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We're in a Climate & Ecological Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction, a threat to us all. Fossil fuels, though they account for over 80% of carbon emissions produced by humans, continue to be widely used. That's massively destabilising our biosphere, yet our Parliament says/does nothing Image
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"Britain is a nation that’s changed night and day since 2016. It was a quiet, prosperous nation that became a haven for Right-wing populists, a breeding ground for racism, and a hub for misinformation. None of which is a coincidence."
"It’s the byproduct of nationalism, racism, and demagoguery. And if it sounds similar to post-2016 America, that’s because it is. Both countries began their ascent down the black hole of authoritarianism at the same time for a reason."
"Actually, two reasons: Boris Johnson and Donald Trump."

"Two men who are similar in more ways than they are different. Two men who redefined Western politics for the worse."
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Let’s recap recent economic management by the #Tories 1/

NI tax ⬆️ Corporation tax ⬆️ Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax & Income Tax all ⬆️ by stealth due to a freeze so not keeping pace with inflation, Council Tax ⬆️ Reduction in Pension LTA - effectively a pension tax ⬆️
2/ VAT ⬆️ and kept at 20%, Dividend tax ⬆️ and yet if we believe the figures we’ve got record low unemployment, some of the highest job vacancies on record while at the same time an exponential rise in food bank usage (now with an ever increasing number of households in work)
3/ In April - June 2020 Trussell Trust had an 84% increase compared to the same time the previous year. No one can get a GP appointment, teachers aren’t getting the payrises they deserve, doctors and nurses are leaving their profession in droves, the NHS is at breaking point..
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@PeterStefanovi2 @cachatburn1 UNLESS UK Government FACE FACTS and acknowledge the REALITY of the damage done to UK Economy by #Tories' pet projects: Austerity and Brexit to name but two, UK Government don't have a cat in hell's chance of addressing the FALLOUT and ensuing INFLATION and POVERTY.
@PeterStefanovi2 @cachatburn1 If only UK population could overlook yet another 'photo-op' from an inconsequential apology for a man, and perceive instead an individual that places no higher regard for anyone or anything else but, his own survival & self-entitlement!

The world laughs!…
@PeterStefanovi2 @cachatburn1 History teaches us the wisdom of seeking the lessons from events that have come before those we face today so that we might develop and build upon the thinking of those that precede us - a crisis is not the time to reinvent the wheel!
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@chrisriddell50 My first thought when I saw this today was whether your colleague @MartinRowson might regard these events as, 'a storm in a fur cup'!

...evidently, there are agendas but, some are too quick to impose their interpretation on events - they hear but don't LISTEN! Image
"In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow."
"They may be issuing warnings against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the reality is that for the first time since 1991 Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded."
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"The growth of UK betting sector since then has created billionaires, such as Bet365’s Denise Coates and Betfred’s Done brothers. At the other end of the scale, what starts out as a harmless flutter has driven countless customers into financial ruin, family breakups, and worse."
"The betting industry promotes its wares predominantly through advertising on TV, social media or via wall-to-wall sponsorship of football clubs."

Propaganda uses the same media and targets people in a similar manner!
"The gambling industry could not exist unless the bookmaker or casino had a better grasp of the odds than the punter. That’s the foundation upon which the industry is built, and it’s a bargain that – unless they are completely delusional – the gambler enters into knowingly."
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1/ Been an awful week for #Tories in Westminster but in real elections in the real world #Labour has been crashing and burning. OK, so local by elections aren't individually representative of national trends...
2/ But taken together, the results show a clear swing AGAINST #Labour that isn't being picked up in opinion polls between them.
If you have to choose, go by the actual results cast in real elections.
3/ How to explain the discrepancy? Could be that a lot of the Tory "don't knows" who've given #Starmer his lead are in fact voting Tory when they turn out. Of course, young people are traditionally more likely to vote #Labour and less likely to vote in by-elections. That said...
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1/10 #BREXIT – A LONG VIEW IN A SHORT THREAD: The EU (previously the EEC or Common Market) was the lifeboat that Britain jumped into (very enthusiastically) after the Empire sank and the prospects for further exploitation of our former colonies receded. #Max12to1
2/10 Any good history of Britain post-WW2 (e.g. Ben Pimlott’s biography of Harold Wilson 👇 – highly recommended) shows how fundamentally shattered the British economy was after 1945. We have never really recovered. #Max12to1…
3/10 The economy lurched from crisis to crisis under both #Tory and #Labour govts, with the balance of payments in particular disarray as we struggled to come to terms with the over-valuing of our currency in a world that now looked to the mighty dollar instead. #Max12to1
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Imagine not being able to say sorry. Imagine telling your kids, “don’t apologise for breaking that window. Tell the man there was no window. When he points at it, say you don’t recognise it as a window. Or better still, get all your mates to do it for you. -->
And when footage turns up of you breaking that window and laughing at the man, just say a window may or may not have been broken but that you followed all the rules of window-breaking and that you don’t think the man is actually interested in whether or not his window was broken"
We don’t teach our kids that stuff for a reason. We don’t teach them that, because we don’t want them to grow up to be in Boris Johnson’s government.
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Festive hustings here at st Johns Methodist church in #Whitchurch. #libdems @helenhalcrow up first with introduction. Time for #NorthShropshire to stop being taken for granted, support farmers & invest in rail & buses.
Next @DuncanKer . Talks about his experience in local govt as a social workerchief exec. Moved to #NorthShropshire in 2012, made a rundown chapel into an arts & community centre. Elected first #green on #oswestry town & then @ShropCouncil . Lists some campaigns, agst fracking,
Agst NHS cuts,& trying to save the ambulance station. In May 2021 @TheGreenParty was the only one to win seats in #NorthShropshire . Now 12 of 18 seats on #oswestry town council. #Greens can win elections & when they do people vote for more.
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Dad displayed stroke symptoms last Friday evening. Rang 999, the phone operator talked me through the episode but apologised as there would be an 8 hour wait for an ambulance - somehow I got him into the car and drove him to A&E myself. He was seen by a doctor immediately.
By the time I had got to the hospital, got him out of the car and into his wheelchair my 87 year-old father seemed to have recovered. The doctor thought it was a sequence of mini strokes and ordered tests - bloods, CT scan, ECG, chest x-ray, and then we waited.
Many patients weren’t wearing masks. One woman took her loose mask off to cough. A young man whose female companion had fallen off her party shoe and damaged her ankle didn’t wear a mask at all, bought a wide variety of snacks and left the wrappers on the floor.
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@HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords @10DowningStreet @BBCBreaking @itvnews @Channel4News

@AngelaRayner I'm the journalist under #surveillance [with family] off-on from '68 BUT from 1994 as RIPA introduced life got worse then from 1999-2000 I was #blacklisted -by mid 2010 my @NHSuk
@HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords @10DowningStreet @BBCBreaking @itvnews @Channel4News

@AngelaRayner .. care very obviously blocked as an intense @GOVUK smear campaign started soon after @David_Cameron picked @MalcolmRifkind as @JointCtteNSS Chair, by 2011 I was left to die
@HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords @10DowningStreet @BBCBreaking @itvnews @Channel4News

@AngelaRayner ... with sepsis. By July 2014 I could prove my low WBC was being doctored up into 'normal' & by Oct 2014 prove my medical care abroad now also doctored.
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I've always felt the answer to this lies in asking why the @Conservatives bought in the £20 rise to start with.
For decades, it was known that benefit rates were paltry+inadequate.
But pleas for even meagre rises were always met with the "no money tree" stonewall (1/)
When Covid struck, the truth is, that for the poorest and particularly job seekers, financial pressures might even have eased. Especially, the travel costs to Jobcentres, job interviews. School runs/costs. Fuel.
I can tell you this, because I was unemployed myself..(2/)
..So why did a #Tory govt, never known for its "philanthropy" to the poor, suddenly find this magical money tree for #UC claimants ??
Quite simply - politics.
They realised, that 1000s of employed people - and potential Tory voters - would suddenly find themselves having to (3/)
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So that’s 93.

93 Uturns : Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these Lying #Tories came into office.

Tories refuse to reveal billionaire donor dinners - a year after promising they would.… Image
So that’s 94.

94 Uturns : Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these Lying #Tories came into office.

#Tories ran in 2019 on a manifesto promise of not increasing taxes or NI.

Now they plan to do so, for Social Care. Image
So that’s 95.

95 U-turns: Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these lying #Tories came into office.

Tories suspend Triple Lock on Pensions, denying rightful increases to the elderly. Image
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Warum in #Deutschland ein überfordert und fehlinformiert wirkender Armin #Laschet - dem zudem immer wieder seine #Lügen aufgezeigt werden - zum #Bundeskanzler werden kann?
Mit nur noch 17% Zutrauen durch die Wahlberechtigten?
Ein Thread (mit Hilfe von @GeorgeMonbiot) Image
Kurz nach der Wahl in #Grossbritannien 2020, die Labour verloren hat und die den "Politclown" Boris #Johnson an die Macht spülte, analysierte der Journalist @GeorgeMonbiot in knappen 10min. Video die Gründe. Brilliant und wichtig, vor allem für die #Btw21
Weil er schmerzhaft die Ursachen auf den #Punkt bringt, versuche ich im #Thread, seine Aussagen über Grossbritannien sinngemäss für #Deutschland zu übersetzen und die Beispiele zu adaptieren. Hat mich erstaunt, wie einfach das oft ist.
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So that's 83.

83 Uturns : Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these Lying #Tories came into office.

Johnson U-turns to confirm National Security Adviser WILL probe sale of UK microchip maker to Chinese firm., due to security concerns raised by MPs. Image
So that's 84.

84 Uturns : Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these Lying #Tories came into office.

Government wins vote to lock in cuts to overseas aid.… Image
So that's 85.

85 Uturns : Pledges reversed, policies cancelled, promises scrapped, since these Lying #Tories came into office.

Johnson et al WILL self-isolate after contact with Sajid Javid, instead of taking part in a 'Daily Testing Program' they literally just invented. Image
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Is it a waste of time to campaign for a #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance?

There are multiple hurdles, including:

*and NB please add, as I want to hear about any I've omitted.

- The continuing conviction of some libdems/some Labour that they can win an absolute majority (aka #SwinsonSyndrome or #CorbynComplex)
*They can't. This is the decision now: keep shouting in the wilderness or gain power with others who share your values if not your policies.
- Division in @UKLabour party, both between centre/left, & ideologues/realists.

*Both debates are frequently prioritised higher than any push to get power.
Power is the only way to forge change and having the - well, power- to implement policy.
Isn't power what it's about?
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We are being told that we should separate Jewish people from #Jewish state of #Israel. The same people refuse to separate Muslims from Al Quida, ISIS, etc. who refuse to separate #Palestinians from #Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or separate progressive #left from China, Russia, et
> Their argument for the above is, all Muslims have same religion & sympathise with ISIS, Al-Quida objectives. They say #Palestinians elected #Hamas so they're all terrorists. They call left #Antisemitic for supporting #Palestinian struggle & opposing Israeli #apartheid system
> practiced in Israel & occupied territories, siege of #Gaza, continuous encroachment on Palestinian land, houses & religious sites by fundamentalist/ extremist Western #settlers. Furthermore, they dislike Left's opposition to sanctions on #Iran as it hurts ordinary people.
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@natibubble @mo_scot @DoogidGolf Please take time to read this thread, and particularly, the article highlighted regarding the misconception of #ScottishIndependence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 as a "nationalist" project.

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"Curtice said: “The thing that clearly comes out of this forecast is we are talking about a situation where roughly half of Scotland has voted for a pro-independence party and roughly half has voted for a pro-Unionist party, ..."
" this election has very clearly underlined the sharp division, even division, between Unionism and support for independence in Scotland.”
"He said that, unless the polls shift, this means that a second independence referendum would be a huge gamble for either side and that no-one can know how Scotland would vote."
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@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 I agree with you!

There are far too many current references in that bigoted attempt to distort the truth - Scotland, like all other nations but for the existence of tin-pot dictators worldwide and in Westminster, has the right of self-determination.
@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 Furthermore, the author deliberately incorrectly apportions the blame for the political game playing by the #Tories onto @SNP.

@NicolaSturgeon acknowledges there are things that could have been done differently and maybe better and commits to doing better if given the chance.
@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 @snp @NicolaSturgeon Opposition parties in Holyrood are wholly responsible for limiting the achievements of @scotgov with their partisan politicking and need to promote themselves continually because they want to be @ScotGovFM and @scotgov !!
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@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News Heavy #Tory bias in media prevents people from forming their own opinions on events 'reported' and I use the term 'reported' very loosely given the extent of 'brainwashing' from some media owners that act to serve their own interests.

Truth is distorted for personal gain. 🤑
@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News @Keir_Starmer faces an uphill battle to address media bias that prevents his message from even being heard by voters.

COVID pandemic restrictions have limited opportunities for face-to-face campaigning that could circumvent media bias although the wall of bias is constant.
@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News @Keir_Starmer “People don’t really know what we stand for, so we’re having to fall back on the time-honoured tradition of anti-Tory sentiment,” complained another MP.

This plays into hands of corrupt and biased media since this comes across as criticism of #LiarJohnson and therefore negative.
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