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Listening to @RobWortham, University of Bath on:

#AI #Robotics #Anthropomorphism and #Ethics

“We can now build robots that look as though they care - but it’s a synthetic version of caring and it may well be manipulating us”

// HT Luke P @RadleyKSocial
“We have Palaeolithic #Emotions, Medieval #Institutions and god-like #Technology

And it is terrifically dangerous”

- EO Wilson
Asimov Rules of Robotics

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.…
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@taylorwestc @nhannahjones Get better soon. 💗 I am curious about specifically mortgage/derivatives/stocks & bonds markets using Black & Brown/immigrant human capital to enrich investors. I know @BillGates invests in @GEOGroup.... more in thread.
@taylorwestc @nhannahjones @BillGates @GEOGroup @BillGates brought us #CommonCore and with it all the increases in standards+high stakes testing. #PARCC & #SBA are based on standardized testing created for Eugenics, promoted by former philanthrocapitalists. This alone directly adds BIPoC youth to the school to prison pipeline.
@taylorwestc @nhannahjones @BillGates @GEOGroup @BillGates also brought the #MET teacher evaluation project, forcing schools & states to focus on teachers evals as high stakes also. Educators & schools spent tons of time & $ teaching TO the racist TEST, eliminating arts, music, sports, feeding the S2PrisonPipeline again.
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1/ 👇Thread on key gaps I see in the Class 8-12 after-school group coaching /tuition market in urban India.
@Stellaris_VP #edtech #india
2/ Let’s start with the market overview first. By various estimates this market is pegged at ~$6B. This market is focussed on preparing students for school exams, board exams and state level entrance exams.
3/ Focus is not to prepare for national level entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET etc. And primarily success is measured by performance of the student in school and board exam - versus his IIT JEE or NEET rank.
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@NomadWarMachine More #ethos rather than #stuff or step by step journey. Begins with principled community: guided by norms: towards shared goal of owning data, better connections and controlling your……
#IndieWeb philosophy works for education because believe every learner deserves tright to tell their story. It isn't just #cs4all, the way we read, write and participated as shifted at a rate exponentially greater than any time in history. (
Matter of equity and protecting democracy. Can never know how truth is shaped online until you begin to shape your own. Believe in hyper local web where we root infrastructure in libraries and local press, way we have always done it ...since ever (
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Getting ready for my favorite keynotenevery year at #FETC #techsharelive ... I will tweet my favorite tools in this thread! #edtech
@adambellow begins #techsharelive with his parody #fave
#fetc queen
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Learn to Trust People with Firsthand Experience:
A thread about trust in teaching and learning

My thoughts after reading this article....
#AcademicChatter #teaching #learning #edtech #HumanizeOL #facdev #instructdev…
1/ Learning to trust people with firsthand experience sounds pretty straightforward and logical, but time and again we see instances of leaders thinking they know better. Such were my thoughts as a young teacher advocating to the State legislature for my job and for my students.
2/ When I started teaching at Bear Lake high school in 2009, the state of Idaho had just made education budget cuts and were confronting additional cuts over several years to come due to the economic recession.
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In preparation for #HMIchat this Wed 9 PM with @drlizaola "Transforming our Teaching for the Digital Age" here are a few concepts to brush up on:
- #RAT
How do these relate to
- #BloomsTaxonomy
- #Dewey
- #KolbsExperientialLearning?
1/n... @harvardmacy #HMIHCE
#TPACK is a model 4 educators 2 integrate Content, Pedagogy and Technology Knowledge to enhance learning
Misra & Kohler Extended Lee Shulman's framework of Pedagogical Concept Knowledge (…)
2/n... #HMIchat
Educators need 2 know:
a) content matter -> concepts most difficult 2 grasp & durable frameworks
b) principles of how students learn and how best to teach so learners get those concepts and build those frameworks
c) how best to leverage tech to enhance b)
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As a co-founder/exec of several #EdTech companies (and a 2nd cohort student of @hackreactor myself), I get frequent requests to share my learnings/exp over the past ~10 years in vocational skills training/bootcamps.

Here are 9 of the lessons/insights that I typically share:
👩‍🏫Live immersion works to teach skills

* '99% get jobs' stats are BS but 70%+ are real (see
* 'zero to job' possible in 9-12 months or 3-6 mo w/ any prior eng experience
* the full-time 9-5 'classroom' is critical for outcomes (support/accountability)
👯‍♀️ Like real work, the future of learning is collaborative

* project-based/team learning is essential for👌outcomes
* should be learning in school how we learn at work (near-peer coaching)
* modern collab tools for work are the best #EdTech tools (@slack, @zoomus, @NotionHQ)
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1/ #UDL is a framework to help us extend learning to all students which addresses learner variability. It's also important to consider that we as humans are feeling machines that think, not the other way around.
2/ We need to design learning environments that support all students, and further we need to understand who our students are, where our students are coming from, and what our students are going through
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$174M lessons here. We passed on @Altschool multiple times, mainly because disrupting school was a terrible strategy, but also b/c founders didn’t understand #edtech is all about partnering w/existing districts, schools and educators (not just “product”)…
Hi everyone - First of all, I really appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative I’ve received from this tweet all day. I believe in honest, tough conversations, and that’s what all of you have given me.
Second, I very much agree with people who’ve said my original tweet didn’t pay enough respect to the employees, parents & students affected by the AltSchool shutdown. You’re right. I am very sorry whenever a company shuts down. I’ve been involved in 5 and it’s tough on everyone
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Anyone else doing some weekend reading of the #Gutenberg #accessibility audit report?…

#WordPress #a11y A screenshot of the cover page for the Gutenberg Accessibility Audit Report. Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor.
I’m going through and taking notes. The report is fascinating.

Seriously taken aback at page 5 of the UX report.
Time for the last document, and main event: the 329 page long-form technical report describing the logged issues in detail.
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Thread: The @OpenClassrooms story: Teaching tomorrow’s skills w/ @m_nebra, Cofounder 🔖
We were honoured to have Mathieu at @_TheFamily with @emiliebmaret!
Here are the key stories & learnings of this fireside chat 👇
#edtech #education #MOOC #onlinecourses
1/ Openclassrooms started in 1999 as a side project out of frustration bcs he struggled finding resources online to make a website.
The courses were always free.
They monetized 1st through ads but it prevented people from learning.
So they focused on a subscription model.
2/ About moving from learning skills to learning jobs 👉
They listened to people. When they wanted books, they did it. Projects? Mentorship? Diploma? They did it.
@m_nebra also always did things by himself (giving online courses, being a mentor).
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We’re here at the Conrad Sulzer Library having a conversation about #StudentDataProtection .…
Meeting a great group of parents impacted and/or concerned about #StudentDataProtection.
We’re working on legislation at the state level. We need to talk about pushing for more awareness and guidelines at the district level -esp with new mayor and alderpeople this spring.
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There is more education innovation happening at my local YMCA than in this class of YC…
The education community needs to make a “call for startups” that articulates the many real problems that need solving. Who will join me in co-creating this?
Ok, since you asked, here are my current top 10 #edtech problems awaiting solutions. Please amend!
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Ich versuche mich mal an einer #Reflexion zu #StudentCentred, #Quadrigadebatte & #LehreU15 (via Twitter verfolgt) & würde mich besonders über Reaktionen von @dghd_info, @lehrehochn, @fzs_ev, @HRK_aktuell freuen! (Wird etwas länger! 🙏) #Qualitätspakt #QPL
1/ Für mich ist die zentrale Frage, wie #GuteLehre und #Lehrentwicklung institutionalisiert und curricular bzw. im #Qualitätsmanagement der Institute, Fakultäten und #Hochschulen verankert werden können. #Projekt_nexus #LehreU15
2/ Dazu sind m.E. verschiedene Dinge nötig: 1. Die dauerhafte Verbesserung des #Betreuungsverhältnisses/der #Personalausstattung in den Instituten (besonders in den stark nachgefragten Fächern #Projekt_nexus #LehreU15
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Diversity is therefore not merely a diversity of audiences and channels. As we transition from a broadcast communications model to a networked, interactive one, a much more complex mode of communication from diverse communities is crucial. #edtech blue collar men coloured in yellos...studends walk in black suits
Knowledge creation within society requires that our institutions contain the diversity of perspectives needed to listen, as well as to communicate effectively. #edtech… to women coloured in yellow.all surroundings are black and white. Two men passing
At the centre of this is building a stronger future for a greater diversity of people who want to build careers around knowledge production. #edtech… a zip with a male symbol and female symbol track
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Le ministre @jmblanquer, l'homme qui voulait en finir avec le pédagogisme, se rend donc à #Ludovia15.
Les échanges seront sincères et chaleureux.
Comment expliquer ces improbables et courtoises papouilles ?
En serrant la pogne des pédagogistes, le ministre se lave les mains du cambouis libéral tout en graissant la patte des idiots utiles.
Mais c'est bien le marché de l'éducation, cette nouvelle conjuration des imbéciles, les #edtech, qui fournit le lubrifiant.
Bref, on sait comment tout cela finit : on s'embrassera, sans la langue pour ne pas trop choquer, mais en se mettant une petite olive là où vous savez.
Et les #edtech pourront s'astiquer le membre en matant le film connu de cette #PornPédagogie
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“We have this idea that #machines can liberate us from repetitive tasks, but there are different templates to use this #technology...” @PauloBlikstein #AIED2018 @AIEDconf | @uclknowledgelab @EDUCATEldn @AIConf2018 @brussels_ai @digityser @results4dev @CEInnovations @audreywatters
“Another element in this template, is that #learning happens at different paces... it changes from person to person ... but the awareness of the limitations has somehow been lost over the decades” @PauloBlikstein #AIed @AIEDconf #personalizedlearning @uclknowledgelab @EDUCATEldn’s the problem

“There is a big problem with this template that we have been using for decades ... in using this map...” @PauloBlikstein

#AIed18 #ISTE18 #EdMedia18 #DISummit @AIEDconf @uclknowledgelab @EDUCATEldn @EdSurge #Edtech @PodcastEdtech @EdtechukHQ
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1/ I spent the past couple months trying to understand how and why #edtech companies are trying to measure, monitor, and mold students' feelings, mindsets, and ways of thinking. You know what that means...thread incoming.
2/ First, let's look at some of the companies & researchers doing this work.…
3/ Like @AlgebraNationFL. A team of academics, funded by an $8.9m @IESResearch grant, have used the online platform to anonymously collect the clicks and keystrokes of 200,000 Fla. students. The goal: teach the software to pinpoint when kids feel happy, bored, or engaged.
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Listening to the opening remarks for the #EdTech Winter School by @cristobalcobo.

'Not everything that counts can be counted'

#edtech #educhat #edchat
'Create connections to re-think #education inntje age of digital technology.'

#EdTechUy #EdChat #DigitalEducation
The first session of the Winter School is lead by @lucipangrazio on young people's literacies in the digital age.

#EdTechUy #EdChat #DigitalEducation #ChildRightsChat
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