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Today is the #yxe election, again, so I'm going to talk about one of my favourite subjects: taxes.

In particular, "why are my taxes going up every year faster than inflation in Saskatoon?"

The short answer? Because your parents made poor decisions.
The long answer is a bit harder. We're suffering from an infrastructure debt common to many cities our size and age that's the result of rapid growth in the 50's-70's, a false assumption that low taxes increased competitiveness, poor density planning up until the last decade,
and a massive shift in infrastructural load (because of population movement) from rural districts to urban districts.

Let's look at each of those in turn.
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I’ve stayed oddly quiet in the #yxecc election—oddly quiet given how much I love #yxe and how much I believe in this city. So, to anyone who is wanting to listen, I’d like to share my story of working with @charlieclarkyxe for over three years as his policy and comms advisor.
At first glance, me taking a job as a (and I don’t like this term, but I’ll use it for the sake of expediency) “political staffer” seems logical. I had a BA in political studies from #USask and was working on a Master’s at #UVic. It fit, so to speak.
But the truth is—almost in spite of this interest in politics and knowing how important this sort of work was and remains—I was finding myself rather turned off from politics.
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Ok, buckle up!! @RobNorrisSK' badly misleading take on the library has been bad enough, but the blatant lies here are way too much. I figured Norris would turn his attention here eventually but did not expect so many straight-up falsehoods. A thread. #yxe #yxecc
I’ve spent a lot of energy advocating for the LEC Plan, not because it’s a perfect plan but because it provides a framework for badly needed action. But that’s all that it really is – a framework laying out actions the city will *decide* on at various points in the years to come.
Norris’ statements are so misleading, and it’s not for lack of information. The plan itself is free to peruse on the city website, and yours truly even hosted two entire radio shows on the topic with some very smart friends (see one of them here:…)
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Scott Moe has shown us he can't be trusted. But don't take it from me...just look at his record. During the last #skpoli election, the Sask Party promised there would be no cuts or sell-offs. But when the election was over, they:

➡️ cut $54 million from classrooms (1/4) #sasked
➡️ cut $25 million from universities
➡️ cut 90 healthcare workers in #YXE & #YQR
➡️ sold off STC, leaving thousands stranded
➡️ had dozens of meetings to try to sell SaskTel and SGI
➡️ and much more* (2/4)
We don't have to accept a government that says one thing and does another. It's time to stop Scott Moe's dangerous cuts and choose a government that invests in people.

It's time for change, Saskatchewan. 🛑✂️🛑✂️🛑 (3/4)
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Follow news of tonight's vote here.

Saskatoon city council slated to vote Monday night on contentious affordable housing project…

#yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli
The public hearing has started. All councillors are present. Follow along here:… #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon
"This is our last public hearing meeting of council," Mayor Charlie Clark says. Civic election is on Nov. 9 #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon
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Tonight's public hearing on Camponi Housing's rezoning request is worth following.

STORY: Some concerns about Métis-led housing project in Saskatoon reflect 'antiquated view' on inclusion: developer:…

#yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli
You can stream the public hearing on the city website here:… Meeting starts at 6. #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli
Ward 3 councillor Ann Iwanchuk wants to put off the decision. She said she has no issues with the project itself and Camponi is a good company, but the process is moving fast and residents have many unanswered questions. #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli
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Last evening around 8:50 pm @cityofsaskatoon parking enforcement vehicle was parked in Walmart parking lot. Why are taxpayers' money being ruined for personal work? I remember back in 2018, when I asked extra @stoontransit on odd hours; I was told city doesn't money. #yxe #yxecc
*city doesn't have enough money*
When someone can't pay for @stoontransit fares who would be kicked out from the bus or warned despite in the extreme cold weather situations; I faced same situations, too.#ICYDK all city's properties owned by taxpayers': they don't belong to a single person. #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc
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#Saskatoon mayoral candidate Don Atchison held a rail-line-and-BRT-themed news conference. Says his personal charisma would help convince rail companies to move lines. Critical of cost of BRT. Supports higher-frequency buses under existing system. #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes Image
Has a cheery outlook on moving the rail lines despite this abysmal recent temperature check with CP and CN:… #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes #saskatoon
Given the McCallum COVID story, I asked Atchison if he would automatically self-isolate if he was told he came in contact with a positive case and was getting tested, no matter whether Health tells him he needs to self-iso. Yes, he said #saskatoon #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli
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Seems a lot of folks who haven’t been active as of yet are committing to attend the freedom rally tomorrow in Saskatoon! Hope to see many more folks down there lending their voices to protest and demonstrate against draconian,
greater agenda connected measures against those freedoms. Like freedom of speech. Like freedom to assemble peacefully. Remember folks, we have a charter of rights and freedoms that supersede local bylaws.
Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you believe to be right and exercising the rights enshrined in our charter.

See you at Vimy memorial in Kiwanis park at 2pm! #yxe #Saskatoon #Freedom #liberty
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Ward 3 candidate Chris Sicotte says his COVID-19 test came back negative and that he'll continue his campaign in the #saskatoon 2020 election. #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc
Sicotte says he was told to remain in self-isolation until midnight Wednesday as a precaution. #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc #saskatoon Image
UPDATE: Saskatoon mayoral candidate Rob Norris' COVID-19 test came back negative. Norris had been at Sept. 9 fundraiser with Metis Nation president Glen McCallum, who later tested positive. #skpoli #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc #saskatoon
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FACT CHECK: Is Norris' proposed Saskatoon library re-vote even doable?

Maybe, says former city solicitor…

#yxecc #yxe #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli Image
9 people other than *Norris said they would vote "yes," including candidates running in 7 distinct wards. 3 respondents said "no." Some people didn't say either way. Some questioned the premise of saying "yes" or "no" at this stage of uncertainty #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon #skpoli Image
My story has comments from everybody who responded. #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #saskatoon #skpoli… Image
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Ugh. So many inaccuracies, so little time. Without much further ado, I humbly present to you all my short tome entitled:

“My Concerns With This Particular Tweet: A Non-Comprehensive Yet Still Very Lengthy List”

#yxe #yxecc
First off, the new central library is in no way “Charlie Clark’s.” That sort of language is really misleading about the role that City Council has in the decision making of the public library.
Additionally, this language is offensive to the *decades* of people that have worked on this project and the years of SPL leadership that planned for and is now executing this vision.

SPL leadership—I should point out—that is primarily women. Let’s not minimize their work.
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I've asked all #Saskatoon election candidates, yes or no, if they'd join mayoral contender Rob Norris in voting yes to rescind the $67.5M in SPL board borrowing for a new downtown library (should they be elected, of course). I'll update the results here as I get more. #yxe #yxecc Image
The yes or no question I asked was “If you were elected, would you also vote to rescind the decision?” //// Many people elaborated; my final piece will include those elaborations //// For now, I’m just interested in the numbers #yxevotes #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon #skpoli Image
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The trial into the 2016 construction site death of 21 year old Eric Ndayishimiye resumes today after a 9 month break. I’ll be there. Catch up here:… #yxe #saskatoon #construction Image
It’s time for Banff and Pilosio to mount their defenses, though hints of a blame game already emerged in the trial so far. Here’s a quick who’s who. #yxe #saskatoon Image
The trial is taking place at the Sheraton because COVID. Image
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It was a packed day for Saskatoon's mayoral election race.

Catch up with the latest:

Clark decries 'politics of fear,' says Norris slate would cause 'political gridlock' at Saskatoon council…

#yxe #yxevotes #yxecc #saskatoon #skpoli
"If you spend your campaign trying to undermine your future colleagues, you can make whatever promises you want," Clark said. "But good luck getting them to vote for any of your proposals if you make it to the other side."
Norris, who has previously denied that he is running a slate, said the persistent claim is "nonsense" and "disappointing."
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Friday dinner, forum for Saskatoon mayoral candidates an early test of COVID-era campaigning…

#yxevotes #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon #skpoli
Here's the invite.

#yxevotes #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon #skpoli Image
Organizer Ejaz Shah says attendance will be strictly capped at 30. No buffet. Dinner to be served by staff. #yxevotes #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon #skpoli
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At his official campaign launch event just now, Mayor Charlie Clark said he’s seen “the politics of fear creep into this election” to an extent he hasn’t seen before. Also signs of a slate, which he also noted with concern. #yxe #yxecc #yxevotes #skpoli #saskatoon Image
Also signs of other candidates wanting to move backwards on already-approved projects, he said. #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes #skpoli
Contender Don Atchison held his own news conference earlier. Said he wants a “pause” on downtown Library project. Clark just now said that reversing council’s decision on the borrowing could entwine the city in potential financial risks, such as lawsuits. #yxevotes #yxe #yxecc
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Saskatoon Police releases draft 2021 budget of $115M, its first amid calls to 'defund' service… #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes #skpoli Image
The capital budget calls for 25 body cams to be deployed in 2021, at a cost of $491,000. #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes #skpoli
Police Chief Troy Cooper said that "in an age of surveillance and social media clips," the cameras could help "officers in the community have best evidence perspective on serious cases." #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes #skpoli
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-- FLC daycare under 50% max capacity
-- Masks mandatory for adults at daycare
-- WATCH below for Premier Scott Moe's reaction today to the 5 cases in schools/daycare

#sask #skpoli #saskatchewan
I checked in with Regina Public, Regina Catholic and Saskatoon Public schools. No positive cases recorded at any of them.
#sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #yxe #yqr #regina #saskatoon
Reminder: starting on Thursday, the province will be issuing a weekly COVID-among-youth report. #sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #yxe #yqr #regina #saskatoon Image
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Clarification : The SSO says this information is in relations to the Saskatoon Youth orchestra. The @SSOyxe (the pro orchestra) starts up next week - all in person tickets are sold out, but digital tickets go on sale tomorrow.
Ok for the lovers of classical music in #yxe. Yes, I’m among them. More information on the @SSOyxe season coming up. They’re taking audience of 130, "all masked and social distanced."
Orchestra says it will also launch live streaming and on demand for all of their concerts - so people can watch from anywhere anytime.

A lot of good news.
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Defunding the police means to let more gangsters and criminals walk freely on the streets. (1/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice #YXEOnPatrol #YXEOnCall…
According to @macleans report on, "Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2020" which was published, on November 19, 2020, where Saskatoon has been ranked 27 out of 237 on "Crime Severity Index (CSI)." (2/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice…
As a resident and taxpayer's in Saskatoon, I endorse the great step of the @cityofsaskatoon council on slightly increasing the budget of the @SaskatoonPolice. (3/3)
#yxe #yxecc #yxepoli #skpoli #cdnpoli #FundThePolice #YXEOnPatrol #YXEOnCall
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We have ourselves a tax-themed war of attrition among #Saskatoon mayoral candidates. #yxevotes #yxe #skpoli Image
There was Norris' nothing-above-1-% thing yesterday, and Charlie Clark sent an email update saying "2020 and 2021 will have the lowest tax increases in a decade, despite record investments in fixing roads, sidewalks, and waterlines." #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon #yxevotes
UPDATE: Busy day today. See below. Zielke had said he would formally launch his mayoral campaign at the end of summer. #yxevotes #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon Image
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The Lighthouse needs to be dealt with, Atchison says. The outcome of the project has “not been great” . Says it’s for the province to weigh in on location. Atchison says he’s open to moving location, doesn’t say where exactly. #yxecc #yxe
And that’s it from Archison’s very-position-heavy launch speech. #yxe #yxecc #saskatoon ImageImageImage
Next up: Rob Norris will talk at 11:15 about griming the already-settled budget for the new downtown public library project. #yxecc #yxe #saskatoon
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