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The Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO), gathering in Bournemouth on Saturday, insists it is not a Johnson-revivalist group, despite almost every speaker – among them Priti Patel, Jacob Rees-Mogg & Nadine Dorries – being a noted Johnson supporter.…
David Campbell Bannerman launched the CDO in December alongside banker & Tory peer, Peter Cruddas.

Senior Tory insiders, concerned at what they see as a party within a party, are alarmed that former Ukip donor Arron Banks held discussions with Cruddas about the CDO’s work.
Banks told friends he was “helping” Johnson with a potential comeback by using his database to “reach out” to local Conservative associations.
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“There is a notable direct association between private schooling in the mid-1980s & later voting Conservative, & the expression of right-wing attitudes in mid-life, which cannot be explained by family background & related factors.”

The political attitudes of many of those who attended private school during the 80s & 90s are important, since a disproportionate number of them have reached positions of substantive influence, such as MPs, senior judiciary, the press commentariat & CEOs of FTSE companies.
People educated privately were twice as likely to have been consistent Conservative voters, defined as voting for the party in three or four of the four general elections.

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Just tonight on the news:
* hundreds of kids strip searched by police, their genitals physically examined, without an adult being present or parents informed. >half lead to no further action. 37% of searches are of black children
Welcome to #ToryBritain @Conservatives @CCHQPress
* @superdrug employs private security firm alleged by his mother to have targeted a boy because he's black. Boy was violently assaulted by security guards. He and his family have since been bombarded by racist messages
Welcome to #ToryBritain @Conservatives @CCHQPress
*Terrified children who have arrived alone in boats are being refused the right to claim asylum.

Welcome to #ToryBritain where thanks to the @Conservatives, humanity, kindness and empathy, have been replaced with cruelty, hatred and disdain @CCHQPress #NastyParty
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The MET is STILL institutionally racist. In February a UN working group wrote to the UK Govt to express “very extreme concern” about its failure to address “structural, institutional & systemic racism” against people of African descent in Britain.…
The UN working group of experts on people of African descent called for an immediate & unconditional moratorium on the use of joint enterprise, warning it was leading to the disproportionate imprisonment of black adolescents.

In the damning interim findings that concluded a 10-day fact-finding mission, the experts also called for an immediate moratorium on the use of strip searches during stop & searches by police.

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The young woman with mental health problems asked by an assessor: “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?”

The grandfather with social anxiety who starved to death after missing his assessment and having his benefits stopped.

This is systemic cruelty. Against a backdrop of “scrounger” rhetoric from politicians and press so toxic that charities warned it was fuelling hate crime against disabled people, the WCA has morphed into one of the greatest social policy failures in modern times.
Hundreds of £millions of public money filled the coffers of private companies that ran the assessments, as disabled people incorrectly rejected for benefits were forced to turn to food banks. Thousands of disabled & severely ill people have died after being found “fit for work”.
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Here's the truth about broken #ToryBritain which our cruel Govt & the tax-avoiding billionaire-owned press are deliberately concealing from us, & trying to distract us from with their grotesque & divisive small boat obsession.

Thanks to @BBCRosAtkins & the @BBC #Panorama team.🙏
Full clip here.


Excellent #Panorama tonight - everyone should watch it.

Much more of this please @BBC. 🙏

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Just returned from joint injections.Taxi drivers friend called him,man in a Bham job centre killed himself this morning in front of staff & clients after begging, screaming and crying for help. He had no food,money or family. 😥💔 #RIP. #ToryBritain. #DWP. #ToriesOut
I am absolutely distraught. The whole system is broken, and they just don't care. They have destroyed this country, and broken society for the majority of us, unless you are rich. The poor man was desperate 😥💔
The taxi drivers friend was attending an appointment with his 'work coach' at the time, and witnessed the tragedy. The victim was inconsolable before he ended his life, my heart breaks for him. How many others must die for them to see what they have done? 😥💔
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It’s Labour’s fault we don’t have enough nuclear power apparently. 2006. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Blair was bloody awesome.
He and Brown totally dwarf all the Tory pond life that has followed them. Totally different league.
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Victoria Atkins (Conservative Justice Minister) said on @BBCNewsnight last night that they are going to "reform GDPR so that businesses find it easier to manage data".


#ToryBritain #BrexitReality
As a software engineer of 25 years specialising in web software of exactly this kind, I have an intimate understanding of GDPR, data privacy and data security in computer systems.

GDPR is an excellent piece of legislation and should not be amended.

It protects us from data theft, identity theft and from big business playing fast and loose with our private data.

Deregulation, which I read as a relaxation of standards, would put us all at risk of exploitation by big business and the nefarious.

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Tories have compromised national security, rewritten laws to accommodate inhumane policies that Putin would be proud of, punished the most vulnerable in society, destroyed British trade, replaced EU funding with crumbs and allowed energy firms to reap profits while overcharging
your families with astronomical bills. Post Brexit, they've allowed all England and Wales rivers to be pumped full of shit, done limp dodgy trade deals with countries on the other side of the world, deals that will see cheap food banned in the EU flood the UK market because of
Brexit deregulation. They have opened up free market chaos that will ensure multinationals will eviscerate British farming and replace the NHS with US style Healthcare that will see your family selling their homes for any major operations.
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UK is run by the Vote Leave regime wallowing in an oligarchs paradise, Patel stopping the Russian Golden visa scheme is too little too late. This is a Govt of the super rich, obscene wealth riddled with abuses of power and innate corruption. UK trust on the world stage
drastically diminished, a monetised coup in place, political influence openly commodified by corporations replete with privately sub contracted donations to ensure that disaster capitalists dictate policy.
The 2000's clearly show the massive influx of Russian money into British politics came with Russian values, a Faustian deal whereby the cultural colonization by oligarchy has totally compromised and handcuffed the UK to Putin.
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#THREAD Putin, Corbyn & Russian money...

In Parliament on March 13th, 2018, after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Corbyn drew attention to the Govt “resisting Labour’s amendments to the Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering Bill that could introduce the so-called Magnitsky powers”.
The @Conservatives responded with cries of “shame” & “disgrace”, which were loudest when Corbyn attacked them for having so many extremely wealthy Russian donors giving them huge amounts of cash.

But ignore the backbenchers, & listen instead to Putin's actual opponents.
What do those brave men & women around the world risking their lives to fight Putin have to say? A cursory look will tell you that what they have to say sounds rather more like Jeremy Corbyn than anything then PM Theresa May or any other Tory at the time had to say on the matter.
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80,000 PIP decisions overturned last year - during the pandemic.

That's not 'human error' - it's systematic, state-sanctioned cruelty, & the deliberate persecution of some of Britain's most vulnerable people.

Utterly despicable. 🤬
In 2018 the Tory govt admitted they spent £200million fighting to stop people getting sickness & disability benefits: at least 4,600 disabled people were wrongly stripped of their benefits & it was found guilty by the UN of “grave & systematic violations” against disabled people.
As long ago as 2016, it was widely reported that a UN inquiry concluded that #austerity policies introduced into welfare and social care by the UK Tory government amount to “systematic violations” of the rights of people with disabilities.…
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Why vote Tory?

Let's say Johnson's broken moral compass, his rule breaking and lies to voters, Parliament and the Queen are "priced in".
Let's say the jury is out on the #Covid19UK response, highest deaths in Europe, strong vaccine rollout along with accusations of massive corruption and incompetence.
What have the Tories given us to justify a vote in their favour?

+ 10 years of austerity and wage stagnation that delivered a higher national debt than they started with.
+ Unaffordable housing and homelessness.
+ Increased poverty, inequality and insecurity.
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Please enjoy this recently resurfaced video starring the MP that the voters of Beaconsfield chose over Dominic Grieve, and stop asking why this country is done.

Johnson has of course just appointed her as a PPS.

You’re welcome.
#ToryBritain #idiocracy
I really hope Nadine Dorries doesn’t now feel she needs to trump her colleague in some form to keep the PM’s attention. 😬
Yes, of course former B movie actors can be MPs. It’s just that the alternative was Dominic Grieve, who is a serious and knowledgeable person, who cares about things like laws and good governance, that sort of thing. This is the MP who wants a pic of the Queen in every house. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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I think we can safely say that everyone in England lost that last election in so many ways.

What a shitshow!

We lost because we have a Chancellor protecting the profits of energy companies at all costs. 30% of children are already living in relative poverty.
We lost because we now have a proven Liar in charge of running the country, which is now a global laughing stock.
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I’ve just watched some of the clips of Nadine Dorries ‘debating’ in Parliament today.

If you’ve put someone like that in charge of your nation’s culture you’ve basically conceded it no longer has one.

Truly pitiful.
#ToryBritain #ToriesOut #JohnsonMustGo #idiocracy
Populism isn’t very popular.
They constantly purport to speak on behalf of the ordinary neglected silent British voter but the vast majority of ordinary neglected silent British voters want to be governed by anyone but the Tory Party. Our voting system is a total farce, a dark comedy of errors. #ToriesOut
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OH MY GOD. This is a total car crash for the government. Finally.

Could almost cry with relief.

This nonsense is coming to an end. It really is. Soon.
#WhoWasAtTheParty #whoattendedtheparty #torylies #ToryCovidCatastrophe #toryliars #TorySewageParty #ToryBritain
Excoriating discussion between @tombradby and @PaulBrandITV on @itvnews just now. This is mainstream prime time news, not the allegedly leftie Channel 4. And Stratton was their colleague at ITV once.

Disaster for the Tories. Absolute disaster. #whoattendedtheparty
And @Peston also now demanding a list of #whoattendedtheparty

Tick tock……
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And… Boom💥

A few days after the party that wasn’t a party that didn’t happen even if it was within the rules, which it wasn’t.

There are always receipts. Always.

Now, the list, the fines, the resignations. #WhoWasAtTheParty
#ToryLies #ToryBritain
Now that it’s confirmed on the record that it took place, there is no reason not to release the list of attendees, and take swift appropriate action. This is going to run & run until that happens so may as well get on with it. #whoattendedtheparty #ToryLies #ToryBritain #COVID19
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#THREAD on press responses to Arthur.

Some people DO need removing from society.

It's often impossible to know exactly what caused or motivated their despicable behaviour: some have been abused themselves, others have psychological problems, there may even be biological causes.
Whatever the cause, some behaviours are intolerable, & it's only right that they should be removed from society.

But it is often impossible to be 100% certain about what motivated a person to engage in cruelty toward children.

There's certainly something wrong with them.
However, certain sections of the press are imho deeply irresponsible in their reporting of child abuse.

What I object to is the predictable, instant, & speculative demonisation of social workers, police officers & doctors by some sections of the press, without knowing the facts.
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England’s "flagship" test-&-trace service is STILL spending more than £1m a day on private consultants - an “eye-watering” waste of taxpayers’ money that is failing to cut Covid infection levels.

The average DAILY contractor rate is £1,100.

Dr Jenny Harries, CEO of the UK Health Security Agency, who is responsible for test & trace, told MPs in July there was a “very detailed ramp-down plan” to cut the number of consultants.

But latest figures show that at the end of October it STILL employed 1,230 consultants.
New contracts worth millions of pounds are STILL being awarded to private consultancy firms, despite repeated pledges to curb their use.

The test-and-trace system has a £37 BILLION two-year budget - equivalent to almost a fifth of the annual #NHS England budget.
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Easiest deal in history, overseas aid 0.7% of GDP, 40 new hospitals, Northern Powerhouse Rail, HS2➡️Leeds, no tax rises, pensions triple lock, 350 million/week to NHS, boost for 🇬🇧 fishing, Erasmus scheme safe, EU citizens secure, no Irish Sea border.

All promised.

All broken.
Feel free to add others, they won’t all fit in 240 characters. #ToryBritain
And in many ways the most accidentally hilarious broken promise of all. #TorySewageParty #ToryShambles #idiocracy
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It’s all imploding. This is their own propaganda organ’s front page. Tory MPs will ditch Johnson sooner rather than later, they often eat their own leaders. Abysmal state for the UK to be in as #COP26 gasps for breath
#TorySewageParty #TorySleaze #ToryBritain #ToryBrexitDisaster
Boom 💥
Even the Express has had a spiritual lobotomy. #BrexitHasFailed
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Tweet this clip from @campbellclaret far and wide, all day long.

It is time to put an end to this abysmal charade.
#TorySewageParty #ToryBrexitDisaster #TorySleaze #ToryBritain
There were plenty of warnings when he was Mayor of London. It’s a pity so many people don’t follow the news isn’t it. #ToryBritain
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