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#WhiteHatJr’s CEO #KaranBajaj quits exactly a year after #Byjus acquired the company…

By @Krittiiii Image
@Krittiiii #KaranBajaj, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of coding-for-kids startup #WhiteHatJr, has announced his exit from the three-year-old edtech startup.

#Byjus #edtech
@Krittiiii #KaranBajaj, former Discover Network CEO, had founded #WhiteHatJr in 2018. The company started off as a platform that solely focused on live online one-on-one coding classes for kids in preschool to middle school.
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#10days10space இன்னைக்கு நிறய டெக்னிகல் விஷயம் பேசுனோம்னு நினைக்குறேன். தலைப்புல ஒரு லாக்டவுன் மிஸ்ஸிங். இதனால கொஞ்சம் தடம் மாறி தடுமாறிட்டோம். அப்பறம் பசங்க நம்மள விட பல மடங்கு முன்னாடி போய்ட்டாங்க. நாம்தான் தள்ளுறோம்‌. எந்த வித பின் புலமும் இன்றி எல்லாமே கிடைக்கனும்
எல்லாருக்கும் இது என்னோட விருப்பம். கோடிங் பன்ன #whiteHatJr இவங்கள தேடி போய் காசு கொட்டாதீங்க. இந்த வெப்சைட்டை எல்லாமே இலவசம். நீங்க அதை ப்ராடெக்டா கூட கன்வர்ட் பன்ன முடியும். : to the beginners of computer science/ coding : programing interactive stories : : STEM concept learning : experiencing lab activities. Real time stimulator.
இன்னும் நிறைய இருக்கு. ஒரே விஷயம்தான் எல்லாருக்கும் எல்லாமே கிடைக்கனும்
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Delhi High Court begins hearing WhiteHat Jr's plea against Pradeep Poonia.

Plea before Justice Jayant Nath.


#PradeepPoonia #whitehatjr
Adv Swathi Sukumar for Poonia : There are some applications.

Adv Rajasekhar Rao for WhiteHat Jr's Karan Bajaj: Pleadings are complete.

There is application for vacation of interim order. Let notice be issued : Sukumar

There are three-four applications: Court

They can be disposed of. Procedural ones : Sukumar
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Here's why #BYJUS may want to spend a billion dollars on physical coaching centres…

By @SanchDash Image
#India’s edtech unicorn #BYJU's is reportedly set to acquire the brick and mortar preparatory services institute Aakash Educational Services for a whopping $1 billion. If the deal goes through, it will become one of the biggest #edtech deals in the world.
Aakash Educational Services runs over 200 coaching institutes across the country and has a student count of more than 2,50,000, which would give #BYJU’S a direct entry into the test preparation market.
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Delhi High Court begins hearing WhiteHat Jr's defamation case against Pradeep Poonia.

Matter before Justice Jayant Nath.


@whitehatjunior Image
Swathi Sukumar for Poonia says she has filed several applications including applications for condonation of delay.
There are four applications, one is for partial vacation of last order.. my friend (on the other side) can file response: Sukumar
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पहले बच्चों को सूजी, मैदा और आटे में भेद करना सिखाइये

पहले बच्चों को मूंग, मसूर, उडद, चना और अरहर पहचानना सिखाइये

पहले बच्चों को मख्खन, घी, पनीर, चीज़ के बीच अंतर और उन्हें बनाने की जानकारी सिखाइये
पहले बच्चों को सोंठ और अदरक, अंगूर और किशमिश, खजूर और छुहारे के बीच का अंतर सिखाइये

पहले बच्चों को दालचीनी, कोकम, राई, सरसों, जीरा, अजवायन और सौंफ पहचानना सिखाइये

पहले बच्चों को आलू, अदरक, हल्दी, प्याज और लहसुन के पौधे दिखाइये
पहले बच्चों को मेथी, पालक, चौलाई, बथुआ, सरसों, लाल भाजी में फर्क सिखाइये

पहले बच्चों को फलों से लदे पेड़ों, फूलों की बगिया दिखाइए

पहले बच्चे को गाय, बैल, सांड का फर्क सिखाओ, गधे, घोड़े और ख़च्चर में अंतर समझाओ
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Had a lot of fun in this long freewheeling chat about #WhiteHatJr, parallels with IIPM, details of the common tactics, and then a general conversation about the post truth world. And how the idealism of blogging days was stymied by sophisticated misinformation swarms.
My laptop was tied up elsewhere so had to prop up my phone for this interview and omg my jowls 😭😭😭😭
"Imagine if you wrote a negative review of a restaurant online saying their food was horrible and the restaurant took you to court because they found your review mean. That's what #WhiteHatJr is doing."
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Delhi High Court begins hearing WhiteHat Jr's plea against Aniruddha Malpani, the founder of several edutech start ups including Bibox.

The case is before Justice Mukta Gupta.

@whitehatjunior @malpani

I'm being led by Mr Kaul. He is before the Supreme Court: Adv Shwetashree Majumder for WhiteHat Jr.

Then it will go to the end of the board. Subject to any final hearing matter: Court
I've no issues : Counsel for Malpani.

Matter to be taken at the end now.
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This is a tweet in support to @whiteHatSnr asking #WHJ #WhiteHatJr, if they have time to file $2.5M lawsuit, Why don't they have time to show
1. Who Wolf Gupta is?
2. The offer letter of a student who got 10M?
3. Chntu App URL Name for which investor fought?
Thread ==>
As a parent, I want to know which app is making investors fight
As an engineer, I want to know what skill/idea he has
As an entrepreneur, I want to know who funded chintu's simple calculator, textual or whatever the idea it might be.
I have proof of being all, show yours.
#3 #WhiteHatJr in support to @whiteHatSnr questions.

If WHJ kids are building apps for the people, it should be available to the people. Why is it still hidden? How the app is going to make money, from people right! Then why it's not in public yet!
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Please read about how Children's education company @BYJUS is trying to silence @whiteHatSnr and others who criticise them online! @iamsrk is endorsing them, just as he did with pathetic skin whitening creams #Byjus #WhiteHatJr #whiteHatJrScam…
Here's @whitehatjunior's fake advertising and $2.6M lawsuit against @whiteHatSnr. "12-year-old child named “Wolf Gupta” appeared in earlier ads of WhiteHat Jr, which claimed that the kid had landed a lucrative job at Google. The kid does not exist" #scam…
"@whitehatjunior claims to teach kids as young as 6-year-olds Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Space Tech. And their ads clearly mention that prior coding experience for teachers isn't needed." Their teachers just read scripts 😂#qualityeducation…
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Today, one of my school teacher asked me about review of #WhiteHatJr as she wanted to enroll her 7 year kid in the coding classes.

I asked her - What makes you think that #WHJ is the best and why you want him to learn coding?

(A Thread)
She said - Trial classes were good and she is getting continuous sales call from their Team, some relatives and neighbor have also enrolled.
She belongs to a Tier-III city and must be earning some 1.5-2 lacs annually but still she was convinced to pay ₹56k for the course.

I don't want my child to miss any opportunities and if I enroll him he will learn coding, programming and will become a software engineer.
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