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FAO Allegra Stratton: if you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

You sold your soul for fame and glory. But the devil you made that pact with does not forget.

I'm reminded somewhat of Richard Keys and Andy Gray. Who reacted with shock when Murdoch and Sky hung them out to dry!
"It's a media circus!", wailed Dicky. About SKY TV for God's sake.

You had your choices Allegra. You made absolutely appalling ones. Now you can repent at your leisure, after being a disgusting, criminal PM (who you wanted to work for!) and vile government's little scapegoat.
It's fascinating when the actual, vulnerable human being is exposed.

As it was when Thatcher and May resigned - in both cases, having displayed zero empathy whatsoever for their countless victims.

Politics ISN'T a game. The kind of people Stratton was surrounded by think it is
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OH MY GOD. This is a total car crash for the government. Finally.

Could almost cry with relief.

This nonsense is coming to an end. It really is. Soon.
#WhoWasAtTheParty #whoattendedtheparty #torylies #ToryCovidCatastrophe #toryliars #TorySewageParty #ToryBritain
Excoriating discussion between @tombradby and @PaulBrandITV on @itvnews just now. This is mainstream prime time news, not the allegedly leftie Channel 4. And Stratton was their colleague at ITV once.

Disaster for the Tories. Absolute disaster. #whoattendedtheparty
And @Peston also now demanding a list of #whoattendedtheparty

Tick tock……
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Imagine not being able to say sorry. Imagine telling your kids, “don’t apologise for breaking that window. Tell the man there was no window. When he points at it, say you don’t recognise it as a window. Or better still, get all your mates to do it for you. -->
And when footage turns up of you breaking that window and laughing at the man, just say a window may or may not have been broken but that you followed all the rules of window-breaking and that you don’t think the man is actually interested in whether or not his window was broken"
We don’t teach our kids that stuff for a reason. We don’t teach them that, because we don’t want them to grow up to be in Boris Johnson’s government.
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And… Boom💥

A few days after the party that wasn’t a party that didn’t happen even if it was within the rules, which it wasn’t.

There are always receipts. Always.

Now, the list, the fines, the resignations. #WhoWasAtTheParty
#ToryLies #ToryBritain
Now that it’s confirmed on the record that it took place, there is no reason not to release the list of attendees, and take swift appropriate action. This is going to run & run until that happens so may as well get on with it. #whoattendedtheparty #ToryLies #ToryBritain #COVID19
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