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Accor is currently running several discounts and promotional offers, one of which offers a 20% discount on its memberships! Join now and enjoy great savings at over 40 hotel brands. #Accor #ALLPlus #Discount
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Are you the guy that can't visit a small biz without wondering how much money they make?

Well I spent an hour indoor sledding in the smokies yesterday & learned all about this wild new cash cow biz model: Image
Most don't realize that the Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited of all national parks, and it's not even close.

14.1m people visit per year, more than twice the Grand Canyon.


Because the East Coast has a ton of people and it's an easy drive. Also, it's beautiful!
Over $2B/year is spent in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg on tourism alone. Millions of Americans go & visit Dollywood, go hiking and indoor sledding, apparently!

After visiting, I asked the owner of Pigeon Forge Snow how much his biz makes & this is what I learned:
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Welcome to the "making sense of the 'making sense podcast' thread."🧵

Let's listen together to Episode #256 (A Contagion of Bad Ideas: A Conversation with Eric Topol)

The whole podcast is unpaywalled on YouTube:

We'll follow the flow of the podcast.
Sam Harris is someone I have a lot of respect for, though he's lost my attention recently, as it seems the last few years he's no longer setting the agenda, moreso trying to keep up.

This podcast touches on issues I've written a lot about so I want to see how it holds up.
I struggled with whether to do a thread now, or do a challenge like we are doing on @BetterSkeptics for the DarkHorse Podcast. What pushed me over the edge is that Sam's podcast is already being fact checked left and right so by the time we can do a challenge, it may be too late.
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Muchas veces suelo poner los efectos de optimización SEO de un proyecto al cabo de unos meses, esto cambia hoy 😜

Estamos empezando a optimizar un proyecto de cero y os voy a contar en este hilo estilo "hiling" (blogging estilo hilo 😂) lo que vamos haciendo 😇

👇🏽 Hilo 👇🏽
Al hacerlo en tiempo real, veréis tanto los efectos positivos (o negativos!) así como los blockers y cómo vamos iterando la optimización 📈📉

Se trata de un sitio web de clasificados generalista (toca todas las verticales menos RE) dentro de @Adevinta
Es una web muy antigua (con y que está en modo mantenimiento, no se desarrollan apenas funcionalidades nuevas, pero ha surgido la oportunidad de dedicarle un par de días de desarrollo a la semana.

Vamos a intentar sacarle el máximo provecho 😜
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#AdamSmith has spent a few days talking about why the mercantile system is not a great idea in general, but today he starts to get into specifics by talking about the policies through which it's implemented. We begin today with...drawbacks! (IV.iv.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Merchants and manufacturers are not, of course, content only to have a monopoly over the home market. They also want an advantage in foreign markets.

Also: we're calling them M&Ms now. (IV.iv.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
M&Ms don't hold sway over foreign governments, so they've gotta settle for getting their home government to pay them to send goods abroad.
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Ultimate has been a big part of making it though school and anxiety for me for the last 6 years. Since that’s a big question mark this year I’ve decided to challenge myself to run everyday for the next 100 days!
Only rules are 1) the run must be more than a mile and 2) the run must be longer than 15 minutes. I’ve never run outside of training for practice so this is what seems reasonable to me
Day 1 is done :)
I’m definitely a little out of shape from not doing much the last two months but getting moving today was what I needed Image
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OK folks, here we go. Today, off and on (because work and chores) I'll be conducting my annual ritual of live-tweeting my reading of the @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue. And I'll be bringing to it the same lens I have in previous years + a 2020 one. Follow this thread:
Anyone following this thread might also like to watch my @BoF conversation with @imranamed from June featuring my four must-dos for the fashion industry to have a future post-pandemic: I'll be echoing those themes @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue
The first thing to note about this year's @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue, beyond its theme #VogueHope, is that for the first year in a VERY LONG TIME, it is not a gigantic doorstopper of an issue. Pandemic = less advertising and editorial.
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To share what you wish you would have known years ago is to handover the chain of tokens, to the people, willing to unlock a better tomorrow. #giveback #NerdZen #TokensToZen #TheNerdsJourney
TokenToZen  #1:
Be Homo Ludens. Play is research. Innovation never stops playing. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. Our world needs true game changers. Be part of the action! #PlayYourDay #Gamification #SimonSinek #InfiniteGames #NerdZen #TokensToZen
TokenToZen #2:
If you ever got to choose what you will loose: Your Eyes or your Ears: How will you decide? A life without sight or a silent one? Choose wisely. Want a hint? Silence is consent? #DecisionMaking #MeaningfulConnections #NerdZen #TokensToZen
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A thread: Questionable University of Portsmouth decisions:
1. Need i say more? Image
2 (1/2).…
“I don’t want them to have the stress of the ‘do-or-die’ A-level results day, but at the same time I don’t want them to not do any work at all. I recognise there is a risk of that. So we decided to introduce scholarships as a personal incentive.”
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And here we are...
#10yearsofTESD in #TESDquotes!

Happy birthday and 10 years #TellEmSteveDave!!!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!

[opens thread] 👇🏻🐜🎧💜🎉
Walt (about the podcast) "Once it became important to you, it became important to me."
Bry "Oh, you're so full of shit!"
Walt to Bry "We can close the show with a little Steve-Dave rant."
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Lots of generalized talk about anxiety now days. Awareness is a good thing, but tools, nuanced language and a path will get you 5000% further in anxiety management than just conversation. One powerful tool is a #Genogram.

#Genogram is like a family tree, but it captures emotional dynamics, generational traits, mental illness, addictions...

You present a genogram to a trusted group. They help you see patterns, assumptions, family propaganda, what you are holding, what is holding you.

#Genograms give insight into what you carry into every encounter and what you assume about life. They are not interested in blame, but awareness. Unlike a family tree, they are not interested in objective history, but your subjective experience of it. How you see the world.

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Lapdogs = no vacant lap real estate.

#worthit #dogs
Oh god the cat is coming too send help I am drowning in pets
I always thought I would die in the fiery embrace of a pyroclastic flow, not smothered by my favorite animals. It was a good run.

Get my body before they start eating my eyes, please.
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Y'all ready for a long thread of thirsty thirstiness?
Roman texting you his dirty thoughts while staring you straight in the eyes across a crowded room.
Patrick is being silly with food knowing you'll clean him up later.
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