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1/"Ian Paisley apologises at supporters' meeting"… "Mimicking the actions of the Conservative MP Boris Johnson, a number of Mr Paisley's supporters served tea & biscuits to the waiting media."Does that seem like taking the piss' to you? #JustSaying #Brexit
2/ "The North Antrim MP could face a by-election if 10% of his constituents sign a petition. A recall ballot, where voters can sign a petition calling for a by-election, has been opened.The recall petition is the first in UK parliamentary history." #Brexit #Northernireland #Derry
3/ "In politics they say when you are explaining you are often losing the argument. In recent weeks Ian Paisley has been doing a lot of explaining.
This meeting was organised by supporters of Ian Paisley so the suspended MP was speaking to a very receptive audience. He was in
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This is absolutely correct. Every syllable.
Not everything merits a response. Much like the child bully, they want the reaction. They crave it. The reaction justifies them in their twisted minds. Why give them the satisfaction?
Censorship is not how you stop dishonest hateful rhetoric. Not at all. For some the act of censoring itself makes anything more alluring. Most importantly it doesn't address the fertile ground that permits such ideas take root, grow and flourish; ignorance.
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Interesting... I have had my thoughts on this whole #QAnon "thing", they have not changed but I've just evolved it a tad further.…
My opinion of the Q are the same of John Edwards or Nostradamus; there is an art to it, but it's not authentic.
I found Q to be on par with a gypsy fortune teller. Always have and I don't see what could change that.
If your really into it, that's cool. If his/her posts get you questioning things and doing your own research, well that's just wonderful! We need people to question the narrative... Cuz the narrative is often 🐂💩.
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With our politicians and their media counterparts endless meddling by manipulating emotions and playing it very loose (if as l all) with facts…

Who needs any Russians???

Seriously. They’re just mad Russia invaded their turf. “Hey, hey! Only we lie and manipulate!”
Emotional manipulation, verses logical issue based reasoning in political persuasion, was pioneered by Bill Bernbach in the 1964 presidential campaign .
He was the driving force behind LBJs advertising.
The infamous daisy ad actually only aired once prior to the 1964 election and was just one of a few other ads that ran more often.
It was the daisy commercial that is still talked about to this day.…
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#FYI "reverse racism" is itself a racist term... and an oxymoron. #justSaying
To reverse something is to back up, change to opposite direction, take it all back, 180° turn around... If your jail sentance has been reversed, you're getting out.
Of course this subliminally implies that only 'pale skinned' folks r racist, so if they experience racism, it's "reverse racism." That concept itself is racist.

Racism is racism. Period.
Racism is ugly. Period.
End of discussion.

The reverse prefix is pure 🐂💩.
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Trigger warning...
This #MAGA hat is official and was purchased inside the Washington MI rally. The one in lieu of that correspondence dinner. 👍🇺🇸💯
Here was just walking in... Wasn't really that crowded yet... They packed in and more was left outside...Good times.
These rallies are greatly mischaracterized in the press, they are filled with great everyday folks and are a great time! 👍💯🇺🇸
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It doesn't take much to show why @jeremycorbyn shouldn't be Prime Minister. He has remained consistent throughout his career, his own words and actions condemn him.
In 2014 he lamented NATO "did not shut up shop at the end of the cold war, sadly; instead, it cast around for something to do, and has now sought and obtained for itself a global role" just a year after Putin seized Crimea…
Corbyn blames Hamas' popularity on Israel. "Sense of being in an open prison by merely existing in Gaza must be a cause for concern and must drive people into Hamas and other such organisations"…
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Don't get me wrong, I wish health and well being.
Lord willing I'll wake up tomorrow myself. Being 39 in good health it's a good likelihood, but not curtain. I have many friends pass in their 20s and 30s, too many, not one planned on it.
Not one.
🤔 Well besides a couple suicides... Guess that is the only way you can plan it. But I don't know anyone planning to get shot or OD. #justSaying or die in surgery, or their sleep, or waiting on a train to pass, or auto-erotica asphyxiation gone wrong... but I digress.
If that sounds specific, it is. I've had friends and family die from every cause I just listed and more.
Perhaps I'm going overboard, wouldn't be the 1st time & won't be the last, but it strikes me as very odd and 85 year old making such bold assurtions, as if tempting fate.🇺🇸
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I didn't tag this fella b/c I just got him out of my mentions... 😅 He likes to make up unrelated positions then debate himself. The convo was about a dude being deported in the UK...
Sense he brought it up... I will discuss it very quickly.
I personally LOVE flags! Always have.
I regularly fly Ol' Glory with various companions. Original and current. The current flag is to be to the right (the flags right) or highest in middle. At night time, the flag is to be taken down or must be illuminated.
Although, it makes for kick *** foreground for fireworks videos. 👍🇺🇸
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@SXM_Help the app keeps dropping and takes eons to get back up... This is beyond annoying! Every time I'm really interested in something...boom cut. Takes forever to get back if I don't give up. Ever since the update it does this. No problems with any other apps... Just you.
Currently I'm getting no code... Just not working. Never ever had this issue until the recent update a few weeks ago... Been using app long time... It's my primary way of listining to the service I pay for... See the problem?

If this app won't work... Why am I paying you???
Unresponsive screen telling me what I'm missing.... That's it. Happens ALL THE TIME AND PISSES ME OFF TO NO END.

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I'm sure we all know, but just for kicks... Let's recap some semi recent events 👇…
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🤔 The mass market media, by and large, have leveled the criticism that @realDonaldTrump is a 'reality TV' president... Yet they seemingly expect a #WWE style throw down at the joint press conference with #Putin
It's a public press conference... Can read between the lines a little a little, but everything said are 🐂💩 formalities and pleasantries... That's how these these things works.
Of course pointing out this kind of irony is akin to pointing out water in the middle of the ocean. #justSaying
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@billysims1978 I hope you are just as shocked as I was over all this. You're not an everyday Twitter checker, so the day of silence is understandable.
I'm not sure if @BillySimsBBQ has gone hyperpartisan and only wants Democrat business, it looks that way 2 me #justSaying
Whoever runs your social media is costing you business. Might wanna do something about that.

Not sure how close you follow the news... Stuff like this gets coverage these days believe it or not. I have contacts but will not use them, out of respect for you @billysims1978
I'm just about done wining about this on Twitter. Be sure to thank whoever runs the @BillySimsBBQ account for losing a very good, regular and enthusiastic customer. Me. (usually these are the ones to retain, what do I know?)

I can't bro, I have too much self respect.
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I'm very sorry it has to be like this, it's unfortunate. Bewildered yes, hard feelings no. @billysims1978 I am a big fan of your work on and off the field. Thank you. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. I respect you greatly and will no longer speak of this. ✌️🇺🇸
9 tweets down on @billysims1978, as of this tweet. 👇 #justSaying
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Telling half the country to "kick rocks" is no way to fill a dining room. #justSaying

@BillySimsBBQ @billysims1978

Not a very shrewd business plan here.
Frankly, I didn't want to ever point this out... But hay, I'm blocked, so screw it...

I've never been in the place with more then 3 other people, often I'm the only one there.... Not in off hours.

Now I might know why...
It's not the food, the food is amazing!
Today. There was one customer eating and one came in while I was there... During lunch hour. Y'all need everyone u can get!
Republican money is green too guys!

I'm sorely disappointed and if I'm being honest, I am, I'm hurt. I'll get over it... Eventually.
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All I do is tweet out pics of my lunch and say how wonderful it is... I get asked where and direct all that respond to @BillySimsBBQ... Having lunch today I discover my favorite restaurant I promote for free BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT!!! I'm pissed TBH. @billysims1978 please fix this.
I highly suspect my political leanings, that I do not impress upon when discussing my delicious pulled pork sandwiches, perfectly smoked @BillySimsBBQ, are the sole cause of the block. Mini #RedHen seemingly. I'm shocked to say the least. I'll wait to hear from the big guy...
This is the kind of stuff that makes the news these days... I do have media connections #justSaying
I really hope this is an employee acting on own and the owner @billysims1978 can step in and correct. I'm going to give Billy time to respond out of respect for him. 👍
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Wow... These hearings are a clinic in semantics and opportunities to grandstand... AKA waste of time. Just day time drama for the punditry to yammer about.

To here #Strzok go on and say was is obviously so, isn't so... I have no use for this. #justSaying
If you believe there was no bias at play in their little "secret society" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale... Cheap! 👇 #Strzok #StrzokTestimony
No crimes could be found in the Hillary investigation.... Um, with publicly known information and Comey's own exoneration. #StrzokHearing
As detailed below.
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The actaul 'bitchiest little cunt' on Twitter has reveled themselves 👇 #irony
Odd it seems this tweet in particular set her off...
She seems so nice...
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Now, conceder this…
Those that oppose water boarding do so arguing it is torture. Further arguing that information extracted by torture is unreliable. When torture is applied the subject with say anything to stop it is the basic logic presented.…
Before moving to the next point… water boarding is *SIMULATED* drowning (emphasis added)
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Just In: Supreme Court upholds the appeal of the senate president HE Dr @bukolasaraki and held that he has no case to answer before the CCT. What will those hiring protesters against him do next? Who is afraid of Saraki? 🤔 #JustSaying
In an unanimous decision, 5 man panel of the Supreme Court dismissed ALL corruption charges filed before the CCT against the President of the Senate @SPNigeria. #CaseClosed #MovingOn #NextScript
Supreme Court Judges UNANIMOUSLY RULED that Other agencies took over the responsibility of CCT/CCB when there was clearly no iota of evidence of wrong doing. They unanimously dismissed ALL corruption charges. 🤔
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Thomson Reuters survey on "Most Dangerous country for women" is based on sampling of aid-professionals, academics, health-workers, NGOs, policy-makers & social commentators. So the inductor is a reflection of how honest the social workers are in a country than the country itself.
Out of the 6 factors considered they didn't get/rank the:
1. Cultural Traditions & Human Trafficking data of Syria.
2. Human trafficking data of Somalia.
3. Healthcare, Sexual violence & Human trafficking data for Saudi Arabia.
4. Healthcare & Human trafficking data for Pakistan.
While they were able to rank all the 6 factors for India viz., Healthcare, Discrimination, Cultural Traditions, Sexual violence, Non-Sexual violence & Han trafficking.

Some data result sets are incomplete for many countries unlike India.

Well, #JustSaying
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Remember when you believed @JeremyCorbyn & @UKLabour might be playing a long game & come out in the end to #StopBrexit with the Ultimate People Power move by supporting the right to a #PeoplesVote?
Me too.
No plans, cunning or otherwise
Our elected representatives are permitting a path that denies our young people any chance at fair future.

ToryGov deliberately blocked 16-18 yr olds from deciding their future by taking part in the EU Membership Referendum…?
The Tories managed to block UK young people from voting by claiming it would cost too much to inform & register everyone.
The estimated cost was £6M.
That was considered too expensive.
Brexit is likely costing us millions a wk in lost revenue.
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What is conservatism? 🤔🇺🇸

Tackling the tough question; what is conservatism?
Let’s dive in and see what’s really behind the word so flippantly tossed around for so many decades.
Language has become rather cavalier as far as application to actual definition. Some falsely claim the label to broaden appeal during elections, others pervert the term to demonize them.
In this case, conservative is hard to define by outside observers, therefore perverted.
The focus on individualism is the reason behind this difficulty. Individuals are different, if many in a group are different from one and other, they’re hard to define as a group.
Hard to keep them ‘in line’ too, another common difficulty conservatives face internally.
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🕊(1) We’ve heard a lot about nothing being done after #Parkland but the truth is quite a lot is being done. March 14, a month after the tragedy, Senate Judiciary held a hearing with @marcorubio @SenBillNelson as witnesses and here is what we learned #SeeSomethingSaySomething
(2) In his opening statements @ChuckGrassley noted that after Newtown he and @tedcruz had proposed legislation that would’ve helped prevent this but politics buried it, they’ve since reintroduced the bill along with two others one named after the school.
(3) Michael Carrol of Florida’s Department of Children and Families closed the Cruz case despite noting him mentally ill, he refused to testify as did @browardsheriff @ScottJIsrael #SeeSomethingSaySomething #Parkland
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