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If #BlackLivesMatter, why aren't ALL CRIMES crimes that massively and disproportionately African-Americans front and center?

Or does BLM/DNC/MSM (diff?) only care about 'Black Lives' they can exploit for political and financial gain?


This is HUGE- but almost totally ignored or downplayed by MSM. If prosecutions for Police Violence increased 40%- would MSM ignore THAT?

Something stinks in MSM.…
#HumanTrafficking #SexSlavery #Pædophilia

"According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines."

MSM? <crickets>…
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Παρακάτω θα μιλήσουμε λιγο για ναρκωτικά και μάλιστα για την πρεζοπορο ναυτιλια που προσφέρει τα μάλα στην οικονομία της χώρας ως αγαπημένος κλάδος της @neademokratia: 1. Το 2001, το ελληνικών συμφερόντων πλοίο Saturn μεταφέρει στις Αζόρες 1,5 τόνο κοκαΐνης. Το πλήρωμα ξεφορτώνει
τα 1.300 κιλά και κρατάει τα υπόλοιπα 200 ως αμοιβή. Λίγο αργότερα συλλαμβάνεται στην Βιέννη κ ο εμπνευστής τής δουλειάς, ο εφοπλιστής Κώστας Βαλλιάνος.
2. Το 2002, ο γαλλικός στόλος εγκλωβίζει ανοιχτά της Σενεγάλης το ελληνικό πλοίο Winner, για το οποίο υπήρχαν πληροφορίες
ότι μετέφερε κοκαΐνη, μεταφορτωμένη από ψαροκάικα στην Καραϊβική. Ο πλοίαρχος προσπαθεί να ξεφύγει και οι γάλλοι αναγκάζονται να ανοίξουν πυρ για να τον αναγκάσουν να σταματήσει. Το Winner μετέφερε 5 τόνους κοκαΐνη, κρυμμένη σε σιδερένια κιβώτια με ειδικό μηχανισμό,
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I would like to warn my twitter followers: never, ever bank with #HSBC.
When I was in NYC in summer I opened an HSBC account because it was possible to have an international account, unlike my existing bank, transferred some money in. They were supposed to send me checks & bank card etc.
never arrived. I called now and asked why. They said they sent it to another address. I said I've only ever had the address I have now. They said sorry no we have a different one. I asked what it was. They said, nope, sorry, we're not allowed to tell you.
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The nomination of #Mishustin to be PM of #Russia likely represents an “all in, scorched Earth” move by #Putin to fight the #MagnitskyAct sanctions. Mishustin, along with Prosector General #YuryChaika, has been integral to the investigation of (1/3)…
… of alleged massive tax fraud (via #HSBC, the #HongKong #Shanghai Banking Corp.) by US citizenship-renouncer #BillBrowder.

With the opening of #NordStream2, we already see #Germany backing off the #Magnitsky narrative, with @SPIEGEL_English questioning key aspects (2/3)…
… of #BillBrowder’s shifting story (inc. the fundamental point that #Magnitsky was a lawyer & not an accountant).

The loser here is #HumanRights. The #MagnitskyAct is great, powerful legislation built on a questionable foundation. It should’ve been named after #LiuXiaobo. (3/3)
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How #MukeshAmbani's #Reliance stashed #BlackMoney in Swiss Banks & later snapped all ties with shell firm after money laundering probe initiated. The biggest Indian account holder in Geneva branch, its website now hosts porn.…
While publicly available official docs do not reveal much about #MukeshAmbani company’s ownership & business dealings, its name figured in leaked #HSBCBank List as the largest Indian account holder with nearly USD 500 million in a Geneva branch of #HSBC.
The #MukeshAmbani shell company came under scanner after details about Indian names on #HSBC List reached India under bilateral agreement wigh French govt. #HSBCBank as we have detailed in our earlier report is an East India Company established bank.
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Motech Software - How Reliance stashed #BlackMoney in Swiss Banks & later snapped all ties with shell firm after money laundering probe initiated. The biggest Indian account holder with nearly USD 500 million in Geneva branch, its website now hosts porn.…
India’s fight against #BlackMoney stashed in Swiss banks has reached a village lane in Andheri, Mumbai, where an obscure-sounding company Motech Software was setup nearly 2 decades ago that went on to deposit millions of dollars in Switzerland through a maze of offshore entities.
While publicly available official documents do not reveal much about this company’s ownership & business dealings, its name figured in the leaked #HSBCBank List as the largest Indian account holder with nearly USD 500 million in a Geneva branch of #HSBC.
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How off-mark were the analysts about Yes Bank stock.

Today, share price of Yes Bank crashed to Rs. 71.25 on concerns surrounding financial misreportings by Crompton Greaves Power (CGP). Yes Bank has 13% stake in CGP. The stock was trading at Rs. 400 abt an year back. Thread 1/11
For many-many years, people cast aspersions on lending practices of Yes Bank and doubted the low NPA numbers it reported quarter after quarter.

All those fears came true post cutting short of Yes Bank's MD, Mr. Rana Kapoor's term by RBI in Sept. 2018. 2/11
Bewildering though, in this entire saga, is the cluelessness of the equity analysts (the supposedly well-informed lot). The level of ignorance was such that even after RBI action, many analysts kept giving 'buy' calls. Below is a list of such misplaced, ignorant calls. 3/11
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We have some voices from pride & accounts of the day. @JoanMcAlpine @joannaccherry:

"The first person to scream at us was carrying a sign about getting corporations out of Pride. This is something she and I could have chatted about because we would be in agreement./
"Instead there were three instances in which she started shouting 'terfs out' to which we replied 'women in'. A handful of people joined her. But this is what I thought was interesting./
"We were surrounded by different groups from financial services cos and law firms like Burness Paull, Ageon, Kames Capital and Black Rock. I didn't see her shout at them once./
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HSBC JP Morgan Deuda #HSBC #JPMorgan #Deuda
HSBC JP Morgan Deuda #HSBC #JPMorgan #Deuda
HSBC JP Morgan Deuda #HSBC #JPMorgan #Deuda
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#BritishGas has been throwing their consumers money into the #moneypit by propping up failing #fracking company #Cuadrilla. Yesterday once again their shares took a tumble continuing an ongoing trend.

@BoycottCentrica #referral #uswitch #energy
Here's how #BritishGas consumers are paying for the UK #fracking industry whilst raising their consumers energy bills in spite of the #pricecap in #energyprice bills are due to go up again 10% on the 01/04/219.
#boycottbritishgas @BoycottCentrica…
There is also very poor confidence in A J Lucas the parent company of Cuadrilla. Read the report from Simply Wall Street. 👇…

#banfracking #ponzi #ajlucas #cuadrilla #market #fracking
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1. HSBC is a national security threat to America.
2. In this thread, I will build on the work of @realKyleOlbert, @JRNyquist and the late Joseph Douglass who wrote #RedCocaine
3. HSBC is notorious for their corruption.

I want to present 3 different data points sampling their corruption, then we'll compare and contrast, and draw a conclusion.
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2. BIG
3. Founded in 1865 in England. It has 85,000 employees now. A market capitalization of around $200 billion.
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#QAnon #MOAB


#ShellGame report, video, & documentation lay it ALL out...the whole enchilada...the key crimes, how it was reported, and how it ties into counter-coup run by #POTUS.
#QAnon #MOAB
- References 12/21/17 #EO for seizure of property at 27:43
- #UraniumOne pay-to-play
- #SAP selloff
- #USB & #HSBC launder $$$ to fund terrorists
- #DavidGuyatt (#DeepBlack plot)
- Punishment of whistleblowers
- #TrumpRussiaCollusion plot
- High #Treason
#QAnon #MOAB
#ScottBennett (#SC) = former military intelligence officer whistleblower behind these revelations, which go back years.

He uncovered this w/ #UBS whistleblower #BradleyBirkenfeld (#BB)when investigating terrorist financing.

They were targeted/framed for crimes.
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1. The #QAnon discussion with Corsi, Ortel, and Goodman is well worth heaaing.
2. McCabe has said over and over again, ‘If I go down, I’m taking everybody else with me,'” said Sarah Carter on “The Ingraham Angle”, as cited this eve by Corsi's #QAnon youtube…
3. On tonight's #QAnon broadcast, Charles Ortel pointed out that James Comey's million dollar home is co-owned through his brother, Peter Comey whose outfit does the Clinton Foundation taxes.…
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