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Final attempt at getting @lizzo’s attention for her show tomorrow in #MadisonWI at @TheSylvee with this cape I made. All I wanna do is #twerkwithlizzo. Retweet to make this fat black queer bitch’s dreams come true.
I have zero makeup on bc it’s 9am and I started working on that cape an hour ago. 🤣 I will have more fabulous face, hair, & outfit under the cape for the show tomorrow night!!! #twerkwithlizzo
Also: don’t forget to #StreamTruthHurts yall. Let’s get @lizzo another week at #1!
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Please retweet. Let @lizzo. All I, a fat black queer woman with a PhD in Gender Studies, wanna do is #twerkwithlizzo at her show in #MadisonWI next week. 🙏🏾
As additional support for this campaign I submit Instagram Evidence B: me twerking in rainbow bootyshorts and purple fairy wing boots at #Pride this summer. #twerkwithlizzo
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I’m thrilled to announce that I am now a board member for @AboutFreedomInc, #MadisonWI’s leading queer, feminist racial justice organization. I’m wearing the shirt I got at my first board meeting today!
Freedom Inc. is a #queer & #feminist led #Black and Southeast #Asian organization which focuses on leadership development, community organizing, particularly among youth, elders and survivors of violence.
I have been so impressed with their work in my 2 years in Madison & was thrilled when I was asked to join their board. This is one way I am working to bridge the gap between academia & activism in my life and use the privileges of my position as a tenure track prof.
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I am so tired but here is a picture of when I was not yet tired & tossing a glitter ball in the air while wearing fishnets & rainbow booty shorts & fairy boots at #madtownpride19 today! #pride #queer #madisonwi
I was required to wear a volunteer shirt, so I went all out on the bottom half of my body. 😂🤣😂
Closer look at these fairy boots because they are just so great. 😍
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I am really surprised & honored to announce that I’ve been named LBGTQ Advocate of the Year by @OutReachLGBT, Madison’s LBGTQ Community Center.
I’ve only been in Madison for 2 years, but I’ve orked hard w/ my political collective to move our city toward a cop-free Pride & to educate white queer folks about racism via my #DearQueerWhitePeople column in @OurLivesMadison magazine.
It means a lot to be recognized for this work & to know that perhaps it’s actually creating some change at the local level. I know not everyone here is a fan of me or the changes I want to see, but I believe in the work & the #MadisonWI queer community. Thanks yall.
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Thread! CW: police violence

Friends, you know I don’t share violent content often but I’m sharing video of a #MadisonWI black disabled high school student who was assaulted by police. Read the thread for the longer narrative courtesy of @AboutFreedomInc
Earlier this week, a Black high school student with a mental disability, who attends West High School, was failed by @MMSDschools and assaulted by @madisonpolice officers.
West High School staff called the cops on the Black disabled student (I haven’t heard why). The student left and went home. The cops came to the student’s home and violently arrested them. The student was cooperative, but that did not stop the violence.
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Today I am headed to my local #MadisonWI @PFLAG meeting where I was invited to be their guest speaker this month. It’s an honor to do this bc I know how much it would have meant to me to come out earlier in life & have a supportive parent in that process.
I am the kind of person who gets teary-eyed every year at a Pride when I see young #queer kids looking happy & free AF. For those kids to exist we need orgs like @PFLAG which provide support & resources to educate & create community for parents of queer kids.
As our society changes, perhaps we’ll have a generation of adults fully open & prepared to parent queer & trans youth, but in the meantime we need these resources to help parents learn how to support LBGTQ+ kids. Hell, I wish my mom would go to a PFLAG meeting & I’m 32 years old!
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#MadisonWI elects it’s first lesbian mayor and it’s first all-woman school board tonight. Proud to have each of these elected officials. Excited for Madison’s queer feminist future, perhaps it will be one that actually begins to address the massive racial issues in the city.
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Hey #MadisonWI & anti-racist friends, please be aware of what's happening in Madison with @OvertureCenter's production of Miss Saigon. Originally Overture agreed to host a panel by Asian American Studies scholars on the representations of #AsianAmericans in the show.
Now, the day of the panel, @OvertureCenter has cancelled the panel entirely. Apparently leading up to this Overture staff did not up hold promises, refused to print the program note by Dr. Timothy Yu, and ultimately cancelled the entire panel.
The actions of Overture make several things clear. First the #racism in Madison is not limited to anti-black racism & we need to support our Asian and Asian American community members.
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#MadisonWI: Contact Ismael Ozanne, Dane County DA, about Robert Mueller-Owens, the principal who should be charged for inflicting physical harm & emotional trauma on an 11-year-old black girl at Whitehorse School.
Phone: (608) 266 4211
The police have concluded their investigation (including video of part of the attack) & its up to the DA to press charges now. Mueller-Owens is currently on paid leave. Stories linked below. This has made some national outlets please keep sharing & circulating! #BlackLivesMatter
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If they don’t press charges on this man for ripping braids out of an 11 year old girl’s head for spraying perfume I swear... #MadisonWI #ProtectOurKids…
Also, hey that’s me in the pink dress on the left in the image. Even those of us without kids need to be showing up for #NoCopsInSchools.
hey @DaneDAOzanne, we demand you press charges. We demand you protect our children.
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So angry. @MMSDschools continues to fail black, brown & disabled youth. Despite multiple recent incidents of racial violence against kids as young as 11, they just approved “random” metal detector screenings. Guess who is most likely to be targeted? 🤔…
Black kids. Brown kids. Disabled kids. Poor kids. Kids already being harassed by cops in schools will be furthered targeted based on appearance alone. We demand #NoCopsInSchools! We will fight to #ProtectOurKids in @CityofMadison.
There is a meeting tonight to build our local capacity to respond to these incidents & make long term plans to protect marginalized youth at the Boys & Girl’s Club of Madison (Taft St) at 6pm.
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Thread on local #racist violence & what we do now:
Recently a white male school teacher abused an 11 year old black girl student, ripping out her braids. This occurred in #MadisonWI.…
I am out of town & unable to attend the community meeting about it today, but the anti-black violence & hatred in Madison is increasingly palpable to me, as someone who has lived there less than 2 years.
@AboutFreedomInc has been fighting to get cops out of schools for over a year now. Their youth squad attends every school board meeting to share stories & ask @MMSDschools to invest in youth of color & youth with disabilities not police.
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