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Legislative bill from members Wilder and De Graaf pertaining
to the ban on certain Islamic manifestations.

The Bill introduced in Netherlands Parliament is a very short Bill with just 5 sections and 2 pages with crisp short sentences and an explanatory memorandum #GeertWilders
Section 1 of the Bill says: "Islam is not a religion or a philosophy of life but a violent, totalitarian ideology." #GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #BanOnPublicManifestationsOfIslam
The Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill explains section 1 and other provisions
Sub-section 1 of Section 2 of the Bill ". The following Islamic manifestations are banned: a. mosques b. schools c. the Koran d. wearing a burka or a niqab"
#GeertWilders #Netherlands #AntiIslamBill
Sub-Section 2 of Section 2 of the Bill defines mosque "every space used as an
Islamic house of worship or prayer room unless it takes place in a domestic setting." So, it means do all your worships in private space, not in public #GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill
Sub-Section 3 of section 2 of the Bill bans All educational institutions that teach Islamic ideology
Sub-section 4 bans "printing, distribution or sales of the Koran"
#GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #Netherlands
Sub-section 5 of section 2 bans wearing a burka or a niqab unless it takes place
in a domestic setting #GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #Netherlands
Sub-Section 6 of Section 2 makes the above public manifestations of Islam punishable offence. Section 3 prescribes punishments for these offences
#GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #Netherlands
Sub-Section 7 provides that the categories of public manifestations listed in subsection 1 can be extended by or pursuant to an order in council.
Section 4 provides Act comes into force at a date to be stipulated under a Royal Decree. #GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #Netherlands
Section 5 of the Bill names the legislation as Ban on Certain Islamic Manifestations Act #GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill #Netherlands
Looks like an unprecedented and unusual bill proposed by PVV Party and its MP #GeertWilders . Dont recall any similar legislation anywhere else in the world. Bill seeks to ban practice and propagation of Islam in public spaces and confine its practice to private spaces
Wonder how #GeertWilders will drive home and prove in Netherlands Parliament all the statements that he and De Graaf the aco-authors of the Bill make in Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill . By citing Quranic verses? Hadiths? Sira? Historical evidence? Just How ? #AntiIslamBill
Here is the Bill and the Explanatory Memorandum to it
#GeertWilders #AntiIslamBill
"Islam is a totalitarian, intolerant and violent political ideology of conquest, disguised as a religion. It aims to destroy our democracy and replace our legal system with Islamic law, the sharia. " Just How will #GeertWilders PROVE THIS or convince others on this?
"Furthermore, Islam is an all-encompassing ideology that determines every aspect of human existence. It is a political, legal, military, cultural & social system." How will #Wilders convince fellow MPs on this statement in Explanataory Memorandum in Bill?
Islam discriminates against women,non-Muslims &homosexuals,it is anti-Semitic, it does not acknowledge freedom of expression,it imposes mandatory rules for all acts of the human existence and it sentences to death those who abandon Islam." Serious allegations by #GeertWilders
"Islam acknowledges honour killings and female genital mutilation. Islam is the cause of a lot of crime." How can #Wilders prove that Islam is the cause and not distortions in legal systems/laws of individual Islamic countries?
The Explanatory Memorandum terms Islam " a hostile political ideology of conquest, which is historically and globally proven to have one goal only: to Islamise the world and to subdue all nations." Serious allegations by #Wilders. Where is the Proof ?????
"Islam is a dangerous ideology of conquest that was placed in the nest of religions as a young cuckoo but that cannot be regarded and treated as a religion. The constitutional freedoms enjoyed by religions should, therefore, not be applied to it" Where is Proof of these ??
"The Islamic ideology cannot be compared to religions such as Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism for various fundamental reasons"
Howard P. Kainz, a philosopher and professor emeritus at Marquette University , formulated 4 characteristics which religions need to comply with. They are:
1.Belonging to a religion should be a personal choice;
2. No religion can demand that those who abandon the religion mst be killed;
3.A religion can never demand that those who are not a member of that religion are killed or subdued;
4. A religion should be in keeping with the fundamental human rights.
As Islam is incompatible with each of these four characteristics, it cannot be regarded as a religion.
Right. If these yardsticks suggested by Wilders is t be adopted, may be even Christianity may qualify to be declassified as a religion and be classed as just a mere ideology
"Islam is not unique in that it has a political vision or makes political statements but it is unique in that it demands that it -and it alone -has to control the political domain. For centuries, Christianity, for instance, was a dominant religion in the Netherlands and Europe ++
++but there were always 2 sources of power: the worldly rule,which the emperor was the symbol of,and spiritual power. In Islam,only the holy law, the sharia, counts. Islam stipulates that society as a whole must be ruled by Islamic law, which secular law should be subordinate to"
Finally, in the para of Explanatory Memorandum covered by the last 2 tweets above, #GeertWilders makes substantial grounds, which if proved or established, can even justify the ban which see seeks to impose
"A ‘religion’ that assigns a subordinate role to secular law & that unambiguously aims to take over the state & to subsequently suppress all other religions & ideological beliefs &to impose the Islamic regulations as obligations on everyone is a danger to our society"
"It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that not one Islamic country bas a truly democratic system. Human rights are violated everywhere, there is an overall lack of a well developed civil society as a counterweight to the despotic regimes ++
++and the concept of rule of law has yet to be introduced everywhere." The Explanatory Memorandum also cites various ayats from Quran and views of Maulana Maududi
Disclaimer: I do not necessarily subscribe to @geertwilderspvv opinions on Islam. Not yet. I would like to watch the Bill being debated in Dutch Parliament and how Wilders argues his case and what other law-makers say in opposition
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