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A thread On • @OnInnsaei
" Innsaei Ventures Pvt ltd "
Founders - @itsSSR and Varunmathur
#Innsaei #SushantSinghRajput𓃵
1/n ImageImage
What @OnInnsaei actually Is
" Innsaei, an ancient Icelandic word for Intuition, is a first-of-its-kind venture that is working on the convergence of Intellectual Property and Emerging Technologies .
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
2/n Image
The Intellectual property represents an important financial and legal asset for companies, including startups. To protect its IP, a startup need to take several measures.
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
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The Dumbedkar Files

99% People Can't Read Till The End

बालासाहब ठाकरे Openly
🥭bedkr ko Criticise किया था

संभाजी महाराज इतना अत्याचार सहा औरंगजेब ने अपनी बेटी देने तक भी तैयार हो गया था लेकिन उन्होंने अपना धर्म नहीं छोड़ा Secularism Is A Shame On Us
छत्रपति Shivaji Maharaj के सामने कोई सनातन को ऐसे अपमान करता तो वह उसे बीच में से ही फाड़ डालता

लेकिन आजकल के Politicians ko तो Appease ment Krna h Chahe Dharm Or Desh Bik Jaye
Tags #jaibheem
Arakshan Reservation Dalits
Anyi Hindus
Bharat Jodo Yatra
Lovejihad जय श्री राम
Modi ji
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A random note of Sushant Singh Rajput

●● A Thread ●●

➡️ here some terms/phrases are written against which there's field/subject (in margin), from which that particular topic is.

So, let's see it one by one.

PC: owners.
1. Subliminal persuasion/priming:
Refers to the subconscious presentation of stimuli by people (for eg.:, advertisers) who intentionally try to influence our behavior.

•when we say toothpaste, 1st name is Colgate.
• feel thirsty, we think of water🥛

💥as per psychology, our mind subconsciously links similar objects together. & when we see either of it, we imagine one scene.
Eg. Coca cola & popcorn means movie theater.

Why not other drink/snack?!🤔 coz subconscious mind knows only THIS.
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#Mindhack 3.0
Mixing "What you see" with "what could be" will give us best picture😉

●● A Thread ●●

-what we know NOW was known to "someone" thousands years ago🧐
- Who are Dogons?
- What's so special about Sirius star?⭐

PC: rightful Owners
Some glimpses...🤩

The way we imagine a thing, we see it in that way.

Same way, there's this theory (which was later proved correct almost fully) revolving around Sirius star⭐

Go through this thread to know about this mystery.

PC: pinterest
This thread is based on information what's there in public.

📍Video source:

📍Articles and documents available in public domain.

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Here's a thread compiling all the #mindhacks posted by @itsSSR.
I try to explain each one of it and it's relevance in today's world.

●● A Thread ●●

PS: credits of all the pics, videos, facts & figures remains with respective owner.
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#Mindhack 2.0
"Human Progress with time"

●● A Thread ●●

- How will be the growth of humans?
- Importance of Education.
- what 'out of the box', is ACTUALLY required for future, not the typical one.

PC: rightful Owners
Firstly, let's understand what this graph and post is all about.

💥"Future is already here, just unevenly distributed.."

*this line say it all*

We are about to experience (already experiencing in a way) major breakthrough in education.

📍Convergence of Exponential technologies
▪︎ Artificial Intelligence (AI)
▪︎ Virtual Reality (VR)
▪︎ 3-d printing
▪︎ Robotics etc.

When all this will converge (merge together) by evolving as one. Future is "too good" & also "too dangerous"

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#HindiThread & #HindiThreads :-
बेचारा #बिपिन_रावत जी की मौत हो गई और News Channels वाला एकदम Background music, High level video editing, और Selective words का use कर उसे exciting अंदाज़ में लोगों को दिखा रहें हैं।

क्या कोई शोक संदेश ऐसे बताया जाता है लोगों को...!?
शर्मनाक #GodiMedia

ऐसा लगता है #BipinRawat मरे नहीं बल्कि पैदा हुएं हैं
हमने किसी के मौत पर ऐसा न्यूज प्रोग्राम शो की कभी कल्पना नहीं किया था #SushantSinghRajput पर भी नहीं
आज अगर गांधी-नेहरू-अम्बेडकर जैसे पत्रकार होते तो बहुत दुःखी होते
(गाँधी सिर्फ वकील ही नहीं पत्रकार भी थे)
इसका जिम्मेदार वर्तमान सरकार भी है।
अगर सरकार चाहती तो इन News Channels को instructions दे सकती थी कि #GeneralBipinRawat की दुःखद मौत को मजाक नहीं बनाया जाए।

पर नहीं! क्यों?
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●●●● A thread ●●●●

Dream 33/150
"Create Non-Zero sum, Darwinian Socio Economic structure that would enable 1 billion people by Bio-mimicking (Non-linear Emergence)🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍻🔥🦋🌪

To understand this dream, you need to first know what is;

💥Darwinian Social Theory
💥Socio Economic structure
💥Non-Zero sum
💥Bio mimicking

So let's see it one by one...
1. What's Darwinian social Theory?

➡️ Social Darwinism; theory says human groups & races are subject to the same laws of natural selection as Charles Darwin perceived in plants and animals in nature.

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●● A Thread ●●

• handwritten notes of SSR
• Innsaei Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Company
• SSR's dreams for his people

PC: rightful owners
This thread is an outcome of research & analysis done on the content which is already in public domain.

All observations & conclusions are from my understanding of Sushant, his interests in specifics, handwritten notes and consistency in his posts.
📌Due to confidentiality some notes are NOT published in public.
Hence there is no fixed order for notes. It's in parts.

I've numbered it to arrange them in a sequence for better understanding.

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Water and Emotions

● A Thread ●

- What is Water conciousness?
- link between Water & Emotions.
- how different emotions decides human's mood n health.
- SSR's post on this


- Covers more than 71% surface of earth (Pic 1 & 2 in percentage)

- Amounts to 65% of human body.
It has been claimed that water have its own memory and consciousness.

As per few it's a Yes!!

Water has its own memory and it responds to consciousness.
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I'm just saying it here, tell me if you'll also feel same..

We SSRians are so diversed, have difference of opinions, sometimes have disagreements too!
But when it comes to Sushant, all are doing their duties well!

People call us crazy fandom; but we call it our Love n dedication for Sushant Singh Rajput.

We never let him down!
If you observe closely, what our idol has in him (talents, personality, skills, etc.) Same things we possess too!

That's why we are here!
I have came across so many people for last 1 year, all are having some or the other unique thing in them which is the best for us.

Some are excellent writers, some are researchers, some know legal things, some have idea abt politics, medical experts, etc.

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An important thread with regards to Sushant's dream. (A thread)

●Dream x/150●

"To have my own team to research and investigate on possibilities of life/intelligent designs elsewhere and on ‘Unidentified Aerial phenomena’."
Following HTs are used in post.
#fermi #aliens #unacknowledged #intelligentdesign #Tesla #ancientaliens #interstellar #intergalactic #Sirius #orion #Dogons

Hashtags simplified in pics👇
- Some hts are linked to others.

●The observations provided are based on documents and sources available on internet.

●Picture/video credits remains with rightful owners.

●These observations/conclusions are based on research done from perspective of SSR's dream & his interest in Space.
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni to shortly hear petitions filed by @TheLeaflet_in & @waglenikhil challenging #NewITRules2021 arguing the same are an assault on #FreeSpeech. Union govt to respond today if the laws can be stayed.
Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh would make submissions opposing the temporary stay.

ASG: The new rules are beyond the parent statute. Nothing in IT act that regulates content on online platforms. Only section 69A provides for blocking of content. #NewITRules
ASG: These were the grounds urged before this court by the petitioners. My submission is as on today there is no urgency to stay the rules. No adverse action is taken against the petitioners herein. It is their own case that they have complied with the new rules.
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Sushant Singh Rajput's insta post

●● A thread ●●

This deciphering is from my observations and Research, there may be other perspectives for too. Do mention if any.

PC: to owners
Sushant has asked to find one common thing in all of the above!!🧐
So, let me decipher and connect all of these together in below thread.

✅Let's see at each
PS: there are few professional terms, that's why here I have tried to explain it in simple words.
After my research on each of these things it's concluded that the common thing is

"CANCER DISEASE" in humans how it can be cured (Treatment)

See images below for basic info or go to Link:…
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Last short thread for the day...

Want to spread some positivity, there's so much chaos🦋💫❤❤

.@itsSSR × FANS



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Everyone who was "once" associated with SSR are using him for promoting self or their movies🤡

Long back when people requested them (as colleagues) to voice out for #Justice4SSR they peddled suicide theory & stayed out from discussion.

Called us "blind fans" "fake handles" "trollers" "fans born after June" and what not!

But when we show them their hypocrisy, we are termed as trollers🤡

Let's ignore this also..

Another thing is they REMEMBER good old time with Sushant Singh Rajput only when they want publicity/promoting their projects!

If this is not HYPOCRISY than🤐

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1st connection to Sushant's post!

Pic 1: About Machine learning and Genetics (DNA) in future.

Pic 2: Sushant's post about Genetics (DNA, Heredity) and AI

#SushantSinghRajput ImageImage
2nd connection of that post is about data-storing in DNA.


#SushantSinghRajput Image
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#DelhiHighCourt hears plea against film "Nyay: The Justice", which is stated to be based on the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Matter before Justices Anup Bhambani and Jasmeet Singh.
Appeal has been moved by Krishna Kishore Singh, father of #SushantSinghRajput who has stated that many people were taking advantage of his son's death.

Earlier, a single Bench had declined to stay the film release. Appeal is against this ruling:…
Has the movie not been released, Court asks

Senior Adv Chander Lall: it’s been released

#DelhiHighCourt #SushantSinghRajput
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NCB Mumbai arrested Siddhartha Pithani at Hyderabad on 26/05/2021: Sameer Wankhede

@narcoticsbureau Siddharth Pithani #SiddharthPithani #SushantSinghRajput #SameerWankhede
NCB Mumbai gathered intelligence about the whereabouts of the said accused in Hyderabad, Telangana State.

@narcoticsbureau Siddharth Pithani #SiddharthPithani #SushantSinghRajput #SameerWankhede
Pithani was arrested under S 8(c) r/w 20(b)(II)(a),27,28 & 29 r/w 27-A & 35. He was produced before Court in Hyderabad for transit warrant after which he has be brought to Mumbai.

@narcoticsbureau Siddharth Pithani #SiddharthPithani #SushantSinghRajput #SameerWankhede
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CJI SA Bobde led bench to hear Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka's appeal against Bombay High Court order which did not quash Rhea Chakraborty's FIR against her where it was alleged that Singh along with Dr. Tarun had administering banned medicines to #SushantSinghRajput
Challenging an FIR registered on the basis of this complaint before the Bombay High Court, Priyanka Singh had claimed that the FIR was lodged to “concoct a whole new story entirely different from the statements made” by Chakraborty before the Supreme Court and media platforms.
However, Bombay HC had held "There is prima facie case found against Priyanka Singh and there should not be any impediment against investigation against her."

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CJI SA Bobde led bench to hear a plea by Central government (Narcotics Control Bureau) against Bombay High Court decision granting Regular Bail to ⁦@Tweet2Rhea⁩ (Rhea Chakraborty) in the NDPS case. #SushantSinghRajput
Solicitor-General: We know you will not interfere in the grant of bail. But my worry is Bombay HC has made wide ranging interpretation if NDPS Act which will make the Act meaningless
CJI: We interfere in bail. But you can come here only if you challenge the bail order and not finding of the High Court in a bail order
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#BombayHighCourt will pronounce its verdict in the plea filed by Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters seeking to quash FIR filed by Mumbai Police against Rhea Chakraborty’s complaint.

Bench of Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik will pronounce the verdict shortly.

The verdict was reserved on January 8, 2021:…
Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik will pronounce verdict in a plea filed by Sushant Singh Rajput sisters seeking to quash FIR registered by Mumbai Police pursuant to a complaint filed by Rhea Chakraborty implicating the two sisters for committing offences under IPC and NDPS Act
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The Bombay High Court, on Monday, January 18, said that a #MediaTrial during an ongoing investigation violates program code under the Cable TV Network Regulation Act and would impact the probe.
The bench passed the order while hearing a petition filed by former police officers from Maharashtra, activists, lawyers and NGOs in November, seeking a directive restraining the “media trial” in the Sushant Rajput death case.
The court held that the trial by media could interfere with the administration of criminal justice.
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#BombayHighCourt will pronounce its verdict in a batch of PILs filed against #mediatrials in the wake of reportage relating to the death of Bollywood actor #SushanthSinghRajput at 11 am today.
Judgment will be rendered by Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

Read a summary of arguments made during the hearing here:…
Bench has assembled.
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