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A thread On • @OnInnsaei
" Innsaei Ventures Pvt ltd "
Founders - @itsSSR and Varunmathur
#Innsaei #SushantSinghRajput𓃵
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What @OnInnsaei actually Is
" Innsaei, an ancient Icelandic word for Intuition, is a first-of-its-kind venture that is working on the convergence of Intellectual Property and Emerging Technologies .
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
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The Intellectual property represents an important financial and legal asset for companies, including startups. To protect its IP, a startup need to take several measures.
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
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Rabindranath Tagore loved #Hyderabad so much that he wanted to make City his "Second Home"!

In 1933 the Nizam of Hyderabad, extended a formal invitation to #RabindranathTagore to visit #Hyderabad

Tagore had gladly accepted the invitation


#Copied Image
admired the Nizam for having established educational institutions within his domain.

Osmania University, founded in 1921, had the distinction of being the 7th university built on Indian soil and it had already produced several eminent personalities.

#Tagore wrote to the Nizam: “I have long been waiting for the day when freed from the shackles of a foreign language, our education becomes naturally accessible to all our people. It gives me great joy to know that your State proposes to found a University where*

(3/n) Image
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#Efemérides #OnThisDay #BOTD #RabindranathTagore #Tagore

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Hoy, 7 de mayo, nació RABINDRANATH TAGORE -রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর- (f. 1941), escritor de cuentos, compositor de canciones, dramaturgo, ensayista y pintor.

Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1913. ImageImage
Introdujo nuevas formas de prosa y verso y el uso del lenguaje coloquial en la literatura bengalí, liberándola así de los modelos tradicionales basados en el sánscrito clásico.

Tuvo una gran influencia en la introducción de la cultura hindú en Occidente y viceversa. ImageImage
Tras unos estudios incompletos en Inglaterra a finales de la década de 1870, regresó a la India.

Allí publicó varios libros de poesía en la década de 1880 y completó _Manasi_ (1890), una colección que marca la madurez de su genio. Contiene algunos de sus poemas más conocidos. Image
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This will be a #Burnol moment for many. I will give you proof that all the history we are taught in schools & colleges in pure junk. They were all written by a certain vested political class. We need to fix it now. This tweet is about who founded the great #CalcuttaUniversity +
The 1st ever letter drafted towards establishing a state of the art University in India in lines of Oxford and Cambridge was drafted than none other than my GGGG grandfather #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee in 1846. @primrose, you wanted it, I got it. The entire proposal! Earlier I ++
(3/n) just published the first page of the handwritten proposal. Here is the entire letter and everything is available at #UttarparaJoykrishnaLibrary if you want evidence. So here's the sequence of events in the run upto establishing one of the best Universities in the world++
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In a big blow to Bengali culture & heritage, a section of the ancestral home of #RabindranathTagore (also called Jorasanko Thakurbari) has been converted into the office of Trinamool Shikshabandhu Samiti.

Details: (1/n) ImageImage
The Maharshi Bhawan of the heritage building, where Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (writer of #VandeMataram) allegedly met Tagore for the first time, has been remodelled.

(2/n) Image
The walls of the Maharshi Bhawan, which has been witness to the Bengali renaissance, have been painted green in colour.

The shade of doors and window panes, not to forget the flooring, has also been tampered with by the worker’s wing of the ruling party.
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#IndiraPriyadarshini perpetuated immorality in the Nehru dynasty. Intellectual Indira was admitted in Oxford University but driven out from there for non performance. She was then admitted to Shantiniketan but, #RabindranathTagore chased her out for her bad conduct.
After driven out of Shantiniketan, Indira became lonely as father was busy with politics and mother was dieing of tuberculosis in Switzerland. Playing with her loneliness, #FerozeKhan, son of a grocer named Nawab Khan who supplied wines etc to Motilal Nehru's house in Allahabad!
He was able to draw close to her. The then Governor of Maharashtra, Dr. Shriprakash warned Nehru, that Indira was having an illicit relation with Feroze Khan. Feroze Khan was then in England and he was quite sympathetic to Indira. Soon enough she changed her religion!
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Staff in hand I would often wander away from one peak to another, but my father did not object. To the end of his life, I have observed, he never stood in the way of our independence…1/n
Many a time have I said or done things repugnant alike to his taste and his judgment; with a word he could have stopped me; but he preferred to wait till the prompting to refrain came from within…2/n
A passive acceptance by us of the correct and the proper did not satisfy him; he wanted us to love truth with our whole hearts; he knew that mere acquiescence without love is empty…3/n
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If you’re asked what is the coolest fact you know about #RabindranathTagore, tell them there is an elementary school located 15,000 KM away from Kolkata in the city of Rio de Janeiro that teaches diversity and inclusion, named after Kobiguru. A thread (1/14)
Just about half an hour drive from Brazil’s exotic Copacabana Beach, Escola Municipal Tagore (Municipal School Tagore) was founded in 1963. If you’re wondering what is Tagore doing in Brazil, the history is quite amazing (2/14)
Almost a century ago, in May 1924, Tagore received an invite to celebrate the centennial of Peru's independence. In September, he embarked on a ship named Haruna Maru at Colombo bound for Europe (3/14)
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @MamataOfficial

Thought of reminding you words of #Tagore on his jayanti.

Read thread.

"There are two religions in earth, which have distinct enmity against all other religions. These two are Christianity and Islam. "
2/n #RabindranathTagore continues: "They are not just satisfied with observing their own religions, but are determined to destroy all other religions. That’s why the only way to make peace with them is to embrace their religions."

Source-Original works of Rabindranath Vol. 24
3/n #Tagore writes in Parichaya,

"When two-three different religions claim that only their own religions are true and all other religions are false, their religions are only ways to Heaven, conflicts can not be avoided.
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Today is the 159th Jayanti of Rabindranath Tagore (25th day of Baisakh).
“We want to draw a veil over our past to appease the Muslims… We have done it for a long time. It is time we lift the veil from our eyes.”- #Tagore Read his thoughts on #Islam 👇…
#RabindranathTagore conceived of Bharata, the sacred land of India, as a Divine Being that has guided the course of our nation since ancient times. Read about the deep spiritual significance in masterly composition which is our #NationalAnthem.
"..Possibly, the Hindus & Muslims can make a fake friendship to each other for a while,but that cannot last forever. As long as you don't purify the soil,which grows only thorny shrubs you cannot expect any fruit"- #RabindranathTagore…
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“In India there is no common birthright"

#RabindranathTagore 's eviscerating takedown of Nationalism on @IndianHistory_C had addressed CAA and the economic and social crises we are in the midst of before their time

Read it for it is the compass we need…
“Nationalism is a great menace..It is the particular thing which for years has been at the bottom of India’s troubles.”

It wasnt easy for Tagore to write these words at a time when the subcontinent was in the throes of an exacting and passionate freedom struggle but he knew..
"India is many countries packed in one geographical receptacle”

“It is just the opposite of what Europe truly is, namely one country made into many”

If only policy makers and consent manufacturers cd remember #Tagore's words

This essay is full of gems…
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Intellectual Bengali elite made certain efforts to recast Rabindranath Tagore into their stereotypical version which fits perfectly with their own imaginations. But, was Tagore the same what he's told to you?


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Indian docuementaries on digital platform.

A thread..
The life journey of #JagjitSingh who broke through the norms and revolutionised the Ghazal scenario.

#KaagazKiKashti (2017) by @brahmanandsingh.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.

@jabeenmerchant @MobiusFilmsIn Image
The most comprehensive film made on the great composer and a film that no music and film buff anywhere in the world can afford to miss .

#PanchamUnmixed (2008) by @brahmanandsingh.

Available on @YouTubeIndia (buy/rent) :

@MobiusFilmsIn Image
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Today is Birthday of the man who didn’t believe in restricting humans to one #political boundary:Gurudev #RabindranathTagore He won #NobelPrize for undivided #India for his literary genius, ‘Gitanjali’. He returned his #Knighthood to #British in protest of#jalianwalabagh Massacre Image
He built the ‘Abode of Peace’ globally renowned as Santiniketan ♥️The ‘Kanch Ghar’ or glass house in pic represents the beliefs of the Brahmo Samaj. It is made of beautifully arranged coloured glass in a rectangular building set at a higher level amidst huge trees @AmitChaudhuri Image
The Brahmo Samajis rejected idol worship, rites and rituals and the stronghold of the priestly class. There is no idol here, it’s for us to find our inner peace at #heritage #art #History #india #Democracy @UNESCO @BoutsofHysteria @theheritagelab @calcuttaheritage @edanderson101
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#Hindus have lived in dark for almost 70yrs in absence of correct history, completely ignorant of the wicked misdeeds of #Congress against the Hindu nation!
Was the spirit of #VandeMataram diluted for personal gains? @INCIndia
The 1st day of 2019 began with #Congress CM Kamalnath rejecting #VandeMataram singing at the Secretariat
says, ‘we’ve sung it from time-to-time, need no certificate of patriotism from anyone’
Well @OfficeOfKNath
justify the events in the following thread & prove ur nationalism!
The revolutionaries in Bengal had a profound impact on entire country
An alarmed Viceroy, Lord Curzon combined with residue of islamic Imperialism partitioned Bengal to eliminate looming threat
16 October 1905, separated Muslim Eastern areas from Hindu Western areas.
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