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#SeizeTheMoment Pandavas & Kauravas as kids were playing with a ball. which fell into the well. A Brahmana volunteers to retrieve it. He retrieves it by an amazing display of archery. Burning desire ignites within Arjun to learn. He asks the Brahmana "Learned sir, who art thou?"
Arjun realises there can be no better Guru for him. His other brothers and cousins resume playing with the ball. Arjun's priorities are different. He decides to #SeizeTheMoment . He rushes into the King's council and disturbs Dhristarashtra, Bhishma etc. Bhishma scolds him
Apologising before the elders, he narrates the exploits of Brahman. Bhishma says "he can be none other than Dronacharya. Our princes will be blessed to have the Guru. Nothing can be more pressing than this " and takes the leave of the King and goes with Arjun
Arjun's #SeizeTheMoment gives himself and his other 104 brothers the best possible Guru they can get. Bhishma entrusts all of them in the tutelage of Dronacharya
While taking them in his tutelage, Dronacharya asks them for a promise that they will give him the fee of his choice (gurudakshina). Other 104 princes hesitate. Arjun puts his hand up, comes forward, salutes Drona & says "I promise". Again this is #SeizeTheMoment. Drona hugs him
Dronacharya gives pots with small mouths to all his pupils to fetch water from river. But Aswatthama was given a pot with a slightly bigger mouth so taht he could return earlier than others and can be taught secret lessons on FCFS basis. Arjuna grasps all this.
Despite seeing this partiality of Drona towards his son, no whining. Again he plays his #SeizeTheMoment card. Drona had imparted parjanyastra & Arjun had grasped it fully. After going a bit away from Guru's ashram, fills pot with Paryjanyastra and returns ahead of Aswatthama
Dronacharya sees Arjuna has returned first and teaches him secret crafts of battle like Chakravyuha and how to break out of it. Arjuna passed the test of learning and applying what he learnt. Drona realised Arjun was fertile soil to sow seeds of knowledge
Drona had strictly instructed the cook at his Ashram that Arjuna be not served dinner in total darkness..at no event..at no cost. One day, the oil lamp was blown off by a gust of wind. Arjun continues eating by instinct though he couldnt see.
It dawns on him that he finished eating without a fuss by instincts though his eyes couldnt see in darkness. "If I can eat in the dark. I can also shoot in the dark". Arjuna again plays #SeizeTheMoment. Picks up his bow and quiver and starts practicing.
The sounds of arrows crashing into the target awakens Drona at night. Drona now realises that an all-time great bowman in the league of Sri Rama, Kartaveerya, Parashurama and Bhishma has just taken birth. He hugs him and vows to make him greatest Archer
One day while Guru Dronacharya was bathing in the river, a crocodile seizes him. Drona was capable of freeing himself but he called out for help. Other 104 brothers had worried alarmed look on their faces. Arjun once again with nerves of steel did #SeizeTheMoment.
Arjuna picked up his bow and arrows and shot arrows at the croc and killed it. Drona impressed with Arjun that he had the temperament of a Yogi with his mind firmly under control. Drona bestows on Arjun the great weapon Brahmashir which was bestowed on him by his guru Agnivesha
Wen after wedding with Panchali, Pandavas were granted half the kingdom ..They got Khandavaparshta which was in ruins and infested by demons and nagas.
Sri Krishna had come over to Khandava and it was a hot summer day. They decided to sport in Yamuna. As they were pleasuring themselves in Yamuna, a Brahmin approaches them introducing himself as Agni.
Agni asks Arjuna "Promise me that you will give me the food I desire". Arjun #SeizeTheMoment. Tells Agni "Done.What kind of food do you desire?" Agni says"Lord Brahma commanded me to burn down Khandava forest but Indra sends down showers and obstructs me every time I try that"
Agni further tells him that Indra was doing that to favour King of Serpents Takshak who had made Khandava his abode. And it was populated by wicked demons and had to be burnt DOWN.
Again #SeizeTheMoment by Arjun. He tells Agni "I can handle and defeat not one India but a 1000 of them. I need an inexhaustible supply of arrows as I can shoot tirelessly unending streams of arrows. I also need a bow that will be suited to the power of my arms. I need a chariot"
That is how Arjun got his #Akshay quiver which was inexhaustible and his famous bow Gandiva and his chariot. He also tells Agni "My friend Krishna too needs Sudarshana chakra, the Sharnga bow and a mace" . That wish list also complied with
Arjuna and Krishna battle the devas, nagas, asuras. Arjuna defeats Indra. Krishna routs the nagas and slays the Asuras. Brahma brokers peace telling Indra that "You should be proud of the prowess of your son"
Indra asks Krishna what e desires . Krishna says "Everlasting friendship with Arjun"
Indra asks Arjuna his wishes. As usual this rascal doesnt fail to #SeizeTheMoment and asks for Divyastras. Indra says "First propitiate Lord Shiva by penance , then I will honour your request"
Then Maya the architect of Asuras escaped destruction by fire, Krishna pursued him with Sudarshana. Agni too pursued him. He seeks Arjun's protection. Again #SeizeTheMoment and grant Maya the asylum. Krishna and Agni honour Arjun's decision and lay off.
Maya builds grand Indraprastha for Pandavas. This is what is known as modern
day Dilli the capital of India..it has the highest Per Capita Income as people of this city have imbibed the "no sloth, no tiredness" quality of its founder Arjun.
The name that he chose is in accordance with modern electronic age. If national capital is restored to its name #Indraprastha, all residents of national capital will have an IP address :) And dont forget PNG supplier for NCR is Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
One day a Brahmin comes and requests Arjun's help to retrieve his stolen cows from cattle thieves. Arjun's weapons were in Yudhishthir's room and he was in privacy with Draupadi. As per agreement amongst Pandavas, whichever brother invades another brother's privacy with++
++Draupadi, the offender Pandava brother will have to go in exile for 12 years. Arjun decides #DutyFirst /#DharmaFirst and even if it means any inconvenience to him later. He intrudes the privacy of Yudhishthir, collects his weapons and rescues the stolen cows
Yudhishthir tells him i is alright. He neednt go in exile. But Arjun would never break a vow (a quality which Karna appreciates in convo with charioteer Shalya
while heading for decisive final fight with Arjun in MB war). He sets out on his exile as per his vow
Part I of #SeizeTheMoment . Will resume this later
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