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Dec 2, 2021, 13 tweets

Existential thread re how much do you love your kids & if you really, really want them over for Xmas holidays?

All thanks to @DGCAIndia @MoCA_GoI & @JM_Scindia @PMOIndia allowing v few flights, so fares > ₹1.5 lac, any sector, #London to #India
In @ShashiTharoor's cattle class

Thought I'd begin with our national carrier @airindiain after a great experience last time

Chose #AMD @ahmairport, one of our few international airports with A

Fare is £1983 (is it a promotion with the movie 83?)
Hey, it's #Gujarat, all business folks, ex Modi town. My bad!

Then went for the pukka #British @British_Airways

Picked #Hyderabad simply because it isn't #Bangalore, trying smaller airports, maybe better given the Covid restrictions

The fare is a whopping £2231. Ok, back to the drawing board !

Next was @richardbranson's @VirginAtlantic, which is almost as funky as him

Tried aamchi Mumbai #Bombay @CSMIA_Official (same state)

But they have fares beginning £2244 😳

Repeat, this is for an ECONOMY return, mid Dec to mid January. Usually this is Business Class ₹£$💸💰

Went for new kid on the block @airvistara, booked for #Pune @aaipunairport (where we live) via #Delhi (of course, as thanks to govt apathy, no one flies directly here anymore - Lufthansa did, at one point before giving up)!
₹1.67 lacs
Ok, so only one kidney then

Via flights should be better, cheaper (normally) but think again, even Middle East

@qatarairways (who spend a lot on ads in India and UK) are about £1600, with a halt at #Doha airport, no wonder, they can afford to !
Thanks, but Will see you next year for the @FIFAWorldCup

The normally reliable @emirates has either £1500+ or £3400+

With a halt in #Dubai #DXB thrown in for free

And given ever changing regulations in #India (I've counted 3 changes already in 3 days!), just like the shifting sands & dunes of #UAE, that may not be a good idea

#EtihadAirways, who have bought naming rights at some big stadiums, big clubs in #UK, have fares that are equally big, worthy of being sponsors of the current #PremierLeague champions

About £2200 per person (I have 2 kids) !

Also, don't bother trying @flysrilankan @ThaiAirways @cathaypacific & many other airlines coz, thanks to our restrictions, they aren't flying to #India

We're obviously trying to keep it very cozy, kind of an exclusive club (like the one next to the Prime Minister's residence)

Another thought was to have a live streamed competition between the two kids - where they vie for one return ticket back.

Hopefully we get enough viewers to be able to afford a ticket for the other
Though I don't think my children will buy this, they know me too well!

Any other ideas @JM_Scindia ?

Given how rules are changing as frequently as #Pune weather, every parent wants the kids to fly direct, not via #Europe

But currently, unless you are #Ambani #Adani, that's not an option. Can someone help increase the flights ? Why the apathy ?

Also, why do the new rules not distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated folks ? All variants could be carried by vaccinated people, so why this preferential treatment to #Omicron ? Wasn't #Delta variant as potent ? Why the rush to create new rules ?

I'm trying to keep the tone light but this has been the situation for the last 3 months, like the train wreck in #Fugitive, which you could see coming from afar

Why this lack of concern, lack of action to alleviate the issue ? Surely citizens and #OCI holders deserve better ?

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