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I have questions about the last position and timing. The last raw APRS packet shows it here at 11:23:06 UTC. ImageImageImage
I guess I’m lost here! The APRS data has the last packet ~5 hours ago Feb 16th. The shoot down over Yukon was Feb 11th? The altitude shows 960.12m Image
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1) Wow!

Part 1 - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Pentagon Press Secretary, John F. Kirby.

I'll ignore the ET joke and laughter at the top. JFC.

2:58-3:49 Kirby: "The president also instructed the intelligence community to take a……
2) Biden conducted a briefing on UAP in June of 2021? This was him on May 22nd, 2021
3) Kirby Pt. 2: Media Q & A

#uaptwitter #ufotwitter #balloongate #Balloon

5:45-6:26 Why are we seeing more? Filters & gains of radar capabilities have been modified to look more discreetly at high-altitude, small, radar cross section & low-speed objects.

9:22-9:59 Kirby……
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En mitad de la histeria colectiva que ha generado la crisis de los globos espía, esta misma situación se dio hace 80 años en un mes de febrero, esta situación se llamo La Batalla de los Ángeles .
Abro hilo
#ovni #ufotwitter #UFO #Balloon #GloboChino
Después del ataque a Pearl Harbo, y con la amenaza de una invasión japonesa, se generó un estado histeria en el pueblo americanos y en los mandos americanos similar a la que estamos viendo. Todo eso desemboco en una ficticia batalla contra un enemigo que no estaba ahí.
A lo largo de enero se habían reportado lanzamientos de globos que habían provocado incendios en California y en la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos, y también alguna pequeña pero breves batalla contra submarinos japoneses en la costa de Estados Unidos.
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ÚLTIMA HORA: Ha aparecido un nuevo #NOTAM a 28 km al WSW de Tobermory en Ontario, Canadá.
Esto se debe a una "operación de defensa aérea activa"
#ovni #ufotwitter #Balloon #Globos
El E-3B Sentry de la Fuerza Aérea de EE. UU. parece haberse desviado de sus "pistas de carreras" y parece dirigirse rápidamente hacia el nuevo NOTAM.
#ovni #ufotwitter #BALLON #BallonGate #globosonda #GloboChino
NOTAM ahora es visible en el mapa
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1. As early as 2015, #CCP successfully flew its stratospheric airship "Yuanmeng (Dream)”.
It has continuous power, can monitor the ground 10 times better than satellites, act as a #wartime communication support & attack platform, and is difficult for missiles
2. and aircraft to reach & attack, according to this propaganda video.
Yuanmeng is the pronunciation of the Chinese word 圆梦, which means “a dream comes true”.
Hasn’t #XiJinping always talked about his “#ChinaDream”? The name of this stratospheric airship reflects
3. the #CCP’s “dream” to conquer the world.
You know what? While the West calls #ChineseSpyBalloon a “balloon”, the CCP has been using “#airship” (飞艇) to refer to the flying object that was shot down by the #US.
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Okay lets go over this. Department of Defense said in a statement Feb. 4, 2023 The official said Chinese balloons briefly transited the continental United States at least three times during the prior administration.
BRIEFLY- for a short time: (Trump)
SEVERAL DAYS-undetermined number of days (vague) (BIDEN)
a few days = 3 or more days
The statement goes on further to say. The official said. "This was a PRC surveillance balloon. This surveillance balloon purposely traversed the United States and Canada, and we are confident it was seeking to monitor sensitive military sites."
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1/ Merci au toujours tres juste Général Patrick Dutartre (passage @LCI chez @DariusRochebin pour dire exactement ce que je pense: rien ne prouve à cet heure que c'était vraiment un ballon espion. Rien.
comme je le disais hier à @JKaarsbo ...
c'est tres tres "pratique" surtout en
2/ ce moment de "s'exciter" sur cet objet qui de toute façon n'apporterai (meme potentiellement) pas le moindre intérêt reel en terme "de renseignement" surtout que cela est déjà arrivé, et que le NORAD avait venu venir ce ballon gros comme un immeuble, depuis des jours.
et là
3/ cela va s'exploser dans l'eau. bon courage pour retrouver les morceaux... il n'y a surement rien qui flotte et ne sera donc récupérable (et ensuite bon courage pour aller traquer les morceaux au fond).
Et même au delà de ça on a meme entendu des "spécialistes" dire que cela
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Mi sa tanto che gliel'hanno bucato quel pallone.

#PalloneSpia #Balloon
🚨🇺🇸🇨🇳 Il momento in cui il pallone spia cinese viene abbattuto dagli Stati Uniti d'America.
L'abbattimento sarebbe avvenuto a largo della costa della Carolina. In questi istanti, nelle acque dell'Oceano Atlantico, è in corso un'operazione di recupero dei detriti.
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One of the challenging things about international crises like the #balloon is how much ambiguity there can be about the drivers of a state’s actions.

We can see the balloon, but what does it *mean* about China’s intentions?

There are many plausible explanations:

(A) Intentional – Everything is going exactly as Xi intended. He wanted to agitate Washington and spike the Blinken visit. (Seems unlikely)
(B) Miscalculation – Balloon is exactly where Xi wants it to be, but they misjudged Washington’s response. (Most likely scenario?)
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A spy balloon the size of three buses(with a technology bay)from China has been surveilling the United States

The U.S. government has discussed shooting it out of the sky

It was spotted over Billings, Montana, on Wednesday. Image
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a visit to China that had been expected to start on Friday

China says alleged spy balloon spotted over US is "civilian airship" used mainly for weather monitoring, which went off-course. Image
Literally every regular person I know is talking about how to shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon

It would be great if an average Joe shot it down because China Joe won’t

Regular Americans can do everything better than the government and actually care about our country.-@RepMTG
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1/n Did you know that early #career researchers based in #Europe are trying to gather together (EPEC) under the cover of @europlanetmedia and work together on several different topics? On of them is #outreach of space science... Image
2/n Outreach plays a very important role in the scientific community. By spreading scientific news to the public, we can both inspire them and also engage different audiences with planetary sciences. However, to be good in outreach is not really easy... Image
3/n Therefore me and @AnastasiaKokori started a project named "Inspiring story of the month" in which we would like to share with you one story every month in which you can learn what our colleges - early career researchers - done across the Europe to promote their work/science Image
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