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It doesn't start with @SalemMediaGrp or Billy Graham or Martin Scorsese. But there's a trajectory.…
Martin Scorsese? That's right, Martin Scorsese. Let @danielsilliman explain.…
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Come colmare le distanze intergalattiche, così grandi da non poter essere colmate in tempi ragionevoli nemmeno se si potesse viaggiare alla massima velocità possibile nell’universo, cioè quella della luce?

(continua) Image
Chi scrive fantascienza ha bisogno di espedienti narrativi che aggirino questa limitazione, per far interagire personaggi che nella realtà sarebbero troppo lontani tra loro. Alcuni di questi espedienti trovano riscontro in speculazioni teoriche legittime, sebbene azzardate. Image
Esempio: la “propulsione a curvatura” che in #StarTrek permette di superare la velocità della luce. Un’idea simile è stata proposta nel 1994 dal fisico Miguel Alcubierre a partire da una soluzione dell’equazione di campo di Einstein, l'eq. fondamentale della relatività generale. Image
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Last night I tried to teach an AI not to murder ppl.**

This thread = excerpts from that conversation.

It's ALL(!!) AI-generated, except lines starting with my initial ("M:"), and "..." where I've cut something out.

**@StarTrek crew, mostly. #startrek
Pic 1 escalates to killing pretty quickly.
But remember, tons has been cut out.
(Including a little experiment with designing Tribble religion.)

Thing is, it's hard NOT to resort to killing Tribbles, which reproduce so fast, they make "breeding like 🐇🐇" seem positively chaste. Image
This gave me an idea.
The computer didn't hesitate to space #Tribbles.
Would it hesitate to space the crew of the #Enterprise?
Let's find out. Image
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Steven Brust's "Tsalmoth"; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ The Tor Books cover for Ste...
I'm at @HTLGIFestival in #HayOnWye:

28/5 1130h: The AI Enigma…

29/5 12h: Danger and Desire at the Frontier…

Next, #Oxford!

29/5: @blackwelloxford's 1930h w/@TimHarford:…

2/ Image
Steven Brust's "Tsalmoth": Swords, sorcery and swooning romance, in a series that is tantalyzingly close to completion.

3/ Image
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Sorry to the STO fans who are losing their minds about #StarTrekPicard not lining up with the video game story but…a TV show with millions of viewers was never going to slavishly hew to a video game with a few thousand players. Sorry that was just never going to happen. Image
I’m very happy for STO players that parts of the game were canonized. But you knew this was coming because there was already precedent for this with the books. The shows took a few things from the books and dumped the rest. It’s how it was always going to be.
And you’re wrong if you think somehow the story of the video game was more important than the story of the books. They both have small and passionate audiences.

Enjoy your win! The Enterprise F is canon, just like book fans enjoy their win that the Luna class Titan is canon.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Is antitrust anti-labor? and more!

Archived at:…


1/ Image
There's 3 days left in the @Kickstarter for the audiobook of my upcoming anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams, *Red Team Blues*. #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free. Crowdfunding makes them possible!

2/ Image
Is antitrust anti-labor? tl;dr: no.

3/ Image
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It may be 40 more years until #StarTrek #FirstContactDay 🖖 but our collections contain a rich history of human interest in space travel, UFOs & extraterrestrial communication. There's lots to see in this 🧵, from a 17th century moon mission to a current Library/@NASA team-up! International Space Station...
Advances in earthly science tend to boost curiosity about extraterrestrial matters. As such, on the heels of Galileo’s telescopic moon observations came Francis Godwin’s "The Man in the Moone" (1638), a tale of a man's space travel in a bird-powered craft. Illustration from the Frenc...
As telescope quality improved & astronomers were able observe the geography of Mars, they took what they saw as evidence of civilizations. By the 1830s, many believed Mars & other planets were inhabited. Take a look at this page from an 1831 textbook. "The Young Astronomer&...
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Modern #StarTrek is weird. It's far from a disaster, but it also feels like nobody in the writer's room cares about the same details I do. Not that that's necessary for a good episode, there's been plenty of those, but so many little details in the background make me cringe.
The whole refit/retrofit thing with the Titan was an annoying example. Words were tossed into a script without a great understanding of what they mean (refit and retrofit are different things guys!) and then we got a bunch of tortured worldbuilding to try and explain it all.
"Frontier Day" is probably going to be another one. The way it is described in the show is so completely ridiculous (the entire fleet assembled in one place) that I figured it had to be hyperbole or something but characters go out of their way to repeat this detail over and over
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As I rewatch #StarTrekDiscovery’s second season, here are my mini-reviews! I love a lot of this season!

(Warning: I struggle with the coherence of the Red Angel plot. The nature of it seems to shift mid-way through the season—likely due to showrunner changes.) #StarTrek
“Brother” is gorgeously shot. Production design is intricate and artful. The background of Michael’s beginnings with the Sarek family is intriguing, especially the strange Spock dragon.

Pike quickly commands the screen with ease and integrity and Reno is a quippy addition!
“New Eden” is perfect #StarTrek which adds to the little-seen WWIII story, celebrates our innate desire to seek our knowledge in Jacob, a fascinating discussion of religion and science, clear growth from Burnham and fun ship action with a touching Saru/Tilly scene that is gold!
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Did a tweet like this a few months ago, but I feel it even more acutely today. There are two ways to look at the #StarTrek franchise right now.

- #StarTrekPicard is killing it, absolute top of its game, with exciting possibilities
- #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds is a huge hit…
…with tons of excitement about season 2, and season 3 seeming very likely.
- Animated #StarTrek has never been better, as current Trek appeals to all audiences.


- #StarTrekDiscovery was canceled, and it’s obvious it wasn’t what was planned.
- #StarTrek showrunners are pushing hard in tweets and the press for more for their shows. Trying to sway the studio?
- Merchandising and events, which really felt like they were on the upswing last year, have crashed HARD in 6 months.

I don’t know which story is the “real one”?
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I've been compiling some notes on #StarTrek fonts with an eye to maybe putting together a definitive list on a webpage or something. IDK.

Then I thought, in the meantime why not make it into a thread? So that's the fascinating backstory to this thread! 🧵 [001/???]
The classic STAR TREK lettering was designed by the legendary Richard Edlund and was later digitised by Bitstream for a Star Trek font pack released in 1992. Originally the font was simply titled ‘Star Trek’, it has since been renamed to HORIZON. Above: The original STAR TREK (1966) opening title. Below: OThere are some notable differences between Bitstream's Horiz
REFERENCES: This 2016 Yves Peters article is an essential read on the history of Trek fonts up to DIS S1. I won’t repeat a lot of what is covered there. Also, for this thread I’m only concerning myself with main typefaces.…
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hey kids, you like LCARS? so do I!

I recently acquired a production-made LCARS palette from the TNG/DS9 era, so I made a digital palette for all your replica needs! It's 95% accurate, for reasons I'll go into below.

sources here!…

🧵below #StarTrek
so, here's the story with this one. last year, i bid on this really low-key auction that had a bunch of stuff from a star trek fan who owned some production pieces. amongst all that was this scrap piece of paper that had a romulan and some color palettes on it. neat!
i didn't think much of it at the time, as I was much more excited about a folder that had a ton of Johnathan Frakes' director memos/documents from Star Trek: First Contact (i promise it's a lot less creepy than it sounds) so I just put it in storage
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Happy 30 years to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! Here's a thread featuring just some of the (ridiculous amount of) episode artwork I've created to celebrate this once in a generation series. (1/7) #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekDeepSpaceNine
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In the context of a holiday with religious dimensions, here’s something you may find ‘spiritual’. The #OverviewEffect

“The overview effect is a cognitive and emotional shift in a person's awareness, their consciousness and their identity when they see the Earth from space” 🎅🧵
It’s impossible for anyone of my generation in the U.K. not to have been thrilled by the #StarTrek series in the 70s. So it is stunning to read of the response that #WilliamShatner or ‘Captain Kirk’ had when he actually did go into space…
"It was the death that I saw in space and the lifeforce that I saw coming from the planet — the blue, the beige and the white," he said. "And I realized one was death and the other was life."
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Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released 43 years ago today.
I know that some find it too slow, but this film is eminently Trek for me. Without forgetting the best scene of seduction between a man and a spaceship. #startrek #scifi #ussenterprise #spaceship ImageImageImage
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) ImageImageImageImage
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#Notevember Make-up Day 20: Woodwinds

The opening cue to Star Trek: Insurrection features some wonderful woodwind writing (especially double reeds) by Goldsmith

#Notevember Make-up Day 21: Character theme

Trek doesn’t always do leitmotifs, but “Without Help” from ST5 does a fantastic job juggling several: two for Sybok (including the 4 notes Goldsmith would use through Nemesis), the main theme, and the Klingons

#Notevember Make-up Day 22: Main Theme Phrase

Jeff Russo’s use of Archer’s Theme in Discovery Season 4 was a wonderful surprise

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Good day Saurabh.
Would you kindly confirm this?
Much appreciated.

11:35 CET 31 OCT 2022

Perp: Illuminati actor / influencer Saurabh Raj Jain(??)
I just heard a tinnitus while communicating telepathically with SRJ and heard a highpitched tinnitus in my left wear and felt a resultant slight loss of hearing and dullness plus weakness and debility.

I had just left a comment and given the link to my Instagram page about
20 minutes.

I am writing this as I am about to leave my apartment.

---END--- Image
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Gemäß den Kommentaren scheinst du entschlossen, dieses Projekt trotz der Kritik durchzuziehen. Das kann dir niemand verbieten, darum möchte ich an dieser Stelle auf einige der Fallstricke hinweisen, die dein Experiment verfälschen werden. Ein 🧵

Zuerst möchte ich allerdings erklären, warum viele von Armut betroffene Menschen so gereizt auf deine Ankündigung reagieren.

Mit der Einführung der #Agenda2010 wurde ein Narrativ über Arme sehr stark: der "Sozialschmarotzer" der den Staat und die Steuerzahler ausbeute, der /2
in der sozialen Hängematte lebe, sich auf Kosten der Gemeinschaft ein schönes Leben mache. Das wurde garniert durch Erzählungen von mangelhafter Bildung und maximal unsozialem Verhalten. Die Medien, vor allem die rechteren (Springer, RTL), griffen das auf und starteten Formate /3
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What is the most "Star Trek" episode of STAR TREK?

I don't mean the best, and I definitely don't mean an episode that "stands out" because it's unusual.

I mean the episode that you, personally, think is the most "typical" of TREK?
I think STAR TREK's greatest asset is the concept's ability to adapt to different themes, characters and even genres. Maybe there is no "typical" STAR TREK episode. But I am wondering what people would say is the "most" typical based on their own views of what defines it.
For example, a lot of people say CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER is one of the best STAR TREK episodes. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it's very unlike most TREK episodes in many ways. I would, personally, hesitate to say it typifies TREK.
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One of my favorite headcanons is that Murder, She Wrote is actually a very popular holo-novel in the world of #StarTrek and it was particularly beloved of the Voyager crew (after all, it was the only entertainment they had).

My evidence? Let's go! 🧵

Paris had daddy issues so you know he picked the holo-novel where the father is wrong and he is right. #MurderSheHoloWrote
Chakotay in there playing a priest as a way to sublimate his frustrated desires. #MurderSheHoloWrote
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Modern #StarTrek and its campy moustache-twirling comic book villains . . . it's sad. The best villains aren't villains at all.

That said, there is also the "inertia of parity".
The inertia of parity is the pull toward writing foes with like systems. If you make your hero vehicle X, foes will have X . . . and if you make your hero vehicle Super-X, big foes must also have Super-X.

It gets absurd. Think of Knight Rider, Airwolf, even Wild, Wild West.
Knight Rider: baddies in cars plays well enough because it's normal. Big bads had to have supervehicles, though, to compare favorably… a bit out there, but okay.
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#WandaVision helmer Matt Shakman is in early talks to direct #FantasticFour ImageImageImage
Eyes turned to Matt Shakman after #SpiderMan director Jon Watts exited the #FantasticFour project Image
Before #WandaVision, Matt Shakman came up as a director of #ItsAlwaysSunny and #GameofThrones. He has been tapped for Paramount's next #StarTrek film, but it is unclear if he will remain involved Image
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The late #StarTrek icon Nichelle Nichols will travel to the final frontier, one last time.

A company that specializes in memorial spaceflights has organized a mission to send a “symbolic portion” of the actor’s cremated remains to the stars.…
Nichols, who was perhaps best known as the USS Enterprise’s communications officer Lt. Uhura, died in July.…
In a release, the memorial spaceflight company Celestis shared that Nichols’ ashes and a sample of her DNA will be aboard the Celestis Enterprise Flight later this year on “an aptly named rocket called Vulcan.”…
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#RIPNichelleNichols . Over the past years we've collected a ton of newspaper and magazine clippings about her life. In her memory we'll share some of those today. #nichellenichols #StarTrek @NichelleIsUhura
#RIPNichelleNichols . Over the past years we've collected a ton of newspaper and magazine clippings about her life. In her memory we'll share some of those today. #nichellenichols #StarTrek @NichelleIsUhura
#RIPNichelleNichols . Over the past years we've collected a ton of newspaper and magazine clippings about her life. In her memory we'll share some of those today. #nichellenichols #StarTrek @NichelleIsUhura
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