Riuh pula pasal BTS dalam Twitterjaya sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Sebuah kumpulan K-Pop yang disukai ramai remaja, juga ramai yang tak suka.


Lebih tertarik dengan isu di sebalik BTS, apa yang mereka buat untuk raise awareness pasal Mental Health kat Korea.

Ini ialah thread.

Aku bukan peminat K-Pop dan aku tak minat K-Drama sebab banyak sangat cinta.

Tapi thread kali ini, aku nak jadi objektif dan lebih fokus pada usaha BTS dalam kesedaran kesihatan mental yang patut ramai ambil contoh.

Bukan sekadar tolak sebab "Alaaa.. K-Pop..."
Sebelum ini pernah kecoh seorang penyanyi nama Kim Jong-hyun yang suicide sebab Depression.

Walaupun dia kaya, berjaya dan terkenal, ini bukti yang penyakit mental ini attack tanpa kira sesiapa.

It's an illness, and like any kind of illness, it needs treatment and support.
Every day, 36 people in South Korea kills themselves due to various reasons (The Ministry of Health and Welfare South Korea)

You know what BTS did?

They use their platform to spread about mental health awareness.

They openly talk about mental health in their lyrics, shows etc.
Kerjaya K-Pop memang nampak gah, popular dan banyak album, tapi sebenarnya ia datang dengan stress yang kalau tak diurus, boleh melarat jadi kecelaruan mental.

Nak tahu tak?

RM dan Suga, dua penyanyi BTS openly beritahu dunia yang dorang struggling dengan Depression & Anxiety.
Aku suka gila komen Suga,

"I am anxious, so are you. So let's find the way and study the way together."

Lagu dia merujuk pada stigma penyakit mental dan trauma kanak-kanak. Dia fokus juga pasal ramai takut untuk open up dengan struggle masing-masing.

Disclaimer sekali lagi.

Aku bukan peminat K-Pop.

Aku hanya buat research, cuba perhati berita dan post BTS kat media sosial.

Aku Google dan YouTube sebab nak tahu lirik, pesanan dia pada masyarakat etc.

Any people or group that spread awareness of mental health, aku support.
Anyway. Aku kena tidur dulu.

Esok aku sambung thread ini ya.


Selamat malam :)
Hey it's me again.

Let's continue this shall we?
Kalau kau cuba tengok lirik dorang, aku perasan banyak based on personal stories dan BTS banyak spread positive message thru something that they are best at,


Aku tak mampu nak list out semua lagu dia mana dan merujuk kepada situasi apa.

ARMY boleh la reply sini, listkan
BTS pernah buat Insta post, bagi mesej pasal Mental Health.

Aku tak tahu la dia plan ke apa, tapi 31 Januari dia post tu serentak dengan Canadian #BellLetsTalk Day.

An initiative to welcome people to talk about their depression and normalise the conversation.

Respect 👍🏻😊
I've read many BTS fans' tweet and they are inspired by BTS songs and lyrics, which for me, is good.

Especially the part to love yourself, be free from past mistakes, fighting depression and anxiety.

Hey. I'm not a KPop fan, but it works to spread the awareness, why not right?
To be honest, aku tak suka KPop bukan sebab KPop. Tapi aku tak suka lagu yang aku tak boleh nyanyi sekali 😂

Which means, lagu BM dan BI je aku layan.

Kadang-kadang Hindustan, OST filem PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan etc, itu aku layan sebab aku filem dia.

My personal favourite is Fynn Jamal, Terbang Tunduk.

(Refer photo)

As someone who are well known by the youngsters, the lyrics really hit me hard and acts as guidance, especially isteri aku selalu pesan untuk keep on humble walaupun semakin dikenali.

But then, it hits me.
If I can have songs that really anchored me in this challenging life, who am I to disintegrate other people's personal choice to be inspired by BTS songs?

To simply reject the idea just because "It is KPop", would be a blind accusation and biased opinion.

Mental health issues among the youth has become worsen than ever. It caught WHO's attention to the point that our mental health theme this year,

"Young People and Mental Health In A Changing World."

We need every resources we can get to spread the awareness and acceptance.
If it means the message is spread by BTS, then yes, they have my full support with that effort.


*Gambar iklan
As a conclusion,

1. Don't simply look at BTS as KPop. But really look at them without stigma of "Alaa.. KPop."

Be objective in opinion.

Don't be emotional or have prejudice of "KPop."

Give them a chance for you to understand them.

It helps me to come out with this thread :)
2. Approach this issue professionally and informatively.

I know that Twitterjaya is a chill chill place to visit, but that does not mean we have to be mean, right?

When living in this physical & digital world, remember what our Prophet say,

"Speak good, or remain silent."

3. Have more understanding.

Teenagers don't have a lot of place to open up with their struggle. They turn to social media to distract them.

Can you imagine how thankful I am that they found group like BTS to help them overcome their burden?

I believe more like BTS is out there
I'm not saying that is enough.

We still need to seek professional help from counselors, doctors and psychologist for our mental health issues.

But we cannot ignore the fact that inspirations, positivity, and social support are good coping mechanism.

All must come together.
4. Understand that mental health is as important as physical health.

Once you realised this, you will be more open to any kind of way to help to spread the awareness of its importance.

And that includes positive message through music from celebrities which is close to the youth
Speaking of, iklan jap.

Seminar Muda Moody, mengenai kesihatan mental anak-anak muda dan kaitan dengan media sosial.

We are aiming for the youth and to help them understand that it's okay to be not okay.

If you're available, come join us.

Info lengkap dalam poster ini.

I hope my thread is useful to every one out there, either you love,hate or neutral towards BTS.

I also have to apologise for my previous retweet from someone.

Something about TBS vs BTS.

I honestly thought it's just a pun jokes, and as you all know how much I love lame jokes.
When I RT it, I simply laughed and liked with the interesting play of words.

Turns out it is deeper than that.

I unintendedly jump into a "war" between two sides, and because of my mistakes, it helps me to really understand what is going on.

Yup, I'm glad I made that mistake.
I just hope there will be no more war between us, and more understanding towards each other.

In the words of my former boss,

"To judge less and care more."

We all have our own struggle.

Understanding that should connect us by heart right, right?


By the way, I have to say this.

It's good we all found our own coping mechanism to deal with our struggle.

I hope that we don't ignore the fact the we also need to make ourselves closer to our God as part of coping.

Like I said earlier,

Every effort must comes together :)
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