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A Small and Easy to Understand Thread on BREXIT!

#brexit #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitReality #brexiteers #ToryBrexitDisaster #torylies #BrexitBrokeBritain
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"Britain is a nation that’s changed night and day since 2016. It was a quiet, prosperous nation that became a haven for Right-wing populists, a breeding ground for racism, and a hub for misinformation. None of which is a coincidence."
"It’s the byproduct of nationalism, racism, and demagoguery. And if it sounds similar to post-2016 America, that’s because it is. Both countries began their ascent down the black hole of authoritarianism at the same time for a reason."
"Actually, two reasons: Boris Johnson and Donald Trump."

"Two men who are similar in more ways than they are different. Two men who redefined Western politics for the worse."
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This is your daily reminder that Germany 🇩🇪 which has 20 million more citizens than the UK spent less than 1 (one) Billion pounds on their Track and Trace system. And didn’t run out of money.

The Tories spent 37 Billion pounds and ran out of money.
It vanished in Tory companies
2/5 As a reminder: The total cost of running the state of the United Kingdom is 101 Billion pounds. The Tories intentionally spent 37 Billion pounds, more than a third of the total state budget on a failing system. It never worked properly. But they knew this. Some “consultants”
3/5 for Track+Trace earned thousands A DAY. (!)
Money had to be “burned”/ given to Tory Donors in the quickest , most wasteful ,ineffective way, so that that money -the absolutely UNBELIEVABLY AND RIDICULOUSLY HIGH SUM would be ready and waiting once the pandemic was over and
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@chrisriddell50 My first thought when I saw this today was whether your colleague @MartinRowson might regard these events as, 'a storm in a fur cup'!

...evidently, there are agendas but, some are too quick to impose their interpretation on events - they hear but don't LISTEN! Image
"In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow."
"They may be issuing warnings against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the reality is that for the first time since 1991 Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded."
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Profiting from Covid and then partying about it is one facet of the Tories disaster capitalist agenda for post Brexit UK. Instability is the new stability for right wing libertarians the world over. Truss's Global network of Liberty is about the freedom to profit from disasters
big and small, environmental, financial, political, social, the more fuel is poured on the fire by multinationals and hostile foreign actors, the more those less well off will feel its impact.
Social media has been weaponised to spread disinformation and further stoke division, so when Twitter clamps down, Tory politicians move onto Parler, they constantly need panic and lies to sow outrage in the headlines spewed out by off domiciled press barons. Why?
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History shows that Iraq's missing billions in 2004 were part of the US wiping away a whole culture and country and replacing it with free market corporations that destroyed over 200 state controlled firms. Fast forward to Dido's absconding of £37 billion of taxpayers money 1/1
during the pandemic, another £35 billion that is owed to the NHS since officially leaving the EU in 2020, another £4,3 billion written off by the Govt through fraud last week and a devastating pattern of economic violence emerges courtesy of right wing libertarians. #ToryLies
As UK trade collapses, EU funding is replaced with pitiful crumbs from the Govt's table, deregulation is rapidly shoehorned in allowing multinationals to asset strip companies and flood the UK with cheap imports banned in the EU. Brexit is the segue into full blown privatisation.
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After 11 years the Tories have consistently shown the public that they're in permanent campaign mode, promises remain under-delivered, the lies and corruption pile up, Johnson praising, clapping for the NHS only to destroy it in pursuit of privatisation by stealth. #GTTO
Just like the Bush and Trump administrations, the Tories issued contracts secretively without tender to inexperienced pals and industries to shamelessly profit from the pandemic. Their immorality knows no bounds, public outrage elicits a stern Govt rebuke, 'put up or shut up.'
When crisis after crisis impacts on the UK's entire infrastructure the response of Govt is not 'How can we help?' it is 'How do we get a piece of the action?' The Tories recourse will not change it will always be to divide, devour and blame while they get rich in the process.
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If you’re Prime Minister and you’ve told people the rules are so strict you can’t even visit a dying relative but you then go to a bring your own wine party of 100 people, I’m afraid you can’t be the Prime Minister anymore. It’s that simple.
#JohnsonOut #JohnsonOutNow #ToryLies
Completely unacceptable and the public simply won’t tolerate this nonsense anymore. #JohnsonOut #ToryLies
So far this doesn’t fill me with much confidence given the recent history. Why would a Dame enobled with a peerage and a contract recently extended investigate the very patrons of her privilege?
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How it started. How it's going. ImageImage
🧐 ImageImage
🤬 ImageImage
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He's physically & emotionally incapable of not smirking while lying through his teeth.

Is it a psychological disorder?

He thinks it's all just a jolly game - & he's been getting away with it all his life.

150,000 people are dead.


Boris Johnson: "All I can tell you is that all the guidelines were observed."
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OH MY GOD. This is a total car crash for the government. Finally.

Could almost cry with relief.

This nonsense is coming to an end. It really is. Soon.
#WhoWasAtTheParty #whoattendedtheparty #torylies #ToryCovidCatastrophe #toryliars #TorySewageParty #ToryBritain
Excoriating discussion between @tombradby and @PaulBrandITV on @itvnews just now. This is mainstream prime time news, not the allegedly leftie Channel 4. And Stratton was their colleague at ITV once.

Disaster for the Tories. Absolute disaster. #whoattendedtheparty
And @Peston also now demanding a list of #whoattendedtheparty

Tick tock……
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And… Boom💥

A few days after the party that wasn’t a party that didn’t happen even if it was within the rules, which it wasn’t.

There are always receipts. Always.

Now, the list, the fines, the resignations. #WhoWasAtTheParty
#ToryLies #ToryBritain
Now that it’s confirmed on the record that it took place, there is no reason not to release the list of attendees, and take swift appropriate action. This is going to run & run until that happens so may as well get on with it. #whoattendedtheparty #ToryLies #ToryBritain #COVID19
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#THREAD on #ToryLies.

Over the last week, Priti Patel lied about funding to tackle domestic violence, Gillian Keegan lied about Randox, Sajid Javid lied about Govt promises, Matt Hancock lied about #NHS contracts, & Boris Johnson lies all the time.

What kind of liars are they?
This #THREAD quotes extensively from, & is based on, an article from US based "online relationship therapy platform" 'Regain' - which imho is appropriate, given the long history of Boris Johnson's affairs & failed relationships.…
Defining what it means to lie & how bad it is, can be challenging: it involves questions of intent & expectation.

Clearly, when someone deliberately gives a false or misleading statement or answer to a question, this is lying, & it's a big problem - *especially* in politics.
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Paul Staines hosted some horrific comments, & Nadine Dorries herself was particularly cruel to 'Ms Humphrey Cushion'. Years after, she RTed an anon account that made abusive & off-colour remarks about HC.

Nadine Dorries is a menace who tells dangerous lies to silence critics.
When I found out Andy Rayment was having an affair with a sex worker, I kept that to myself because I didn't think his wife deserved to be humiliated. My reward was to have Dorries rub her death in my face as if I had taunted the Rayment over it when I had no idea she had passed.
You need to be very worried about what the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has planned.

She knows she can plant lies in newspapers (she has about me). She has always wanted to be better able to silence critics on social media.

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GOV2 is a non-partisan group of over 4500 UK citizens organising to restore:

1. Truth

through access to information free from propaganda, party politics, bias or third party interference by combating fake news and misinformation.

2. Democracy

that has been subverted..

🧵1/13 the use of AI in election & referendum campaigns and party-political goals that have been placed above the welfare of UK citizens.

Please Join Now to help restore Truth & Democracy and follow @GOV2UK on Twitter for updates

The Plan

The erosion of Truth & Democracy..

.. has been overseen by the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Our goal is to remove Conservative MPs from every seat in the next General Election using #TacticalVoting in favour of #ProgressiveAlliance 5+ opposition party candidates.

Stage 1: We will create a platform..

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When you are "woke" you are awoken to the fact that a man born into privilege was burning £50 notes in front of homeless people at the same "tender" age as those 3 "lions" who took penalties on Sunday....
Those 3 young men attracted a shitstorm of hate but have earned privilege through talent and hard work and have used some of that privilege to give something back through sport and charity work/philanthropy.
Those lions gave their England earnings to NHS charities whilst a "leader" gave NHS money to his chums and claims freebies as and when he likes. This surely tells you a lot about where we are and what needs fixing. #JohnsonOut #JohnsonVariant #LiarJohnson #EnoughIsEnough
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Jenny Harries ( world famous for being....WRONG ) has been spotted this morning on #marr ... I have called the police.
#ToryCovidCatastrophe #jenny #JENNIE
She just said that herd immunity wasn’t the plan ...... pretty sure that confirms it 🤨
#ToryLies #ToryLiars
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So this is the response I have from our MP regarding #EndOurCladdingScandal #firesafetybill
Leaseholders should live in homes that are safe and have the right to expect that their home has been built to a high standard.
Developers should be putting right what is wrong with properties and I believe that they have a legal responsibility to do so.
Whilst many developers have acted responsibly in arranging surveys and completing remedial works, almost all have been slowed down by the pandemic, a lack of assessors, testing delays and the sheer scale of the task at hand.
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There's only one way this can end, and it's in violence.

The evidence is before our very eyes, but our lying Prime Minister (in league with the far right) pretends the threat of violence comes in the form of criticism & opposition from the centre & left.

#Resign, Boris Johnson.
COVID was first reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019... 2 weeks after this tweet.

The danger of accepting #ToryLies as the new normal was right in front of everybody's face.

We need a #CaretakerGovernment and we need one NOW.

#Resign, #BorisJohnson

#BorisJohnson is many things, but complex is not one of them, & a coward is definitely the other.

The way to end this without violence is to simply call for an end to lies & ACCOUNTABILITY FOR LIES TOLD.

We have the tide of change in the U.S. behind us.

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When the Nazis invaded Poland they took control of the media to pump hate propaganda, stripped people of their freedom, looted the country's reserves, attacked the judicial system, farms, the arts, libraries, universities & neighbouring countries.

No sorry that's #ToryBritain.

1. Tory-controlled media and their hate propaganda. #ToryHate
Sources 2:

The freedoms the tories have taken away from you: #ToryFreedom

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“Bullied” to uphold an agreement that your PM negotiated, signed, called a “triumph” and won a GE on the back of

And which you voted for

At what point in your career did you lose your way, @Alex_Stafford ?

And at what cost?

Seriously how do these people get through life?

What do they tell their spouses? Their kids?

“Look, I know it’s wrong, but I’m just doing what I have to do, otherwise Cummings will have me out of a job - and now is not the time to be jobless”

Is that it @Alex_Stafford ?
And I get it

I get the courage it takes to dissent, to risk losing a well paid job

But to do the opposite

To keep actively promoting a stream of lies

Knowing it’s wrong

Knowing the damage being caused

That will stick longer than the temporary hardship of losing the whip
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Dodgy as highly opaque, low transparency rated (E) @WhoFundsYou clearly "politically" motivated (against @ChtyCommission rules) RW think tanks have WRONGLY advised govt policy! Many now appointees IN Vote Leave cabal govt which is abusing power & scant regard for Rule of Law!!
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Senior Conservative minister: "If we get the country not talking about our manifesto, we'll win."

If you're voting anyone but Tory - you can change the narrative by highlighting the austerity+, climate emergency denying, no-deal Brexit scam Tory policies.

#GE2019 #ToriesOut
#ToryManifesto con:

Whilst attacking others for "reckless spending plans," the fake news Tory pamphlet pledges a spend of 'only' £2.9bn more a year.

The sleight of hand is not to include the £129bn promised over four years in the Autumn spending review.

#GE2019 #ToryLies
Listen to the opening lines of @Newsnight by @maitlis.....
The last few days - post the Conservative Manifesto release - have Lynton Crosby's filthy hands all over them.

Do not be fooled yet again by the parasitic Tories.

#GE2019 #ToryLiars #ToriesOut

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