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Welcome to the world of $TENET, an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain that's revolutionizing the crypto space.

This is a Part 1 FA thread about #TENET.

Today I'll focus on its unique technology, Diversified Proof of Stake (DiPoS).

Let's get started!🧵 #Crypto #Blockchain

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Today they have been listed on several big centralized exchanges:

- Bybit
- Kucoin
- Bitfinex
- Huobi
- Gate
- Bitmart

Today the journey of $TENET begins.

Short introduction:

$TENET is all about bringing liquidity and yield opportunities to LSDs by using them as collateral for network validators through Diversified Proof of Stake.

This increases network security and improves governance inclusivity.

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Supongo q ya has marcado en tu calendario 2⃣1⃣-0⃣7⃣-2⃣0⃣2⃣3⃣, día estreno #Oppenheimer (Christopher Nolan):
Buen momento para repasar su filmografía como director en formato #hilo, ordenadas de manera creciente, según mi ránking: Image
Puesto número 1⃣1⃣: #Insomnia (Insomnio) (2002)
Puesto número🔟: #TheFollowing (1998)
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So, Lord Fink is highly involved with the children's charity ARK and I've done several threads now on their connections..

" Hedge fund godfather Lord Fink to chair #HSBC backed tech start-up Bud "…
ARK Schools doc :…

Fink is a shareholder in Clenzair Ltd - an air purification system used in schools , the White House, Harvard, Google and Starbucks…
Lucy Heller - Chief Executive of ARK &Managing Director of ARK Schools…

She was General Manager of the Observer from 1998-1999 and Managing Director of TSL Education, owned by News International from 2000-2003.

@ Policy Exchange to discuss next PM in 2019
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For the first time in nearly two decades, Christopher Nolan will make a movie for a studio that’s not Warner Bros.
Nolan’s World War II film about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb will be made for Universal Studios.
The director spoke to several studios in recent weeks, including Sony and MGM, about the possibility of backing his $100 million drama.

He did have talks with Warner Bros., but the relationship with his former studio home has grown strained.
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Now that TENET is trending again...


The definitive TENET rant. 1/?
Nolan takes the two biggest threats to humanity (climate disaster and nuclear holocaust), combines and packages them into a psychedelic sci-fi espionage caper about how the FREE WILL of human beings to DO GOOD is what keeps the world moving. And it SLAPS.

It is about how - in a reality where time is a block with no beginning, no end, all of it exists at once in a single moment, expanding in and out and upon itself, with seemingly no free will and where nothing can change - people MUST STILL ACT to do good.

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So my best friend and I watched #Tenet last night for the last day of the Watchathon where the expensive channels were free. It was so good. I don't much care for movies. I get bored about 2/3rds and want them to be OVER, but not this one. Not one second of boredom
It was mind-bending and you kind of just have to let go and let be - just sit back and watch and laugh because it is sometimes hilarious when you realize something has happened. I would hate to be asked to storyboard or flow chart this movie.
There were some great lines. For example, The Protagonist says to the Michael Caine character about them "having a monopoly on snobbery" and he says no, they don't, but "we have a controlling interest."

I laughed so hard.
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#TENET - மனிதர்கள் பூமியை யாருமே வாழமுடியாதபடி மாத்துறதால எதிர்கால சந்ததி (அவங்களும் மனுஷங்கதான்) ரொம்ப பாதிக்கப்படுது. டென்ஷனான அவங்க, இறந்தகாலத்துல ஒருத்தன வச்சு எல்லோரையும் காலி பண்ண ப்ளான் போட, அத நிகழ்கால மனிதர்கள் தடுத்தாங்களா என்பதுதான் கதை. (1/4)

ரொம்ப ஒன்னும் குழப்பம் இல்லை, இரண்டு தடவை பார்த்தாலே நல்லா புரியுது (சிலவற்றை தவிர). என்னதான் டெக்னிகலா மிரட்டுனாலும், நோலனோட எல்லா கதையிலும் ஒரு எமோஷ்னல் டச் இருக்கும், இப்படத்தில் அது நட்பு - கம்மி எமோஷன் தான் ஆனா டச்சிங்கா இருக்கும். ஹீரோ உட்பட அத்தனை பேர் நடிப்பும் தரம் (2/4)
Prestige பார்த்தவர்களுக்கு தெரியும், அந்த படமே மேஜிக் ட்ரிக்ல வர்ர Pledge, Turn & The Prestige ன்ற மூன்று படிகள் மாதிரிதான் இருக்கும். அதேபோல இந்த படமே டைட்டில் மாதிரி ஆரம்பிச்ச இடத்திலேயே முடியும் (Inversion). இந்த மாதிரி படம், தலைவர் Nolanஐ தவிர யாராலும் எடுக்கவே முடியாது (3/4)
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#GTBeeps by @talwar_puja: #DimpleKapadia On Working With #ChristopherNolan

‘Having A Masculine Front In A Man’s World Has Its Uses’ Dimple Kapadia’s opening line in #ChristopherNolann much-awaited #TENET, is what the actor says describes her and her screen character Priya best.
#DimpleKapadia said, ‘I always thought I was more of a man than a woman even in my real life, so I completely agree with it’. Playing Priya, an arms dealer in the #scifi thriller, the actress recounts how she nearly didn't do the film.
#DimpleKapadia says "I didn't go through the script, I was given a two-page audition and I was so scared. Thinking how am I going to do it? But, better sense prevailed and despite all my fears and anxieties I nearly didn't do the film.
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Tras un debate con @cronocine sobre si los datos de taquilla de #Tenet son un indicador de un éxito o un fracaso, he decidido compararlos con los datos de #Mulan teniendo en cuenta la evolución de las votaciones de IMDb #TenetvsMulan [abro hilo] ...
El procedimiento que he seguido para realizar esta comparación es el que expliqué en el siguiente artículo de mi blog, donde expliqué que los datos de IMDb pueden ser un buen indicador del éxito o fracaso de una película en taquilla (entre otras cosas).…
Si comparo el número de votaciones en IMDb #TenetvsMulan se observa que el número de visualizaciones de Mulan en los primeros días era superior, algo normal teniendo en cuenta que los cines tienen el número de espectadores limitados.…
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[Thread/help !] j'ai une grosse interrogation sur #Tenet et même après avoir lu plusieurs articles je n'ai encore pas trouvé la réponse. Je préviens ça va spoiler
A la fin Rob Pattinson remonte le temps pour se sacrifier vous savez comment. Mais techniquement parlant, comment peut-il se placer entre la balle, et le pistolet ?
Sachant qu'il est en sens inverse, il faudrait que la balle sorte du corps du protagoniste, qu'elle fasse le trajet jusqu'au pistolet. Et c'est là que Pattinson vient s'intercaler
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Vous avez vu #TENET mais vous n'avez rien compris ? Pas de panique, suivez le plan pour vous y retrouver dans le dédale concocté par #ChristopherNolan ⬇️
Ce schéma se concentre sur les quatre personnages principaux du film : le Protagoniste (John David Washington) en rouge, Neil (Robert Pattinson) en bleu, Katherine (Elizabeth Debicki) en vert et Sator (Kenneth Branagh) en noir. Les passages en inversion sont indiqués par des ⏪
#TENET s'ouvre sur la scène de l'attentat de l'Opéra de Kiev, une opération à laquelle participe le Protagoniste mais également Neil, qui sauve la vie à ce dernier (comme nous le réalisons plus tard dans le film).
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(Thread) Je viens de sortir de #Tenet de Nolan. Et j'ai vu de nombreux liens avec le Carré magique Sator.

Si vous n'avez pas vu le film, si vous ne voulez pas être spoilés ne lisez pas 🎬
Je suis complètement fascinée par le carré Sator depuis plus de 15 ans. Je ne dis pas que je connais son secret et sa signification mais j’avance dans mes recherches. J’ai des carnets entiers de notes sur lui.
Je me le suis même fait tatouer sur le bras il y a quelque années 🌸 (et je vais aussi voir tous les carrés Sator que je croise sur ma route :D)
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🎬1. Salen las primeras reseñas de #Tenet, lo nuevo de Christopher Nolan con John David Washington y Robert Pattinson.

Aviso: son buenas, pero sin tirar cohetes. Abro hilo. 👇🏼
🎬2. @LeslieFelperin, en @THR: “En conjunto, es una película fría y cerebral. Es fácil de admirar, especialmente porque es muy rica en su audacia y originalidad, pero también es casi imposible amarla, pues carece de cierta humanidad”.…
🎬3. @GuyLodge en @Variety: “Es una película grande, descaradamente bella y grandiosamente disfrutable que rescatará al público de la sequía de espectáculos escapistas. [...] No es, tho, una película con mucha cosa relevante que decir sobre el mundo real”.…
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#KarunaKumar's #Palasa1978 is made with a lot of conviction. The detailing of Slang & Language used and groundedness aspect of the movie is something that needs to be lauded. Very good Music & good Direction supported by very good performances. Powerful ending. Do watch.

7/10⭐️ Image
#ChintuKaBirthday is just fine. It has its moments. The trailer looked very promising, but the film did not have much to offer. Few decisions look forced & the "emotional punch" the makers were aiming at did not land for me. Nevertheless, makes for a good family watch.

6/10⭐️ Image
#ArunKarthick's #Nasir breaks your heart so quickly, you'll take a lot of time to recover. Beautifully shot and edited, the film will resonate with you for sure. It only takes a second for things to go out of hands and Arun pulls that off with such perfection. Must watch.

8/10⭐️ Image
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