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This week, I discuss at @EscapistMag about how #StrangeNewWorlds demonstrates the limits of allegory.

In its eagerness to retreat to the nostalgia of nineties "Star Trek", "Strange New World" eagerly shoves Spock back in the celluloid closet.…
This week's episode of #StrangeNewWorlds is about how gender non-conforming individuals lie about their identities to trick people.

And the humanitarian crisis at the border is a ruse orchestrated by criminal gangs to infiltrate/invade.

It's not good.…
In many ways, this is a retreat for the #StarTrek franchise, particularly during Pride and particularly when trans rights are under attack.

During the nineties, the franchise could only approach gender/sexuality through metaphor, not directly.…
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One of the prime goals of Surak's philosophy is to turn this everpresent reminder of the power of unbridled emotion into a reinforcement of the dedication to Logic. The Vulcan male is aware of the surging emotions of the pon farr not only within himself but also in Image
those around him. The inability to control emotion leads to a necessity to remove oneself from the mainstream of society for the duration of the condition. This is one reason Surak places such value on Privacy. Image
The high regard for privacy was not an innovation of Surak but dates from a much earlier time, when Vulcans discovered the literally painful effects of living together in large communities. Image
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Actual #StarTrek writer: “You’re a moron.”

You can quote me on that.
Ha. This tweet blew up.

Probably won’t be able to keep up with responses except to mute people who creep into my mentions to tell me that I don’t understand how #StarTrek works.

I ain’t got time for that much stupid.
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Today I posited a #StarTrek theory, & a fellow fan supported it with a story: a 🧵.

My theory is: Because Trek is science fiction & (natch) contains a lot of technospeak, it gets labeled as For 'Geeks'/'Nerds' in the minds of many. (Do NOT @ me about which term is better!) /1
And, my theory continues: Because it gets labeled that way, a LOT of people who don't identify as a geek/nerd think that #StarTrek is not for them. Or that they wouldn't enjoy it.

Side note: One can be a geek/nerd about *anything*. But--that does not seem to be well known. /2
And, my theory concludes: If somehow Trek could lose that label, it would be even MORE popular than it is.

The fellow fan, Theresa, is in a rehab center recovering from an accident. She told me she convinced some of the nursing staff to watch some Trek, and at least one said /3
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Non capita spesso che un'attrice e cantante sia di ispirazione per scienziati, astronauti e attivisti per i diritti civili. È il caso di Grace Dell Nichols, in arte #NichelleNichols, il tenente Uhura di @StarTrek. /1
Nasce nel 1932. Inizia la carriera come attrice, ballerina. e cantante nelle orchestre di Duke Ellington e Lionel Hampton. Recita in un episodio della serie televisiva di Gene Roddenberry The Lieutenant, incentrato sulla discriminazione razziale e mai trasmesso in televisione. /2
Ma è in un’altra serie tv ideata e prodotta da Roddenberry, #StarTrek, che raggiunge la celebrità nel 1966. Interpreta il tenente #Uhura (dallo swahili "uhuru", libertà) ed è una delle prime volte che una donna di colore interpreta un personaggio di rilievo. /3
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The new #StarTrekPicard Federation tricorder — in reality, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip OLED smartphone inside a fancy light-up case.

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
The device is also seen in use within the Confederation timeline, with more angular LCARS-style graphics.

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
Samsung's foldable OLED tablet, the Galaxy Z Fold, serves as a new padd seen in both Federation and Confederation timelines.

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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Following up on my last tweet on the masterclass by @5aitec @0xPolygon on ‘Metaverse 101’, hosted by amazing people @adityamohanty_ @abhayjani4 at @0xTPH

If you are new to the metaverse world like me, dive into my thread🧵

Here are my learnings, hope it helps🙏🏼

#Metaverse Image
The session started with defining the ‘Metaverse’
how a user being just a ‘Spectator’ in Web2 will transform into an ‘Active Participant’ in Web3/Metaverse.
The ‘7 Layers of Metaverse’ gives a detail idea of what it takes to build a Metaverse, few of them being :-

Infrastructure - GPU, Cloud, 5G-6G

Decentralisation - Blockchain

Experience - Games, ESports,shopping etc.

#blockchain #5G #cloud #esports #neural Image
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It’s time to watch “Extinction” as part of my Enterprise season 3 rewatch. #StarTrek
Ugh. I really don’t care for “the crew transforms” or is taken over episodes. 🙄
Trip being in command is a plus!!
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#StarTrek has always explored human nature through Scifi conceits. Humans are emotional beings by nature.

Effective storytelling relates the emotional, internal conflicts of characters.

#StarTrek has 50+ years of effective storytelling.
Because modern Trek tells stories in compressed serialized seasons, the emotional density of these stories—episode by episode—is greater.

Sometimes the emotional content is over-relied upon. Sometimes older Trek didn’t explore the emotional lives of characters enough.
Whether a series entitled #StarTrek is Trek or not Trek is the wrong position to take. #StarTrek is in the title.

It’s more productive to say whether the emotional content works for you or not.
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Episodes of #StarTrek with emotion, mental health, and self-reflection at the center of the narrative, a thread…
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I’m starting a new series of #MicroTreks called #SwapTreks which feature an existing #StarTrek story swapped and re-imagined in a different series from the franchise.

Original Episode: “Rosetta”
Swapped from Discovery to TOS

“Rosetta Stone”
Kirk, Spock, and McCoy shimmer into place at the base of a great gray-blue spire.

“Sensor readings, Mister Spock,” Kirk says.

Spock opens his tricorder, scanning the area.

Kirk rests is palm upon the gray spire. “Bones, what do you think?” Blue dust coat his palm.
“I think you’re looking to make history, Jim,” McCoy says.

“Bones, this is about saving lives, not—my ego,” Kirk claims. “If this truly is the homeworld of the race who constructed the other planet killer on its way to—well—”
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Photos: Ukrainian civilians prepare for war… <--- Many shots of people (often kids) in pink. Hard to know why but pattern exists. IMO symbolizes drug from child trafficking. At top of globalist death cultists' minds coz Putin destroying their evil biz.
These all from one issue -- Failing Terrorgraph, 27th of Feb. Look how often the colour pink appears, and stands out. Note how often kids wear it or are near it. What are the odds? Clearly means something to the sinister occultist flogs who own that lie factory. #symbolism ImageImageImageImage
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Since launch, we've made it clear: #ParamountPlus is home to a mountain of entertainment! We have the most diverse content offering in streaming, with movies, kids & family programming, news, sports & events, unscripted TV, adult animation, & scripted shows.
We've got peak content. The top 10 shows that brought viewers to #ParamountPlus: @NFLonCBS, @1883Official, @iCarly, @pawpatrol, @quietplacemovie, @infinitemov, @CliffordMovie, @SpongeBob, @SouthPark, and @UEFA.
Suit up, Spartans. The wait is almost over. @HaloTheSeries premieres March 24 exclusively on #ParamountPlus with a second season already ordered. Image
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79.01/ Week seventy-nine, January 15-21, 2022, thread here.

Week 78 below.
79.02/ Every erev-Shabbas I say 'stay safe' and while that's generally about the pandemic, for my fellow Jews it's also about the onslaught of antisemitism that assaults us since the dominance of unchecked hate on social media which led to the rise of Trump (ym'sh) and others.
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"Cetus the Whale is a long constellation that rises in the east-southeast on fall evenings. It’s the fourth largest of the 88 constellations, losing out only to Ursa Major, Virgo and Hydra." #mythology…
"In Greek #mythology Cetus was a fearsome sea monster - nearly ate Andromeda before Perseus arrived and saved the day...

Depending on the myth you read, Cetus either meets its fate on the sword of Perseus or by turning to stone after viewing the severed head of Medusa." Image
"The brightest star in Cetus goes by three different names: Beta Ceti, Diphda and Deneb Kaitos. This star shines at magnitude 2.0 and lies in the tail of the beast."

Fun note: This star's system is frequently referred to as the 'Deneb system' in #StarTrek! Image
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Hoy es el #DíaInternacionaldelasPersonasconDiscapacidad y para conmemorarlo, abrimos #hiloIFT sobre Stephen Hawking, una de las figuras más emblemáticas de Física Teórica, y de la Ciencia en general, en las últimas décadas.
Las investigaciones de Hawking estuvieron muy ligadas al estudio de la gravedad en sus avatares más extremos, tanto a nivel clásico como en el contexto cuántico. Repasamos 5 de sus resultados más importantes y sorprendentes
1️⃣En colaboración con Roger Penrose en los años 60, Hawking demostró los teoremas de singularidad, que explican la aparición de singularidades, grietas en el espacio-tiempo de la Relatividad General de Einstein, en situaciones como el interior de un agujero negro o el Big Bang
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New season (mostly) same chaotic commentary at our new posting time of Monday night.

I want to thank everyone that's been waiting for understanding, with work it's just a bit too hectic to try and knock out a recap by Saturday.

#StarTrekDiscovery S4EP02 Anomaly.
#DemTreks SMG looking gorgeous in the new promo poster for Star Trek D
Let's Begin!
The title is fitting considering how many times I typed 'anomaly' last week. We start as usual with the recap blitz. If you missed last week feel free to peruse the previous thread here.
First, can we appreciate that the #StarTrekDiscovery tag has a Captain's Chair next to it?

I don't know how long it will last but I love it.
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Here we are again! New season (mostly) same chaotic commentary. #StarTrekDiscovery S4EP01 Kobayashi Maru.

Yes I love this gif. No I'm not tired of it yet.
I want to start by saying that I think the entire situation that's happening with the international release of season 4 sucks. I hope that everyone who wants to watch this season is able to do so as soon as possible.
I understand if you want to mute, unfollow, or block me to avoid #DiscoSpoilers. I'll try not to take it personally.
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In the TNG episode "When the Bough Breaks" (S01E17), a dying race steals some of the children from the Enterprise. An obviously upset mother asks Picard "How are you going to get them back?"
Beverly responds with "Sit down... don't give in to fear. We all knew what the risks were when we signed on, and that's the choice we made."
WHAT? Who thought this was a good line for her to say?
I don't remember her feeling that way when Wesley's life was on the line because his goofy ass can't catch a ball in "Justice" (S01E08).
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Man, why is it that every time there’s some kind of big discussion about anything related to new #StarTrek, everyone just behaves like complete lunatics? On one side you’ve got the “is this what Star Trek has become?” crowd hell bent on grinding their axe about what they hate.
And honestly, on the other side, waaaay too many defenders of current #StarTrek jump into hyper defensive mode. Even the most tepid “I’m not sure I like this” gets met with a “get over it, things change” tidal wave that is just so aggressive.
I get that’s largely a learned response from the early days of #StarTrekDiscovery where fans like me felt like we were maybe in a bit of a small minority and we needed to get loud and proud because the hate was just so relentless.
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Re: the #Babylon5 reboot. I’m generally very positive but wanted to share a couple of perspectives I’ve had:
One thing that worries me is the thought that some of the characters we loved (some for obvious and some for far more subtle reasons) will be airbrushed. I don’t want to jump straight to Sheridan because I held Sinclair in such high regard.
Some would argue that they would prefer a continuation series (I would like this too). But I feel that’s a conversation for further down the road. Wisdom says you shouldn’t pour new wine in old wine skins… and I feel the case needs to be made to justify it.
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🔴Hilo de Curiosidades de #StarWars🔴⬇️⬇️

- Alec Guiness recibió por contrato, un 2% de los beneficios de taquilla de la película, siempre renegó de su papel de Obi-Wan Kenobi, pero ganó más de $100M con dicho papel
- James Earl Jones recibió sólo $7.500 por doblar la voz de Darth Vader en el Episodio IV
- Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles en los Episodios IV y IX) es tío de Ewan McGregor
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Whooooo wants that giant thread of starships made and updated for the new @trekonlinegame REFLECTIONS release? 1/??? #startrek #gameart #gamedev
@trekonlinegame First up: the Andromeda Exploration Cruiser
The Bozeman-class Heavy Frigate is the Soyuz for today's modern sensibilities.
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