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HSBC breaks green pledge with $340m coalmine loan

Bank had said it would ‘seek to withdraw’ from fossil fuels…
Banks still investing heavily in fossil fuels despite net zero pledges – study

Financial institutions signed up to GFANZ initiative accused of acting as ‘climate arsonists’…
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Amended $MCB 🧵: $MCB's auditor Crowe LLP raised a "critical audit matter" relating to the "qualitative" & "subjective" nature of $MCB's measurements of how many loans would go bad. (@RasooliSheida made a mistake w/r/t whether it was on the $MCB site but it's still bad. Image
$MCB took a huge $35 million charge that wiped out their profits for 2022-Q4 in anticipation of getting fined civilly and possibly criminally for #PPP loan fraud of some kind.
They did that because... they're under investigation. At the very least they are gonna get hit with major civil violations, but I have a hunch it will escalate to criminal bc of the #CryptoCom/#Binance connection... $MCB
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🧵THREAD - #Cumex le scandale financier à 140 milliards d'euros

#Fraude massive, mécanismes sournois et complicités bancaires.

Décryptage d'une affaire sulfureuse 👇
L'étau se resserre autour des banques impliquées dans le scandale Cumex, cette affaire de fraude fiscale européenne qui met à nu les dérives et la cupidité du système financier.

Elle implique les plus grandes banques d'Europe, #BNP #HSBC #societegenerale et bien d'autres.
La somme détournée est vertigineuse : plus de 140 milliards d'euros.

Une somme subtilisée au nez et à la barbe de l'UE dont 33 milliards directement des caisses de l'État français.

Un montant qui indigne les français écœurés par les malversations des élites financières.
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Monday Top Crypto News.

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
The new episode of our newsletter was released last night, which includes our take on the current #macro environment.

Read it and sign up here…
Signature Bank’s crypto-related deposits will be returned to customers directly, rather than being taken over by a unit of #NewYork Community #Bancorp under a deal announced Sunday.
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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The Natural Capital Investment Alliance was created by SMI ("King" Charles - architect of #GreatReset) to serve as a central hub for global corps/finance to scale-up investments into "Natural Capital". #HSBC (Climate Asset Mgt) is a founding member.

2020: #Pollination partnered w/ HSBC to launch Climate Asset Mgt, which aims to be "world's largest dedicated natural capital asset manager"

Pollination: "...with #nature markets valued at more than $7trillion a year, we are in a new era of investing..."…
June 8, 2022: "Leading financial institutions partner with #UNECA & FSD #Africa to form the African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA)" #UK

ANCA is a TNFD (Mark Carney) piloting programme partner.

#Nature as the new asset class.…
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So, Lord Fink is highly involved with the children's charity ARK and I've done several threads now on their connections..

" Hedge fund godfather Lord Fink to chair #HSBC backed tech start-up Bud "…
ARK Schools doc :…

Fink is a shareholder in Clenzair Ltd - an air purification system used in schools , the White House, Harvard, Google and Starbucks…
Lucy Heller - Chief Executive of ARK &Managing Director of ARK Schools…

She was General Manager of the Observer from 1998-1999 and Managing Director of TSL Education, owned by News International from 2000-2003.

@ Policy Exchange to discuss next PM in 2019
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The imminent default of #Evergrande and the hawkish tilt of #Fed is sparking a global risk off event. This has similarities to all 3 of the last major crashes; 97 (LTCM - leverage), 2000 (tech - overvaluation), and 2008 (real estate - highly rated assets defaulting) #QQQ 1/9
97 started with the currency crisis of Thailand, a small economically unimportant country but set off a chain of currency crisis and defaults in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina & Russia. Culminating in the collapse of the massively over-leveraged LTCM
#QQQ #BTC #SPY 2/9
It started small and took significant time (1 yr) to fully play out, feeding on the most overexposed and over leveraged investors. I expect it to play out much faster this time as we are starting with the 2nd largest economy, and the debt levels are significantly higher
#ETH 3/9
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What is XDC Network and why is it going to be a successful regulated trading network used by banks and SMEs globally? Let's start off with Xinfin company that created the XDC network partnering with the ITFA. What is the ITFA? See pics below $XDC #fintech #education #blockchain ImageImageImage
So we see XDC network is partnered with an association that deals with major banks. XDC has a .00001 XDC transfer fee which settles in less than 4 seconds, it can run EVM smart contracts, so anyone thats getting robbed from ETH fees can swap their Dapp over to XDC to save on fees ImageImage
XDC has @AndreCasterman on their team as an Advisor. From his resume, he's a legend for what he's done in the banking industry. 25 Years working with swift, @wto board member, and works with the @iccwbo #networksofnetworks #beauty #innovation #genius ImageImageImageImage
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Climate breakdown. Oppression. Money laundering. Weapons.

HSBC is making a killing.

#RepairHarm #HSBC #FossilBanks #MoneyRebellion



This morning nine women broke windows at HSBC's Canary Wharf HQ

.@RAN found @HSBC has provided some of the world’s largest fossil fuel firms with £81 billion since the 2015 Paris Agreement

In 2020 alone, they gave @exxonmobil £2.5bn and @Shell £3.6bn – more than any year since Paris

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Bigger than #ElChapo bigger than #PabloEscobar 💉💊☠️💰

Big news then, I guess 👀


Huge numbers! $400 billion+ pa 🌎🌍🌏
National security type influence.

Social - Political - Economic

Where does all that money go? 🤔🔁💸
When illegal drug operations get this big, they cross borders, networks become huge & they need protection/assistance

According to well documented incidents, intelligence agencies sometimes oversee 👀

Political expedience
#VangPao #Laos #KhunSa #Golden🔺
There are loads of other well-documented episodes

The untraceable huge sums of 💰 from drugs come in very handy for clandestine funding of "off the books" type operations


When you're fighting for national interests, can it be justified? #ColdWar ImageImageImageImage
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1. How the electi0n was st0len in '17' easy pages from #SidneyPowell filing in Michigan.
#Exhibit105 pages 1-4
Direct connection to #Serbia #Iran #BMACapitalManagement #DominionVotingSystems #EdisonResearch #DecisionHQ #Spiderfoot #Robtex @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
2. And now here comes #China
Records of #IPAddresses accessing server #ChinaUnicom even the Dominion domain was registered thru Godaddy to #Hunan China #BMACapitalManagement provides #Iran access to money averting US #sanctions and here is #Scorecard #ACORN #obama #Robtex @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
3. In pages 9-12 of #Exhibit105 enter #Canada with alternate domain #DVScorp redirected to #Beanfield
For those with fatfingers domains like #DVScopr were also used thru #China Dominion "loaned" their intellectual property patents to #HSBCbank in #China selling out USA. @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
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From a 2018 post till today
*Red pill ans receipts gang*

Feinstein husband = Richard Blum
Richard Blum = usps(United States Postal Service)
Richard Blum = Avid Technologies
Avid Technologies = Voting machines
Dominion = Clinton Global initiative
#Pilluminati Image
Diane Feinstein hubby Richard Blum ties to the USPS(United States postal service) Image
*post from August its simple math*

Remember all the money that the dems were throwing around at the USPS through the stimulus relief package fund👀👀 think they were just being nice???
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#FinCEN Files: 8 Big Takeaways From Our BuzzFeed News Investigation

1) Big banks around the world approve trillions of dollars of suspicious transactions despite their own staff’s warnings that they might be related to crime


3) Banks sometimes fail to take even basic steps to root out financial crime, such as determining whose money they are actually moving.

4) #HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, got a second chance after becoming a key financial conduit for narcotraffickers and money launderers...

5) Our investigation found that well before the MIRROR TRADES — one of the biggest money laundering schemes in memory — became an international scandal for #DeutscheBank, top executives there had been warned the bank was at risk of being exploited by criminals.

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BBC News - FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak

#HSBC allowed fraudsters to move millions of dollars of stolen money around the world, even after it learned from US investigators the scheme was a scam.

#JPMorgan allowed a company to move more than $1bn through a London account without knowing who owned it. The bank later discovered the company might be owned by a mobster on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list.…
Evidence that one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest associates used Barclays Bank in London to avoid sanctions which were meant to stop him using financial services in the West. Some of the cash was used to buy works of art.…
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📣E X C L U S I V A 📣

El hombre que dejó pasar el lavado de dinero en #HSBC México entre 2002 y 2010, y que le costó al banco multas por más de 1,900 mdd, trabaja hoy en el gobierno de Andrés Manuel López Obrador


Abrimos HILO para contarles…
Ramón García Gibson encabezaba el comité de @HSBC_MX encargado de detener el lavado de dinero en el banco, pero tuvo múltiples fallas que le valieron regaños y llamadas de atención de sus jefes desde Londres

García Gibson, el mismo que falló para detener el lavado de dinero dentro de HSBC, ahora ocupa el cargo de Administración Central de Asuntos Jurídicos de Actividades Vulnerables del SAT en el gobierno de la 4T

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Leaked Treasury documents reveal how dirty money moves through global banking system



They kept profiting from powerful and dangerous players, after being fined

"U.S. agencies responsible for enforcing money laundering laws RARELY PROSECUTE MEGABANKS (WHY?) that break the law, and the actions authorities do take barely ripple the flood of plundered money that washes through the international financial system," the #ICIJ reports.


Profits from deadly drug wars, fortunes embezzled from developing countries, and hard-earned savings stolen in a Ponzi scheme were all allowed to flow into and out of these financial institutions, despite warnings from the banks’ own employees."

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#FinCenFiles Doc #segreti del Gov #USA rivelano che 5 banche globali #JPMorgan #HSBC #StandardChartered #DeutscheBank #BankNewYorkMellon hanno violato leggi sul riciclaggio spostando enormi somme di denaro illecito per personaggi oscuri e reti criminali…
#FinCenFiles #Italia 37 transazioni sospette per
+5 milioni dollari inviati e +600mila ricevuti #FollowtheMoney Image
L'#Italia per ora...a parte la #BCC 9 transaz con +5 milioni dollari inviati alla #HSBC Bank Middle East nel 2011 e alcune transazioni inferiori a 280 mila $...
il resto sono flussi da 600 dollari che il Gov #USA reputa sospette
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If #BlackLivesMatter, why aren't ALL CRIMES crimes that massively and disproportionately African-Americans front and center?

Or does BLM/DNC/MSM (diff?) only care about 'Black Lives' they can exploit for political and financial gain?


This is HUGE- but almost totally ignored or downplayed by MSM. If prosecutions for Police Violence increased 40%- would MSM ignore THAT?

Something stinks in MSM.…
#HumanTrafficking #SexSlavery #Pædophilia

"According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines."

MSM? <crickets>…
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Παρακάτω θα μιλήσουμε λιγο για ναρκωτικά και μάλιστα για την πρεζοπορο ναυτιλια που προσφέρει τα μάλα στην οικονομία της χώρας ως αγαπημένος κλάδος της @neademokratia: 1. Το 2001, το ελληνικών συμφερόντων πλοίο Saturn μεταφέρει στις Αζόρες 1,5 τόνο κοκαΐνης. Το πλήρωμα ξεφορτώνει
τα 1.300 κιλά και κρατάει τα υπόλοιπα 200 ως αμοιβή. Λίγο αργότερα συλλαμβάνεται στην Βιέννη κ ο εμπνευστής τής δουλειάς, ο εφοπλιστής Κώστας Βαλλιάνος.
2. Το 2002, ο γαλλικός στόλος εγκλωβίζει ανοιχτά της Σενεγάλης το ελληνικό πλοίο Winner, για το οποίο υπήρχαν πληροφορίες
ότι μετέφερε κοκαΐνη, μεταφορτωμένη από ψαροκάικα στην Καραϊβική. Ο πλοίαρχος προσπαθεί να ξεφύγει και οι γάλλοι αναγκάζονται να ανοίξουν πυρ για να τον αναγκάσουν να σταματήσει. Το Winner μετέφερε 5 τόνους κοκαΐνη, κρυμμένη σε σιδερένια κιβώτια με ειδικό μηχανισμό,
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I would like to warn my twitter followers: never, ever bank with #HSBC.
When I was in NYC in summer I opened an HSBC account because it was possible to have an international account, unlike my existing bank, transferred some money in. They were supposed to send me checks & bank card etc.
never arrived. I called now and asked why. They said they sent it to another address. I said I've only ever had the address I have now. They said sorry no we have a different one. I asked what it was. They said, nope, sorry, we're not allowed to tell you.
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How off-mark were the analysts about Yes Bank stock.

Today, share price of Yes Bank crashed to Rs. 71.25 on concerns surrounding financial misreportings by Crompton Greaves Power (CGP). Yes Bank has 13% stake in CGP. The stock was trading at Rs. 400 abt an year back. Thread 1/11 Image
For many-many years, people cast aspersions on lending practices of Yes Bank and doubted the low NPA numbers it reported quarter after quarter.

All those fears came true post cutting short of Yes Bank's MD, Mr. Rana Kapoor's term by RBI in Sept. 2018. 2/11
Bewildering though, in this entire saga, is the cluelessness of the equity analysts (the supposedly well-informed lot). The level of ignorance was such that even after RBI action, many analysts kept giving 'buy' calls. Below is a list of such misplaced, ignorant calls. 3/11
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