Jikook NSFW Arranged Marriage AU—- Jimin and Jungkook are the sons of businessmen and when Jungkooks father feels like his son is all work and no play, he arranges a deal with Jimins dad hoping if his son has love in his life he’ll be happier. But before love, there comes lust.
Hey guys it’s Denise, I plan on starting this one soon! Thought I’d gift you with a bit of information before we begin 😘 This one is gonna be pretty different from the last story I wrote but I’m super excited 💜💜💜it’s my first time writing a #jikook au But LETS GET IT
This au revolves around two families, the Jeons and the Parks
Jungkooks brothers are:
Jimins brothers are:
The Parks Social media:
Meet the Jeons: #jikook
1. Everyone’s married and in love but Jungkooks a drama queen #Jikook
2. Jimins booty smells like a rainbow #jikook
3. Jk Free Zone #jikookau
4. A business proposition #Jikook
5. Merely a pawn #jikookau
6.There’s a positive side to everything TaeTae #Jikook
7. Jimins a good boy #jikookau
8. Dad has better taste #Jikook
9. An angel indeed 😇 #jikookau
10. First meetings #Jikook
11. He looks like an angel #jikookau
12. Getting to know each other #Jikook
13. Making moves #Jikookau
14. Going home 🤥 #jikookau
15. 🔞 Nsfw for these next few posts #Jikookau
16. 🔞
17. 🔞
18. 🔞
19. 🔞
20. 🔞#Jikookau
21. BrOs know what’s up #Jikookau
22. Little do they know... and poor innocent TaeTae #jikookau
23. Have a little faith in MY big brother🤭 #jikook
24. Future brother in law #jikookau
25. Everyone’s in a good mood #jikookau
26. Not used to...whatever this is yet #jikookau
Just want to take a moment to say sorry for any typos you see so far and may see throughout the story💜💜 thanks for reading and if you ever have any comments please quote so our thread doesn’t break 💕💕💕
27. You like him already #jikook
28. He has zero (0) dating experience #jikookau
29. They’re definitely flirting 😏
30. Namjoon can’t keep a secret #jikookau
31. The deal was gonna happen anyways #jikookau
32. Should he wear a dress? #jikookau
34. Date night #jikookau
35. Jungkooks making him sweat 😭 #jikookau
36. Late night chats #jikookau
37. He was BuSy #jikookau
38. Jimins NOT whipped 😷 #jikookau
39. He’s leaving tomorrow 😕 #jikookau
40. It’s the next day, and Jk left for Seoul... but what happened? #jikookau
41. Jimins trying to make a point. He doesn’t want Jungkook thinking he’s the type of person who would do anything he wants just because they’re dating...and forget about his own desires. He’s been in that situation before, and won’t let it happen again. #jikookau
42. Namjoons advice🙃 #jikookau
43. He’s like an old man #jikookau
44. Someone please teach them how to find each other’s Twitter #jikookau
45. Out with the boys #jikookau
46. This Hoseok moment will forever be a meme #jikookau
47. Jimins face tho... #jikookau
48. You okay bro? #jikookau
49. Don’t drunk text guys😂 #jikookau
50. Jungkook, what are you doin boi🤦🏻‍♂️#jikookau
51. King of ignoring people #jikookau
52. Whoops #jikookau
This was a bit of a crackhead update 💀 but I promise it’s going somewhere lol, hope you’re enjoying reading so far💕💕💕 - Denise
53. Jungkooks was a messy drunk but he’s still a baby boy to his brothers #jikookau
54. What is Jimin up to👀 #jikookau
55. Jungkooks dad lowkey is glad to hear that his son went out and had some fun with his brothers... looks like he’s already loosened up some since meeting Jimin 🤭 #jikookau
56. Jimin... is being too nice #jikookau
57. Maybe he really just wasn’t bothered #jikookau
58. It’s been a week and Jimins been sending Jungkook messages like this everyday #jikookau
59. Jungkooks onto him #jikookau
60. Let’s hope Kook doesn’t pass out #jikookau
61. Be good later #jikookau
62. Maybe you should go home Kook #jikookau
63. Impatient baby Jiminie #jikookau
64.🔞 Jimins impatient and indecisive #jikookau
65. He’ll do what he wants #jikookau
66. 🔞 #jikookau
67. 👀👀 Jungkook noticed something #jikookau
A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this update! I’m a college student and school is back in, I will always try my best to update as soon as I can but I want to make a good quality story so I also don’t want to rush it. Thank you for your patience💕💕See you with more soon- Denise
68. Deep in thought #jikookau
69. It’s always about control #jikookau
70. 🔞 Here we go #jikookau
71. 🔞 Good boy #jikookau
72. 🔞 Watch it #jikookau
73. 🔞 #jikookau
74. 🔞 Jimin has no chill #jikookau
75. 🔞Oh, how the tables have turned #jikookau
76. They’re kinda cute I guess #jikookau
77. I understand Jin, the mind wanders #jikookau
A/N: 💕💕 Hello lovess thanks for reading. I must admit it was the first time I’ve written something that dirty and Sunny ☀️ helped me out a bit, I think it turned out well ahaha, tell me if you enjoyed it 💕💕
78. The oldest can go first #jikookau
79. They out here posting pictures of each other now okay I see you 👀 #jikookau
80. People are noticing things #jikookau
81. Sooooo they’re boyfriends🤗 if you didn’t already know Jungkook is whipped for Jimin #jikookau
82. Gonna introduce him to the family or nah? #jikookau
83. Boyfriends spending their weekend together #jikookau okay Jungkookie we get it you’re whipped
84. Better tell ya mans you’re gonna be here for a while Jimin #jikookau
85. Soooo Jimin finally told him he’s gonna be working with him and... the poor baby is a little insecure sometimes #jikookau
86. Jungkooks not mad I promise #jikookau
87. He was very much Jungshook #jikookau
88. We get it, you’re bathing Jimin #jikookau
A/N: I know I updated earlier but then I made these and I’m in such a good mood that I wanted to update it again because it’s what my fellow jikookers deserve UWU💕💕💕
- Denise
89. Jungkook wanted to pick his baby up for work himself #jikookau
90. Overdressed but hot #jikookau
91. He’s got some business to handle #jikookau
92. Debatable #jikookau
93. Everyone’s looking at them #jikookau
94. They annoy each other #jikookau
95. Gushing over his man with de ladies #jikookau
96. They accept Jimin as their own already #jikookau
97. Jungkook will do anything do Jimin, even risk his skin cells #jikookau
98. A few weeks have gone by and they’re really happy
99. Already like family😏 #jikookau
A/N: This is all for today💕 The next update will give you a little insight into Jimins past. We haven’t talked about it much before but it was mentioned vaguely a few updates ago, and it definitely will play an important role here.
There may be mentions of drugs in the upcoming-
A/N cont.: -updates so please be aware and if you’re sensitive to that type of topic I wouldn’t be offended if you decide to take a break from this story. 💕💕💕💕— with that in mind I just want you to know I love a long au and there is plenty more to come
- Denise
New Character introduction: Hyungsik
♦️Hyungsik Background Info:

- Attended the same college as Jimin in the US and they were once very close.

-Currently works at the Jeons company, but he works more with Jungkooks dad than Jungkook and sometimes handles things that even JK and his brothers don’t know about.
100. Running into an “old friend” and then finding out that friend works for your boyfriend? Not exactly ideal

(a/n: I accidentally made him verified so you’ll see that for a little bit) #jikookau
101. Is Jungkook right for being worried? #jikookau
102. Maybe Jimin should have blocked him day one #jikookau
103. They have a lot of trust in each other. The deal doesn’t feel like a deal anymore, it’s become very real very fast #jikookau
104. Going to Busan #jikookau
105. Jiminie with his brothers, it’s been nearly two months since they last saw each other. Cutiesss #jikookau
106. Is Jimin overreacting...Or under reacting? #jikookau
107. Meeting someone very important to him #jikookau
108. The difference of priorities between Jungkook and Sik #jikookau
109. “You should propose soon”.... #jikookau
110. “You have two weeks”... “Just do as I say” #jikookau
A/N: What do you think is going on? Any theories? I kind of gave a small (very small) tiny hint that may tell you a little bit💕💕 please feel free to quote and give feedback it’s appreciated! See you soon loves💕
- Denise
111. A private deal #jikookau
112. Hmmm... #jikookau
113. Jungkooks been acting strange since they got back #jikookau
114. He really spoils him #jikookau
115. Tell them the truth Kook #jikookau
116. Jin and Joon don’t think he’s thinking straight and Hobi supports his “love” #jikookau
117. Are you really ready Kook? #jikookau
118. What does Hyungsik know #jikookau
119. One day before Japan #jikookau
120. Lets just be together like this #jikookau
A/N: Think you know what’s up yet? Haha I tried to give more details. Don’t be a ghost reader☺️and tell me what you think about this update💕💕
A/N: I will be updating as soon as I can, this week coming up is incredibly busy for me so I’m not sure if I will have time to write much but I will when I can 💕💕💕💕
- Denise
121. Japan. #jikookau
122. Every single decent thing? Yes #jikookau
123. How do you tell your boyfriend you’re nervous about proposing? #jikookau
124. It happened #jikookau
125. He said yes in front of all of those people but... he’s absolutely mortified right now #jikookau
126. Why did you do it Jungkook? Tell him #jikookau
127. Fathers advice #jikookau
128. Don’t forget Jungkook is a Jeon, and they get what they want

(pretend Jimins hair is still blonde here, thanks) #jikookau
129. He cancelled #jikook
130. Be happy for him Yoongi.... #jikookau
131. Love is in the air #jikookau
132. They return #jikookau
A/N: I hate not updating but last week was the week from Satan. I missed writing 💕💕 hope you’re still reading loves. Tell me, what do you think about Jimins actions just now:
133. Wrapped around his finger #jikookau
134. HyungSik has some things to say (First post is the day before) #jikookau
135. Jungkook saw #jikookau
136. Jimin doesn’t believe anything HyungSik told him #jikookau
137. Nothing eventful happened ... yeah nothing besides Sr. Jeon deciding he couldn’t pass up an opportunity #jikookau
138. Call me beep me #jikookau
139. Mayhaps Yoongi is a genius #jikookau
A/N: I hope this little update helped put any missing puzzle pieces together 💕💕 - Denise
Also we have a CuriousCat so please interact with our account, it makes us happy 💕💕💕💕💕 curiouscat.me/bangtanshewrote
140. What’s going on #jikookau
141. A lot happened #jikookau
142. HyungSik wasn’t lying #jikookau
143. Jin knows everything #jikookau
144. *a few hours later* #jikookau
AN: Short update but I really wanted to give it to you guys. I also really like angst 👉🏽👈🏽 (😂 as if you couldn’t tell) do you guys like angst? #jikookau
145. Where does your loyalty lie #jikookau
146. Just business #jikookau
147. Gone #jikookau
148. Back home #jikookau
149. A conversation Jimin had before he got back #jikookau
150. The same #jikookau
AN: Oops I forgot to put a warning... well yeah if you’ve read this far then you probably know what’s going on. It’s okay to stop if anything is too much 💕
151. Floating #jikookau
152. Baby Bun #jikookau
153. “Tired” #jikookau
AN: Sooooo the poll from the previous update is still going on but it looks like a lot of you enjoy angst... I promise one day I’ll write some fluff. 💕💕What did this update make you feel like? Talk to mi
Friendly reminder to please be careful when commenting on this story💕 we don’t want the thread to break so please quote 💕💕
154. A few weeks later, Jimin definitely hasn’t been himself lately #jikookau
155. Put it back Tae #jikookau
156. He’s completely lost it #jikookau
157. Anger #jikookau
158. He’ll be okay #jikookau
159. I Care #jikookau
160. They can always trust each other #jikookau
161. When they’re ready they’ll face everyone #jikookau
162. Been a few weeks #jikookau
163. They have absolutely no clue.. he’s not in denial, he’s perfectly happy because Jimin is his (Also would like to point out that Jimins been in rehab now for almost a month) #jikookau
AN: Hiii 💕💕💕 soooo what do you think? Do you think Jikook should keep things private?:
AN: I just noticed that at 154 the message screenshots were posted out of order, sorry guys
164. Phone call #jikookau
165. He has a date 😳#jikookau
166. Illiterate dweebs #jikookau
167. Bets were placed #jikookau
168. They understand #jikookau
169. Progress #jikookau
170. Snap to Bros #jikookau
171. Boyfriend material #jikookau
172. Privacy #jikookau
173. 🔞 In the car 😔 #jikookau
174. 🔞 Eager #jikookau
175. 🔞 #jikookau
176. Jungkooks scared of Yoongi #jikookau
AN: 🥰They’re kinda cute aren’t they? I know this a vague poll but that’s kinda the point of it 😂.
Tell me what should happen next? I think I already made my mind up for what I’ll do but, pick one 🧐
177. Three Dweebs #jikookau
178. *A few days later* Jungkooks doing a thing #jikookau
179. Acceptable #jikookau
180. Cuties + Tae likes to decorate rooms for cozy nights #jikookau
181. Moods #jikookau
182. Jin’s tired #jikookau
183. Visual of their night #jikookau
AN: Hello loves 💕💕💕 I know this update was really short, sorry for the wait. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! The ending of this au is approaching and will likely be with the next update ☺️ See you soon! -Denise
184. *Few weeks later* They’re ready #jikookau
185. Going public once again #jikookau
186. They found love #jikookau
187. Can’t keep his hands to himself #jikookau
188. They won’t ever stop being cute 🙄#jikookau
189. *8 Months later* Jungkooks a nervous baby #jikookau
Mood Visuals
190. He said Yes! #jikookau
191. Almost a year later they have their wedding 😇 #jikookau
192. Jin cried at the wedding #jikookau
193. The last Jeon finally got married #jikookau
194. *The End* #jikookau
A/N: Wow thank you so much for reading this! This was my first Jikook au and it was a lot of fun💕💕 I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as me! I will be starting another Jikook story soon so please stay tuned to our account💕 follow and check out our other stories 💕- Denise
A/N cont: I hope the ending was everything you’d hoped💕 feel free to quote or tell us your thoughts on Curiouscat (link in bio) See you soon 💜- Denise
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