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FANON RESPONSE—by Luan Loud, #TheLoudHouse
"I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue and I am sad to hear that you're in the minority on it. I really hate reading most modern interviews with influential comedians from the past—even those I truly admire—for this very reason."
"The main thing about these interviews that REALLY crawls up my skin is their response to certain elements of their past work that MIGHT be perceived as objectionable by a modern audience, such as racist and sexist stereotypes or the repeated use of racial and ethnic slurs."
"A lot of the time, they respond by yelling 'CANCEL CULTURE! SOCIAL MEDIA IS KILLING US! I WANT TO SAY THE N-WORD AND R-WORD AND S-WORD AND C-WORD AND GET AWAY WITH IT!' In real life, no one ever gets away with it. Especially not in this most pressing era for minorities."
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The time has come. I present to you the new work I am doing. An alternate universe where "delicious things" happen.
#theloudhouse #luaggie #luanloud #maggie #alternativeuniverse
#originalcharacter #loisloud #axelwest #fanart #drawings #Cover #presentation ImageImageImage
I do this to be able to separate my common works from the nsfw to avoid confusion in the canon of my ocs and canon characters headcanons.
#description #characterdesign
#luanloud #maggie #originalcharacter #loisloud #axelwest ImageImageImageImage
From now on, the vast majority of sexual and suggestive content will be part of this new alternate universe. This does not mean that suggestive moments will not occur in the main au (518), there will be, but the most risqué will only be in this new world.
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Conoce a los #sinkids #theloudhouseOC de @Hispachan: la Zeta Family
Meet the #Sinkids #TheLoudHouseOC from @Hispachan: The Zeta Family
#TheLoudHouse ImageImageImage
Late Zeta: El mayor de la familia, trabaja con Flipp como esclavo, Su unica amiga es #LoanLoud, heterosexual y admin de su propio Chan.
Late Zeta: Big Brother of the Family, works with Flipp, Only friend is Loan Loud, Straight, and Admin of his own chan
#sinkids #TheLoudHouse Image
Lust Zeta: 19 años, devota religiosa catolica, amiga de #LyraLoud. Bisexual, desea tener de esposa a #LupaLoud.
Lust Zeta: 19 years old, catholic devout, friend of Lyra Loud. Bisexual, she wants to marry Lupa Loud.
#TheLoudHouse #Sinkids Image
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Lilly shots (1) #theloudhouse ImageImageImageImage
Lilly shots (2) #theloudhouse ImageImageImageImage
Lilly Shots (3) #theloudhouse ImageImage
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EDITORIAL: "The Debate Over Simon Sharp: Obesity and the Use of Fan Works in Animation"

[Fanart on left by JeremyLoud123.]
I am three months late on this, but the #LoudHouse episode "Purrfect Gig", the Sam-Luna-cat romp that aired on April the 29th in this country. That episode, which was a very good one from that colorful trio, has sparked controversy in those two months.
Almost all of it was centered on a little boy named Simon Sharp. Fans were mad over his appearance because he looked nothing like his fanon interpretation, which @SuzumiyaJavi popularized in his well-known, and long-running, Samcoln comic "It's Not Your Fault".
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EDITORIAL: "TRAFFIC LIGHTS for March 22, 2020"

Vectors courtesy of @VectorStock.
GREEN LIGHT to the staff of @NickAnimation for a musical PSA on the deadly coronavirus pandemic that is so good that I wouldn't be surprised if the @AdCouncil picked it up and had it run on several other networks and on several ad-supported streaming services.
The ad, which is, of course, about protecting yourself from the deadly disease has a lot of very good things going for it. One is that the production on the PSA is a lot slicker than that recent all-too-isolated celebrity cover of John Lennon's classic tune "Imagine".
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This is premiere day for #TheCasagrandes, the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated, spin-off of @Nickelodeon's big hit #TheLoudHouse, which preceded the premiere with a half-hour special.
Of course, "Kings of the Con" is the highly touted one which marks the reunions of (all together now) Ace Savvy, One-Eyed Jack and the Full Deck. The last of these are on screen for about one-third of the time.
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Airing today at 1:30 PM, @Nickelodeon (Tucson cable: @CoxComm ch. 63/@Comcast ch. 48)
[To move to Saturdays at 11:00 AM on October 19, and then to 12:00 PM Arizona time on November 9 due to Daylight Savings]
As everyone and their mother knows by now, #TheCasagrandes is a spin-off "from the world of #TheLoudHouse" centering on the exploits of Ronnie Anne, her family, and her friends at a place called Great Lakes City, to which she and Bobby and their mother had moved from Royal Woods.
The spin-off has been the subject of discussion and debate in the Loud Crowd for over a year since its conception, and the conception was inevitable from the time that the episode "Relative Chaos" debuted. I am glad that a show such as this one in particular exists . . .
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EDITORIAL: "Chances of #LoudHouse creator returning to @Nickelodeon not enhanced at all by interview with End Times conspiracy theorist"
I'm sure all of us remember the story of Chris Savino, who, midway through the production of the third season of his enormously popular @Nickelodeon cartoon—#TheLoudHouse—was fired from that network on the basis that he sexually harassed a series of women over the years.
I'm sure all of us remember the story of how many of those who felt the series was just fine without him—@Animated_Antic, @WyomingParmesan and @FurbySquawk, just to name a few—were repeatedly harassed by people demanding he return to @NickAnimation.
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TELEVISION REVIEW: "Big City Greens", on @DisneyChannel
You might have recognized by now that I'm far behind the times when it comes to animation, and TV in general, and that could explain why it took me four years to watch just one episode of #MiraculousLadybug and just over one year to watch my first episode of #TheLoudHouse.
At first, I only knew about this show #BigCityGreens because it was (and is) often tweeted about by @candyrandyj. My interest in this show spiked over the weekend after I looked at its plot summary (which I can resonate with strongly, as I said Saturday evening) . . .
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COMMENTARY: "10 The Loud House Deleted Scenes Nickelodeon Doesn't Want You To See", uploaded to @YouTube by @TheThingscom
In late 1979, the late great film critics Gene Siskel and @ebertchicago reviewed "In Search of Historic Jesus" by describing the method its distributor, Sunn Classic Pictures (later Taft International; now defunct) used to market its "documentaries".…
This method: rent the theater, increase the admission price, watch as the people go to see what Mr. Siskel would call "a cheap magic show", say in newspaper and TV ads (there was no such thing as the Internet then) that the film is playing for "one week only" for many weeks . . .
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