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BREAKING: #SupremeCourt is hearing plea by #NupurSharama asking transfer of FIRs registered against her in many states to be transferred to #Delhi for investigation. “The petition shows her arrogance!!” Justice Surya Kant remarks
Justice Surya Kant says “Sometimes power goes into head! People think that I have back up and say anything."

Sr. Adv Maninder Singh appears for Sharma.

#NupurSharama #SupremeCourt
Justice Pardiwala says “This statement by #NupurSharama is responsible for the unfortunate killing in #Udaipur "

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"What is the business of the TV channel to discuss the matter which is sub-judice, except to promote an agenda?", Supreme Court says while hearing Nupur Sharma's plea to club FIRs over remarks on Prophet Muhammed.

#NupurSharma #SupremeCourt Image
Supreme Court says Nupur Sharma's comments are "disturbing". "What is her business to make these remarks?"

Sr Adv Singh says she apologized for remarks and withdrew the comments.

"She should have gone to the TV and apologized to the nation", bench says.

"She was too late to withdraw...and too she withdraws conditionally, saying if sentiments hurt", Supreme Court says on #NupurSharma comments.

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#SupremeCourt Supreme Court hears the plea by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma seeking transfer of FIRs against her after the remarks on #Prophet Muhammad Image
Sr Adv Maninder Singh: Milords

Justice Surya Kant: Why is she here under a deceptive name

Singh: she has threat..
Justice Surya Kant: She has threat or she has become security threat? The way she has ignited emotions across the country. This lady is single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country.
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Supreme Court hears appeal against order where petitioner was stopped from selling unsold flats, third party rights, constructing park and also a Rs 40cr penalty
#Supremecourt Image
Justice Surya Kant: We are aware that such mechanical pre drafted orders are coming from the NGT. We are unhappy about this. Someday we will take this up also.
Sr Adv NK Kaul: Please how will we survive commercially?

Justice Surya Kant: Recovery of penalty amount is stayed.
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Sr Adv Kapil Sibal mentions the application by Shiv Sena chief whip Sunil Prabhu seeking suspension of all rebel Shiv Sena MLAs till the deputy Speaker decides the disqualification petitions filed against them

#SupremeCourt #MaharashtraCrisis #MahaVikasAghadi Image
Senior Adv Kapil Sibal: There is no merger. Moment he is sworn is he has violated the 10th schedule. So he is not the party. It is ex facie it is not a dance of democracy #SupremeCourt #MaharashtraCrisis #MahaVikasAghadi
Justice Surya Kant: We are not shutting our eyes. We will take it up on July 11. List the IA along with other pleas and circulate it among parties
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#BREAKING Shiv Sena Chief Whip Sunil Prabhu files application in #SupremeCourt seeking suspension from house of new Maharashtra CM #EknathShinde and 15 other MLAs against whom disqualification petitions have been filed, till a final decision is taken on their disqualifiaction. Image
Senior Adv Kapil Sibal likely to mention the application today at 10.30AM for urgent listing.

#ShivSena #Maharashtra #EknathShinde
It is argued in the new application that despite the rebellion carried out by the Eknath Shinde faction, the original Shiv Sena political party remains under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray.
#ShivSena #Maharashtra #EknathShinde
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BREAKING: According to sources, the #MVA has moved a plea before #SupremeCourt seeking suspension of 39 ‘rebel’ MLAs till their disqualification petitions is decided by the Deputy Speaker.

#MaharashtraPoliticalCrises #UddhavThackeray #EknathShinde
The plea mentions “there could be no better way of rewarding defection than offering its leader the post of Chief Minister."

#EknathShinde #Maharashtra
The plea is likely to be mentioned in the #SupremeCourt today.
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea by conman Sukash Chandrashekhar seeking to be shifted out of #Tihar jail

Vacation Bench of Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala to hear matter Image
While the ED had opposed his plea, the Supreme Court ordered that he be shifted to another prison as deemed appropriate…
At the last hearing, the top court had asked the respondents/ED to furnish a list of jails that he could be shifted to.
Sukash sought to be shifted to a jail outside Delhi, preferably one in Bengaluru.
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#SupremeCourt will today hear plea by alleged conman Sukash Chandrashekar seeking transfer out of Tihar jail on the ground that there is a threat to his life.
Bench to Chandrashekar’s lawyer: Last time you sought time to file an affidavit, we have not gotten a copy of it.

Basant, Sr. Adv, for Chandrashekar: we filed it on 28th June milords. The Director General of Prisons is extorting money.

ASG Raju: I received a copy on 29 June
ASG: He is running an extortion racket from jail milords, he has extorted around 300 crores. The moment they became strict he wants a transfer.

Court: We will adjourn to 13th July.

Basant, Sr. Adv: His life is in danger milord.

Court: Don’t worry, nothing will happen.
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#SupremeCourt is now hearing plea by #NawabMalik and #AnilDeshmukh asking the court to release them to participate in the #FloorTest tomorrow.

Having heard Ld. Sr. Counsel for the applicant and Mr.SG and we allow the applicants to participate in the special session of the State Legislative assembly, scheduled to be held tomorrow. Since they are in custody pursuant to cases registered by ED

CBI and ED are directed to escort them to Vidhan Sabha and once the proceedings are over, they shall be brought back to judicial custody.
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#SupremeCourt will shortly hear the plea filed by #ShivSena Chief Whip challenging the communication issued by #Maharashtra governor calling for a floor test on June 30.

#MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #EknathSinde
Bench assembles.
Singhvi for #SunilPrabhu: I have 7 or 8 points. Preliminary point generally the letter which tells us about the floor test says that June 28, #Devendra_Fadnavis met the governor and today at in the morning, we received this intimation. As a matter of fact, 2 NCP MLAs have #COVID
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BREAKING: Details of writ petition moved by #ShivSena Chief Whip Sunil Prabhu. The plea challenges the communication of the Governor of #Maharashtra noting that it has been issued with “undue haste”resulting in manifest arbitrariness .

The plea contends that the Governor has illegally invoked Article 175(2) of the Constitution to send a message to the Assembly for conduct of a floor test, which is beyond his Constitutional authority. #MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #FloorTest #EknathSinde
The plea claims that #BJP did not take it well that the Shivsena formed the government with NCP and Congress, breaking away its alliance with the BJP. #MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #UddhavThackeray
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Supreme Court to hear shortly the Centre's plea against the Tripura High Court entertaining a PIL questioning the security cover given to Mukesh Ambani and his family at Mumbai.

HC had directed the MHA to produce files related to threat perception leading to security cover. Image
Centre has approached the Supreme Court arguing that the Tripura High Court lacks the territorial jurisdiction to entertain the matter. Centre also argues that the decision taken by experts on granting security cover can't be reviewed by Courts.

#SupremeCourt #MukeshAmbani
Solicitor General, Mr. Tushar Mehta : Individuals residing in Bombay granted security by Central Gov.

Bench: What happened yesterday?
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BREAKING: According to sources, #Shivsena Chief Whip Sunil Prabhu has filed a plea challenging #Maharashtra Governor’s call for floor test tomorrow.

#MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #EknathSinde #UddhavThackeray
The plea is likely to be mentioned in the #SupremeCourt today by Sr. Adv @DrAMSinghvi .

#MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #UddhavThackeray
Dr.AM Singhvi, mentions the matter, says the floor test is illegal. He says the notice for the floor test has come just now. Furthermore asks for a hearing at 5PM or 6PM to ensure that the plea filed is complete. #MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis
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#BREAKING Shiv Sena Chief Whip Sunil Prabhu files application in the Supreme Court challenging the Maharashtra Governor's direction to the Chief Minister to prove majority of #MahaVikasAghadi Government by taking floor test in the Assembly tomorrow.

Shiv Sena plea against Governor's direction for floor test likely to be mentioned before the Supreme Court at 10.30 AM today.

Senior Adv Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi likely to mention the Shiv Sena Chief Whip's plea against Governor's direction for floor test.

#MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis #MahaVikasAghadi #FloorTest #SupremeCourt
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#SupremeCourt will today hear a plea by Centre challenging Tripura High Court orders seeking details of the security provided to #Ambanis
Bench: What happened yesterday Mr.Mehta?

SG: The bench was not available in the High Court.

Bench: What is the next date there?

SG: We are yet to get the date. Please stay the proceedings.
ORDER: Issue notice returnable on July 22, 2022. Implementation of orders dated May and June 2022 shall remain stayed.

SG: Please stay the proceedings.

Bench: Do you think HC will proceed after this order?
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#SupremeCourt to hear Centre's plea against Tripura High Court orders in a PIL last week that sought an original record of the threat perception to #Ambanis in a sealed cover.

#ambani #MukeshAmbani #security
Centre argued that the PIL before the HC was filed by an individual who had no locus in the matter and was just a "meddlesome interloper"; and that neither were the Ambanis residents of Tripura, nor did any cause of action in matter arise in the State.…
Hearing starts.

Bench: What happened yesterday Mr Mehta?
SG: Bench was not available. Next date we will be getting. This individual in his PIL's prayers restricts it to security of one family. Individual from tripura has no relation.

Order: Issue notice.
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#SupremeCourt will today hear pleas filed by Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind against the demolition of private properties in #Prayagraj and #Kanpur.
The #UttarPradesh government has filed a reply stating that demolitions carried out by the Kanpur and Prayagraj Development Authority were strictly in compliance with the UP Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973.…
SG: I have circulated a letter. We have been served a rejoineder with new facts. The affected party has already approached the #allahabadhighcourt , it was heard yesterday. The person who is aggrieved has told the High Court that she is not pursuing any remedy in #SupremeCourt
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#SupremeCourt to continue hearing plea by Jamiat-Ulama-I-Hind against the recent anti-encroachment demolition drive in #Prayagraj.

The Court had earlier urged authorities to ensure that nothing untoward happens till the next date of hearing.

#prayagraj #demolition #UP
The #UP government stated that the #Prayagraj demolitions were carried out by Local Development Authority, and was a part of their endeavour to free the city of illegal and unauthorised constructions.

No actual affected party moved Court, the govt added.…
SG Tushar Mehta: I have served a letter. Their rejoinder serves new fact.
PIL filed by one organisation, affected party has already moved HC that heard matter. A PIL petitioner is also arguing their case. If your lordships can have it tomorrow

Bench: Not aware of such grivance
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On June 3, the #SupremeCourt directed that every protected forest, national park and wildlife sanctuary in the country should have a minimum 1 km eco-sensitive zone (ESZ), from their demarcated boundaries. 1/6

#FRA2006 #ecosensitivezone…
A few environmentalists have welcomed the order, others found it unscientific. There were also huge protests against the verdict by farmers organisations in Kerala. The eco-sensitive zones are declared to create a “shock absorber” for the protected areas. 2n
Apart from prohibiting commercial #mining, establishment of major hydroelectric projects, activities related to tourism; there are restrictions on many activities like tree felling, establishing hotels, movements of vehicles at night, ground water harvesting and so on. 3n
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Supreme Court’s vacation bench takes up regular matters which were adjourned yesterday due to non- appearance of counsels.

Bench-Both yesterday & today appellant’s counsel was absent. We’ve been informed only in view of consent given by adv, appeal has been listed in vacation. Image
SC- AOR was expected to be present and argue. We Direct registry to telephonically inform the appellant’s Advocate, that appeal will be listed on Thursday & Advocate is expected to remain present & argue his case.

The counsel in the second case apologises for not being present yesterday as he was busy in a diff court

Justice Sundresh- Another counsel can come and inform

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In 2 books, Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots.
As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book puts forth the questions it did not ask
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions
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Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots. As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book reveals what it didn’t do. 1/6…
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications. 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions. 3/6
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