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Gurkhas and the British

Men from the hillsides of Nepal began joining the British Army in 1815,right after the end of the 1st phase of the Anglo-Gurkha War of 1814-16.They have been serving the British Crown ever since.#Gurkha #Gurkhas #Nepal #ENGITA #Eng…
The Gurkhas played an essential role in establishing the British Raj in India and fought for the British in Afghanistan, what was then Burma, Tibet and in countless other conflicts.

#England #Britain #British #Army #BritishArmy #Eng #ENGITA #Euro2020Final #EuroFinal #EURO2020
In the first world war alone, tiny Nepal,with a population of around 5 million, sent over 200,000 Gurkhas to fight for the British. 1 in 10 never returned. In the second world war over 250,000 Gurkhas fought alongside the British and more than 33,000 never returned.

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100 Years ago, #Saudi Wahhabis Killed 3000 #Yemeni Pilgrims in Tanomah Under #British Directives.

#Yemen: The academic researcher, Dr. Hammoud Al-Ahnoumi, considered that the bloody Saudi massacre against Yemeni pilgrims in the Tanoma region was an early alarm for this
current US-Saudi aggression.
“what would have happened if the #Yemenis had listened well to this bell! Unfortunately they forget it then they woke up on the night of March 26, 2015 to be living in other daily massacres.”
He added,"In fact, the Saudi aggression against #Yemen
did not start in 2015, but began 101 year ago, with the killing of more than 3000 pilgrims in the #Tanomah massacre, then the aggression against our people continued. Sometimes war escalates aggressively and sometimes by ideological invasion and blatant interference in
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#YEMEN:A court in the #Yemeni capital has sentenced five individuals found guilty of spying for the #British intelligence service MI6 as well as perpetrating acts of sabotage, to the death penalty.

According to Yemeni news agency Saba, the five defendants were given the
1/2 Image
sentence of capital punishment by a high-level court headed by Justice Mohammad Mofleh on Tuesday, following a trial that lasted several months.

The five convicts include Arafat Qasim Abdullah Al-Hashidi, Ali Mohammad Abdullah Al-Jamani,

Ali al-Khwarijah, Salim Abdullah Yahya Habish and the leader of the espionage ring, Aman Mujahid.

Another person accused in the case, Mohammad Sharaf Ghaed Harish, was sentenced to five years in prison and was reprimanded not to further

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The #British personnel are said to be based at Al-Ghaydah airport in #Mahra province of eastern #Yemen, where Human Rights Watch says Saudi forces run a prison camp in which detainees are subject to torture and extraordinary rendition.

#British troops are believed to have been based at the airport for months. A local journalist who was embedded with #Saudi forces at the airport, Naser Hakem Abdullah Awidh, told Declassified he has seen British troops there this year.
Hameed Zaabnoot @hameed1zabnoot2 , a tribal sheikh who has led sit-in protests against the presence of #Saudi forces in #Mahra province, told Declassified that staff at #AlGhaydah airport have seen British troops inside.
Zaabnoot understands that #British forces are located
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#YEMEN_war: #Britain cannot be both arms dealer and peacemaker

The international community must send #Britain a message: either stop selling weapons to the #Saudis, or give up the #UN penholder role for #Yemen

It’s been more than six years since #SaudiArabia assembled its coalition of Arab states to attack #Yemen. Since then, more than 230,000 people have died, with 24 million needing humanitarian aid and more than 13 million on the brink of starvation.
The #UnitedNations says #Yemen has become the “largest humanitarian crisis in the world”. While there are many reasons for the suffering, the most visible and devastating have been the Saudi-led bombings of towns, villages, infrastructure, hospitals and markets.
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U.S. military surges bring chaos, human-rights abuses

Residents in eastern #Yemen(#Al_Mahra Governorate )see the surge of U.S. military personnel as malign and colonial in nature and worry that it will bring not only chaos and instability to their region but could also bring
with it the infamous human rights abuses and horrific violations that took place in Afghanistan and #Iraq, where thousands of civilians were killed or tortured, some by #American troops, others by private military contractors like #Blackwater.
Working the ‘war on terror’

Coinciding with the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, security experts believe that the Biden administration is strengthening its presence in eastern #Yemen, under the pretext of fighting #terrorism and preventing the transfer of arms
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The #UK ambassador to Yemen, @HMAMichaelAron , has confirmed that his country has deployed troops in Saudi-occupied areas in eastern Yemen, in a clear recognition of his country’s direct involvement in the six-year war, #Yemen News Portal reported.
Aron pointed out during a TV statement that his country has military units in the province of #Mahrah, one of the most prominent strategic sites in eastern #Yemen.

He justified the #British military presence by calling it “counterterrorism” although Mahrah is known to
have never been the scene of terrorist groups except those resettled by the coalition on the Omani border as part of their long-term presence plan in the province, which #Saudi is seeking to turn into a gateway to export Saudi oil through the Arabian Sea.

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The #British ambassador to Yemen, @HMAMichaelAron , denied his country’s interference in choosing the new UN envoy to #Yemen, in a move that interpreted as an attempt to defend on the futility of his country, which is pressing to keep the envoy post from its share.
Aron stressed on the need to appoint an effective envoy with experience who would be able to end the war under indirect pressure on the United Nations.

Aron’s statements coincide with a movement in the corridors of United Nations to nominate a new envoy to Yemen to succeed
the #Britain’s Martin Griffiths before the end of this month.

Currently, two candidates stand out at the United Nations table, Britain’s Nicholas Kay and Sweden’s Hans Grundberg.

The data indicate that the European-backed Grundberg is the most favored, given to the
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#Yemen war ,
Today, The United Nations Development program, UNDP, in Sana'a has run an add requesting quotations for ...... ?
Guess what the UNDP has requested quotations for ?
Children's food ? No!
Hospital's equipment ? NO!
school equipment , bags..etc
Humanitarian aid ? No
Guess what ?
Dog Food ?
In a country were millions of children are starving to death,suffering malnutrition, diseases ..etc
The @UNDPYemen is requesting tenders for DOG FOOD.
This comes a couple of days after the UN general has lifted
the Arab coalition from the #UN's blacklist of countries targeting children and putting the houthies defending their country , their children from the same Arab coalition !
In 2018 when the #UNSC was discussing a draft reduction on #Yemen , the
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How is the London Business School MBA degree valued in the United States?
Let me answer this question based on what I have heard from my friends and acquaintances.

British Universities don't go far in creating an impression in Business and Management Science subjects in the USA in particular! that is a fact.
There is this general impression in the USA and abroad that the best business schools are American Business Schools.

Why? Historical Perspective….
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1. Forget all about his faked #WMD evidence which led to over a million people being killed in the 2003 #Iraq war and occupation.
2. Believe in his anti-China, evidence-free, Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theory.
"President #Biden's intelligence service order relating to the Wuhan lab leak theory was issued the same day that Prime Minister Boris# Johnson's former chief adviser, Dominic #Cummings,
gave evidence before a parliamentary committee in which he confirmed a government policy to allow tens of thousands to die from #Covid-19."
Britain's intelligence services are “assisting” #US investigations into whether Covid-19 was “leaked” from a Chinese laboratory,
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The killing of Jeremy Corbyn
Peter Oborne and David Hearst

The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination
Former Labour Leader Jeremy #Corbyn (Reuters)
Throughout his parliamentary career, the mild mannered, infuriatingly calm Jeremy Corbyn has never failed to excite strong emotions.
For his enemies, he will go down as one of Labour’s worst leaders.
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#THREAD: At least 10,000 people died in #TiananmenSquaremassacre, a secret #British cable from the time says

Secret document say death toll was much higher than later reported, while claiming wounded students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives…
2/ First waves of troops went in unarmed to disperse the protesters. Then “The 27 Army APCs opened fire on the crowd before running over them. APCs ran over troops & civilians at 65kmh.” “Students were given one hour to leave square, but after five minutes, the APCs attacked.
3/ “Students linked arms but were mown down. APCs then ran over the bodies time and time again to make, quote ‘pie’ unquote, and remains collected by bulldozer. “The Remains were incinerated and then hosed down into the drains.”
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This gentle man is Sir William Osler.. He has frequently been described as the “Father of Modern Medicine” and one of the "greatest diagnosticians ever to wield a stethoscope". What did he hv to say about #India ? @sanjeevsanyal @vipintukur @naveenthacker @EricTopol @mvankerkhove Image
His fascination for #India, The land of #Vishnu had no bounds..!! At each & every intellectual commentary he mentions about his interest in the values #India was known for @ProfSomashekhar @iapindia @IndianMedicalAs @MoHFW_INDIA @VirusesImmunity Image
In one of his essays; “Of India, of "Vishnu-land," what can one say in a few minutes? To the Hindoos we owe a debt which we can at any rate acknowledge; and even in medicine, many of our traditions and practices may be traced to them”. @drharshvardhan @PMOIndia @BharadwajSpeaks Image
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Tat Wa Lay
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ·
It's 1984 and my mother arrives in the #UK with 89 other Vietnamese refugees known as the "boat people". With just the cloths on her back and her four children, she's confronted with the local people of a council estate.
Unable to speak English, she expects hostility and racism.
And then this happens.
A young scruffy looking man steps up, takes off his coat and handed it to the freezing cold refugees. A gesture so touching,
that everybody later followed. People then went home to fetch clothes they didn't need and handed it to the refugees and ensured they were all fed and watered.
My mother has never forgot that moment, when she was able to use a coat to wrap her boys so they could stop shivering.
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#Vedic texts suggest that #Hindus originally did not worship idols and build #temples, and it is quite likely that both Hindus and #Buddhists got the idea from the #Greeks.
#India accounted for 33% of the #World economy in AD 1.
#China's share was 26% of World GDP.
India was by far the World's economic superpower at that time.
#Indians sold textiles, spices and demanded precious metals in payment.
Not a year passed in which #India did not take 50 million sesterces away from #Rome.
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#Mayun, also known as Perim Island, sits some 3.5 kilometers (2 miles) off the southwestern edge of Yemen. World powers have recognized the island’s strategic location for hundreds of years, especially with the opening of the Suez Canal linking the
Mediterranean and Red Seas.
The #British kept the island up until their departure from Yemen in 1967. The Soviet Union, allied with South #Yemen’s Marxist government, upgraded #Mayun’s naval facilities but used them “only infrequently,” according a 1981 #CIA analysis.
That’s likely due to needing to bring water and supplies onto the island. That will affect the new air base as well as #Mayun has no modern port, said Binnie, the Janes analyst.
The base still may interest #American forces, however. U.S. troops operated
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Very interesting argument being made by @breketeConnect on his radio station in Abuja this morning.

Let me see if I can do a small thread that summarises his arguments...
He says that @BBCAfrica's thing on him is an attack on the masses. That the Beeb has no credibility and northern #Nigeria is being fooled because of the Hausa radio they have provided (BBC Hausa to the uninitiated).
So he makes the rather interesting point that a station that tore the #British monarchy apart, made a prince leave with his wife, and so has zero credibility in London should not be the one to talk, but northern #Nigeria is allowing itself to be deceived.
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David #Cameron’s Secret #Nuclear Weapons Deal Raised £17.8m For #Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for #War

Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense
– until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David #Cameron sold three #nuclear weapons of a #foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the #Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for conflict that kills a million people
Conspiracy theory? Fake news? Read on....
South Africa – A nuclear state armed by Israel
From Wikispooks [1]: Although UN Security Council Resolution 418 of 4 November 1977 introduced a mandatory arms embargo against South Africa, requiring all states to refrain
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David Cameron’s Secret #Nuclear Weapons Deal Raised £17.8m For #Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for War
Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense –
until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David Cameron sold three #nuclear weapons of a foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the #Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for a conflict that kills a million people.
Conspiracy theory? Fake news? Read on.
South Africa – A nuclear state armed by #Israel
From Wikispooks [1]: Although UN Security Council Resolution 418 of 4 November 1977 introduced a mandatory arms embargo against South Africa,
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Britain’s #Political #Media Corruption: A Coalition of the Guilty – Byline Times…
From #Leveson to #Brexit, phone-hacking to #CambridgeAnalytica, Peter Jukes sees a consistent theme – parties on the run from the rule of law. And how Dominic #Cummings could end the cycle of corruption

During the current furore over leaks from Number 10,
and the apparent internecine warfare between Boris #Johnson and his former senior advisor Dominic #Cummings, one piece of information emerged which, if true, does a lot to explain the current febrile state of British politics.
According to Caroline Wheeler and Gabriel Pogrund
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Should Tax Payers pay to clean this shit up ? Abandon Oil and Gas wells , many were left by foreign companies @Shell @conocophillips #British Petroleum and out of state aaa hats @Texaco @exxonmobil #Chevron @prayerfeathers @RepRichmond @ginamccarthy46 @WhiteHouse @EPA
It’s worsen then you might think when British Petroleum explosion 💥 in the Gulf , they fines they payed to clean up their mess was allowed to be written off on their federal tax . And they did not give medical help to the sick clean up workers
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Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6613 ZZ173

from AJUBA, #NIGERIA previously Mali and Algeria

Nothing good has ever come to Nigeria from it's enforced highly corrupt relationship with Britain

Inc. this very government



Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6386 ZZ174

Brize Norton to Libya

what business does Britain have in Libya ?

Arms delivery to the Turks

Should have figured that one out quicker - bus route

how sick is this, at British taxpayer's expense…

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6387 ZZ174

@Simonhartmp @fmwales @bwallaceMP - how can ANYONE justify this?
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