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Today is the #yxe election, again, so I'm going to talk about one of my favourite subjects: taxes.

In particular, "why are my taxes going up every year faster than inflation in Saskatoon?"

The short answer? Because your parents made poor decisions.
The long answer is a bit harder. We're suffering from an infrastructure debt common to many cities our size and age that's the result of rapid growth in the 50's-70's, a false assumption that low taxes increased competitiveness, poor density planning up until the last decade,
and a massive shift in infrastructural load (because of population movement) from rural districts to urban districts.

Let's look at each of those in turn.
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I’ve stayed oddly quiet in the #yxecc election—oddly quiet given how much I love #yxe and how much I believe in this city. So, to anyone who is wanting to listen, I’d like to share my story of working with @charlieclarkyxe for over three years as his policy and comms advisor.
At first glance, me taking a job as a (and I don’t like this term, but I’ll use it for the sake of expediency) “political staffer” seems logical. I had a BA in political studies from #USask and was working on a Master’s at #UVic. It fit, so to speak.
But the truth is—almost in spite of this interest in politics and knowing how important this sort of work was and remains—I was finding myself rather turned off from politics.
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Ok, buckle up!! @RobNorrisSK' badly misleading take on the library has been bad enough, but the blatant lies here are way too much. I figured Norris would turn his attention here eventually but did not expect so many straight-up falsehoods. A thread. #yxe #yxecc
I’ve spent a lot of energy advocating for the LEC Plan, not because it’s a perfect plan but because it provides a framework for badly needed action. But that’s all that it really is – a framework laying out actions the city will *decide* on at various points in the years to come.
Norris’ statements are so misleading, and it’s not for lack of information. The plan itself is free to peruse on the city website, and yours truly even hosted two entire radio shows on the topic with some very smart friends (see one of them here:…)
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Last evening around 8:50 pm @cityofsaskatoon parking enforcement vehicle was parked in Walmart parking lot. Why are taxpayers' money being ruined for personal work? I remember back in 2018, when I asked extra @stoontransit on odd hours; I was told city doesn't money. #yxe #yxecc
*city doesn't have enough money*
When someone can't pay for @stoontransit fares who would be kicked out from the bus or warned despite in the extreme cold weather situations; I faced same situations, too.#ICYDK all city's properties owned by taxpayers': they don't belong to a single person. #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc
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Ugh. So many inaccuracies, so little time. Without much further ado, I humbly present to you all my short tome entitled:

“My Concerns With This Particular Tweet: A Non-Comprehensive Yet Still Very Lengthy List”

#yxe #yxecc
First off, the new central library is in no way “Charlie Clark’s.” That sort of language is really misleading about the role that City Council has in the decision making of the public library.
Additionally, this language is offensive to the *decades* of people that have worked on this project and the years of SPL leadership that planned for and is now executing this vision.

SPL leadership—I should point out—that is primarily women. Let’s not minimize their work.
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Defunding the police means to let more gangsters and criminals walk freely on the streets. (1/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice #YXEOnPatrol #YXEOnCall…
According to @macleans report on, "Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2020" which was published, on November 19, 2020, where Saskatoon has been ranked 27 out of 237 on "Crime Severity Index (CSI)." (2/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice…
As a resident and taxpayer's in Saskatoon, I endorse the great step of the @cityofsaskatoon council on slightly increasing the budget of the @SaskatoonPolice. (3/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice #YXEOnPatrol #YXEOnCall
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