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Y'all ready for a long thread of thirsty thirstiness?
Roman texting you his dirty thoughts while staring you straight in the eyes across a crowded room.
Patrick is being silly with food knowing you'll clean him up later.
Daniel likes to tease you, both in bed and out of it.
Eric is picking you up after work and wondering if you'll be interested in taking the long way home?
When Antonio finds his old leather jacket and wears it? You guys never get out of the house.
Rain hates wearing shirts. You encourage him whenever you can.
Chris likes to play in the water. That's why you have such good breath control.
Lenny is a nudist at heart.
The look.
The feel.
Of Kravitz.
Benjamin is waiting for you to confess. You're busy making up something he can punish you for.
Godfrey wants to give you this kitten. You're allergic to cats. You still take the kitten.
Martin loves to send you selfies. This is the first in a series that goes all th way to XXX.
More than half the reason you're at the beach every day is to look at Pierce. Maybe today he'll invite you back to his place.
Khoa likes to roleplay you picking him up on the street. You just like the end result.
Conrad is the cute grad student who keeps smiling at you during lecture. You swear you'll talk to him every day.
You didn't realize you were dating twins at first until Rami & Sami showed you.
Kevin takes you to Disneyland. You find a quiet corner. You get a lifetime ban. #WorthIt
Edison invites you to find out for yourself whether his tattoos are real or not.
You told Robert you weren't gonna do this threesome with the Zombie Real Doll...but it is his birthday.
Chris just finished working on your building. You invite him in for beer and to see your...etchings.
Gerard shows up with a new hair color. Again. You can't wait to find out if the carpet matches the drapes or if it's a hardwood floor.
Adam thinks he's MJ reborn. He's more Jon B. but you humor him cause well, look at him.
Avan has a PhD in philosophy. The only philosophy you've seen him employ involves getting you naked. God bless Grad school.
Harvey wants you to stay in bed. You stay in bed.
Zachary dares you to stop the elevator. Friends and family are waiting for you both upstairs. You care about none of them right now.
You haven't seen your old neighbor Oded for ten years. You're going to be seeing a lot more of him soon from the way he's looking at you.
Tahmoh wants to experiment with bondage. His first attempt makes you laugh but he's a fast, fast learner.
Chiwetel is trying to bring denim back. You're not mad at it.
You think you're dreaming when Manu rides up to you. He makes sure to prove you wrong over and over and over again.
You know he's gonna drink up all your juice but the way Big Boi leaves your legs feeling like jello is worth it.
You've only been dating Gael for a week but when he gets kicked out and shows up on your doorstep? You let him in.
When Brian said he had something to show you, you were not expecting this. The way his legs look in the outfit is bring you around though.
Victor has done none of the chores he said he would do today. Now he's trying to make you forget this. It...may be working.
John is waiting to take you out to dinner. The moment you see him you know you're gonna give it up.
The waiting list for Dr. Adam is very very long. You're glad you get to s him every night.
Dwayne needs help walking his dog. Then he'll help you work out that kink in your...lower regions.
Mark wakes you up to add another blanket to the bed because it's fall. He helps warm you up.
Channing is your new neighbor. He wants to borrow a cup of sugar. He ends up staying the whole day and that night.
Nick wants to do some hardcore political play. He wakes up the next morning bruised and marked but happy.
Adam is shy and quiet. Until bed that is when the neighbors end up filing three noise complaints with the cops.
You've never met a hotter delivery boy. Daniel doesn't mind how you show your appreciation.
The Halloween sex with Vincent was some of the best you ever had.
You've seen Harry and Matthew around. At the club that night they invite you back to their place. You never really leave.
Sendhil knows that the way he looks in a suit drives you crazy. He only wears them around the house when you both have the next day free.
Kimba likes to flirt with other folks in front of you. Sometimes you take them home too.
Matt's salt-and-pepper hair always irritates your thighs red. It's your favorite feeling.
You ended up having to buy Raza's Halloween costume because you ripped it getting it off him. #WorthIt
Steven is such a good listener. And in bed? An even better talker.
Nestor has taken to putting fake tattoos over the marks you leave on his neck. He's gonna have a full collar soon enough.
Naveen welcomes you home. You don't make it past the living room floor.
Tyler is calling you for an early morning booty call. You're glad you only live a couple blocks away.
Joe respects that you have no interest in working out. You do love to watch him though and he preens like a peacock then takes you to bed.
You meet Fawad in Pleasantville and make it a goal to help him come to color.
When Allessandro said he was a knight you didn't realize he meant it literally. Then he took you through the portal.
When Idris tells you he wants to introduce you to his oldest friend you weren't expecting this at all.
Rob is the neighborhood fool but damn can he lay it down. So you've heard.
Randall can't stop smiling as he shows you around his farm. You're not in love with nature but for him? You'll give it a shot.
Michael reveals his true evil and you realize that this is how people turn because you can't give him up. You won't give him up.
You hate Tom's stiff waxed mustache but you overlook it for his flexibility in other areas.
Mark is always showing up at your place bloody & armed. You don't ask questions, just patch him up, and give him space, a bed and your body.
You don't like the dog in the bathroom but Jack opens his legs wider and you allow yourself to be distracted.
Michael isn't happy to see you again. You both know the dance tho. You'll fight, fuck and fuck some more then fight until one of you runs,
You come home early and Ricky is dancing in his underwear again. You watch until he notices you, smiles and drops them to the floor.
John helps you save the world. Then he kisses you until you forget your name. The rest you'll figure out together.
Tom comes onto stage and your mouth goes completely dry. You know exactly what you want him to wear to bed tonight.
Michael. Naked. Books.
The three words keep circling in your brain as your blood rushes south and Michael pulls you inside.
You should be chastising Oscar for smoking inside but your eyes keep going to the open V of his pants.
Vinicius answers your question with a smile and an invitation to find out if his underwear matches for yourself.
James used to be in a punk band. Late at night he tells you the stories of each tattoo as you trace them with your tongue.
Taika invites you to the coolest sleepover ever. He guides your hand inside his onesie and it stays there for a long time.
Harvey is on stage but you struggle to follow the plot when the taste of his skin is still on your lips.
Prince puts the bat by the door for protection before taking you to bed. The sounds you make are probably enough to scared away scavengers.
John hopes you enjoyed the thread and invites you to relax and recover in bed with him.
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