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#ThreadStorytime #climatechange

The Sun is active behind itself because of our GAS giants and its causing Volcano Eruptions

So what Happens when The Gas Giants are Behind us in 2024 after our pole shift approx 2023 after it weakens our magnetic field?
Based on current data if things don’t accelerate or change, so 3 years from now, would be around September 2023. (to be In those weak field lines if nothing changes)… Image
Why do you think they are hiding the data ? Just the USGS btw . Have not heard of other yet , but will keep you posted if I hear more.

I always post my sources for screen shots .

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#THREAD #threadstorytime

#NWO #Globalist #oligarch
Lets take a look at his
#backstory & #history

Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of The Carlyle Group, President of the Alfalfa Club ect..…
RUBENSTIEN is also on the board of trustees of the world economic forum…
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#THREAD #threadstorytime
Calling attention to Misconceptions , some history , and poing out institutions that will become relevant later #threads

Federal Reserve
Brookings Institution (and other think tanks)
Alfalfa Club
As settled law under John L. Lewis v. United States confirms: “Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region.”…
In 1909, Aldrich introduced a constitutional amendment to establish an income tax, although he had declared a similar measure "communistic" a decade earlier…
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#Thread #threadstorytime

Interesting timeline prior to C0V1D
August 2019

#BlackRock Investment Institute
Dealing with the next downturn:
From unconventional monetary policy to
unprecedented policy coordination
#FederalReserve #GreatReset…
August 22-24th 2019
Federal reserve and central bankers from around the world
met at Jackson Hole Wyoming .

Blackrock presents the white paper written by 3 ex central banks ( one has dual citizenship btw) to them .…
Sept 16 2019
3 Traders at JP Morgan were indicted on RICO for manipulating the metals market…
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ʜɪʟᴏ🧵| Luego de una sucesión de hechos premeditados, durante la #WWII en promedio fue aniquilado el 50% de los pacientes permanentes de los hospitales psiquiátricos alemanes, y hoy vamos a hablar de cómo se llegó a eso.

Empecemos por el contexto 👇
El terreno estaba allanado por una serie de leyes y un clima social, no solo en Alemania, que interpretaba a los enfermos mentales como una carga social que no era admisible de tolerar para una sociedad que necesitaba crecer en forma "saludable".
¿Por qué no solo en Alemania? Vayamos brevemente para EEUU.

Con el aval de la Corte Suprema de ese país, se habían llevado a cabo miles de intervenciones de “esterilización forzada” a minorías raciales, personas con malformaciones congénitas, enfermos mentales y delincuentes.
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6 #leadership styles and when you should use them? ✔️

Leadership can and should be situational, depending on the needs of the team.

Here is a thread 🧵 that brings you different aspects of leadership. #threadstorytime

#LeadershipDevelopment #curated
The pacesetting leader

“Do as I do, now.”

Expects and models excellence and self-direction.

Works best: When the team is already motivated and skilled, and the leader needs quick results.
The authoritative leader

“Come with me.”

Mobilizes the team toward a common vision and focuses on end goals, leaving the means up to each individual.
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okay guys so i woke up to a facetime call from tre , and he was looking good asf .

tre : goodmorning mama

me : goodmorning bae ♡

tre : i miss you

me : i miss you too baby

in the midst of our convo his mom walks in to tell him she and his sister are leaving
(hm - his mom)

me : hey mommaaa 🥰

hm : hey babyy , how’s my son treating you ?

me : he be bullying me ma

tre : bruh no i don’t

hm : *slaps him upside his head* don’t be bullying her , imma ttyl okay

me : okay thank you ma love you

tre : see you later ma

hm : love y’all
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𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗕𝘂𝗱𝗱𝘆👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍃..
#explorepage #threads #storytime #threadstories #threadseries #threadstorytime #seriesthreads #newseries #explore #seriesofseries Image
just like it up💕..
𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐩𝐨𝐯
10|21 10:15𝐚𝐦

“wake y’all asses up!!”

I began jumping on Lexi bed as her and Mark was sleeping. Mark was groaning as he woke up.

“wtf is youu doing fam? enzo come get yo girl!!” Marcus said.

“baee getcho ass down” lorenzo said.
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We Still Here (day 15 of 28)

The queen of neo soul, Erykah Badu, was born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971. She was raised by a single mother in #Dallas, #Texas. 1/

#BHM #HERstory #ShareBlackStories #threadstorytime
Badu started her training in the arts at age 4 and was a cast member at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in her youth. By 14, she was freestyling for a local radio station. 2/
Believing her original name was a “slave name”, Badu decided to spell it as “Erykah” early in life, incorporating the term “kah” which means “inner self”. Her adopted surname, “Badu”, refers to the 10th born child in the native language of Akan people from Ghana. 3/
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30 likes 10 retweets😗
Okay yall I promise imma get to it soon ! THANKS FOR RUNNING IT UPP!!!
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How did the #farmers go from desperately wanting to sell land, to protesting against selling #land? And more importantly, how is India’s Constitution the culprit here? A #Thread, from our recent #hippoBrain conversation with @srajagopalan <1/29>

#threadstorytime #FarmersProtest
In 1950, when #India became a republic, one of the major things on the agenda was land reform. Understandable, because India was incredibly poor. ~95% were working in Agriculture. <2/29>

#landreform #FarmersProtest
Most of them were not land owners; only 1-2% of the people working in Agriculture were land owners. So there was a push towards making this a more equitable system. Esp since the land was granted to zamindars due to on privileges given by the East India Company, etc. <3/29>
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Aavani Moola festival - #Madurai
#meenakshi Amman #Temple -dedicated to Sundareswarar&his Thiru vilayadals(Miracles) #Thread

9th day of this festival Puttukku Man Sumandha Leelai(Shiva carried mud in return for puttu -
(made of steamed riceflour & coconut) from his devotee

📸 - prev yrs event as this yr festival is cancelled.
It is celebrated at Puttu Thoppu in Madurai,south bank of River Vaigai.Shiva helped a old women - Vandhiammai in this place.It happened at the time when Vagai river was flooded.
Pandiya king ordeded that each house should depute one person from their family to fill mud in the banks of Vaigai River to build a massive bund to protect from flood.Vandhi - Puttu selling old lasy was sad that she had no one for this work.She prayed to Shiva for help.
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Aavani Moola festival of #Madurai
#meenakshi Amman #Temple -dedicated to Sundareswarar (Shiva)&his Thiru vilayadals (Miracles) #Thread

8th day of this festival -Moola
Nakshatra in Tamil month Aavani -Nariyai Pariyaakkiya (Turing Fox
to Horse)Leelai-to save Manickavasagar
📸- previous yrs event.This year it is cancelled due to COVID-19

#threadstorytime -This thiru vilavadal of Shiva -related to Athmanatha Swamy #temple, Avudaiyarkoil
Manickavasagar(Vadhavooran) minister of King Arimarthana Pandiyan of Madurai was given money to buy horses
Vadhavooran went to buy,but on the way Shiva came in the form of Dakshinamoorthy -preached Upanishads &Vedas.Afterwards he spent his whole time in chanting Mantras& devotional songs about Shiva & forgot to buy horses.King was waiting for horses,but no news about Vadhavooran
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#DoYouKnow -Unique #Ganesha deity which is believed to be made of sea shells, snail hoods, sea foam &other substances from

On night before #Vinayaka Chaturthi a spl Abishek will be
performed to this Ganesha with honey,it absorbs completely

Thiruppurambiyum #temple,TN
1/n Image
This place is near Kumbakonam Temple was built by Cholas during the 9th Century.There is an Interesting story related to this
#Ganesha as he is called as Pralayam Katha Vinayagar.
(Pralayam–Destruction of Earth by the Sea, Katha –Safeguard, Vinayagar(#Ganesh )
Story#Thread 👇 ImageImage
#storytimethread - End of every yuga is marked by a huge flood that leads to destruction of all living beings on earth - Pralayam
End of Thretha yuga, Earth was destroyed by 7 seas.Shiva instructed Vinayaka to save this temple at Thiru Purambayam.

3/n Image
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Gajendra Moksha is believed to have happened at Kapisthalam.
Vishnu gave darshan to Gajendra Elephant,crocodile & gave them salvation.Temple pond Kapila Theertham which exists even now.
Gajendra Varadhar Temple, Kapisthalam - Near Kumbakonam,TN - one of the 108 Divya Desams.
1/n ImageImage
The Main Deity is Gajendra Varada (Adimoolan).Lord Vishnu is in reclining posture, Bhujanga Sayanam facing east direction.
The temple is believed to have been built by Cholas of the late 8th century AD, with later contributions from Vijayanagar kings & Madurai Nayaks.

2/n ImageImage
#threadstorytime -Legend of Gajendra Moksham from Bhagavatham

King Indradyumnan -a great devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu.Once Sage Duruvasa visited his place,but as king was in prayer couldn't welcome him.Angry sage cursed king to be born as elephant as he was proud his bhakti.

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A lot of bizarre things have happened in my life but none of them compares to how i almost lost my life because of woman.

It all started about a month ago, i decided to take a break from furiously pursuing igbo girls as it seems like they live off the tears of yoruba guys. Fortunately for me i stumbled on Feyi's TL, slid into her DM & the rest they say is history.
Feyi looked like she walked out of one of my many daydreams...her caramel skin looked as soft as if you could cut it with a butter knife, teeth whiter than hotel bedsheets, had a smile that could disarm even terrorists & a voluptuous body that made everyone around lose
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At a construction site somewhere in Banana Island Lagos, was a beautifully built, light skinned girl whose simple heart made us all smile.
She saw beyond our work stained clothes and extended her soft hands of friendship to every worker, from the lowest labourer to the highest, we appreciated her every effort.
We were all bonding when a contractor who was sent in by the Alhaji-the site owner- stormed into the site to make quotations for the Interlocking.
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I got to a point in my life where I felt I wanted to become an Indonesian citizen. I had lived there for 23 years at that point, not including high school & university exchanges.
It wasn't just a "marriage of convenience", doing it to make my visa run easier.
I felt more connection with Indonesia, much more so than the UK, my passport, that I left at age 15, or USA, where I went to high school & university but only spent 10 years. And certainly not South Africa, where I was born & spent 7 years.
It seemed natural.
I tried. I went to an office in Kuningan, if memory serves me right. I looked around & realized I was the only "European" interested in exploring this option.
The middle-aged officer eyed me quizzically.
"What do you do?" he asked abruptly.
"I'm a writer."
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My husband and I have experienced a traumatizing event in the past 24 hours #covid #personalstory #threadstorytime
A few days ago, we made arrangements with my husband’s sister to have their travelling mom live with us for a bit during the quarantine period immediately after her arrival. My mother in law “officially” lived with my sister in law. And the latter has an immunocompromised child.
My MIL left the country to go to France in mid January this year. She usually arranges this type of trip yearly to be with her retired sisters who live there. This year they planned to go to a pacific island with a group in early March.
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Over the past 4 years I have been involved in 3 extensively researched projects investigating Nigeria’s informal economy, its trade relations with its neighbours/cross-border cooperation and regional integration in West Africa. @HassanIdayat @Nwankpa_A @amasonic @ChiomaChuka
In light of ongoing debates on Nigeria’s land border closure I feel compelled to draw on these research activities to share “two fundamental reasons and another” why I’m puzzled by the land border closure and think it is wrongheaded. #DOGONTURANCI thread:
Tbh, the list of reasons is really as long as my alarmingly long arms! but lots of clever people have tackled the other realities (i.e. that the #NGA govt should really be focusing on the difficult domestic business environment, energy & infrastructure deficits...
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The Time I Got Freaky on FaceTime 😏#Threads #threadstorytime #storytimethread
So this all happened literally last night. I was on FaceTime with my lil summer fling( we gonna call him Ricky). Now I’m on Vacation atm with my family and I’m sharing a room with my little cousin(he’s like 8)
So my little was sleeping in the bed and I was on an air mattress. I had in nothing but a jacket a bra, some lace underwear. Now by time I called Ricky I was already in the mood, so I was tryna get him to notice, so I took off my jacket
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Seven sailors found a very good day to travel, no thick cloud nor any weather problems at all, the cause of them travelling is as a result of their inability to see a person who find them attractive and charming.. #Thread #Threads #threadstorytime #eni_story
So one of them had suggested "let's go to Italy, I learnt their women are lovely and don't discriminate as they look for the inner beauty",
They all set out on this auspicious day with all hopes of finding their wives...
except one who doesn't care about finding a wife or how his look had made him unlucky in matters of the heart, they were halfway to Italy when the weather flipped in a heartbeat..
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The time my doctor fingered me and gave me head💦💦🍆#threadstorytime
Ok so I had a doctors appointment and I didn’t want to go because I knew I was gonna have a boy and I knew I was gonna have to get my 🐱 checked and stuff .
So then we get there and I have this fat ass mad look on my face until that nigga walked in. When I seen his face I was like
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HOW TO GROW 4a/4b/4c HAIR✨💇🏽‍♀️ #thread #threadstorytime #naturalhair #storytime Image
LCO Method is the best way to moisturize your hair.


Spray hair with either water,rose water,or aloe water(that’s your liquid).Then follow up with a conditioner of your choice.And lastly seal in hair with an sealing oil.
Do this everyday
Some good conditioners that work for me are Whole blends and Shea moisture. Each brand has a variety of different conditioners❤️ you are bond to find the one that works for your hair. Image
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