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I'd like to share a conversation I had with a woman in #YXE. She's a mother of three kids working paycheck to paycheck. She's doing her absolute best but with increased costs, she's finding it harder and harder to make ends meet at the end of every month.


#skpoli #sask
Her family is doing everything right but they're falling further behind. She wants to provide the best for her kids but now finds herself in a position where she might have to put off paying a bill or two just to ensure she has gas in the tank for the month.

#skpoli #sask
This is why government matters.

During a generational cost of living crisis, the Sask. Party expanded the PST, increased energy rates by 23%, increased power rates by 8%, and increased fees.

She doesn't know how she'll cover her bills in the coming months.

#skpoli #sask
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And now we have two 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I’m sure all of the liberals are feeling well 😂😂😂😂😂 you didn’t know that indirectly you actually voted for NDP 😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡. You really lost integrity
@JonathanWNV @liberal_party @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra @IndiaNewsNetwk
Keep the pressure on, Candice Bergen! You got my full support!! That’s his new mantra for everything and everyone but himself. Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR - @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP
He doesn’t like hearing the truth and has to spin it if he can. It's hilarious. Conservatives maskless and liberals all masked up 😂Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra
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Another report of 3 guys going into #yxe stores to harass people wearing #covid19sk masks (blocking entrances, trying to start fights). Obvs, staff don't intervene/risk own safety.

Giving in to the "mandate freedom" crowd: what a great idea to "heal divisions," @PremierScottMoe
Just to add to this: we really hope this turns out to be isolated. We know lots of voluntarily unvaccinated folks among our friends/family who would never do this. And we strive to emulate the compassion of HCWs toward folks who are voluntarily unvaccinated. /2
@PremierScottMoe @PremierScottMoe's framing of "social division created by public health measures" is wrong & "concern trolling"—another symptom of do-nothing #covid19sk leadership. Every gov't dept. has large comms budgets & could ease social tensions w/all kinds of public health campaigns./3
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🧵 Some thoughts about the closure of Extra Foods on Broadway
1. In 2015, Loblaws closed all Shop Easy locations, including the one in City Park. That store was walking distance for approx. 25,000 people.…
2. Loblaws placed a restrictive covenant on that site = future owners can't open a grocery store. Through community organizing, that covenant was lifted.…
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Are you having a hard time keeping track of what the Education Minister has been up to?

I don’t blame you.

After downloading all his responsibilities to divisions, he’s now meddling in public health decisions that aren’t good for his local politics.


#skpoli #sask
Back in August, while the Minister took the summer off, case counts began to skyrocket. The SHA created a back to school plan to better protect children for the fall term.

The Minister opted to ignore it.

#sasked #skpoli #sask…
Not wanting to face potential criticism, the Minister downloaded all of the responsibilities, leaving decision-making to the local school divisions to work with their local medical health officers.

#sasked #skpoli #sask…
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Health Min. Paul Merriman is going over policies coming into place on Fri.

Says SHA not providing testing for asymptomatic people for the purposes of proving negative for work or to access activities.

Asymptomatic testing is still available for people deemed close contacts.
U of S has 91 per cent fully vaccinated and 96 per cent with at least one dose. Its vaccine policy was introduced before the fall semester began.
Merriman says govt. is making rapid tests more available to the public at multiple locations.

475,000 tests to schools for students under 12 who are ineligible.
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My 3rd #YXE ICU night shift ended this morning w selfish feelings of relief that I had made it through the 3 nights mostly intact. Selfish because I get to leave while the work continues
Anyone who has finished a challenging shift will be familiar w the weird combo of exhilaration from making it thru while a nagging line of self-questioning lurks in the background: Did I do enough? What have I left for others to pick up?
We leave our shifts but the work stays w us. We carry what we see, do, hear, say with us way past the doors of the hospital or clinic where we work. Once home it takes time for the buzz of the shift to dissipate so rest/recovery can occur before the next shift starts
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'We're frustrated, scared, tired': Sask. heart, brain specialists brace as COVID-19 slowdown worsens | CBC News…
#yqr cardiologist Dr. Andrea Lavoie and #yxe neurologist Dr. Brett Graham said anyone with emergencies will still receive the same care as always and should not hesitate to call 911.
But hundreds, possibly thousands of others w non-critical needs will have to wait indefinitely.
For ex, all "coiling" operations to prevent high-risk patients from suffering a brain aneurysm are on hold.

And all cardiologists were told Wed to cancel half of all upcoming heart stress tests, angiograms and diagnostic procedures. Cardiac ICU bed space has been cut by 50%.
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Wow. Tonight's Doctor's Town Hall. Yep, it's bad, #SK.

This 🧵 will highlight 3 of my #Saskatoon colleagues being blunt & honest.

SUMMARY: no public health measures + unideal vaccine uptake + no staffing capacity in hospitals = #SK hospitals/ICUs in big 💩.

We'll start w/ @WheatNOil below.

Delta is ++ contagious. We haven't vaccinated enough people. So hospitals ARE going to be overwhelmed, #YXE facilities already in trouble.

Don't get sick in #SK for next 2-3 months - there won't be space.


Next, @hinz_tamara below.

Community transmission MUST be lowered via:

✅ Vaccine / testing for HCWs/teachers, access to large venues, etc.
✅ Indoor mask mandates
✅ Consider passports for non-essential events.
✅ Reduced gathering sizes.


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A few slides that I thought were particularly important from tonight’s #Covid19Sk physician town hall:

Firstly, this should be no surprise that Sask holds the dubious distinction of being among the highest rates of COVID-19 in the country. Dark blue = bad.
The % change columns are important and have basically flatlined into the lowest rates in the country. @skgov wants to put all their eggs in the vaccine basket but also shows no willingness to find ways to increase uptake. Other jurisdictions tell us that vaccine mandates work.
Canadian modelling from the end of July shows what case rates will do when restrictions are dropped. Look what happened? We are tracking, within margin of error, right along that horrible vertical slope.
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"Homophobic cowboy gets upset about a pride crosswalk in #Saskatoon."

#skpoli #skpride #yxe

Following investigation, the 71-year-old man from Quill Lake, SK was charged with causing a disturbance and is expected to appear in court in November.

#saskatoon #skpoli
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*waves at everyone* ready for some neat news? @hunchly is now available in the Google Play and IOS App Store!……

We would love our #OSINT and #cybersecurity folks to go grab it and read on below: 1/n
What is it and what is it not? Hunchly Mobile is not the same as Hunchly Desktop. It does *not* do browser capture but what it provides is a way for you to drop files, recorded videos or any other mobile-only content into Hunchly and to annotate them for context. 2/n
Hunchly automatically hashes the files and puts them in a case, just like you would expect. When you are done? Export the mobile case and it provides a handy HTML report with your files, and annotations waiting for review. You can import the zip file into Hunchly Desktop.

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Good morning, all. Before going in this AM, wanted to share some high-level thoughts re: #SK situation with #COVID19. Will try to go into more detail as time allows, but these are some immediate thoughts. My opinion only, please remember. 🧵 begins... (1/n) #COVID19SK
#YQR curve and R0 seem for now to have peaked and are coming down. Hospitalizations & ICU admissions have stabilized. #YQR ICUs still running with ~180% capacity but more beds available now, critical elective surgeries proceeding, etc. (2/n) #COVID19SK
Still widespread community transmission throughout southern SK but has seemed to mostly peak at this point and some places like Moose Jaw are decreasing steadily too. (3/n) #COVID19SK
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My colleagues Lori & Jeff explain the SUPER BAD situation in #YQR ICUs. 2 COVID+ pts / room to maximize nursing & RTs. All ICU beds full in #YQR, city now on ICU/CCU bypass (including cardiac pts). Staff @ breaking point.😢 (1/4) #COVID19SK…
I have tried to maintain equipoise but feel I need to say this again: we CANNOT vaccinate our way out of this without losing many lives & overwhelming our ICUs, forcing triage. We NEED definitive & immediate mandated measures to help bend our #SK curve quickly. (2/4) #COVID19SK
We are vaccinating 'easy' folks quickly in #SK. Soon, we will hit road blocks: persons who need improved access & hesitant persons who will need their concerns addressed / questions answered. Nobody can be left behind if we are going to achieve herd protection. (3/4) #COVID19SK
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Feeling this intensely in #YXE, which didn’t have enough psychs to begin with - let alone trauma-trained ones. 😔 If you’re on on a waitlist, try @TherapyUser or drop-in therapy at FSS/CFS. Also, workbooks & podcasts can be a great starting point.…
Here’s my favorite cognitive behavioral therapy workbook:…
A great mental health podcast:…
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Today is the #yxe election, again, so I'm going to talk about one of my favourite subjects: taxes.

In particular, "why are my taxes going up every year faster than inflation in Saskatoon?"

The short answer? Because your parents made poor decisions.
The long answer is a bit harder. We're suffering from an infrastructure debt common to many cities our size and age that's the result of rapid growth in the 50's-70's, a false assumption that low taxes increased competitiveness, poor density planning up until the last decade,
and a massive shift in infrastructural load (because of population movement) from rural districts to urban districts.

Let's look at each of those in turn.
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I’ve stayed oddly quiet in the #yxecc election—oddly quiet given how much I love #yxe and how much I believe in this city. So, to anyone who is wanting to listen, I’d like to share my story of working with @charlieclarkyxe for over three years as his policy and comms advisor.
At first glance, me taking a job as a (and I don’t like this term, but I’ll use it for the sake of expediency) “political staffer” seems logical. I had a BA in political studies from #USask and was working on a Master’s at #UVic. It fit, so to speak.
But the truth is—almost in spite of this interest in politics and knowing how important this sort of work was and remains—I was finding myself rather turned off from politics.
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Ok, buckle up!! @RobNorrisSK' badly misleading take on the library has been bad enough, but the blatant lies here are way too much. I figured Norris would turn his attention here eventually but did not expect so many straight-up falsehoods. A thread. #yxe #yxecc
I’ve spent a lot of energy advocating for the LEC Plan, not because it’s a perfect plan but because it provides a framework for badly needed action. But that’s all that it really is – a framework laying out actions the city will *decide* on at various points in the years to come.
Norris’ statements are so misleading, and it’s not for lack of information. The plan itself is free to peruse on the city website, and yours truly even hosted two entire radio shows on the topic with some very smart friends (see one of them here:…)
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Scott Moe has shown us he can't be trusted. But don't take it from me...just look at his record. During the last #skpoli election, the Sask Party promised there would be no cuts or sell-offs. But when the election was over, they:

➡️ cut $54 million from classrooms (1/4) #sasked
➡️ cut $25 million from universities
➡️ cut 90 healthcare workers in #YXE & #YQR
➡️ sold off STC, leaving thousands stranded
➡️ had dozens of meetings to try to sell SaskTel and SGI
➡️ and much more* (2/4)
We don't have to accept a government that says one thing and does another. It's time to stop Scott Moe's dangerous cuts and choose a government that invests in people.

It's time for change, Saskatchewan. 🛑✂️🛑✂️🛑 (3/4)
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Last evening around 8:50 pm @cityofsaskatoon parking enforcement vehicle was parked in Walmart parking lot. Why are taxpayers' money being ruined for personal work? I remember back in 2018, when I asked extra @stoontransit on odd hours; I was told city doesn't money. #yxe #yxecc
*city doesn't have enough money*
When someone can't pay for @stoontransit fares who would be kicked out from the bus or warned despite in the extreme cold weather situations; I faced same situations, too.#ICYDK all city's properties owned by taxpayers': they don't belong to a single person. #yxe #yxevotes #yxecc
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Ugh. So many inaccuracies, so little time. Without much further ado, I humbly present to you all my short tome entitled:

“My Concerns With This Particular Tweet: A Non-Comprehensive Yet Still Very Lengthy List”

#yxe #yxecc
First off, the new central library is in no way “Charlie Clark’s.” That sort of language is really misleading about the role that City Council has in the decision making of the public library.
Additionally, this language is offensive to the *decades* of people that have worked on this project and the years of SPL leadership that planned for and is now executing this vision.

SPL leadership—I should point out—that is primarily women. Let’s not minimize their work.
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Clarification : The SSO says this information is in relations to the Saskatoon Youth orchestra. The @SSOyxe (the pro orchestra) starts up next week - all in person tickets are sold out, but digital tickets go on sale tomorrow.
Ok for the lovers of classical music in #yxe. Yes, I’m among them. More information on the @SSOyxe season coming up. They’re taking audience of 130, "all masked and social distanced."
Orchestra says it will also launch live streaming and on demand for all of their concerts - so people can watch from anywhere anytime.

A lot of good news.
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