ve never met them but the limits (border) of their ideology sensed trespassers when the people of #Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill protested.
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Happening Now: Honorable Minister of Information & Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed addresses the Media in Abuja on developments in the Ministry’s campaign against #FakeNews & #HateSpeech

- As usual, let me start by thanking you, gentlemen, for always responding to our invitation, and for your usually-reliable reports after our briefings.
- Today's briefing, as you would imagine, is on the #NationalCampaignFakesNews and #HateSpeech, which we launched last July.
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Seit zehn Jahren mache ich Politik und der Hass im Netz ist immer mehr geworden. So geht es vielen. Es reicht. Wir handeln jetzt - denn Hate Speech geht uns alle an!…
Mit unserem Maßnahmenpaket gegen Hass im Netz kann #Bayern konkret voran gehen und Betroffenen helfen und Täter dingfest machen.
Wir wollen Waffengleichheit zwischen Betroffenen und Täter*innen schaffen: Eine strafbare Handlung zu verfolgen, soll für Betroffene genauso leicht sein, wie es für die Täter leicht ist, Hass und Hetze in die Computer zu tippen. Dafür braucht es eine Online-Wache!
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Happening Now: HMIC Alh. Lai Mohammed in an interactive session with Online Publishers in Lagos, Nigeria.
Good afternoon gentlemen.

2. Please permit me to start by thanking you for honouring our invitation today. We have invited you here today for two main reasons:
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#LIVENow in a few minutes with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor & Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate at -- join us!
#YoutubeCensorship Global Gestapo 12-- apparently too hot to handle for Youtube has been REMOVED, as violative of Community Guidelines on Hate Speech. I have sent an appeal but will upload on Vimeo & Bitchute in a few. 2/
While Dr. Karlstrom & I speculate on reasons why, I think it mostly means someone reported this video as "hate speech." This raises the question at heart of #HateSpeech #FreeSpeech: Is it a crime to speak about #Zionist imperialism, #Jewish supremacism, and facts of history? 3/
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#Impressionen aus dem gestrigen deutsch-polnischen #HateSpeech-Workshop mit @AgnesMachnik an der @jubi_ufr
1⃣ In der anonymen Abstimmung wird deutlich: über die Hälfte gibt an schon mal jemanden online beschimpft zu haben.
#Jugendliche #Jugendbegegnung
2⃣Polarisierung bei der Frage nach dem "Verständnis haben für Hasskommentaren". Für viele sind Hasskommentare ein legitimes Mittel in digitalen Auseinandersetzungen/Gesprächen. #Diskurskultur
3⃣ Gleichzeitg finden es fast alle feige, Hasskommentare zu benutzen. Es wäre interessant woher dieses #Paradoxon kommt oder ob Jugendliche einen Unterschied zwischen Sprechakt 🗣️#Beschimpfen bzw. #Hasskommentar 🤬sehen.
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🛑1/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,advocates #terrorism,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,calls for their elimination,uses hate speech to demonise/equates them with German NAZIs.This isn't free speech.@TwitterSupport
@TheIHRA @CST_UK @IsraelinUK @chiefrabbi
🛑2/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,targets,demonises,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,equates them with German NAZIs, cancer,disease,parasite,animals,mentally ill,rejects #Israel's right to exist.This is hate speech.@Twittersupport
@IsraelinUK @rabbisacks
🛑3/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,targets,demonises,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,Israel,equates them with German NAZIs,makes false accusations of organ harvesting,apartheid.Libelous behaviour is unacceptable.@Twittersupport
@IsraelinUK @LTCPeterLerner
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.@Chase Bank has shut down the accounts of 3 right-wing personalities in what appears to have been arbitrary executive decisions not based on an official company policy.…
The account of @MartinaMarkota was one of the first known to have been closed in this manner. “After a recent review of your account, we have decided to end our relationship with you,” reads a Jan. 24 letter:…
A video by undercover journalism org @Project_Veritas revealed Enrique Tarrio's account was “being closed by compliance,” because his website redirected to his online shop, “…and therefore couldn’t conduct required due diligence.”
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