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Defunding the police means to let more gangsters and criminals walk freely on the streets. (1/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice #YXEOnPatrol #YXEOnCall… According to @macleans report on, "Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2020" which was published, on November 19, 2020, where Saskatoon has been ranked 27 out of 237 on "Crime Severity Index (CSI)." (2/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice…
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I'm looking forward to the new @CPC_HQ leader who should vow to take strong action against Chinse & Pakistani regimes who are violating human rights. The time has time Canada should break its tie with China & Pakistan.#CPCldr
@PeterMacKay @LeslynLewis @ErinOTooleMP @DerekSloanCPC .@JustinTrudeau always takes a bow in front of the dictator's regime like Chinese and Pakistani. But I am hoping you, @PeterMacKay @LeslynLewis @ErinOTooleMP @DerekSloanCPC must do a better job than Trudeau. #CPCLdr #cdnpoli
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Social working is not a crime. #ReleaseQayyumBaloch Being a Baloch is not a crime. #ReleaseQayyumBaloch
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1/#Thread #JustCurious: Why @UNHumanRights, @CommissionerHR, & international media are silent on Pakistan's barbarism and brutalities against Baloch people? Aren't Baloch people rights are #humanrights? CC:@Dunja_Mijatovic @mbachelet @BBCNews @CNN @ABC @abcnews #BalochLivesMatter 2/Are the Baloch nation excluded from the #UnitedNations? Isn't the @UN an organization where oppressed & victimized nations like Baloch nation: don't have any value, to have a voice for them?
#BalochLivesMatter #StandUp4HumanRights #BalochMissingPersons @antonioguterres @UN_HRC
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