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Thanks to #HureicaneIda, I'm getting to see what it's like for those students who have to do their schoolwork on a smartphone. Here are some thoughts in my first ever thread about #teaching in #highered.
I am on Day 9 without access to high-speed internet service. Meanwhile, I still have work that needs to be done and requires access to the internet. We have erratic cellular service at our house. Sometimes web pages load; sometimes they don't.
I've repeatedly told colleagues and students that I will respond when I can, and that short text messages are actually the most reliable means of communication for me. I'm sure for some, I sound like I'm making excuses.
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#WhiteHatJr’s CEO #KaranBajaj quits exactly a year after #Byjus acquired the company…

By @Krittiiii Image
@Krittiiii #KaranBajaj, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of coding-for-kids startup #WhiteHatJr, has announced his exit from the three-year-old edtech startup.

#Byjus #edtech
@Krittiiii #KaranBajaj, former Discover Network CEO, had founded #WhiteHatJr in 2018. The company started off as a platform that solely focused on live online one-on-one coding classes for kids in preschool to middle school.
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Next steps how to increase #vc #investments and boost #innovations as they are one of major drivers for post pandemic recovery and transition for digital economy.
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#startups #ecommerce #startup #growth #fintech #ai #ml #rpa #edtech #biotech
#Tech sector provide opportunities into #early, #growth and #late stages companies for #vc #financial #investments and #allocations capital into #startups for sustainable investments

#fintech #innovation #ecommerce #startup #growth #ArtificialIntelligence
@dseinnovations #VC fund increase investments into #Fintech, #AI, #RPA, #Cleantech, #Agtech, #Edtech, #Marketplaces, #biotech and other #tech sectors

For #LP’s who are interested to join, please contact directly or email, DM @igorperep
#startup #innovation
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.@SolJourno has raised $4.2M from @GatesFoundation since 2014. In 2016 I pointed out how its co-founders had repeatedly hyped edu projects/companies funded by Gates in @nytimes "Fixes" column w/o any disclosures, contrary to NYT ethical…
2/I wrote NYT 2 times why no disclosure of this conflict but got no response. Then in Aug. 2020 @timothywschwab wrote about Gates influence over media in general & @soljourno
lack of disclosure in their @nytimes columns when promoting Gates-funded projects…
3/ @tirosenberg & @dnbornstein admitted that was a mistake & said they would ask NYT editors to "fix" their "Fixes" columns to disclosure their Gates funding…
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What type of supporter of #edtech are you? Someone who values the social, the vocational, the pedagogic or the catalytic rationale? #bolt677
Technology forms a large basis of both my instructional practice and to an extent, my pedagogy. I instruct post-secondary and rely heavily on authentic assessment principles. That is clearly evident and supported through answers to the Essential Q's in previous tweets.
I instruct technology courses related to legal assistant and paralegal diploma or certificate programs. It is imperative that I not only use the technology available but that I stay up to date with what technology is used in the workforce and is applicable to legal assistants.
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What does it mean that #edTech have been based on design principles with roots in cognitive psychology and instructional science? #bolt677
Similar to my last tweet referencing Bates and his constructivist pedagogical view towards the use of technology in the classroom, Schurman (1994) notes that some technology actually makes students MORE willing to participate in learning.
Reference: BOLT 677 Unit 1 Study Guide - “The Media and Learning Debate”
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This🧵is about a tricky problem in education

The problem: despite growing global wealth and technological progress, there are extremely poor parts of the world where most children grow up illiterate and innumerate

We have two new papers showing that this can be changed

Here are the papers, one in the Journal of Development Economics

and one in the Journal of Public Economics (…)

Our tl;dr message:

The problem: most prior research finds that the best we could hope for from educational interventions in these places is small to medium learning gains

We show: with the right inputs, we can achieve much larger learning gains in these places than previously thought possible

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I love supporting smaller accounts on Twitter, but sometimes you gotta learn from the best.

Here are the 20 no-coders with the most followers 👇
1/ Vlad Magdalin @callmevlad with 46,884 followers.

Co-founder/CEO @webflow
2/ Ben Tossell @bentossell with 33,768 followers.

no-code education | Founder (acq by @zapier) | Investor in no-code/low-code tools
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Writing certification exams is serious business, it will be disheartening to fail because it takes time, money and effort to prep for these certifications. At EasyPrep, our goal is to help you pass your exams the first time.

Today we are sharing 10 tips for exam preparation:
1. Have a positive attitude, it all starts with your mindset

2. Begin early and space out your studying. Plan 30 minutes to 1 hour study sessions daily depending on the size of the course material

3. Have specific goals for each study session. Also summarize each session
4. Organize your study materials (course materials, links, notes, pen etc.) before each session; this will help you focus during the session

5. Review previous exams, know the question format, understand the marking scheme/format etc.
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I needed another thread 🧵- this time collecting #podcasts with a teaching and learning in Higher Education theme (in no particular order). #PleaseContribute
Treasure Island Pedagogies Podcast hosted by @tundeva @LivUniCIE Listen:…
TEACHING IN HIGHER ED PODCAST: Faculty Development for Professors This is the space where we explore the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning. Hosted by @bonni208
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🚀 Bootstrapped startup lessons from "Zero to Sold" by @arvidkahl

I'll tweet my learnings 🤓 and actions 💪🏻 as I read Arvid's book.

A thread 🧵👇🏻 Image
I'm applying most of these learnings to my upcoming #EdTech startup.

First off, focussing on the market.

I have a fair understanding of the market as I know several small organisations quite well who would be the long-term target for the paid version of the SaaS.
In fact, I work *in* the industry in question.

I'm aiming to use this as my unfair advantage (as Arvid recently said to me!) 😎

But, ok. I may see a problem clearly because I work in the sector, but is it a 💥 CRITICAL 💥 problem?
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What’s March without some bracketology.

31 #edtech t-shirts, only 1 will remain. Which t-shirt will top them all. Top votes move onto the next round of t-shirt madness. #MarchMadness  #BracketChallenge

Vote in thread ⬇️

*Sorry not sorry for my 2nd longest 🧵 ever.
@MicrosoftEDU #MIE vs @GoogleForEdu #GoogleEI t-shirt showdown. Vote ⬇️
@MicrosoftEDU t-shirt vs @GoogleForEdu t-shirt. Photo ⬆️
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What’s March without some bracketology.

31 #edtech t-shirts, only 1 will remain. Which t-shirt will top them all. Top votes move onto the next round of t-shirt madness. #MarchMadness #BracketChallenge

Vote in thread ⬇️

*Sorry not sorry for my longest 🧵 ever.
@flipgrid gets a bonus entry as they have distributed more t-shirts than any other squad in the field. Vote ⬇️
@flipgrid I am a Global Student Voice Ambassador vs. Student Voice vs. Classic 2016-17 t-shirt. Photo ⬆️
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I've been conducting online cohort-based courses since May 2020.

It's fascinating to see how people interact and know each other well without meeting in person.

The possibilities of online learning are endless.

#FutureOfEducation #EdTech
Lessons for conducting online courses

1) Avoid long hours of boring lectures. Teach for 5 minutes, stop & ask participants questions. Facilitate learning, not lecturing.

2) The best way to learn is by doing. Let participants work on a project through collaboration.

3) Make learning problem-focused & not tool-focused. If students clearly define the problem they are solving, then the choice of the tool becomes easier.

4) Use stories & examples to communicate ideas. Stories are memorable. People only learn through examples

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THREAD: I’m going to demo the steps for making #emotionalrobots that come to life with #animation through #AugmentedReality

Learn more here:…

Download all six posters here:
#edtech #sel #socialemotionallearning #artsed #Steam
Step #1: Create art.
Connect color, emotion, and art concepts to design a monochromatic robot that expresses emotion.
Turn shapes into forms for depth.
Choose a fitting color.
Mix and apply tints and shades to enhance depth.
Use features of the robot’s face to convey emotion.
Step #2
When done with the physical art, take a clean, undistorted photograph with good lighting.
Crop it exactly to the original’s proportions.
This will become the “trigger image” for the #augmentedreality Image
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The COVID has brought unsurmountable change the way businesses carry their operations. "Business continuity" which only a training material earlier, now has become a reality. How does this change consumption & digitization?
The frontside, regular IT/Tech was first to experience the boom due to increased demand of tech scalability, adoption of cloud solutions, and WFA (work from anywhere) initiative. Banks/FMCG/Retail/Pharma were first to adopt tech
There are some Post-COVID beneficiaries such as auto/infra/Mfg./industrial/transport etc. These industries got hit worst as they were relatively behind on the tech & automation adoption.
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WTF is wrong with @BYJUS?

I got a call from one of my Relative, The Sales guy pitched her wife to get the kid enrolled for some 'Home Learning Plan'

She said the boy is getting a ₹30k scholarship so they need to pay only ₹5000 in Bank and ₹25k in EMIs.

#EdTech Thread ⬇️
He said this scholarship is only valid till tomorrow and you need to pay the fee by today. The Tablet will be delivered within 7 days and if you aren't happy you can return it within 15 days.

So here the game begins - They asked for

Aadhar Card
PAN Card
Bank Passbook Copy
They want PAN Card for Loan/CIBIL related inquiries, Bank Details for EMI Deductions, and Aadhar Card for signing the eNACH.

Finally, ask the customer for Aadhar OTP and sign the auto-debit on the customer's behalf. Parents wouldn’t even realize how their PAN/Aadhar got used.
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A little story: “Everything you need to learn to be a rocket scientist is available online, right now, for free."

Several years ago, @BenBlair (my husband) and @JoshStanley (my brother) learned that premise and it stuck with them.
If that premise was true (and they could see it clearly was true), then tuition rates should be falling — and falling fast. But they’re not. U.S. College Tuition is outrageous, and it gets worse every year!…
In response, they set out to build the Most Affordable, Accredited, U.S.-based, Degree-Granting University possible — and make it available to students all over the world. And they’ve succeeded.

Permit me to brag a bit about what they’ve built and why it's so cool.
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Around 95 #edtech startups raised funds in 2020

Byju’s => $1.14 Bn [total fund raised in 2020]
Unacademy => $346 Mn
Vedantu => $144 Mn
Eruditus => $113 Mn
Toppr => $52 Mn
Cuemath =>$43 Mn
Springboard =>$31 Mn
LEAD School =>$28 Mn
Classplus => $21.5 Mn
Interviewbit => $20 Mn
Doubtnut =>$15 Mn
Lido Learning =>$8.8 Mn
Testbook =>$8.4 Mn
Flinto =>$7.2 Mn
upGrad =>$6.7 Mn
CodingNinjas =>$5.2 Mn
Eduvanz =>$5 Mn
Playshifu =>$4.4 Mn
Eupheus Learning =>$4.3 Mn
Camp K12 =>$4 Mn
Practically =>$4 Mn
Sunstone Eduversity =>$3.28 Mn
Teachmint => $3.5 Mn
FrontRow => $3.2 Mn
Entri => $3.1 Mn
Uolo => $2.73 Mn
Kyt => $2.5 Mn
Masai School => $2.5 Mn
Stones2milestones => $2.6 Mn
Instasolv => $2 Mn
StayQrious => $2 Mn
BitClass => $2 Mn
WinUall => $2 Mn
Genius Teacher => $2 Mn
Pariksha =>$1.8 Mn
Ken42 =>$1.4 Mn
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Here is a university road map on how the strengths of conventional, face-to-face teaching and online T&L can be optimally used to address today’s lecture room challenges.

I am not an instructional designer, but I have been teaching online internationally for over 10 years (2)
In the last 2+ years, I taught hybrid & online undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland Global Campus, among the largest top-20 online colleges in the USA.

UMGC has received numerous awards for its innovations: and (3)
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#ICYMI | India’s education sector is poised to grow from the current $117 billion to $225 billion by FY25.

Here’s how just one day in India’s edtech sector panned out.…

By @SanchDash
@SanchDash India is home to the world’s most valued #edtech startup and has a burgeoning list of unicorns from the sector. Even Indian venture capitalists believe that it’s a sector to watch out for in 2021.
@SanchDash And if that were not enough, the world’s richest man #JeffBezos is eyeing the edtech segment in India, apart from his already bullish e-commerce giant #Amazon.

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Here's why #BYJUS may want to spend a billion dollars on physical coaching centres…

By @SanchDash Image
#India’s edtech unicorn #BYJU's is reportedly set to acquire the brick and mortar preparatory services institute Aakash Educational Services for a whopping $1 billion. If the deal goes through, it will become one of the biggest #edtech deals in the world.
Aakash Educational Services runs over 200 coaching institutes across the country and has a student count of more than 2,50,000, which would give #BYJU’S a direct entry into the test preparation market.
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Four Work Trends Set to Boom

Some food for thought for the new year...

#TechForGood #FutureOfWork

Thread (1/8)…
1 - More Ways to Earn

Chefs 🧑‍🍳
Gamers 👾
Teachers 👩‍🏫
#crypto freelancers 🚀
and Pet Caretakers 🦮🐩🐶

#GigEconomy #careers

Thread (2/8)
2 - More Ways to Learn

Massive investment in lifelong learning and reskilling

Estimated at $7 trillion by 2025 @holoniq

#Education #EdTech #HigherEducation #Learning #Disneyfication @packyM @satyanadella @LambdaSchool @lyndagratton

Thread (3/8)
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🚨Highlight reel thread of today's talk.🚨

I spoke to students and faculty at @AbertayUni about how we do #edtech research at WGU Labs, and advice for psychology PhDs looking to land an #altac role.

[THREAD] with pics, links to posts, and the full presentation at the end 👇🏼 1/
The #edtech industry has been on the rise since 2018, but #COVID19 has acted as a catalyst for online learning at scale in 2020. Edtech adoption by educators has been a huge output of this pandemic & all the more reason that our work at Labs is super relevant right now. 2/
However, there are some three key problems that I see with #edtech research👇🏼

Edtech research should focus IMO on enhancing core learning processes. I've talked about some of this here:… 3/
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